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Rich kid | Yoonmin

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Even though he really was trying hard to ignore all the luxury and glamor, it got pretty much impossible as soon as he entered the bathroom. The room was clean enough for Jungkook to believe anyone who claimed that it had never been used before.

Aside from that it was enormous. There was a huge mirror covering the side with a sink, the walls and floor were made of black marble and there were both one bathtub and a huge shower separately. To make it short. Jungkook felt pretty damn uncomfortable with everything.

He never really was a huge fan of too clean places. It just made him feel like he was a lot dirtier than he actually was.

Sighing to himself he glanced at the door, contemplating whether or not to lock it, but deciding against it. If Taehyung wanted to come in he had every right to.

He quickly slipped out of his clothes and started filling the bathtub. As he was watching the water stream into the tub at an a lot higher speed than he was used to, he thought about what the hell had happened today.

He knew Taehyung. Yeah, Taehyung didn’t really know him, but Jungkook knew him. There were a bunch of stories circling on campus about him. Some positive, some negative. Honestly Jungkook’s feelings towards Taehyung were pretty neutral. Yes, he did think that Taehyung was pretty damn attractive, but that was it.

What really confused him was that, as far as Jungkook knew, Taehyung was pretty straight. There was nothing wrong with a bit of experimenting but it honestly surprised him that Taehyung had suggested for this to be a reoccurring thing. The weirdest part about it was… why Jungkook?

He was pretty sure that if Taehyung did feel like trying out something he could simply walk into a gay bar and ask any of the guys there and they would let him fuck them, no questions asked, no money needed. So it really didn’t make any sense for Taehyung to suggest making this deal with Jungkook, whom he pretty much didn’t know and worked with.

Sighing he got into the bathtub and closed his eyes at the relaxing feeling. This wasn’t really worth the worries. Why was Jungkook overthinking this? He’d just do his job and satisfy Taehyung and get out of here after doing so.

No huge deal.






When Jungkook was done he wrapped himself up in one of the way too soft towels and hesitantly opened the door to the bedroom. He had taken about twenty minutes, in addition to filling the bathtub needing some time, and he really hoped Taehyung wasn’t annoyed about it.

What he wasn’t quite expecting was to find Taehyung asleep on the bed, his hand on his chest and breathing heavily. Not really sure what to do he took a couple of steps towards the bed and just stood there watching Taehyung, who even looked attractive with his mouth open and snoring. Some things just weren’t fair.

“Aren’t you planning on doing anything?” Jungkook asked loud enough to wake Taehyung up, who groaned tiredly. “How long was I asleep?”

“Half an hour? I don’t know. That’s how long I’ve been in there.” Jungkook answered, holding the towel tightly around his body.

“Good. Did you like it?” Taehyung yawned and smiled at Jungkook contently, but didn’t put in the effort to get up. Instead he turned to his side, looking at Jungkook.

Jungkook shrugged his shoulders. “Yeah, I guess.”

“Great.” Not saying any more he closed his eyes, wrapping his arms around the blankets and letting out a deep breath. Jungkook waited for a couple of seconds but apparently Taehyung was done.

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” Jungkook asked, raising a questioning eyebrow at Taehyung when he opened his eyes again.

“Don’t think so.”

“You’re kind of paying me for something.” Jungkook stated and Taehyung mouthed a silent ah, before closing his eyes again.

“Nah I’m too tired. Maybe another time.” There was a short silence and Jungkook almost expected he had fallen asleep again when he spoke up again. “You can sleep over if you want to. If not my wallet’s in my coat. Take whatever I owe you for today and the thousand I promised you… and honestly just take some more, as a welcoming gift or whatever.” Taehyung stated, before closing his eyes for the final time.

For some reason it felt pretty wrong. Jungkook didn’t like the thought of getting paid for doing pretty much nothing. And he kind of wanted to talk to Taehyung about why he had done it… even so, staying over wasn’t really an option.

Jungkook had made some experiences at some of his customers places that had made him swear to never sleep at a stranger’s place again.

Not long after he left Taehyung’s place with the thousand that were part of the deal that was kept, but nothing more. If he was to get more from Taehyung it would be because he owned it, not because Taehyung didn’t care for money.