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When Teasing Leads to Babies

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“What are you gonna do?” Kirishima seductively questioned, stretching himself across the bed and licking his lips, “Get me pregnant again?”

Bakugou stared down at the red haired beauty, he was completely intoxicated by not only the love he had for his omega but his sweet, comforting scent.

“Don’t tempt me.” Bakugou advised, with a slight laugh.


It wasn’t actually supposed to happen – really, they were just teasing each other! Oh my god, what the hell? Kirishima had to sit down on the toilet lid, his legs were trembling to much for him to keep standing. How – how long had been since his last pregnancy? How old was his son – 10??


He was 10.

“Dad!” the little boy said as he knocked on the door, “You’ve been in there a long time, are you okay?”

“I – I’m fine, Hiroto.” Kirishima stammered, shoving the test in his pocket, “Just give me a moment.”

Kirishima began to wash his hands, thinking about the dangers of pregnancy – for him at least. Moments after Hiroto was born, Kirishima snuck out of the hospital to fight a villian who had taken Bakugou hostage. He ended up getting hurt, badly. Due to the damage, he learned that getting pregnant again would be difficult and if by some miracle he did get pregnant, it’d be dangerously high risk.

Of course this would happen to him but…but he couldn’t help but feel ecstatic about this discovery. He was 19 when Hiroto was born, now, 10 years of parenting experience later, he felt that taking care of a baby would be easier than it was before.

That is if the pup could survive until it was time to be born.

“Hiroto!” Kirishima took the young boy in a hug, “Something amazing just happened!”

“In – in the bathroom?”

“Uh.. sort of…” Kirishima kneeled down to his son’s level so he could look him the eyes, he then put both of his hands on his shoulders, “We’re not going to tell Papa just yet, okay? But you’re going to be a big brother soon.”

“I am?”

“Yes you are, so how about we work together on a way to tell Papa?”



Bakugou had arrived home earlier than usual that night and noticed Kirishima napping on the couch. He didn’t want to wake him, he was just looked so beautiful and peaceful with his red hair draped over the side of his shoulder and a look of tranquility on his face. Bakugou approached him, wanting to kiss him on the cheek, when Hitoro came padding down the hall.

“Papa!! Dad took me shopping today!”

“He did?” Bakugou questioned, a little surprised.

Kirishima stretched his arms up and yawned, he forgot how tiring the first trimester of pregnancy could be. He patted a spot on the couch next to him for Bakugou to sit, then told Hiroto, “Why don’t you show Papa the shirt we found?”


Bakugou put an arm around Kirishima’s shoulders, sensing the uneasy sensation of nervousness pull at their bond, “What are you so nervous about?” he asked, “Did Hiroto melt a hole in his bed again?”

“No, actually he’s had good control of his quirk today,” Kirishima said, proudly, “But there is something I’m a little nervous about.”

“What is –,”

“Papa look!” Hiroto hopped up and spun around, “Look what it says!”

“World’s best big brother.” Bakugou read out loud, squinted, and sat straight up when he realized what was happening, “Eijirou, is he really going to be a brother?!”

“Fuck yeah!” Hiroto exclaimed.

“Language, Hiroto.” Kirishima admonished, “But, um, yes he is.”

Bakugou jumped up from the couch, he pulled Kirishima up into a kiss, and wirled him around. Bakugou then kissed him again, which disgusted Hiroto and he back to his room.

“Are you really pregnant, Eijirou?” Bakugou asked, cupping Kirishima’s face in his hands.

“Yeah, I was surprised too…” Kirishima stretched a hand over his stomach, and admitted, “But, I’m really scared about, about, everything you know?”

Bakugou took Kirishima in for another hug, “Hiroto and I are going to do everything we can to help you, and I know that this is dangerous, and high risk but – listen, everything is going to be fine.” he assured.

“I hope so.”