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One legged race

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At first he thinks its a rumor that’s grown.

After all, five feathers becomes ten hens as his mother once said about rumors so Anakin doesn’t put much faith into the whispered stories he catches in the temples halls and in the refectories about Master Qui-Gon abandoning his padawan in an active war zone.

He has too many things to consider on his own, too much work and the Council breathing down his neck about potentially taking a padawan of his own to consider his lineage brother at this moment.

Honestly for all he knows the boy is quite safe and in class or maybe he’s left the order and that’s why the rumor is as it is.

Kenobi would not be the first padawan to leave the Order, finding the path to knight too harsh for him to handle.


It’s not a rumor much to Anakin’s great horror as he finally gets it confirmed by Plo Koon of all people when he bumps into the kel dor, the man confirming with reluctance that Qui-Gon has left behind his padawan on Melida/Daan, citing ‘differences of opinions’.

Anakin wishes to vomit but forces himself to bow in respect to the other who has done nothing wrong but be the messenger when Qui-Gon himself should have been the one to inform him of young Kenobi.

Long legs breaks into a sprint the moment he has excused himself from Plo and the next few hours are lost to Anakin as he somehow manages to wrangle a mission out of Yoda to retrieve young Kenobi, pack an emergency bag and suddenly he’s off into space in less than two hours in one of the speediest of ships the order has, barely enough for one Jedi, much less two but it is fast and it will get Anakin to Melida/Daan where that foolish boy is.

After entering hyperspace Anakin can finally read the mission report that Qui-Gon has logged, the details short but enough to make the knight see red at his former master.

The Jedi had arrived to rescue Master Tahl.

They had discovered civil war, discovered children from what it sounded like caught in the middle and Kenobi, young and idealistic, had wanted to help while Qui-Gon had wanted to return with Tahl as their mission demanded.

Anakin could see both sides of this.


Instead of just a foolish boy, there is also a foolish, emotional Jedi master.

Instead of picking his karking teenager of a padawan up and carrying him onto the ship, the minor he was responsible for, Qui-Gon had left the boy behind on a world with civil war that had shown it would not think twice about hurting a Jedi, much less killing a youngling even of their own planet so Obi-Wan was in danger with every breath he drew.

He had known that his master hadn’t wanted a padawan, that Qui-Gon was emotionally compromised thanks to Xanatos, but to abandon him like that…

Feeling utterly sick, Anakin buried his head in his hands, pressing his palms into his eye sockets until it hurt before mentally shaking himself harshly and forcing his emotions out into the Force, to control himself as he grabbed for just a little sense of equilibrium.

He had a padawan to rescue, a padawan who must be terrified, lost and potentially hurt.

A lineage brother who clearly needed more than what Qui-Gon could provide and therefor needed rescue.

Maybe from Qui-Gon himself but for sure from a planet caught in civil war.

When he gets there…

Well, it is once more a blur of activity, of searching, of hopelessness until finally he finds the boy only to have one of his worst case scenarios become reality as Obi-Wan is not leaving Melida/Daan unscratched.

He ends up carrying Obi-Wan onto the ship, leaving behind a war torn planet with dead children and a fragile peace between the Melida and the Daan that he is not sure will last but hopes for Obi-Wan’s sacrifices that it will at least last somewhat as they leave behind the planet.

And one of Obi-Wan’s legs get left behind too, somewhere on the battlefield of mines and the dead locals.

Settling the boy on the single bunk as the autopilot takes them out into space, Anakin dragged out the medkit with a tight expression as Obi-Wan sat against the durasteel wall with a blank look in his eyes and his hands in his lap. He barely even twitched when Anakin gave him a hypospray of the strongest pain medication he had though when Anakin started unwrapping the filthy bandages around the left stump, he flinched and closed his eyes.

If Anakin was to guess, the boy had yet to cry for the loss.

So he had a traumatized, abandoned, injured and lost padawan on his hands and once more Anakin cursed out his old master in his head as he stared down at the still bloody stump of what had once been a healthy leg.

‘Qui-Gon, what have you done?’ He questioned in anguish before gently cupping Obi-Wan’s cheek and smiling at the boy, taking notice of the braid tucked into his nerf tail. “Hey, I know it hurts, but I’m here. I’m not going to let things go to badly.” Anakin promised quietly.

Green eyes stared back blankly.

‘Qui-Gon you utter bastard, what have you done to this boy?’ Anakin despaired even as he clung to a weak smile for Obi-Wan’s sake as it washed in on him that he could not give this boy back to his old master.

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Tilting his head to look at the open door, Obi-Wan blinked slowly as he woke up from what felt like another few hours of drugged sleep as the knight in the cockpit worked at the console, flipping latches and pressing buttons.

Outside the cockpit window the passing of hyperspace flew by Obi-Wan noticed, his thoughts absently taking note of how bright it was yet the room he was in was dimmed except for the stream of light through the open doorway.

It was a very little ship but with Knight Skywalker sleeping in the cockpit it did work out since Obi-Wan wasn’t up to moving around alone at all though it was awkward to move around with help with how narrow the ship was with the knight trying to support him yet not get in the way since there was no rails or anything Obi-Wan could hold onto and the makeshift leg that Cerasi had made for him got blasted out from under him before Skywalker had arrived.

Obi-Wan had already jabbed his elbow into the knight’s kidney once while being helped to the fresher and he didn’t fancy the idea of repeating it despite the other assuring him it was fine with a pained grin.

It was nice that Skywalker didn’t blame him for that though.

It had been a surprise when the Jedi had arrived, Master Qui-Gon had made it clear that if Obi-Wan stayed, it would be on his own prerogative with no order support, meaning he was no longer a Jedi though Obi-Wan hadn’t cut his braid despite it all.

To attached to it maybe or just being stupidly hopeful despite the older Jedi’s words.

But here was Knight Anakin Skywalker of all people, supposed chosen one and the first full padawan of Qui-Gon Jinn and he had been kind to Obi-Wan. He had helped end the war on Melida/Daan, had picked Obi-Wan up, had tended to his injuries and was being as careful with him as possible.

It left the young padawan with many questions and the only way he would get them answered, unless he waited until he was in front of the council, was to ask the knight.

Just as he opened his mouth, the blond turned around and jerked when he saw Obi-Wan awake, jumping to his feet and hurrying over to sit at the bedside. “Hey, I didn’t notice you were awake. How do you feel? Do you need more painkiller or do you think you can wait?” Skywalker asked quickly, resting a hand on Obi-Wan’s shoulder.

Blinking heavily as he took in the warmth of the hand, Obi-Wan focused a bit before shaking his head. “I can wait on painkillers… but could I have some water?” He asked quietly, watching as the knight instantly leaned out and snatched one of the water bottles.

The benefit of a small ship, everything was practically in arms reach for a man with long arms.

He helped Obi-Wan sit up before cracking it open, helping him steady his hands to drink.

Thanks to blood loss, not to mention the painkillers which were making him shaky as a side effect, Obi-Wan could barely focus much less hold onto things and he was grateful for the help.

He’d rather not spill all over himself.

Setting down the bottle, Skywalker sighed a bit as he helped Obi-Wan back down since there were no pillows to support him up. “Feel up to talking a bit then?” He asked quietly, watching Obi-Wan closely.

If he said he was too tired Obi-Wan bet the other would let him rest but he’d rather get it over with. “Yeah, sure master.” He mumbled out, blinking a bit at the blond.

“Qui-Gon left you there,” Skywalker said seriously, his face turning stiff with an angry tilt to his lips. Obi-Wan blinked and said nothing, unsure what the other wanted. “He left you in the middle of a civil war.” The man repeated.

“Yeeees…” Obi-Wan’s mind felt slow even as a spark of anger went off in his stomach. “Master Tahl needed help, that was our mission.” He stated slowly, hesitantly.

“He agreed to be your master, he left you,” Skywalker stated sternly and Obi-Wan flinched. The blond’s face softened at that. “Obi-Wan… he was responsible for you regardless what, he said yes to being your mas-”

“He didn’t want me to begin with.” Obi-Wan cut in, his tongue clumsy as he wished he could curl up in fetal position and hide away as he confessed that.

The hand on his shoulder was back, Skywalker’s eyes sad and compassionate, not pitying like so many others and that was the only reason Obi-Wan kept eye contact with the other. “He still said yes, from that moment he had duty to you. If a master could just abandon their padawan, we couldn’t ensure the safety of our young. You are a youngling, you are in our care and he abandoned you and now you paid the price for his disregard… he can’t get away with that.” Skywalker’s voice broke a bit.

Confused, Obi-Wan stared at Skywalker. “…But he was your master.” He whispered, his voice feeling small.

“…And he still left you there in danger, who’s next? What youngling is next? For what reason? And what price will they pay?” Skywalker stared at him seriously even if he looked sad. “So I have an offer Obi-Wan Kenobi.”

Uncomprehendingly, Obi-Wan watched the other stand only to kneel by the bed. ‘What is he…’ Obi-Wan’s heart was in his throat.

“Obi-Wan Kenobi, will you do me the honor of being my padawan?” Skywalker offered his hand, staring at him seriously.

“Arriving Coruscant.” The autopilot chimed as the two young men stared at each other, one in determination and one in shock.

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