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Not Alone anymore

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Antonio brought Tiana into the living room. Jeremy was standing and looked at them is eyes filled with concern. He met Antonios eyes with a questioning look in his own.
“we talked. But I think you're the only one she needs right now. “
Tianas eyes grow wide with shock at Antonios words. What did he do was the only thing she could think about. Her body tensed and the room was filled fith the smell of her fear.
Jeremys eyes got darker and she feared she got him angry. Her heart began to beat faster and they all realized that she was only a few steps away from changing. Jeremy reacted more then he was aware of his actions. He stepped forward and pulled her into his arms pressed her body against his.
“shhh it's okay you're safe with us. You're safe with me. It's going to be okay. “
Is voice had changed smooth tones and something that left out every bad feeling. He was soothing her. His left hand made circles on her back.
As soon as her body was connected with his and his voice got to her she relaxed. Her heart beat got steady again und her muscles relaxed.
Antonio knew what that meant he smiled to his old friend.
“you need her too old friend. Don't let her go. “
Jeremy looked at him as he left. He was alone with Tiana. And know he realized how close they were and he felt her body against his. He had to swallow cause he realized that his thoughts where going to things he didn't want to think about not right know not in this moment. He was the alpha he had to take care of her. He had to made sure she fit in to this world and it's rules. Maybe even be part of the pack then he would be her Alpha and she had to obey him how could he even think that…

“Jeremy please…. “
He was cut out of his thoughts by the tone of her voice. A pleading one as if her life depends on it. He looked at her eyes and what he saw made his heart go wide and his brain was still. He felt how something changed. He felt his wolf reacting to her and her wolf felt the same in her. Her eyes changed to her wolf eyes and he knew his too. He looked at her she felt so vulnerable in his arms but so strong to. And her face was beautiful in this moment her big eyes her mouth a little bit open. He wanted to hold her and never let her go. Ceep her safe and show her how it was to be loved.
Her eyes were locked with his she saw and felt his fighting. One hand came up and found his way to his cheek. Her thumb crossed over his cheek and her eyes wandered to his mouth. Then her eyes locked with his again.
“I trust you Jeremy I don't know why but I absolutely trust you. It's like you pulling me to your self or as if…
“as if you looking for something you're missing.”
He finished her sentence. Her hand was know going to his neck her fingers begun to scratch soft over his skin behind his ear. Then her fingers tangled with his hair. Stroking throu his hair her eyes still on his. His other hand wandered to her neck. He felt her pulse rises when his hand found his way to the back of her neck. He pushed a little and felt her reacting directly he loses his grip and just hold her head.
“please Jeremy even if it's only this one time I need to feel something anything. I wanna know that this isn't a dream. A dream I can wake up every moment and be back at this hole with Mike in my arms. It's my fault I was their leader. I understand why you can't want me for more then one time. But please give me this one time. “
Her voice was like a whine and Jeremy tensed. It hurt not only in his eyes but also in his heart.
“Tiana please stop. Look at me. I'm not like the others out there. I want this us I want it to happen because we both want it. There is so much at risk. I don't wanna lose you we all need you. I can't just think about myself and what I want.”
She looked at him he could see and feel her pain that his words cost her. He knew she would flinch before she did. He realized his mistake. She didn't just wanted comfort. She had offered her soul and love to him. He hold her back when she was trying to move her head away.
“I didn't know Tiana I'm sorry. I thought you wanted comfort I didn't know you felt the same.”
She looked into his eyes for a long time then she started moving. She got to her toes and her lips sealed his. It felt like a electric fire or something he pulled her closer and kissed her back. Her mouth opened and her tongue touched his lips to ask him to open his mouth. Immediately he responded and opened his lips and met her tongue with his own. There was no fight for dominance just feeling and connecting.
It was as if something had made klick he felt as if a missing piece was back with him again. He felt how she melted into his body and into his touch. He kissed her one more time till he put his forehead to hers. They both had their eyes shut. He kissed her on the forehead till he spoke.
“let us sleep. We both need it and in the morning we'll continue this I promise. I can show you you're room if y… “
“I wanna stay with you if that's okay. I don't want to be alone and not with you. “
Her voice was soft and he knew she was tired. But he couldn't help the feeling that her words made his knees week. Her wish made him happy cause he had hoped she would want to stay with him.
“there the things nick bought for you we'll take them into my room so you can change more comfy. “
She nodded and her other hand wandered to his chest. He smiled and then they started moving Jeremy took the bag with the clothes and lead her upstairs to his room. He held the door open for her and let her enter first.
She looked around and smiled.
“I love it. You have taste. “
“so I'm told. You wanna change? Bathroom is throu these door. “
She took the bag and looked into it. She took out a shirt and pantys and started undressing.
“enjoy the show. “
He swallowed hard when she was standing naked in front of him. He saw her back saw all the scars but also her body a Soft growl formed in his throat. She put the things on and turned around.
“sorry I'll go into the bathroom next time I promise. “
Her grin told him that she knew exactly what effect she had on him. He shook his head and started undressing himself. Know it was her who swallowed hard. She was sitting on the edge of the bed and watched him. She licked her lips. He dressed in Pyjama pants which lay low on his hips. Her eyes wandered over his bare chest.
“like what you see. “
She laughed and nodded then she stood up and got under the sheets waiting for him to join. He turned off the lights and then came to her. Immediately she curled herself around him and put her head on his breast. He kissed the top of her head and shut his eyes.