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Rich kid | Yoonmin

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When Yoongi woke up, yawning and then opening his eyes before trying to stretch, he realized that he wasn’t quite as mobile as he had expected. One look down explained why.

Jimin’s head was resting on Yoongi’s chest, his arms buried in his t-shirt and legs wrapped around Yoongi’s. He just stared for a couple of seconds, before dropping his head back into the sheets groaning in frustration. “Fuck me.”

He’d completely forgotten that Jimin was here. Not that, now that he was aware of it, he didn’t feel the warmth and comfort the body wrapped around him brought, but for some reason he had not expected to see Jimin this early in the morning.

“Jimin.” He said, carefully pulling his arm out from under Jimin. Luckily his prediction of a morning wood had not become reality. That was the last thing he needed right now.

“Jiiiiimin.” He repeated, the younger groaning. A sign that he was not yet willing to get up but at least awake. “You’re being gay right now. Reeeeally gay. I think if you keep lying there much longer not even a no homo will be able to save that.”

Jimin slapped Yoongi’s stomach ever so lightly. “Shut up. It’s comfy.”

“Neither can a comfy. If you decide to fuck a guy you can’t just say you do it because it’s comfy and somehow that makes you straight again.” Yoongi tried, pushing Jimin a bit, but the boy didn’t budge.

“What about the three strikes rule? You said that fucking a guy once makes you curious, another one is another try and the third one means you’re gay. I’m just trying stuff out… that’s not gay.” Jimin stated sleepily.

“But if you like it the three strikes rule doesn’t apply.” Yoongi tried arguing but Jimin just wrapped his arms tighter around him. “I don’t know if I like it yet… gotta try it a bit longer.” And with those words Jimin was back asleep and Yoongi just stared at him incredulously.

“I wanna die.” He flopped back onto the bed.




“No fucking wonder everyone was looking at you weirdly.” Yoongi stated pointing at Jimin’s car. “That thing is more expensive than any apartment within the radius of a mile.”

An awkward chuckle left Jimin’s lips and he pushed back his hair. “Sorry?”

Yoongi shrugged his shoulders, glancing at the expensive car. “You’re actually pretty lucky no one around here thought it would be a good idea to demolish it. Next time I’ll pick you up again. Can’t have that thing standing around here.”

Nodding slowly Jimin stepped towards Yoongi. “Uhm… should I take you to your college?”

Yoongi had never shook his head that quickly in his life. “No. I’ll drive myself.” The last thing he needed right now was for Jimin to find out about the fact that they went to the same college.

The frown on Jimin’s face made him regret his quick answer. “Hey, don’t look at me like that. I won’t be able to get back home if I don’t have my motorcycle with me.” He pinched Jimin’s cheek, who scrunched up his nose.

“It’s time to say goodbye then.”




Of course the whole Jungkook thing had to escalate. Yoongi was just walking down the hallway when he spotted one of the guys from the day before. And it just had to happen that the guy spotted him as well.

Yoongi tried to blend in with the crowd, but luck just wasn’t on his side and the hallway cleared up almost instantly. When the guy made his way over to him Yoongi swore silently, before trying not to look like he was at a disadvantage.


“Wow. Where did that black eye come from?” Jungkook asked a bit worried, grabbing his water bottle and handing it to Yoongi to press it against his face.

“Just some asshole who thought it would be funny to pick a fight.” Nodding thankfully, he sighed and grabbed the bottle from Jungkook’s hand before holding it against his eye. “Thanks.”

Jungkook patted his back, looking worried. “Can I help?”

Instead of answering Yoongi just shook his head and leant against Jungkook, closing his eyes. “I’ve been through worse. I’m tired tho.”

“Go get some rest. Should I get you the key to the art room? There’s a couch in there.” Jungkook suggested, carefully pushing Yoongi’s face mask down and checking the boy’s face. “And we could treat that cut on your lip in the nursery?”

Not really keen on skipping but also not quite feeling the idea of going to class, Yoongi nodded. Maybe sleeping for a bit would help. Walking out of the room he actually passed Jimin, who was entering the room.

He’d tell him. Soon.