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Like everyone else, Izuku is a struggling college student. He can barely afford his classes and that’s including help from his mom and his job at the local coffee shop. He loves it though, he loves seeing familiar faces and brightening their mornings with their favorite drinks. But he is so tired of barely having money to eat. He was contemplating getting another job but he doesn’t have the time! He has full time classes and can barely handle having this one job.


Too busy mulling over what to do, he didn’t even hear a customer come in. He looks up right when they get to the front. A tall, beautiful blonde man with the most gorgeous red eyes he’s ever seen. Izuku immediately flushes, just being looked at by this man has set him on edge. He’s dressed in a perfectly tailored suit, and he can tell just how buff Suit-san is.


Izuku almost, almost forgets to take his order.

“Good morning! How can I help you on this beautiful day?” Suit-san is starting at Izuku up and down before he answers in a deep baritone, “A large coffee, black. Make it good, Freckles.”


Izuku splutters. Freckles? He subconsciously touches his face wondering if they’re that prominent. Is it bad? Has anyone ever noticed before? Does he hate them? He shakes his head so he can focus his thoughts. “Could I get a name for the cup, sir?” Suit-san just smirks and goes, “Sure. Bakugou.”


Izuku chokes. Bakugou?! As in Bakugou Katsuki??? Aka the most ruthless business man in the area?? Izuku gets more flustered knowing someone of such high importance has come to his little coffee shop. He intends to give Bakugou-san the best coffee they have.


When it’s all ready, he calls out for him. “B-Bakugou-san! Your coffee is ready! I hope it’s up to your standards in taste!” It’s black coffee, Izuku, how bad could you make it? He internally slaps himself for being so flustered. Calm down Izuku. He’s just a man. A very beautiful, very rich, very scary man.


Katsuki chuckles when he takes the drink noticing how flushed and flustered is. He is very cute, and maybe he wants to make him flush more. Maybe he wants to push him against a wall and make him beg for more. Maybe he wants to cover his cute freckles in kisses and cum. He wonders where else the cute barista has freckles...


Izuku is nervously waiting for his reaction. Is it good? Is it bad? Did he screw up? Is Bakugou-san going to ruin his life?! Oh god he barely has money what will he do if he ends up getting targeted????


This is quite literally the best coffee Katsuki has ever had. Did he add his fucking cum to it or something? Holy shit. He’s going to come back here every day. And he gets to see the cute little barista? Holy fuck he wants to completely own little Freckles here.


“This is... good. Good job, Freckles. Guess I have to come back for more, don’t I? Seeing you is also a great incentive to come back, don’t ya think?”


Izuku short circuits. Excuse me? You’re gonna what for why? For who? Why would this beautiful man come back for him? Izuku, spluttering, has absolutely No Idea what to say. Right as he tries to open his mouth to reply, Bakugou-san winks at him and says, “See you soon, Freckles. Don’t disappoint me.”


Izuku has been thinking about Bakugou-san all day. Why does he want to come back? Why does he want to see Izuku again? Why is he so fixated on his freckles? They’re not even that cute...

Izuku can hardly focus for the rest of the day; all he wants to do is pick Bakugou-san’s brain. Why him? What’s so great about Izuku? No one has ever cared before so what’s the big deal. Sighing internally, he’s finally making his way home, still obsessing over Bakugou-san.


Exiting the school, Izuku notices a commotion at the entrance to his school. Being the nosy little thing he is, he goes to take a peek. His stomach drops when he realizes who it is. A familiar head of perfect blonde hair and a crisp suit makes his heart clench. He tries to make a sneaky escape when their eyes meet.


“Hey! Freckles! Where do you think you’re going?” Izuku is at a loss. He could make a run for it or he can put his big boy pants on and talk to the scary man... He supposes it would be best to just talk to the man, he did call out for him directly.


Slowly and nervously walking up to Bakugou-san, he greets him. “Ah, hello Bakugou-san! What brings you here to this place you should have no reason to come to ever?” Oh shit. He’s rambling. Can the earth swallow him whole please. Anything that could save him from this beautiful man.


Katsuki, smirking, “You, actually. I want to take you out and I didn’t want to wait. Get the fuck in the back.” Izuku is about to start sobbing, “What do you mean you want to take me out?!”


“You heard me, Freckles. Are you going to get in or do I have to force you in?” Izuku is distraught. He can either risk pissing Bakugou-san off, or doing what he really wants to do and just get in the limo... Well. If he dies, he dies right? Bakugou-san can’t be that scary can he?


“Okay fine. But please don’t murder me, Bakugou-san. I would still very much like to live my life, thank you.” Katsuki fucking laughs. This kid has a sense of humor that he very much enjoys.


Izuku is enjoying the view as they’re on their way to their destination. “So, Bakugou-san, where are you taking me to?”

“Well, Freckles-“, Katsuki starts, but then Izuku cuts him off.

“Um, my name is Izuku...”

“That’s fine, but I Like Freckles better. You’re going to have to earn me calling you your name, sunshine.”


Izuku is at a loss. Is... is Bakugou-san flirting with him?? What the hell. He is definitely not worthy of his affections. He’s sure he can find someone.... Prettier... Funnier.... Someone less, him.


“Like I was saying before I was rudely interrupted. We’re going to dinner. I’m starving and I’m sure you could use a meal.”

Why is he being so nice to Izuku? He can’t wrap his head around it, but he’ll go along with it. What’s some free food from a rich businessman anyway?


“Ah, thank you so much B-Bakugou-san. You didn’t have to do that, so I appreciate it so much!” Izuku gives him the brightest smile he can muster even tho he feels like crying. What will he ever do to repay him?


Katsuki wants to absolutely ravish him. He’s so cute and shy and polite and he wants to mark and him and leave bruises all over. He wants to put a collar on him and make sure Izuku knows just exactly who he belongs to. Is it sudden? Maybe. But he needs to sink his teeth into that perfect neck. Needs to feel him clenching around his aching cock.


Katsuki buys a bottle of wine to try to help Izuku feel a little less nervous. He wants him to feel comfortable, after all. Izuku denies it at first, knowing how he is when he’s drunk. Flirty and horny. As much as he’d love to climb Bakugou-san, he would rather not get the wrong idea about this all. He’s just being nice because Izuku is a poor college student. That’s all. It couldn’t be anything else. That doesn’t make any sense...


Izuku is on his second glass of wine when he starts to giggle at everything. He loses his filter and doesn’t even realize it. “Wow Bakugou-sama... You have such beautiful eyes. And your skin looks so soft, I wish I could touch it.” Poor Izuku thinks he whispered the last part but Katsuki heard him loud and clear.


“Bakugou-sama? What’s that all about? Is that a kink of yours or something? Personally, I love being called daddy, but if you want to call me sama, that’s fine too.”


Izuku, half listening, half drooling over the sound of his voice finally realizes what Bakugou-san said. “E-eh?! No no Bakugou-san that was an accident! Please forgive me!!”


“... wait. Did you just say you like being called... Daddy?!”

“Ah. That depends. Are you going to call me daddy?”

Izuku almost chokes on his wine. “E-excuse me? Do you.. Want me to call you... daddy?”


Katsuki’s smirk turns feral. “Hmm, let me ask you this. Do you wanna be my baby boy? Do you want to be good for me? I’ll give you whatever you want. Anything you desire it’s yours. A little spending money? Done. Rent? Sure. Help with classes? Absolutely. But only if you become mine.”


Izuku is at a loss for words. He must be imagining things? Maybe he’s actually sleeping away dreaming this all up. Why on earth would Bakugou Katsuki want to be his... sugar daddy? He can’t wrap his head around it. It’s obviously a dream.


Well since it’s a dream who cares what he says, right? “Hmm... okay I’ll be your baby boy I suppose.... daddy.”

Fuck. Katsuki just got rock hard. Who does this kid think he is? He’s going to wreck that cute little ass as soon as they get back to his place.


“Wait. You wanna help with school? How did you even know I needed help?”

“I didn’t. I was just throwing it out there. Hmm, how about we go to my place so we can have a more, detailed discussion? Would you like that, Izuku baby?”


Abort!! Abort!!! Baby?! Holy fuck he’s so hard. God he wishes this was real so he could hear that perfect voice in his ear calling him Freckles and Baby. God. He needs Bakugou-san inside him. Now.

Izuku slides up right next to Bakugou-san and whispers, “Ah, I wish you weren’t a dream right now, Katsuki-sama, oh how I’d love to feel you spread me nice and wide, fill me up with that delicious cock, make me think of nothing but you everyday forever. But ah, too bad it’s not real...”


Katsuki was genuinely confused, because he is fucking real. He’s spending real fucking money saying real fucking words to show this little minx he’s serious. And he thinks it’s a dream? After two glasses of wine? He thinks the fuck not.

He growls as he pulls Izuku right against his side, “Izuku, sweet boy, this is very much real and I’m very much going to enjoy stretching that perfect little hole wide on my fat cock. Better drink some water because you’re not getting this, till you’re more clear-headed.”


Izuku flushes red. Full body flushes. Real?? Of course he’s real he took you to dinner you fool. “Ah, how embarrassing.... I’m so sorry Katsu— AH I mean, Bakugou-san. Please forgive me.” Izuku is about to chug five bottles of water because he 100% needs Bakugou-san inside him. Like yesterday.


“Ah now now, little Freckles. You called me Katsuki-sama and I might have enjoyed that a lot. I still prefer daddy, but you may call me that if you want.”

Izuku, still red and embarrassed shyly agrees. “Mm, okay... Katsuki-sama... if you insist.”


Getting into the limo Izuku started getting shy again, and Katsuki was having none of that. He pulled him on top of him so he could nibble at that perfect freckled neck. He loved the little whimpers and moans Izuku was letting out. Kissing, sucking, biting, nibbling. It was driving Izuku insane.


“Hm, yes baby, what is it?”

“I.. Ah it feels so good. I can’t wait to get there so I can feel you everywhere...”


Katsuki is about to fuck him in the back of the limo. Why does he wanna wait when he can tear him up right here right now? Or better yet. He’ll have Izuku suck his swollen cock.

“Izuku, baby, do you wanna make me happy? Do you want a taste of what you’ll be getting as soon as my front door closes?”

“Does d-daddy want me to suck his cock?”


Katsuki fucking groans and feels a bit of pre come out. “Yes baby, I would love if you did that for me.”

“Ah... okay... but I’ve never done it before so don’t be upset if I’m bad.”

Izuku stares up at him with his big, beautiful eyes, and slowly undoes his belt. He’s bringing the zipper down with his teeth while his skin is flushed a perfect pink. Katsuki wants to fuck his throat so very bad.


“Ah, okay baby. You can lick up and down if you want, or you can start with the head. Go with whatever feels best for you.”

“You’re so good to me already and we haven’t even started, daddy.”

Izuku starts off slow, licking a nice, slow stripe up his cock. “Mm daddy, you’re so thick, are you sure it’s gonna fit inside me?”

Katsuki fucking MOANS. If he were a lesser man, he would’ve came all over Izuku’s cute face. But there’s a time and place for that. “Baby, don’t you worry your pretty little head. It’s gonna feel amazing when I finally get inside you.”


Humming happily, Izuku goes to put the head in his mouth. He starts off nice and slow, and then just goes for it. Before he even blinks, he has Katsuki’s fat cock in his throat. Luckily for him he has no gag reflex. He just leaves it there for a few seconds, loving the feeling of his throat being completely full with his daddy’s perfect cock.

He moans while moving up and down. Slobbering all over it, getting as much in his throat as he can. He loves it. He loves the feeling of Katsuki in his mouth. Loves that he can make Katsuki feel so good. He never wants this to end.


Katsuki wants to cum down his throat so bad. He’s doing so well for someone who’s apparently never sucked dick. And no gag reflex? Holy fuck is he gonna have fun with this freckled beauty. Is it bad that he wants to lock his Baby up and keep him forever? No one will touch what is his. No one will take Izuku from him. He’ll make sure Izuku is so in love with his cock he won’t need to find it anywhere else.


Right as they come to a stop, Katsuki thrusts a little, and holy fuck does that feel amazing. Poor Freckles gagged the tiniest bit before slowly easing off his cock. Wiping his mouth Izuku asks, “Did I do good, daddy? Did you enjoy it? I’m sorry I didn’t make you cum... Are you mad at me now?”

God Katsuki loves this kid, what the fuck.

“No baby, of course not. I’m gonna feed you my cum every chance I get when I’m not balls deep inside you. I can’t wait to get you inside so I can take my time tearing you apart and filling you up. Now, zip me up please, angel, so we can head inside.”


Izuku is leaking. He loves being called baby. He loves how sweet Katsuki is being. And he has discovered he has a massive daddy kink. Who would’ve thought. Not him. He is a bit nervous because Katsuki is... big. And. Izuku might be a virgin?


As they’re walking to Katsuki’s home, he decides to mention it. “Um... daddy?”

“Yes, sweet boy?”

“Well, um, I just wanted to tell you that I’m, um, I’ve never, um done it before and I’mkindofscaredandIdon’twanttogethurt!”


Katsuki blinks. Did he just say he’s a... There’s no way. He gets to be the first and last cock inside this perfect piece of ass? There is no way he’s that fucking lucky. “Sorry angel, could you repeat that please? I don’t think I heard you correctly.


Izuku, embarrassed, flushes a deep red. “Ah, I’ve never had sex before... and I’m scared. It’s not gonna hurt is it? It’s just that daddy is so big and i want daddy inside me but I don’t quite understand how that is going to fit?” As he turns to look at Katsuki, his beautiful green eyes are filled with tears and it makes Katsuki even harder. He wants to see those tears fall down his face, begging for him to go harder.


“Don’t worry my precious boy, I will take good care of you. I know exactly what to do so you don’t need to worry. Daddy will take good care of you. Put your trust in me, angel.”


Wow, Izuku is swooning. He might be a little in love? Katsuki is so charming, and when he talks Izuku wants to do whatever he can to make him happy. “Ah, okay... I’m glad it’s you then. Katsuki-sama will be my first everything!”


Man, Izuku is going to be the death of him. He’s so cute and sweet and optimistic. Katsuki can’t think of anything better than ruining him so he craves for him and him only. How nice would it be to have his little angel waiting for him in nothing but a little outfit, maybe some lingerie only, missing and needed his cock? Ah, he’ll train Izuku good and well to be his little house baby. He’ll be everything Izuku needs. He’ll make Izuku his perfect little bride.


Izuku is losing his mind. Katsuki’s place is MASSIVE. What does he need that many rooms for? It’s just him here, isn’t it? It’s so elegant and beautiful he feels very out of place. He shouldn’t be here... He should go... Katsuki stops him before he even tries. “Hm? What’s this? Why’re you trembling, my sweet?”

“O-oh, well... I was just thinking I don’t really belong here so I should probably go...”

“Nonsense. You belong here more than anything else. Now come, I’m going to absolutely devour that cute ass.”


Izuku squeals. Katsuki is so delicious. Why does he want Izuku? He doesn’t understand. But if that’s what he wants he’ll be Katsuki’s as long as he’ll have him. Katsuki is dragging him by the hand, tired of waiting to get inside the little minx. He finally decides to pick him up bridal style. When they get to Katsuki’s bedroom, he throws Izuku on the bed.


He’s so demanding it makes Izuku leak more precome. Izuku loves being told what to do and it seems as if that’s exactly the type of person Katsuki is.


Izuku slowly strips, one by one. He makes sure to stare at Katsuki the whole time. He sees the hunger in his eyes, and it makes his dick twitch. Oh, he cannot wait to see Katsuki in all his naked glory. How bad he wants to lick his body, to suck his perfect cock again. But he’ll wait. He’ll do anything his daddy wants him to do.

“Hm, am I doing a good job daddy?”

“Oh sweet angel, you’re doing so well. It’s hard to believe I’m really your first. You’re so irresistible, it’s taking a lot of will power to not throw you onto my bed and just take you now. But I want to explore you and show you all I have to offer.”


Izuku is finally, finally done stripping. “Get on the bed, baby. Present that cute little hole for me.” He looks back at Katsuki and sees how starving his daddy is. Oh fuck that’s hot.

Izuku crawls into Katsuki’s massive bed. Is that a cali king? Wow. It feels so nice... Then all of a sudden he feels a warmth at his lower back. Katsuki has a perfect globe in each hand. He’s slowly kneading and spreading his cheeks so he can see that sweet, pink hole quiver.


Katsuki moves slowly, on purpose. He licks from the bottom to the top. Why does he taste so good? He’s slowly circling the rim with his tongue and Izuku is losing it. He’s shaking and crying and moaning and Katsuki wants to hear it all. “Don’t hold back, baby boy. I wanna hear absolutely everything.” And then Katsuki slowly pushes his tongue inside. Izuku screams.


Holy shit that feels so weird but so good? He needs more. “Mmm, daddy, please more? It feels so so good. I love the feeling of your tongue playing with me. Please please daddy it’s so good-“


Izuku is going on and on, zoning in and out. Katsuki loves it. He’s already a mess and Katsuki has just been shallowly tongue fucking his tight, perfect hole. Gods, it’s going to feel amazing around his cock. Katsuki is taking his time, since he doesn’t want to hurt his freckled angel. He goes a bit deeper, and gets a nice little “Oh!” from Izuku. He’s letting Izuku get used to the feeling before going in and out, nice and slow.

“Daddy, p-please... more...”

He thrusts his tongue a few more times before coming off so he can put a finger in. Izuku whines as soon as he feels Katsuki leave. “Hush, angel. I’m gonna finger you open so I can finally get balls deep inside you, right where I belong.”


He grabs some lube and warms it up a bit before slowly entering the freckled beauty.

“A-ah! Oh I’ve never done this before... but it feels so good daddy...”

Katsuki’s dick is painfully hard. God, he wants to split him in half on his cock.

“Don’t worry baby, it’ll feel good soon, I promise you.”

Katsuki lets him get used to the feeling before slowly pumping in and out. He starts to suckle the head of his cock to help him get more comfortable. Izuku keens.

“Yesss, Katsuki-sama, daddy, you feel so good please add another finger...”


Who is Katsuki to deny his baby? He adds a bit more lube and agonizingly slowly, reenters Izuku’s puffy hole. God, he’s so tight and it feels so nice around his fingers he can’t even imagine how wonderful it’s going to feel around his cock.

“Mm, hows that feel baby? Are you doing okay?”

“Yes, daddy, please hurry... I want to feel you pounding me into the bed...”

Katsuki growls as he starts to pump and stretch his fingers. He’s looking for something when...

“Oh! Daddy that felt so good what was that?”

Katsuki smirks. He watches Izuku’s cock ooze more precome. “Oh, that’s your prostate baby, I’m going to abuse the fuck out of it and you’ll be seeing stars. But you can’t cum unless I tell you to, okay? Can you do that for me? Will you be my good, perfect boy?”


Izuku starts sobbing. How is he going to do that? He wants to cum now and Katsuki wants him to WAIT? He’s going to die...

“Ah daddy, I’ll try my best but please don’t be mad if I can’t hold it. I’m not quite sure if I can...”

“Well baby, if you do cum before allowed you’re just going to get punished. Try your best angel.”


Izuku shudders. Punished? That sounds. Fun.

“Ah, daddy, more please I can take it...”

Katsuki chuckles, and adds a third finger. He’s so fucking tight, he loves that he gets to destroy this cute little virgin. Izuku will be his forever, there’s no doubt about that.

“God, baby, you feel so good clenching around my fingers. Do you want my cock inside you that bad? Hm? You wanna feel me deep inside you?”

Izuku absolutely melts. “Of course daddy. It’s where you belong. I need you so bad, I need to feel you pulsing inside me. I want you to fill me with your cum. Please daddy pleasepleaseplease!”


Katsuki stretches his fingers a few more times before taking them out completely.

“Okay baby, I’m gonna fill you up nice and good okay. Don’t forget to breathe for me.”

Katsuki goes to reach for more lube and a condom when Izuku stops him.

“Ah, daddy.... you don’t need to use a condom. I’ve... never done anything with anyone and I want to feel you. All of you. Please.”


“God. Yeah yeah anything you want, angel. Get ready. It’s gonna be a stretch. Deep breath, baby.”

Katsuki lathers up his cock in lube and ever so slowly pushes in. Fuuuck, that feels so fucking good. Holy fuck. “Holy shit, angel, you’re gripping me so tightly. Breathe for me. Relax.”

“Ahh, daddy, it hurts but it feels so good...”


Fuck. Katsuki wants to just slam his entire cock inside, but he doesn’t want to hurt Izuku. He’s taking his time, he wants Izuku to want more. He wants to give everything to Izuku.

He finally bottoms out and lets Izuku adjust.

“How are you feeling baby, are you okay?”


Izuku wants to cry. Katsuki is being so attentive and sweet and it makes Izuku want to be the best baby he’s ever had. He wants Katsuki to want him and only him, fuck him and no one else. He has to make Katsuki keep him forever.

“Ah, yes daddy, it feels so good! Are you gonna fuck me now? I wanna feel it in the morning...”

Katsuki almost loses control. Almost. He doesn’t want to hurt the angel. He wants him to cry though. Maybe he’ll make him beg a bit more. He does say such pretty words after all.


“Well I don’t know, pretty boy. I am enjoying you warming my cock for me. What would you do if we just stayed like this, hm? Just relaxing with my fat cock inside you? Would you cry? Would you beg?”


Izuku starts bawling. “Oh daddy no please please fuck me. I need it so bad I need to feel you move please daddy! Don’t torture me, I’ll be the best boy ever, daddy please!!”

“Well, since you’re being such a good boy, I guess I can give you what you want. My sweet boy.”


Katsuki slowly starts to move in and out. Oh gods, it feel fucking fantastic. He doesn’t want anything other than this perfect piece of ass ever again. Izuku is whining under him, and then he grabs a pillow to muffle his sounds. He grabs Izuku by the hair and tells him, “Tsk tsk, what a naughty boy you are. Those sounds belong to me and I demand to hear them. I want you to be as loud as you want. Everyone will know exactly who you belong to. You’re mine, sweet boy. Now let everyone know.”

He feels Izuku clench around his throbbing cock. Gods is he perfect.


Katsuki starts to pound the ever living shit out of Izuku’s perfect ass. He loves the feeling of being completely inside him. Izuku is crying and moaning and whimpering.

“Daddy, daddy, daddy, it feels so good. You feel so amazing, I never wanna feel anything other than you wrecking me like this again!”


“Ah, fuck. That’s my good boy. You take my cock so well, almost as if you were made for it. My perfect baby. All mine, forever...”


Katsuki suddenly pulls out making Izuku whine.

“Daddy, no, come back please...”

He flips Izuku on his back. He wants to stare into those beautiful green eyes when he paints his insides with him cum.

“Hush, sweet boy. I just want to look at you when you come all over my cock.”

Izuku turns a deep red. “Ah, of course daddy, that sounds perfect.”


Katsuki wastes no time and starts going fast and hard. Harder and deeper, trying to find the perfect angle to make Izuku cum.

Izuku’s back arches and Katsuki knows he’s hitting the right spot.

He abuses Izuku’s prostate with his cock, over and over. God, he wants to cum all over him.

His face, his chest, his legs, his ass. Gods, what a sight he is.


“Katsuki-sama, daddy, please please I want to cum so bad, please let me cum, please daddy, please!”

Katsuki is close, and is moved to growl into Izuku’s ear.

“Of course, my perfect baby boy can cum. Let everyone know the only person who can make you feel like this. Scream it. Cum for me, sweetheart.”


Katsuki fucks Izuku as hard as he can, making sure to hit his prostate each fucking time. He pinches both of Izuku’s nipples, hard.

And Izuku cums with a vice-like grip on Katsuki’s cock screaming, “K-KatsUKI, DADDYYY!”

Holy fucking shit, that feels fucking amazing.

It feels so fucking good Katsuki cums, filling Izuku’s insides with his seed. He fucks through it, until they’re both oversensitive and it becomes too much.


Holy fuck, Izuku is amazing. The best lay he’s ever had. The only one he’ll ever have. No one else matters, he’d probably marry him on the spot if it wasn’t too soon. Gods, he’ll lock him up if he has to...


Izuku is spent. He never knew sex could feel so amazing. He wonder if Katsuki is done with him, if he’s overstayed his welcome. He doesn’t want Katsuki to get rid of him. He loves being with him so much. He starts to softly cry thinking Katsuki will throw him away.


Katsuki is slowly pulling out when he notices something is wrong. He wraps his arms around his freckled angel.

“Sweetheart, what’s wrong? Was that too much? Did I go too hard? Please don’t cry. As much as I like seeing your face covered in tears, I want them to be from me fucking you, not from sadness.”

“Please don’t throw me away, daddy! I’ll be the best boy ever, I’ll be so good I swear!”


Katsuki chuckles. Oh sweet, naive boy.

“Silly boy, why would I throw away my angel? My perfect boy is mine, forever. Do I have to lock you up to prove it? Hm, or maybe I’ll just buy you a collar you can wear all the time so everyone knows you’re mine...”


Izuku fucking keens. A collar?! From Katsuki? Is his dick really trying to get hard right now?

“Ah, daddy... I’d love to wear one. I’d wear it everywhere, all the time just to show off that I’m yours, and yours only...”


Satisfied, Katsuki smiles. “Okay, baby. Why don’t you just rest for now and I’ll get you nice and clean and we’ll go look for some tomorrow. Maybe some lingerie and skirts while we’re at it...”


Izuku is already half asleep, content with listening to Katsuki’s voice. “Mmh, okay daddy, anything you want...”