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The five times Tate and Violet were interrupted and the one time they weren't

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The day had started out pretty good. .

Playing with Beau.

They had both gone up to the attic. Both had decided that spending some time up there would be nice. Plus hanging out with Beau was always a great thing. All three of them ended up playing with Beau's red ball just passing it around.

"You know most of us in some shape way or form deserve to be stuck in here and suffer through this hell. But then their are few others like Beau who deserves so much better than this.

"Yeah, I always used to think that, and it would always get me so mad, but then I realized something"

"And what is that," she said as she rolled the ball to Beau.

"Ball!" Beau said clapping and catching the ball.

"Why get mad about something that doesn't even bother Beau, I mean look at him he's happy." Tate signaled towards Beau after receiving the ball.

"He totally deserves better, but for right now I'm content knowing he's happy" Tate smiled.

"I guess I never saw it that way, about him not minding this place," said Violet contemplating what he said.

"Yeah" said Tate looking at Beau's direction.
Violet took his distraction as a moment to chuck the ball towards his face.

"Hey!" he yell startled, the ball hitting him right in the side of his face. "What the hell was that for!?"

"Idk," she rolled her eyes."You were getting to emotional for my liking" she said with a small smile.

"Huh" he scuffed. "Oh really?" he said disappearing from where he was.

Ha appeared right behind her. "I think you're not emotional enough," he said matter-of-factly, putting both his hands on her shoulders.

She turned her head to look at him with a look of disbelief in her face. "Is that so" she said.

"Yup," he said popping his p. "I think you need a kiss."

"God you're so corny" she said shaking her head.

"But you like it," he said whispering in her ear as his hand move her hair to the side. Then he proceeded to trail slow kisses in her neck.

She fully turned around to face him,"I totally don't." She pressed on, but before he could say anything she pulled his face toward her and kissed him hard.

Things started to get more heated but not before they were interrupted by Beau yelling out "Play!"

Tate groaned, " Not right now Beau." Before getting back to what he was doing. But yet again beau interrupted them "Play ball! Play ball! Play ball!"

Violet laughed and Tate just sighed, before getting an idea.

"You wanna go outside" his eyes shinning with pure mischief.



"Mmm, Violet you feel so good..."said Tate as he continued to slowly fuck Violet against the brick wall that was the Murder House.


"By god! dear children, have you no decency!" screamed a surprise Constance as she rounded outside by the corner of the house.

"Shit, fuck, mom!" yelled Tate, detaching himself from Violet and quickly tucking himself in.

"Fuck me, I was just getting their," whispered Violet to herself. Banging her head back against the wall

"I swear children these days," Constance continued on. "Tate I thought I taught you better than this."

"Ugh, mom, can you just leave, what are you even doing out here," pressed on Tate.

"Young man what did I tell you about bossing around your mother. I suggest the both of you should proceed to go inside. I'm going to do some gardening."

"Ugh" Tate pressed his hands against his face, groaning in the process. " I swear I'm going to get some permanent damage."

"Come on let's go and see if we can find Hayden," Violet said pulling his hand leading him towards the house.

"Hayden? What do you want Hayden for?" asked a very confused Tate.

"I'm too frustrated right now to fuck. And I'm going to take my frustration out by killing Hayden. Are you going to come?"

"I love you so much" said Tate adoringly.

"I take that as a yes" Violet smirk, pulling him inside the house.

"Are we going to fuck afterwards?" asked Tate.

"Obviously," said Violet rolling her eyes.