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Every Day

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Each day passed like the last.

You wake up, struggle out of bed to get ready for work. Go on patrol, maybe fight some villains. Get home and wind down before having to do it all over again.

Sometimes you'd hear him humming softly under his breath while he did the dishes. His cheeks would flush lightly, a shy smile tugging at the corners of his lips when he glances over and catches you watching. He'd tuck a stray lock of crimson hair behind his ear, pretending that he didn't see and get embarrassed.

Other times he would already be in bed by the time you got home after a long shift, snoring softly with the side of his face pressed against your  pillow, breathing in the smell of your shampoo.

You'd climb into bed soon enough, settling into the familiar curve of his body before drifting off.

On particularly stressful days you would be short with your words. He'd look at you like he's about to argue, but he averts his gaze, mutters 'never mind', and walks off.

It wouldn't take too long for you to come around with your eyes downcast, an apology slipping past your lips. He'll say he knows, voice full of warmth. You've always been a little hot-headed; you were still learning to be better.



Months pass, and it's alright.

You smile a little more, open up to him more. You're more patient, more willing to cooperate with the newbies at the agency, be their mentor to look up to.

He lightly teases you about it over dinner, and instead of blustering, you just chuckle quietly and reply, "so what of it?"

His toothy grin is wide as he reaches over to thumb at the corner of your mouth, wiping off a grain of rice instead of answering.

You tip your head just enough to catch the pad of his thumb a kiss, eyes still on his.

It makes him pause, and you could practically see the moment it makes his heart melt.

You smile when that happens.




Years pass; you're pretty comfortable where you were.

You're among the top heroes. Kids love you almost as much as they loved pro hero Deku. Your loud attitude was more for show now; you've learned how to be more mature in your everyday life. It was fun to still play the loud-mouth, couldn't-care-less badass on the field, but you've settled into a mellow comfort. It was nice, enjoying the soft, comfortable domesticity you've gotten familiar with over the years.

Except when he gets down on one knee, you can't help but yell– muffled into your hands, because you've covered your face– but yell nonetheless. He's smiling, big and warm. He already knows your answer by how you reacted, but he stays in place, waiting, happy tears clinging to his lashes. Your knees hit the floor as you buckle to his level, arms wrapping tight around him as you sob out a yes.

You don't remember ever crying this hard in your life, but it's not a bad thing. If he was ever going to make you cry like this, it would only ever be out of happiness.




Soft piano music tinkles in the breeze that ruffles gently through your blond hair.

You have to fight back the wobble in your expression when you realize it's the same tune he used to hum under his breath. Now you knew he was thinking of you whenever he listened to that song.

It would've made you cry from the overwhelming emotion it makes you feel, but you manage to hold back for now.

You walk slowly past familiar faces– old high school classmates, co-workers, your parents. Your dad is crying more than your mom, you think. It almost makes you scoff under your breath in amused exasperation. If only you weren't on the verge of tears yourself.

He stands there, waiting, having walked down the same path first. His hand is warm when it closes around yours, trembling slightly from how hard he's also fighting to keep his composure as long as possible.

Your heart is hammering.

This is it.

It's happening.

The ceremony starts, and a short, quiet laugh bubbles past your lips.

He glances at you, surprised, and sees the smile on your face, the first few droplets sliding down your cheeks.

Fuck it, you say, waving off Todoroki, cutting him off in the middle of the introductory rites.

There's a questioning look that almost forms on your fiance's face, but you cut him off, too.

'I do', is all you manage to get out before you're pulling him to you to seal it with a kiss.

He laughs, muffled against your lips, mumbles his own 'I do, too' somewhere in between.

The bewildered applause draws up, and the two of you are laughing, kissing again and again, tears of happiness mingling.

Kirishima murmurs about how beautiful you are, how much he loves you, how much he's looking forward to every day with you as his husband.

You give another watery laugh, heart too full to make it easy to form words, so you just kiss him some more.

Maybe everyday wasn't going to be so bad after all.