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Is Boyfriend really that Bad of a Word?

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It wasn’t an uncommon practice for alphas and omegas to help each other through heats and ruts but not be in an official relationship. Sometimes, you just need a buddy there to help you out.

And so that was the path Kirishima and Bakugou’s relationship took since Kirisima’s first heat. They were first years and Kirishima was feeling feverish so he missed class. After classes were over, Bakugou decided to pay him a visit and give him the assignments he missed. Bakugou didn’t even have to open the door to know to know what was happening – he could smell it.

He opened the door and saw Kirishima who was trembling and wrapped in blankets. Bakugou, despite his spicy personality was very much in control of himself when around omega who smelled as beautiful as Kirishima. He calmly shut door and set the school work on top of the desk. Sitting on the desk chair was a towel, Bakugou took the towel and used it to plug the opening between the bottom of the door and the floor.

Bakugou then sat on the bed and pressed the back of his hand gently against Kirishima’s flushed cheeks. A purring sound vibrated from within Kirishima’s chest at the touch of the alpha.

Bakugou smiled sweetly and promised, “You’re going to be okay.”

And Kirishima believed him and believed him ever since.

Bakugou laid down with Kirishima and wrapped his arms around him. Kirishima buried his face into Bakugou’s neck, breathing in every ounce of alpha that his lungs could hold.

“You smell so good.” Kirishima admitted, breathily.

“And did you just realize that?”


Ever since then, Kirishima would go to Bakugou for his heats who would hold him until the episode passed. Some heats were worse than others, but for the most part they’d get through them together. However, despite how intimate they were, they never once called the other their boyfriend. And as they grew older their ruts and heats synced up, and their simple cuddling turned into something more raw.

Even then though, Kirishima was never able to call Bakugou his boyfriend. Kirishima had asked many times for them to make it official but Bakugou refused.

“Why not?” Kirishima asked one night as he bandaged up a wound on Bakugou’s arm, “Why won’t you let me call you my boyfriend?”

“Because I’m not.”

Kirishima frowned, “Really?”

Bakugou growled and rolled his eyes, “We are not having this conversation again, Eijirou.” he said with a sigh, “Official relationships are meaningless to an alpha, if there’s an omega who needs assistance, I’m going to fuck them.”

“And have you assisted any omega other than me?”

“No, because everyone else smells like shit.”

Kirishima smiled, “So don’t you think that maybe –.”

“No.” Bakugou decided, not even allowing Kirishima to finish to his sentence.

Other than Kirishima occasionally asking Bakugou to make their relationship official – life was perfect the way it was. And then, Kirishima made a life changing discovery.

“You’re not going to your agency today?” Bakugou asked one morning as he watched Kirishima drag his feet from the bathroom to the kitchen.

Kirishima shook his head as Bakugou helped him into a chair, “No, I still feel pretty bad.”

For the past three days Kirishima had barely been able to keep to any food down and not being able to eat made him feel horrible. When the nausea first started, it was alarming because Kirishima never really gets sick like that. Bakugou was so worried he almost took Kirishima to the hospital.

Bakugou really loved Kirishima, even if he was against being an official couple his love was real. He hated seeing Kirishima being sick and uncomfortable that he was willing to do anything to make him feel better.

Bakugou ran a hand through the omega’s hair, “Do you want me to take you to a doctor?”

“No.” Kirishima decided, “I – I think I’ll take myself.”


“It’s fine.” Kirishima said with a smile, “I probably just have food poisoning, you go to work and I’ll be here when you get back.”

“Call me if you need anything.”

“I will.”

Bakugou kissed Kirishima on the head before heading out to work.

It took Kirishima extra long to get ready to go to see his doctor, he just felt so slow and sluggish. He managed to drink a glass of water and eat a bagel but the food made his stomach feel weird and he almost threw up again.

Kirishima arrived at a local clinic and waited in the exam room while the nurses ran some tests before the doctor could see him. As he waited he scrolled through his phone to see if anything interesting was going on. If the doctor let him, then maybe he could go to work because it seemed like a slow day to be a hero.

The doctor knocked on the door and opened it, Kirishima nervously sat up when he saw her.

“Good morning!” she greeted.

“Good morning.”

She smiled and took a glance at all the test reports, “So, it seems like you’ve been experiencing some vomiting and nausea, and as a result of that some weakness.”


“Good news is, all of your blood tests came back fine – with the exception of one.”

“Is that – is that really good news?” Kirishima asked, “Which test was it that came back wrong?”

“I wouldn’t say that it came back wrong,” the doctor explained, “But rather, a little different.”

“What do you mean?”


Kirishima laid on the couch with one hand on his stomach and the other hand holding a sonogram image of his pup. He was pregnant and that was a much better diagnosis than food poisoning in his opinion. It was a surprise to hear, but after some thinking, maybe having a little baby around would be fun.

“I’ve only known about you for a few hours, but you have no idea how happy I am to know that you’re here.” Kirishima said to the pup, as he poked his stomach.

He heard keys moving outside and quickly shoved the photo in his pocket and sat up as Bakugou opened the door.

“So what did the doctor say?” Bakugou immediately asked, “I’ve been worried all day.”

“Sorry, it wasn’t anything bad so I didn’t think to tell you.” Kirishima apologized, “Anyway, I’m feeling a lot better now.”

Kirishima smiled and his stomach suddenly growled.

Bakugou laughed and suggested, “Why don’t we get something to eat since you’re feeling better?”

There was something different about Kirishima but Bakugou wasn’t quite sure what it was. There was a brightness to his scent that wasn’t there in the morning, and it made Bakugou want to just hold onto him. Which he did, he held Kirishima’s hand all the way to the restaurant.

As the pair were entering, Todoroki and Midoriya were leaving.

“Eijirou, did you get a haircut?” Midoriya asked.

“No…” Kirishima tugged at his hair, confusedly “Um, why do you ask?”

“You just look different for some reason?” Todoroki stated.

“He looks fine!” Bakugou argued, putting a protective arm around his shoulders, “Now leave so we can eat without looking at garbage.”

They said their goodbyes and continued on their ways.

Kirishima and Bakugou sat down next to each other in a booth, and as the omega opened the menu he asked, “Do I look different, Katsuki?”

“Not physically at least.” Bakugou admitted, “But there is something different about you.”

Was it so obvious?

Kirishima sighed and stared at the menu, everything looked so good – even the stuff he didn’t like before sounded so delicious.

Especially the spicy food, which wasn’t a flavor Kirishima was usually drawn too. Bakugou was surprised to see his omega order a bowl of spicy beef ramen and even more surprised when he ordered a second bowl.

While on his third bowl Kirishima overheard a baby crying a few booths down.

“Hey, so what do you think of babies?” Kirishima asked.

Bakugou turned to look at Kirishima in the eyes and was quiet for a moment, because that was such a strange thing to be asked. He stared at the empty bowls of ramen, and thought it was weird because Kirishima usually only had one bowl and never over ate. Kirishima also never orders anything spicy.

There’s something different about Kirishima.

He’s been sick.

But he’s eating food he normally doesn’t eat – and a lot of it.

And he’s asking about babies…


The realization hit Bakugou and he asked, “Are you pregnant?”

Kirishima paused and they both fell quiet.

“Eijirou are you, are pregnant Eijirou?” Bakugou asked again.

Kirishima didn’t answer, but the absence of an answer was all Bakugou needed to confirm his suspicions. Bakugou shook his head, stood up, paid the cashier and left.

He left and he took Kirishima’s heart with him.

Of course he was going to leave, what was Kirishima thinking? Thinking they could have a life together with a child even though Bakugou wouldn’t even commit to a relationship? Kirishima wanted to chase after him, but – but all the emotion was making him feel sick again and he wanted to curl up and cry.

Kirishima sighed and went home.

There was a small flicker of hope that made him believe that Bakugou would be home too but he wasn’t. Instead he was alone. He set the sonogram pictures on the coffee table then went to bed.

Tonight he’d sleep alone.

Bakugou didn’t know what to do and so he left. Yeah, he felt bad immediately afterward but what else was there to do? Not only was Kirishima not talking, he also looked terrified of what Bakugou’s reaction might be. What kind of boyfriend – no alpha, what kind of alpha scares his own omega to the point that he’s afraid to tell him he’s pregnant.


Did Bakugou fuck up, but he loved Kirishima and sure as hell was going to make up for it. His omega was pregnant and he was going to help him feel as a safe and happy as he possibly could. So, Bakugou went to a used book store and bought a book about male omega pregnancy then he went off to the grocery store.

While at the store, Bakugou skimmed through websites on his phone searching for the most common pregnancy cravings. He narrowed it down to pickles, chocolate, and ice cream, which is what he ended up buying.

It was late when he arrived home and everything was eerily quiet. He set the bags of food down and saw the sonogram picture on the coffee table and smiled.

Maybe having a baby wouldn’t be too bad.

He went to the bedroom and saw Kirishima curled up over the covers, it looked like he’d been crying. Bakugou ran his hands through Kirishima’s hair, accidentally waking him.


Kirishima didn’t say anything, but Bakugou could see tears welling up in his eyes.

“I’m sorry about walking out, I – I fucking panicked.” Bakugou admitted, “I guess…I guess that makes me a bad boyfriend then…”

Kirishima sat up, wiping his tears on his sleeve, “Boyfriend?” he repeated.

“Yeah, it’s not like I’m going to be sleeping with anyone else at this point, right?” Bakugou justified, and handed Kirishima the book he had bought, “Anyway, I’m, I’m really sorry and I love you and I also bought you some ice-cream, chocolate and pickles –,”

“You bought pickles!?” Kirishima exclaimed excitedly, “I’m so hungry right now!”

Bakugou smiled, “I’ll go get the jar for you.”

“Thank you so much, Katsuki!”

When Bakugou returned, Kirishima had opened the book to the chapter on being six weeks pregnant. Bakugou handed him the pickle jar and sat next to him, pointing at a picture, “Is that what the baby looks like?”

“Yeah.” Kirishima confirmed, taking a bite out of a pickle, “And it’s the size of a pea.”

“Eijirou, that thing doesn’t even have arms or legs –it looks like a little worm.” Bakugou teased.

Kirishima laughed, “You’re the one that put it in me, be nice to your baby worm!”

Bakugou smiled, he kissed Kirishima on the cheek and the pair spent the night reading that chapter together.