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The five times Tate and Violet were interrupted and the one time they weren't

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"Oh fuck Violet, do that again," said Tate from underneath Violet, lying down on the wrong side of the bed.

"What? This" she said with a smile on her face as she repeated her previous action.

"Fuck dam it, where'd you learn to do that, you ain't fucking someone else are you" he said but not meaning his accusation at all.

Violet rolled her eyes, " Yeah, I'm fucking the exterminator, now shut the hell up"

"Yes ma'aamm" he tried to say but the last part came a bit like a moan as Violet purposely grinded her hips into his a bit more roughly and faster.

"I honestly always thought Violet was one of those let's have sex with the lights off and under the covers type of girl."said familiar voice, interrupting their intimate time.

Standing right in the entrance of the room was Hayden, with the door wide open behind her.

"Hayden, What the fuck!" Tate said, tilting his head to face her, giving her an annoyed expression.

"But apparently Violet is also the one in charge in the relationship," Hayden continued saying. "Which makes sense, If you think about it..."

"Do you need something," Violet said as she continued once again to move up and down on Tates cock, not caring that Hayden was there.

" Fuck! Violet stop" he said but his body wanted different.

"Wait, nevermind. Hayden get out!" He yelled. Getting rid of Hayden was the better solution.

"But why, I'm enjoying the show, can't wait to tell everyone what I saw, what will mommy think?"

"Go away!"

They both yelled making Hayden disappear making the door of the room forcefully close.

"Where were we? What the...!" Violet said surprised as Tate suddenly grabbed her and switched their places. He fully entered her again in one quick move, quickly building up a rythm again.

"Oh faster," Violet said drawing her knees up. She tilting her hips to get in a better position and moved her hips along with his.



"You won't believe who I saw back together," said Hayden as she entered the kitchen.

"Oh honey face it, Ben will always go back to Vivien, you got no chance with him," Chad said by the kitchen island, a glass of red wine at hand.

"I'm not talking about him, although he is back with Vivien, " Hayden said settling right across from Chad.

"But that's not my point." She quickly said. He raised an eyebrow his curiosity peeked a bit, usually all that Hayden talked about was Ben or something that related.

"Travis and Constance?" he guessed.

"Tate and Violet" Hayden said slowly making sure to emphasize the names.

"What!?" He gasped raising his eyebrows in surprise "Norman Bates Jr and Elvira are back together."

"Yeah I caught them fucking and it was no reunion fuck either."

"You don't say," Chad said. " No wonder I haven't bumped into Tate lately."

"Yea Ben had also mentioned briefly the other day that he hasn't seen much of Violet either," Hayden added.

"Well, cheers to the couple I guess" said Chad raising his wine glass in the air.