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Not Alone anymore

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Jeremy woke up in the middle of the night. Tianas movements had woke him. Her eyes were closed but moved very fast. Her body was curling and she was sweating. She whispered words like
“please stop….. NoNo…. Please not them…. I can take it….. You'll never break me….. “
Her body curled up like she was in so much pain.
“Tiana hy wake up. It's just a dream you're safe. “
He didn't touch her he knew it could trigger an reflex. Then she opened her eyes. She was feared and panicked but awake. He cupped her cheek and brush her tears away.
“you're safe Tiana you with me remember? “
She looked at his eyes slowly realizing where she was and who was talking to her.
“Jeremy im sorry…. I….. “
He stopped her with a soft kiss. She melted into his touch.
“nothing to be sorry about okay. “
She nodded and looked up at him. He saw her eyes showing more comfy and he got back to his side and lay down. She was looking at the sealing one arm over her head.
“I'll take a shower okay. “
He nodded and watched her go to the bathroom. She took a short shower and came back she carried his button shirt. She must had took it with her when she walked to the bathroom. A soft grin on her face she stood by the bed and looked at Jeremy.
“you're coming back or what? “
His voice was soft. She chuckled and slip under the sheets. She came into his arms and curled at his side. Her head back on his chest. He took his arms around her and stroke her back. That's when he realized that when his shirt pulled up that she didn't wear anything under. He could feel her chuckle and looked at her. A low growl formed in his throat she stopped and looked at him.
“hy normally I sleep naked okay. This is as much clothes I'm gonna wear in this bed. “
Know he grinned and pushed his hand throu her hair.
“I didn't complain did I? But maybe you should have told me then I would have been prepared.“
She chuckled again.
“now you know right. “
They both grinned and she kissed his chest. She relaxed again and he kissed her head. Then they got to sleep again.


When Jeremy woke up again Tiana was deep into sleep. She was laying on her belly one arm above her head the other was laying long over the bed. One leg was a little pulled up. The sheets barely where pulled up over her ass. The morning sun was shining on her shaved head. Her breath was slow and deep. She looked at eas and relaxed.
He watched her for a few more minutes till he stood up. He got into the bathroom and came out fully dressed and fresh showered. He smiled at her and kneeled on the bed to kiss her head then he left the room.

When Jeremy entered the kitchen to make a tea he wasn't alone.
“so she's gonna stay? “
Jeremy looked at Antonio who was preparing pancakes. A soft smile on his lips he answered.
“I think so but it's her decision. “
“so where is she? “
“she's still sleeping. She needs to rest. I didn't wanna wake her. “
Antonio laughed a little and shook his head.
“so you think Logan should talk with her? “
“I would say it would be good yes but also her decision. And yes I will talk to her about it. “
Now it was Jeremy who chuckled. He was thankful that Antonio didn't try to ask for more. Not only because he was the alpha but he knew that this kind of area wasn't easy for Jeremy.
It was a few minutes later when Jeremy was sitting at his place and Antonio was cooking the bacon.
“so did you sleep with her? “
Jeremy nearly choked by Antonios question.
“gosh Tonio no of course not. I barely knew her. We only met her yesterday. “
“And? And why are you changed to we from me? “
Jeremy looked at him more then he stared at him. But Antonio didn't flinch or anything. He looked back with a smile.
“don't gimme this look Jeremy. You may be my alpha but you're also my friend and as wich I remember you that we had this conversation years ago only that it was you how asked me. “
Jeremy looked at him and his face got soft again.
“it's different Tonio. First of all I'm the alpha of the north American pack. And as such I have a lot of responsibilities and one of them is to teach Tiana. Make sure she fits in and after that she have to decide if she stays or if she.. “
“if she's decided to live as a mutt. But you left out the one important thing. What do you want?”
“it's not about what I want. It's about what's best for her. “
“And that my friend is you. What did you say years ago how did you know that I was truly in love?”
“I said I saw it in your eyes. I could see your bond. “
“yeha you know I always asked me how this would look like. And you know what I know now. I saw it yesterday when you both looked at each others eyes. I saw it in your eyes and I saw it in her eyes too. And trust me she is more then trying to live and love and I think here is the only place where she could maybe start healing. And she deserves it more then any of us but you deserve it too maybe you need it even more then any of us.”
Jeremy looked at his friend. He rubbed his nose with his fingers and took a deep breath.
“I don't know what to do Tonio. And that fears me. “
“of course it fears you you're in love my fried. Remember how I was? “
He Kew Jeremy remembered cause he smiled.
“maybe you're right. “
“cause I'm right Jeremy and you know that all by long you just wanted to hear it from someone other then yourself. And that my friend is why you are our alpha. You always try to see all sides even if emotions involved.”
They both smiled and Jeremy took a sip of his tea and Antonio from his coffee.