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Not Alone anymore

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Antonio and Logan heard the last words from Jeremy and Tiana and decided it would be better to let the two of them be alone for a while.
Logan didn't say anything but Antonio knew that the young wolf had seen it too. The shine in Jeremy eyes and his actions. The tone in his voice and his smile. He had two different smiles one he always used for his pack and family it was open and his eyes laughed too. And there was the other one the polite one he gave everyone if human or not.
And when he talked and smiled at Tiana he used not the polite ones. Antonio smiled and looked through the window.
“you think she's gonna stay here? Maybe even live with the pack? I think it would be good for all of us. For Elena and for Jeremy. Did you notice how he's acting around her? “
Logan asked and his voice chuckled a little cause he smiled.
“I think we have to wait a few days before Jeremy gonna discuss these kind of matter with her don't you think? We all need to know more about her and who she is. And we still don't know if she will fit in here with us and the rules.”
Logan knew that Antonio was right but that didn't stopped him from hoping.
“but yeah I think it would be good for all of us if she stays. “

Elena and Clay where on they way to pick up a few things.
“Darling what do you think of her? “
Elena looked at her fiance and one of her brows shot up.
“you really asking me that? Another female would be wonderful. But I think it's only a matter of time till she starts acting towards Jeremy. I mean it's obvious how she is looking at him her actions in his presence.”
Clay looked at her shaking his head.
“what are you talking about Elena? What do mean? “
He really didn't knew what she meant.
“really Clay? You didn't saw it? Holy shit you are really blind. It's absolutely obvious she is interested in Jeremy. “
Clay give a growl from his throat. He didn't liked this. What if she was here to seduce Jeremy? He absolutely didn't like things like this when he didn't knew why a person did what she did.
“Relax Clay come on she seems nice. I don't think she means a threat. “
Clay just looked at her. He shrugged his shoulders.


Nick was still smiling when he entered the shop. He looked everything through till he found a few things that would fit Tiana. Black pants and a few shirts. Bra’s and underwear. A few shoes and a few other pants. He hoped that she would like them. On his way to pay he packed a few socks too.
After his shopping he bought a few more things. Some for the pack so they would have enough to eat till tomorrow cause he didn't knew how much Tiana would eat.
When he came back to Stonehaven he saw his Dad on the porch outside of the house. He looked relaxed Nick thought.
“I've found some things which should be her size. Hope she likes it. “


Antonio looked at his son.
“Nicky… “
His tone had a little warning he knew his son well enough to know that his son also meant something else.
“come on Dad. I mean are you blind or something? She looks really cute and sexy”
“Nicolas I pretend I didn't hear this. “
Thy both laught and got back inside of the house.
The smell from the kitchen was all in the house by know.
“smells delicious. What did you two cook Dad?”
“will be a surprise my son. Know take her things into the living room. I'll go check if they finished their talk. “
Nick's brows got up questioning when he saw that Logan was sitting on the couch with a book.
“so I'm not allowed to talk about her like this because”
He couldn't finish his sentence cause his Dad looked at him with a straight look on his face so nick bit his tongue to hold the words back.

Clay and Elena arrived back a little bit after Nick. Know all of them where waiting for dinner.


Jeremy and I had talked a little bit. I leard a few things about him and his pack. I also told him a little bit more about myself.
Then he cleared his throat and ich looked questioning back at him.
“everyone is back you may call the others. “
I smiled and stood up. Ich opened the door and let them know.
“Dinner is ready who wants to eat? “
I heard running and then nick came into the kitchen Elena behind him. He had to much power when he entered the kitchen and tried to stop bdut Elena gave him a little push and laught. I made a quick step to the side and put my hand on his backside from the shirt and pulled him up so that he doesn't fall.
“someone seems hungry. “
They laughed and Elena said
“he's always a little disoriented when a women is around him.”
She teased and Nick looked at her like she had hurt him but I saw his smile.
“I mean I only can se beautiful women outside from Stonehaven so please be gentle ok. “
Ich started laughing
“ouch I think you should run cause I'm counting two beautiful women with Elena. “
I said and while I talked the two of them chasing each other around the table. The others laughed.

When everyone was on his place Jeremy lokked around an nodded so everyone filled their plates and waited then. I was sitting between nick and his father. Clay and Elena on the other side in front of us and Jeremy was sitting at the head of the table.
After he took the first bite everyone started to eat.
“holy… Tiana did you made this one on your self? “
Nick asked I nodded cause my mouth was full. I had hoped they would like it. When I had swallowed i answered.
“yep one of my hidden talents you know. “
“so you have hidden talents by then? Tell me more. “
“in your dreams Nick. It's called hidden for a reason. And by the way you wouldn't be able to handle a lot if then not well. “
He looked at me oh yes I liked this teasing.
“Did you see the bone I can carry? “
He asked twinkling with his eyes.
“honey I don't need to see your bone to know you can't handle me trust me. “
That one hit the point and everyone laughed. Even Antonio and Jeremy where laughing.


The hole dinner was like this. Till Elena started asking other questions.
“so where have you been? Where do you live or work? “
I smiled when I answered.
“I was traveling the last years. No special place or something like it. Till I was bitten I was a soldier. No family left behind. No boyfriend or girlfriend and no kids. “
“so a soldier then. In which part of the military did you serve? “
The first time that Clay asked me something.
For a few moments I got silent. I looked to Jeremy he made a soft nod.
“I wasn't that kind of soldier. Me and my team where called only for things that no one other could do. “
“so you where a black ops girl like a GI jane”
Nick blurred out.
“not exactly but yeha you can see it like that. “
The short awkward moment was gone.

They eat and talked and after that thay cleaned everything. Clay and Elena got back to their room. Nick and Logen where going out and asked Tiana to join but she refused but said maybe the next time. Jeremy had some things to do so that left Antonio and Tiana on their own.
“you wanna join me? I love to walk in the evening. I love the air and the colors till it's dark. “
Tiana asked Antonio and he saw a light in her eyes. A soft giggle formed in his throat.
“why not. I would love to walk with you young lady. “
“oh Antonio I'm everything but not a lady”
She juggled and then they were out and walking to the woods.