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Rich kid | Yoonmin

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Jimin grabbed his phone from his pocket to check whether or not there was new message from Yoongi, but of course there wasn’t. They hadn’t exchanged a word since three days ago and Jimin was pretty sure he had fucked up.

Maybe he shouldn’t have admitted to having a problem with the whole gay thing. But then again, why wouldn’t he? He always spoke his mind and never really cared if that meant he lost some of his ‘friends’ along the way.

But still it bothered him with Yoongi. Maybe because he knew that whatever he and Yoongi had was actually real. Yeah sure, they weren’t friends yet but at least nothing about the way they talked was superficial. It wasn’t about looks, it wasn’t about money, it wasn’t about attention.

There was absolutely nothing Yoongi could gain from talking to him and that’s what made this special. Because for once in his life, Jimin knew for sure that this wasn’t about using him.

Yoongi had absolutely no reason to continue talking to him if Jimin fucked up. No reason to keep the talking going. And that’s apparently what had happened.

Jimin had said something offensive and Yoongi, who had absolutely no obligations of enduring Jimin’s bullshit, had decided not to message him again. Jimin closed his eyes, sighing and putting his hands on the steering wheel of his car.

His thoughts were interrupted by a hand knocking on the passenger seat window. Jimin pressed the button underneath the steering wheel to unlock the door and a sweaty Taehyung entered the car in just his training shorts and a t-shirt. “Thanks for picking me up.”

“No problem. You look good. Gaining muscle works.” He backed out of the parking space, checking for any incoming cars. “I’m guessing you wanna go home first to shower?”

Taehyung nodded and glanced out of the window, watching as they passed by their college. They sat there in silence for a couple of minutes before Taehyung spoke up. “Is Jessie coming today?”

“No idea. She hardly calls me aside from when she’s horny.”

“Thought so. She mentioned she may be coming. Apparently the birthday party is for a friend of hers.”

“By the way. You’re allowed to go? What about Mina? Isn’t she like the jealous type and stuff? I don’t remember you going to a party in three months or something.” Jimin asked, pulling into the garage of Taehyung’s apartment tower.

“Piece of shit cheated on me.”

“Poor thing. It’s said that people tend to be paranoid about stuff like that if they’d do it so I guess there is some truth to that.”

“Which one of us are you calling a poor thing?” Taehyung chuckled, grabbing his training bag and stepping out of the car, after Jimin had parked in the guest spot.

“Her of course. I know you and how you react that kind of stuff.”

“Hey, I’m your friend. Aren’t you supposed to be worried about my heartbreak?”

“You’ll live. Not that sure about her.”

“Whatever.” Taehyung jokingly hit the back of Jimin’s head before sprinting towards the elevator. Jimin pushed his hands deeper into the pockets of his coat, feeling for his phone while walking in Taehyung’s direction. He didn’t even have to check to know that there was no message from Yoongi.

Not long after he was sitting on the edge of Taehyung’s bed, watching as the younger searched his closet for something to wear out. He settled with a black button up, jeans and a black belt to keep everything in place.

“How do I look? You know I was getting a bit chubby because of the relationship so I thought I should work out to make myself presentable again.” Taehyung pointed at his stomach that was hidden underneath the button up and Jimin simply shrugged his shoulders.

“You look good.”

Taehyung nodded, grabbing a jacket and slipping it on. “Let’s go. The uber should be here any minute.”







“Do I know you? You look familiar.” The girl that had approached him stated and Jimin simply shrugged his shoulders.

“I’m sure I’ve seen you before.” Not bothering to answer another time he took a sip and turned around, scanning the room with his eyes, searching for a place to sit. The night was still long and he had lost Taehyung, which was not surprising at all considering that the boy had just gone through a break up and was probably looking for a one-night stand.

He could have danced or something, but he was not really in the mood. Especially because even now, under the influence of alcohol, he couldn’t help pitying himself for fucking up with Yoongi.

He made his way over to the sofa, where a small group of people were playing drinking games, but there was still a small area unoccupied. A guy in front of him took a step back, almost making Jimin spill drink.

“What the fuck! Be caref… sorry.” When he turned around and realized it was Jimin he had ran into he quickly dropped the aggressive behavior and lowered his head in an apologetic way.

Jimin chuckled a dry “Whatever”, before pushing past him, bumping shoulders with the guy.

Luckily he made it the last couple of steps without any interruptions. When he sat comfortably he grabbed his phone, glancing at the screen again just to realize his phone had died.

When he looked up again, he saw Jessie make her way over to him. Apparently Taehyung had been right about that.

Jessie was, from an objective point of view, quite beautiful, although she did usually wear just a bit too much make up to look good in a natural way, but then again, it fit her character quite well. She wasn’t a shy natural girl. She was a bitch. Probably the most endurable one Jimin knew, but still a bitch.

“Hey.” There wasn’t any hesitation as she placed each of her knees next to him and sitting down on his lap, facing him. “You missed me?” Her smile was teasing, just as usual.

“Not really.” Jimin stated and she laughed loudly.

“I guessed that. Otherwise you would have called. This party sucks… wanna go hook up somewhere?”

“Not really in the mood. And yeah, this party sucks. Have you seen Taehyung? Any idea whether he is with some girl right now?” Jimin checked the room again, but of course no Taehyung.

“I watched him flirt with Seunghee earlier and haven’t seen either of them since then so I think he might have taken her home?” Jessie shrugged, shifting so she was now sitting sideways on Jimin’s lap. “Are you sure you don’t wanna hook up? The bathroom here is quite nice if you don’t want to leave. Come on. Please?” She made a pouty lip and Jimin laughed, pushing her face away softly.

“No is no. If you still try anything now that’s called sexual harassment. I’m gonna sue you.” He joked, taking a sip from his drink.

“Better keep my ass off you then.” She laughed, pretending to get up, but he stopped her by pulling her back down and wrapping his arms around her waist.

“Stay. Keep me company. Tae is not doing his job.”

“Well, not my problem. Since you are not in the mood to hook up with me, I’ll just have to search for someone with a bigger dick.”

“Won’t be much of a task.” Both of them chuckled at his self-depreciating comment. “Gosh, you make it sound like you’re not a good fuck.”

“Am I?” There was a teasing glint in his eyes.

“I am not going to feed into that ego of yours.” Jessie got up, placing a quick kiss on his lips before making her way through the crowd, searching for a guy that played in her league. Jimin watched as she left. Sometimes talking to old friends did help after all.

After being put into just a bit of a better mood, Jimin got up again, glancing around for someone to keep him company. Someone easy, hopefully not from their school.

Not long after he was making out with a pretty attractive girl he had never seen before. Maybe she knew who he was, maybe she didn’t. Didn’t really matter that much anyways. They were just about to leave the party to go to either her or his place, when Jimin felt a tap on his shoulder.

When he turned around, slightly irritated that he was interrupted, he was face to face with a worried looking Jessie, who was holding her phone in one manicured hand.

“Jimin. Your parents called. They are angry that you aren’t answering your phone. They asked me to tell you to come home right now. Sorry.”

Of course… as usual. They didn’t fucking care ninety percent of the time and if they did it was Jimin’s job to obey and be a good son.

“Fuck this shit. And thanks. Sorry that they called you.”

“It’s okay. Should I take you there? I’m here with my car.” She offered, both of them completely ignoring the confused girl Jimin had made out with just a minute prior.

“Nah, enjoy yourself. It’s my bullshit to deal with. At least one of us should have a good evening.” With that he left both of them standing there. Jup, his bullshit to deal with.