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Wedding Stress?

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Everyone loves a good proposal, but oftentimes that means underestimating the amount of work that goes into everything for that special day. Bakugou had no idea how stressful wedding planning could be, all the different choices to be made and phone calls to make. It was all rather overwhelming, and starting to take a physical toll on the engaged couple. Bakugou was sure that all the stress of wedding planning was making Kirishima sick to the point of his scent changing.

He had heard that if an omega was under an enormous amount of stress, their scent could change. But Bakugou was under the assumption the scent would change to something more gross but Kirishima was smelling more and more sweet with each passing day.

It was strange.

“Are you sure you want to come to the cake testing?” Bakugou asked as the pair were getting dressed that morning,

Bakugou had been startled awake early that morning from the sound of Kirishima gagging and heaving in the bathroom. He hated seeing his omega so ill, and it worried him that there might be something wrong.

“I should be okay.” Kirishima dismissed as he studied himself in the mirror, “Hey, Katsuki I have a question, and you have to answer honestly.”

“Yeah, what’s wrong?”
“Do I look a little bloated to you?” Kirishima asked, pulling at the bottom hem of his shirt.

He did.

His shirt looked a little tighter than usual around the middle.

Bakugou laughed, and said, “You look fine, but yeah – you might want to start rethinking your eating habits.”

“Maybe I won’t try any of the cake samples then.” Kirishima decided.

Kirishima had always been so good about his eating habits, never so much even had a tiny craving for sweets. Even though he knew he shouldn’t be eating that stuff, he wanted it.

“I doubt that.” Bakugou commented, sensing Kirishima’s desire for cake.


Kirishima and Bakugou walked hand-in-hand to the bakery that would provide the cake for their wedding. As they walked, a gentle breeze picked up from time to time, causing Bakugou to catch Kirishima’s new, alluring scent.


Bakugou was so entranced by Kirishima’s scent, he almost walked right into the bakery’s glass door.

Kirishima laughed, he opened the door for Bakugou and the pair walked in.

“Ah, everything smells so good in here!” Kirishima exclaimed, taking in the gorgeous smell of fresh bread and sugar, “I have to buy something, or no, everything? Should I buy everything, Katsuki?”

Bakugou couldn’t say no to Kirishima, especially when he looked so happy, “What about trying to eat better?”

“Just this once.” Kirishima  suggested.


Kirishima beamed and excitedly walked down the display case, he was a few feet away from Bakugou when the lady behind the counter asked him a question, “Are you looking for anything in particular?”
“Not really, but everything looks so good.”

The lady smiled, “This bakery has always been a hot spot for pregnant omegas, your scent tells me your about four months.”

“I’m – I’m what?”

The lady let out a little gasp, she leaned in and whispered, “You mean you didn’t know – you have the scent all over you.”

“I – I didn’t –,”

“Eijirou,” Bakugou called and waving at Kirishima from a door on the other side, he was standing next to the head pastry chef, “She’s ready for us.”

“Y- yeah.” Kirishima quickly mouthed the words ‘thank you,’ to the employee and jogged toward Bakugou.

Kirishima and Bakugou sat at a round table that had different cake samples on it placed on white, round, porcelain plates.

“These are just a few cake flavors we have available for tasting,” the chef handed both Kirishima and Bakugou a card with a list of the other flavors, “But, if there’s something on that list that you want to try, please let me know and I’ll see if I can get some for you.”

Kirishima wanted to try everything.

Normally he didn’t really get this excited about cakes and sweets but – maybe, maybe he really was pregnant.

What else could it be?


Weight Gain.


His Scent.

Kirishima didn’t need a pregnancy test to confirm that he was pregnant – he already knew it was true. It had to be true and him and Bakugou were to oblivious to make the connection.

But now wasn’t the time to tell Bakugou, now they had some choices to make.


Later that night, Bakugou was laying on the couch working on the guest list, he noticed Kirishima wanting to sit down next to him so he lifted up his legs before placing them back down but on his omega’s thighs.

“What are you working on?” Kirishima asked, taking a bite out of a cupcake they had brought home from the bakery.

“Guest list.” Bakugou said, looking away from his laptop screen to Kirishima, “I thought you didn’t like chocolate.”

“I don’t but – but this one just tastes so good!”

Bakugou smiled, and teased, “That’s your third pastry, try not to overdo it, your pants are starting to look tight around your waist.”

Kirishima laughed and continued to eat the cupcake while they talked about the guest list.

“Hey, um, I know this is going to sound weird.” Kirishima began, “But, um, can we postpone the wedding?”

Bakugou sat up in surprise, almost dropping the laptop, “What – postpone?? The fuck Eijirou? You know, you’ve been acting weird lately! If you don’t want to get married then just say it!”

Well that certainly escalated quickly.

“No that’s not it!” Kirishima argued, he crossed his arms over his middle, an instinct only done by pregnant omega when they’re stressed to protect their pup.

Bakugou noticed the movement, and asked, “What’s wrong? Did something happen? Are you hurt?”

“Not really.”

“That’s a half ass answer, you’re either hurt or not hurt.” Bakugou reasoned, he closed his laptop and put it on the floor as he leaned in toward Kirishima, “Someone did something to you, and you better tell me who it is!”


“Me?” Bakugou said, confused.

“Yeah,” Kirishima took in a deep breath, he could feel his heart pounding against his sternum. He had to tell him, but god, why was he so nervous about saying it.

“Your heart is beating really fast.” Bakugou said, in a soft voice, he reached out and set his hand on Kirishima’s arm, “Something’s wrong, Eijirou, I don’t understand, did – did I hurt you…what’s going on?”

Kirishima smiled gently, took in another deep breath in an attempt to calm himself, and then he let the words out of his mouth,“I’m pregnant and I want our pup to be apart of our wedding.”

“Pregnant?” Bakugou repeated, almost sounding as if he didn’t know how such a thing could have happened.


“In there?” Bakugou pointed at Kirishima’s stomach.

“Where else would our pup be?”

Bakugou grinned, he lunged forward and kissed Kirishima, “Why didn’t you say anything sooner?”

“I was nervous – you heard my heartbeat!” Kirishima admitted, then decided to reask a previous question, “I think it’d be awesome if our little pup could be apart of our wedding, so do you think we can postpone it?”

“Yeah.” Bakugou agreed, “And that will also give us plenty of more time to finalize everything.”