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Rich kid | Yoonmin

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Yoongi had never been this fucking annoyed over a day passing this quickly. The plan consisted of him calling Jimin as soon as he was in front of the huge apartment complex that did look quite fancy but not too overbearingly.

But instead of grabbing his phone to text Jimin, like he should have, he was sitting on his bike, closing his eyes and breathing slowly. He was wearing a pair of ripped wide jeans, a black long sleeved t-shirt and a black beanie. His bangs were sticking to his forehead due to the heat of the afternoon sun, getting caught in the helmet he was wearing.

What was wrong with him? Yeah, he was a bit of a pussy usually when it came to meeting new people, but Jimin wasn’t new. Not at all. At least he wasn’t supposed to be. He was pretty damn familiar, so why was all Yoongi could do, stare at the building, his anxiety level rising by the second?


Are you gonna be here soon?


I’m way too energetic rn


Yoongi stared at the messages for a couple of seconds before typing a quick reply and sending it before he could overthink and decide not to.


I’m here


It’s happening!

This is reality


Yoongi could feel his expression soften. His heart was racing in his chest. When he looked up he was almost expecting to see Jimin standing there right in front of him, but of course he didn’t. It would take a bit for him to leave his apartment and get down here.

Trying to busy himself, Yoongi reached out and grabbed the second helmet from where it was stored on the back of the motorcycle and placed it over the motorcycles handle. His foot never stopped tapping the ground. Gosh he was nervous. He hadn’t even felt this at edge when he’d visited his new college for the first time.

He went back to watching the building. People kept entering and leaving it through the huge glass entryways. Not long after a weirdly familiar boy slid through them, glancing around the area, probably searching for him. When Jimin made eye contact with him, he hesitantly lifted his arm and waved. The second he did the boy’s face lit up and a wide smile spread over his lips. Yoongi could tell even though there was still quite the distance between the two of them.

Jimin jogged the last couple of meters before coming to a halt in front of him. “Yoongi right?” He asked trying to get a proper look at his face.

Yoongi pulled the helmet off before readjusting the beanie he was wearing before smiling a bit awkward. “Yeah Yoongi.”

“Holy shit I can’t believe this is real… you look good.” Jimin stated and honestly Yoongi wasn’t quite sure about that. There probably were some lines from his helmet on his face and he felt sweaty and disgusting. Nevertheless he smiled.

“Thank you. You do too.” God they were so awkward. Yoongi fucking knew it.

Jimin mustered him up and down, the gears in his head turning. “Wait… you’re actually taller than me. Fuck off.” The corners of Yoongi’s lips curled upwards amused.

“Yeah I actually am, dwarf.”

Jimin scrunched up his nose. “I make up for it with character.”

“Yeah, sure you do.” Yoongi chuckled. He could feel himself relax a bit. Sure the situation was awkward but that had to be expected. Neither of them was really sure how to treat the other just yet. Talking face to face was quite different from chatting after all. But they were doing alright so far.

At least if he thought about the fact that the boy was standing in front of him, Jimin was standing in front of him, looking exactly like he did in the pictures. Looking exactly like he did at school, at least from afar.

The same plump lips, pretty eyes and sharp jaw. Actually, he was even more attractive now that the picture Yoongi had had from him was completed with strong arms and upper body, that was barely concealed by the black button up blouse he was wearing.

“This feels pretty unreal. Not gonna lie.” Jimin broke the silence, staring Yoongi in the eyes for a couple of seconds before glancing at the motorcycle and back at Yoongi.

“You’re really here right? I’m not having withdrawal hallucinations?” Jimin joked.

“Withdrawal from what even?”

“Phone calls. You avoid them like they’ll somehow kill you.”

“If they would I wouldn’t be avoiding them.” When Jimin looked at him ever so slightly judgingly, Yoongi couldn’t help but crack up. “Too early into the meet up for my dark sense of humor to come through?”

Jimin held his hand up, leaving just a tiny bit of space between his index finger and thumb. “A tiny bit. Wait like five minutes and I’m in, but at first I gotta get rid of all the adrenaline. I swear my heart is racing right now.”

“Isn’t it too soon to fall in love?” Yoongi teased and Jimin made an annoyed tsk sound, but his eyes kept their warmth.

“So, to save us any further awkward silences, are we gonna drive together? How? What should I do?” Jimin asked, pointing at the motorcycle.

“For now put on a helmet. We don’t want anything to happen to that pretty face of yours.” Yoongi mocked, grabbing the helmet and pushing it into Jimin’s direction, who made a face at the helmet. “But it’ll ruin my hair… I put so much effort into looking good today.” Jimin complained, running his hand through it.

“Don’t be gay about it. I’m the one who’s supposed to say shit like that.” Yoongi stated and Jimin rolled his eyes before putting the helmet on.

“What now?” Did Yoongi just hear a bit of sass in Jimin’s tone? This was going pretty well apparently.

“Now you get on and hold on tightly.” While explaining, Yoongi already grabbed the motorcycle and sat down on it.

“Isn’t it kind of risky for me to fall down?” Jimin asked, hesitantly climbing onto the seat behind Yoongi.

“Yeah, that’s what that helmet is for.” Yoongi joked, before leaning back, grabbing Jimin’s hands and wrapping them around his waist properly. “Nah, you just hold on like that and you won’t fall off.”

“That’s kind of weird.” Jimin admitted, hesitantly digging his hands into the fabric of Yoongi’s jacket.

“Well if it’s too much body contact for you I can drive home. I have an entire new season of Star Trek to watch.” Yoongi said in a teasing tone and Jimin just clung more to him.

“Don’t you dare.”

“What did you say, child? My hearing is apparently fading. That just sounded like a threat.” Yoongi taunted and instead of answering, Jimin slapped his stomach.

“Hey, that’s not appropriate behavior towards your elder.” Yoongi gasped.

“Get moving, old man.”