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A Series of Horrible Ideas

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Everything that had happened in the past few days was one big horrible idea. Everything. Absolutely everything.

Bakugou had been stressed, but regardless, stress was not an excuse for some of his reckless and rude behavior. It didn’t change how he’d been acting. At the moment, he regretted his actions, he wanted nothing more than to go home and tell Kirishima he was sorry.

But he couldn’t do that right now.

He didn’t want to admit that he was scared and – and how he’d rather –

He grunted, he didn’t know what he wanted.

He thought he did but…


That morning, Bakugou noticed Kirishima was staring at the calendar there was no doubt that he was counting down the days to his delivery. They would be parents soon, to their first child and surprisingly, Kirishima was handling everything quiet well. He was ready, hell, he’d been ready the moment he found out he was pregnant.

Bakugou on the other hand, wasn’t as ready.

“I think we should give the pup up for adoption.” Bakugou said, suddenly, the words stumbled out of his mouth before he could stop them.

“W-what do mean?” Kirishima turned around, pressing his hand to his back, “You don’t mean our pup, do you?”

Bakugou nodded, “There’s no way we can take care of a baby right now.”

“We’ve been preparing for months.” Kirishima argued, he frowned, “We have clothes, and bottles, and toys. Katsuki, if you were so unsure, we should have talked about this a long time ago, not when I’m thirty eight weeks pregnant.”

“We can’t take care of a baby and be pro heroes, there’s no way.” Bakugou explained, “What if something happens to us – it wouldn’t be fair to the baby.”

“Katsuki –.”

“I can’t be a father.” Bakugou decided, his voice was low and he kept his gaze down, “Eijirou I can’t – and if –.”

Kirishima took in a sharp breath, anticipating what Bakugou’s next words were going to be. This didn’t seem like him, this wasn’t being manly this was being cowardly. Bakugou had been so excited since they discovered they were going to be parents and now, now something had changed.

Actually, the closer he got to his due date, the stranger Bakugou’s behavior had become.

He was obviously scared.

“Where is this coming from?” Kirishima inquired, he was deeply concerned for the sudden change in his alpha’s attitude toward his pup, “You, you told me you were excited…and you weren’t lying! Katsuki, what are you saying?”

“I just fucking said I don’t want to be a father.”

“But you, you said you did before, I don’t understand.”

“What is there not to understand?” Bakugou growled, “Has that stupid pup fucked up your brain to where –,”

“I’m not giving up our baby just because you’re afraid!” Kirishima accused, tears began to bubble at the corners of his eyes, “You weren’t afraid months ago – why are you afraid now!?”

“I’m not afraid!” Bakugou shouted, “I’m just being realistic, we can’t raise a child and you’re in denial that we can!”

“I –.” Kirishima paused, he could feel the pup moving inside him, he sighed, “Get out.”

“Fine!” Bakugou yelled, “You take care of that pup alone then!”

Bakugou stomped toward the door and knocked down a glass vase with flowers he had bought for Kirishima a few days ago. The glass shattered into small pieces along with the sound of a door slamming.  

Bakugou hated fighting with Kirishima, but, the omega was right – Bakugou was fucking terrified of being a parent. He thought he was ready, but, came to realization that he might not be. Maybe suggesting they give up the pup was not a good way to initiate the conversation.

Bakugou managed to walk to a park where he sat a bench.

“What happened?”

Bakugou looked up and saw Mina staring at him.

“What do you mean?”

“Eijirou just called me and told me he needs help cleaning up a vase, and you yelled at him, and said you wanted to give up the pup.” Mina listed.

Bakugou was about to speak to defend himself but Mina didn’t allow it, she continued to chew him out, “Grow the hell up, Bakugou!”

“Listen I –.”

“I’m not listening to anything you say right now!” Mina shouted, “If you’re not going to take care of your pup because you’re scared then I will! I’ll help Eijirou with everything and we’ll make it so that the baby grows up and never knows you’re his father!”

“You can’t do that!” Bakugou argued, he stood up from the bench and stared Mina in the eyes.

“I thought you didn’t want to be a father.”

“I –.”

“I’m not listening to anything you have to say, and if you decide to go back home I can’t honestly say that Eijirou will take you back!” and with that she walked off, ignoring Bakugou’s demands for her to come back and talk to him.

He sat back down on the bench and hung his head down low.

She was right.

He let his emotions get the better of him, and this time, was unlike any other time because it was with his omega. Bakugou always considered Kirishima to be his omega even though they hadn’t bonded yet.

And the reason behind why they hadn’t bonded yet.

Was that Bakugou was scared.

Kirishima had wanted to bond, and had asked plenty of times but each time had ended in an argument because Bakugou was to scared to do it.

He was too afraid to let someone see and feel his overstimulated emotions, especially Kirishima.

He glanced toward the buildings of the city, maybe fighting some villains might help him clear his head.

But no.

Not even that plan worked out how he wanted.

Annoyed and frustrated with just about everything, Bakugou was careless and got captured by a villain.

It had been nearly twenty four hours since his capture and he wanted nothing more than to cuddle with his omega and apologize. Although, he wouldn’t be surprised if Kirishima wasn’t even looking for him. As far as Kirishima knew, Bakugou probably left him for good, right? After everything he said to him, Bakugou had convinced himself that  Kirishima probably wasn’t even looking for him.

But if he was found.

Bakugou decided he’d bond with Kirishima.

But, instead of making up with his boyfriend, he was stuck, he had been fucking taken hostage by some annoying-ass villains that wanted Kirishima. These guys had a grudge against him, but hopefully, he was safe somewhere –

Bakugou bit down on his lip and tried to activate his quirk but couldn’t.

He could hear the villains talking nearby, thinking they’d successfully lure Kirishima out here.

There was no way Kirishima would be dumb enough to fall into their trap.

The two villains who captured Bakugou immediately made contact with the media and informed everyone that they had Bakugou and wanted Red Riot.


Ida, Todoroki, and Midoriya went to collect Mina and Kirishima and relocated them to Ida’s agency so they can think of a plan.

But of course, Kirishima kept insisting he go and confront the villains, all while ignoring a pain branching around his back and lower pelvis. He knew what was happening to his body, but he didn’t want to deliver his baby without Bakugou there.

“Please wait,” he thought, “Not now, little pup.”

“We can’t let you go.” Ida told Kirishima, for what felt like the billionth time, “We’ll handle this.”

“I can use my hardening –.”’

“No.” Ida decided, “If they’re trying to lure you to them, don’t you think they have a way to combat your hardening? Maybe an acid or some way to erode your quirk?”


“Do you know exactly how long you can keep your hardening up while in your current state?”

“Okay, not long but I think I can get everything done in time.” Kirishima urged.


Mina took Kirishima’s hand and squeezed it, “They’ll bring him back, they just sent Izuku and Shoto over.”


“Why can’t I use my quirk!?” Bakugou shouted at one of his captors, a tall woman with green eyes and long black hair.

She laughed, and rolled her eyes, “Really, who knew Red Riot has a thing for dumb dirty blonds.”

“You better be happy these stupid vines have me restrained or –.” he paused, his mind putting together the puzzle, “Fuck…”

It was the vines. Thick dark green vines were constricted around Bakugou’s wrists and legs. Thorns dug into his skin, making it painful for him to try and break free, the more he struggled the deeper the thorns cut into him.

One vine was tethered around the woman’s ankle – maybe, if he could figure out a way to sever this link in between them he’d be able to use his quirk.

But how?

The woman smiled at him, she knew he had figured it out, “As long as my vines are wrapped around you, not only do you no longer have power over your quirk, but I do.” she then demonstrated by igniting little sparks from her palms.

“Just because you can use it, doesn’t mean you know how!” Bakugou snarled.

“Shouldn’t be to hard to use, I mean, since you can do it.” she insulted.

“Fuck you!”

“Oh and if they decide to send the wrong hero, like hmmm, Deku…” she began to explain, “They’ll have to deal with my brother’s quirk.”

“Which is?”

The air temperature around them began to drop by the second, the woman smiled, “It looks like someone is here to rescue you, I guess that means you’ll see my brother’s quirk soon.”


“Ah ow…”

At the utterance of the word, the whole room paused and looked at Kirishima who smiled reassuringly, “I’m fine, it’s just a contraction…”

Mina crossed her arms and stared at him, annoyed at how nonchalant he was about beginning labor.

“Are you in labor?” Ida asked.

“I don’t think so.” Kirishima denied.

“Do you need to go to the hospital?” Mina asked.


Ida frowned, “You said you’re having contractions, I think that means you’re in labor.”

“Eijirou, how far apart are they?” Mina spoke her concern.

“I think, about five minutes.”

“Fi-five!?” Ida repeated, surprised.

“We should take you to the hospital, just in case.” Mina urged, she stood up and took Kirishima’s hand but he didn’t want to go with her.

“Not without Katsuki.”

“We’ll have Bakugou meet us there, if you want to see him.”

“I…I do.”

“Mina, have we agreed to take him to the hospital?” Ida asked.

“Of course!”

Kirishima was hesitant to go with them, but what choice did he have? The baby was ready to see the world and meet his fathers. Hopefully, both of them.

“Okay.” Kirishima finally agreed, and allowed Mina to help him stand.

Of course this baby would have Bakugou’s impatience.


“You two need to get out of here now!” Bakugou screamed, as soon as a he saw Midoriya and Todoroki step through the the entrance of the warehouse, “That guy has some weird quirk, don’t go near him!”

Midoriya reacted quicker to Bakugou’s words than Todoroki, he grabbed onto his wrist to keep him from advancing further. He observed the pair of villains standing just a few feet in front of Bakugou. Both the man and the woman possessed a similar body type, although she was taller but not by much. They both had long black hair and snake like green eyes.

Midoriya noticed the vines wrapped around Bakugou and how they were attached to the woman by her ankle.

“Do you think you can do something about those vines?” Midoriya whispered to Todoroki, “I think if you just cut that one connecting the two of them that should be good.”

“No problem.”

“I’ll handle the man.”

“Don’t step in here!” Bakugou begged, “His name is Sao and he can –.”

“Don’t ruin the fun!” Sao kicked Bakugou in the chest before running toward the pair of heroes ready to rescue their friend.

Todoroki froze the ground beneath Sao, to which he smiled and said, “Not going to work.”

“Wha -,”

Midoriya wrapped an arm around Todoroki’s chest and jumped into the air. Roots sprouted from the ground, reaching up toward the pair. One root managed to wrap itself around Midoriya’s ankle but was pulled apart the further Midoriya went.

The pair landed on the roof of a nearby building, and Midoriya lost his balance and fell.

“What’s that on your leg?” Todoroki asked, kneeling beside Midoriya.

“I…I’m not sure but…” Midoriya reached for the root and tried to pull it off his leg but it wouldn’t release itself, “You try.”

Todoroki nodded, first he tried to freeze it and break it off but that didn’t work. Then he tried to burn it off, which also didn’t work, he looked up at Midoriya and said, “Hey, didn’t Bakugou say Sao had a weird quirk, do you feel okay?”

“I think so, umm, just a little sleepy.”

“Hmm…I’ll call Ida.” Todoroki decided, “Maybe he can help us think of a plan.”


Kirishima squeezed Mina’s hand as another contraction ripped through him, “Ow, ow, ow…”

Mina spoke on the phone to Ida who was in the waiting area, “What do you mean they haven’t got Bakugou? We need him here, now!”

Kirishima gazed up at Mina, “They didn’t – ahhhh, I – I don’t think I can do this without him!”

Mina growled and shut off the phone, “Think of this being a surprise for him.”

“What do you mean?”

“Imagine how happy he’ll be to come back and see you with the baby!” she encouraged.

“Fine.” Kirishima nodded, “Yeah, okay…”

A doctor with two nurses walked into the room, and informed, “I don’t think it’s a good idea for you to wait any longer, I know you’re waiting for your alpha but…”

“It’s fine.” Kirishima decided, “I, I’m ready.”

The doctor positioned herself in between Kirishima’s legs and commented, “Oh wow. This baby is ready to come out, give me two or three big pushes and you’ll meet your new pup.”


“Ready, take a deep breath and push!”

Kirishima yelled and pushed as hard as he could, the pressure in his pelvis was building up.

“The head is out, give me one last big push!” the doctor commanded.

“You’re almost there, Eijirou, you can do it!” Mina encouraged.

Kirishima pushed one last time and felt that pressure finally leave him, he laid back in his bed trying to catch his breath. The doctor held up the baby from in between Kirishima’s legs, the little pup was crying.

“He sounds so much like Katsuki.” Kirishima said, breathily.

“Yeah, but Bakugou doesn’t sound as cute though.” Mina joked.

One of the nurses quickly cleaned up the baby and handed him to Kirishima, who immediately started crying.

“Hey there, I’m Aunt Mina.” Mina introduced herself, “And this is your Dad, you have another dad too, but he’s having some problems getting here.”


“I’ve just been informed by one of the nurses that Kirishima has successfully given birth to a boy.” Ida informed Midoriya and Todoroki, “But I haven’t gone in to see him yet.”

“To bad Kacchan wasn’t there.” Midoriya said, with a sigh and a frown.

“I’m done talking.” Todoroki stood up and hung up the video chat, he turned to Midoriya, “When we have our first child, we’re both going to be there, it’s not fair that Bakugou didn’t get to see his pup being born. We have to save him, now.”

Midoriya smiled, and nodded, “Yeah.”

Midoriya stood up, but felt a burning sensation emitting from his ankle that had the root attached to it. The leg collapsed under his weight, but he caught himself with his hands. He looked down at his ankle and heard a ‘pssst’ sound as the root burned through his uniform and into his skin.

Todoroki cursed and used ice to cool down the root, hoping it would keep it from eroding further through Midoriya’s ankle.

“Does that feel better?”

“Umm, y-yeah.”

“I’m going to try and take this off you –,”

“It’s fine like this, we have to go save Kacchan first!” Midoriya decided, “We’ll just have to keep it cold.”

“Izuku –,”

“Shoto, please we have to save him so he can see his baby.”

“Alright fine.” Todoroki reluctantly agreed, “But I won’t hesitate to drag you out of the battle if I see things getting bad.”


Bakugou’s eyes flicked from Sao to his sister Sai, as he desperately tried to think of a plan. He needed to get his omega. Shit, what if Kirishima goes into labor and Bakugou wasn’t there for him? Bakugou had to escape, he had to see his pup, and he had to bond with Kirishima.

At this point the only thing he was afraid of, was Kirishima leaving him.

Bakugou decided that the first thing he needed to do was free himself from the stupid vines.

Bakugou wanted so desperately to be with Kirishima, it was like he could smell his wonderful omegan scent.

Unknown to Bakugou the most perfect, unplanned plan was about to unfold.

Unknown to Todoroki and Midoriya, Kirishima had snuck out of the hospital and was ready to rescue his alpha. Kirishima knew his baby was safe with Mina and Ida and the nurses at the hospital. He’d come back as soon as he finished this.

Kirishima kicked down a hole in the wall, and shouted, “Give me back my boyfriend!,” at the exact same time Todoroki threw some frozen shards toward Sai and her vines. With Sai and Sao’s attention on Kirishima, Todoroki managed to sever a few of the vines around Bakugou.

As soon as Bakugou felt his quirk return, he blasted himself in the direction of Sao. Knowing that Sao had the ability to burn his opponents with the use of nearly impossible to remove roots, Bakugou wanted to take him down. Those roots could probably burn through Kirishima’s hardening.

Wait –

That’s right Kirishima was –

As Bakugou shoved Sao to the ground, he turned around to look at Kirishima who was charging after Sai. And his heart sank…Kirishima wasn’t pregnant.

He missed it.

He missed the birth of his first pup.

In frustration, Bakugou ignited a few nonfatal blasts against Sao, knocking him unconscious.

Vine’s launched out of Sai’s arms and became wrapped around Kirishima who had no idea what they could do. He figured he could use his hardening to break out the grip of the vines but by the time he realized his quirk was gone it was to late. Sai used the vines to throw Kirishima against the concrete floor.

A horrible pain racked through Kirishima from his pelvis and he screamed.

Hearing the cries of his beloved omega pissed Bakugou off, he shouted Kirishima’s name as he ran toward him. He was ready to destroy that woman, how dare she hurt Kirishima.

Sensing that Bakugou was about to kill someone, Midoriya rushed over and severed the vines with a punch while Todoroki froze Bakugou’s feet and Sai.

The vines around Kirishima disappeared to reveal blood blooming from in between his legs and staining the concrete floor.

“Eijirou!” Bakugou called out.

Todoroki thawed the ice from Bakugou’s feet and ordered him, “Take Kirishima to the hospital, we’ll deal with these two.”

Bakugou didn’t even acknowledge Todoroki, he carefully lifted Kirishima in his arms and began to make his way toward the hospital.

“Why the hell did you come here?” Bakugou hissed.

“To rescue you…because I love you…” Kirishima said, his voice was weak.

“Eijirou, I – I’m sorry…,” before Bakugou could continue Kirishima lost consciousness from blood loss.

Kirishima had to be taken to surgery in order to control all the hemorrhaging. While his omega was in the OR, Bakugou was able to meet his little pup.

The little boy had bright red eyes and straw colored hair.

Bakugou gave him a little kiss on the side of the head, and apologized, “I’m sorry I wasn’t there to see you being born.”

The baby just stared up at him, and yawned.

“I hope that means you forgive me.”

A few moments later, Kirishima was brought out of surgery and returned to his room. The doctor was with him, and she smiled at Bakugou, “So you must be the alpha he was waiting for.”


“Well, I’d like to tell you that both your pup and omega are fine, however, due to the injuries Kirishima experienced it might be almost impossible to conceive again.” the doctor explained, “If you were to successfully conceive a pup, the pregnancy will be a difficult one, so I’d advise you both be careful with your ruts and heats.”

“I understand.” Bakugou answered.

“Good, I’ll leave you three alone.” and the doctor said, then left.

Bakugou handed the little pup back to Kirishima and he began apologizing while tears ran down the sides of his face, “I’m so sorry about everything I did and that I - I’m sorry I missed the pup being born and that you had to do it on your own.”

“I’m still hurt about everything you said.” Kirishima admitted, “I think it will take a while for me to get over everything but, I love you and I know we can make everything work.”

Bakugou kissed Kirishima on the cheek, “I love you too, Eijirou.”