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Not Alone anymore

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After breakfast Jeremy and Tiana got to their room and changed. In their wolf Form they waited behind the property. Almost every one had agreed to come for a run. More and more wolfs came out of the house. Jeremy and Tiana stand side by side her wolf pressed against his taking in his scent. They waited till everyone was out. Nick Clay and Elena stood near to Tiana the rest of the pack stand with Jeremy also waiting for their command. Tiana sat down nudging her head at Jeremys side.
Jeremy gave a low houl and all wolfs looked at him he and Tiana started running to the forest.
After a while of running Jeremy and Tiana lead all of them to an opening in the forest. The younger ones started to play with each other. Even Tiana joined them but when one of the other wolfes lounged at her side Clay nick and Elena were in front of her growling and their ears flat at their heads. It was silent and the wolf backed away but the three still were growling. Tiana run to Jeremy nudging him to assure she was fine he growled deep to get his three wolfs in line again. They stopped and stepped back.
After that short incident nothing happened again and it didn't seemed as if something had happened. Wolfs were playing and Jeremy and Tiana had laid down watching them. Tiana cleaning Jeremys fur licking over it.

After the run they came back to the house. Everyone got to change. Jeremy and Tiana were in their room and Jeremy changed back into his human form but Tiana had laid down on the bed. Jeremy was worried and just put on boxers and let his hand wander through her fur. When he came to her sides and belly she started shaking and a low houl came from her snout. Now he really was worried she rolled to her back and he started to examine her. Then he found what he was looking for. When the wolf had lounged at her he must have got a little flesh of her. It wasn't deep and it didn't bleed but he knew she wouldn't change back till she was healed. He snuggled her soft and scratched behind her ears. She started purring and he started talking to her.
"do you want Clay or Mike with you? I have to go downstairs you know today they wanna talk about the possibilities we all have in this kind of matter."
Her wolf nodded nd he could hear her say
I want Clay with me. Mike is keeping something from me I can feel it he wants to protect you and me. Will you talk to him before you and the alphas start?
" okay I will talk to him I promise. I get Clay up here you want Tonio too? He already is here."
The shewolf turned her head and started licking his hands and she buried her nose at his neck taking in his scent. He let his fingers flow through her fur. He got up and dressed himself. Then he let Antonio in who had waited outside their door. He must had known about it because he was at her side the hole way back. Jeremy still was a little unhappy about her not telling him or let him know. Antonio nudged his shoulder and sat down beside Tianas wolf. Jeremy got downstairs and clay looked at him.
"clay would you go upstairs to my room? Antonio is with Tiana but she wants you too."
Clay nodded and went to their room. Mike looked at Jeremy.
"Mike? Let us talk in the study you wanna tell me something Tiana said."
Mike nodded and followed him to the study.

Clay walked through the door and saw Tiana on the bed. Antonio at her side stroking soft through her fur. Her eyes closed and her breath steady and low.
" why doesn't she change back? "
" she's hurt a little. She wants to heal first before she changes back."
Clays eyes got small and a growl formed in his throat. Antonio hold up his hand and clay stopped. He sat down on the other side and Tiana laid her head into his lap. They both patted her and she licked over clays hands.

Mike had sat down in one of the chairs.
"so Tiana knows something am I right?"
Jeremy nodded and sat down too.
"she said you're hiding something from her and me? You want to protect her from something I suppose?"
Mike nodded. He put his phone on Jeremys desk and showed him the email.
"I don't know how much you know about our past Jeremy. But this mail here we ones had promised each other if this word would ever be send by any of us we all would help. Since it's not Ana or me there are only two other options and one of them just talked with me yesterday. I hoped it wouldn't be true but after the phone call yesterday I know better. We will be meeting in three days at a friend's place. I don't wanna tell Ana because it will bring her into an situation which isn't good. We don't know anything jet but "
" but you are sure it's gonna be ugly. "
" yes and if I tell her she has to decide between getting the pup in danger and help or stay here and maybe will never forgave herself for not being there and breaking her promise. So yes I don't really know what to do. "
Jeremy looked at him he could understand him but he was glad Mike was talking to him. Even asking him for advice. He didn't want Tiana to leave and bring the pup in danger but he also knew that Tiana would never leave behind someone she called family. If he would hold her back she would break about it someday.
"I'll talk to her. Do you wanna be there too?"
Mike nodded and Jeremy smiled shortly.
"good. Then let us talk to her after I talked to the alphas."
Jeremy got up and let Mike walk at first. When he was alone in his study he put his hands through his face and tried to calm himself before he would face the council.


When Tiana was ready she got up and walked into the bathroom changing back putting on a top and short pants. Antonio had left and only Clay was in the room. Tiana laid down on the bed again and clay curled himself around her.
"wanna talk? What is it Ana?"
"I want Jeremy. Something isn't right."
Clay hold her and kissed her head. He knew that Jeremy was talking to the council and it would be not the best to get him away.
"Ana can it wait a little? Jeremy is still talking to the council."
She nodded and turned around curling herself around Clay taking in his scent and closing her eyes. Clay hold her close and tried to remember everything tried to get what could have happened. Why would she need Jeremy this much? What did she mean something wasn't right? Was ist the pup?
"Ana is the pup…."
"the pup is safe and okay Clay. It's something other. Jeremy knows but he's blocking his thoughts so I will not know till he talks to me. But I can feel it it's something bad."
Clay hold her und tried to comfort her as best as he could. His hand was protective over her belly after she turned around her back at his chest.

This was how Jeremy found them. He tried to get through the meeting as fast as possible. Everyone on the council had agreed that the Russian Alpha had to pay. And that Jeremy and Tiana could do as their want. But first the council wanted him to arrive and make it official and all of them would decide who would be the next alpha of the Russian pack. It would be the first time the council would decide who would be alpha. But all of them agreed.
Now everyone was doing their own thing most of them left the house and the property so Jeremy knew they had a little privacy. Seeing Clay and Tiana like this made him smile and when Clay got up to left them alone he pulled him in a short hug. Clay sniffed short at his neck to get his sent. Jeremy kissed his forehead soft and let him go. Clay had shown with time that he developed a closer need to be with Jeremy. He shown moments when he just needed to be able to get Jeremys scent.
Jeremy went to their bed and looked at Tiana. She turned around immediately and locked eyes with him. He sat down and she came to him sitting up to get her arms around his neck. He hold her at his body and kissed her neck soft.
"how are you and the pup?"
He asked first the only thing that really matters to him.
"we're fine my Love I promise. Now will you tell me?"
He looked at her and nodded. He told her what Mike told him and waited for her reaction. She just stayed in her position and took a few minutes till she talked.
"Jeremy I don't know what to do."
She cried and he just hold her. He also didn't knew what to do.
"I don't wanna go what if I lose the pup? What if I die?"
He had himself prepared for everything but not this. He had prepared for her leaving and coming back. But he didn't though she would be this torn between her old and her life now.
"you don't have to be alone Love. Mike's gonna be there with you if you go. And if you want…"
"Jeremy would you come? I don't mean come there but would you be with me?"
He understood what she meant.
"you want Mike to find out as much as possible and only when it's necessary to get there by yourself? You want my opinion to everything you decide so you want me to come with you if you have to go. Am I right?"
She nodded and a soft smile got to her lips.
" yes can we do this as the alphas we are? Even if this is something from my past can we go through it together? "
" of course my Love. I'll be with you. "
He kissed her soft and long. She pulled him closer and she fall back onto the bed. He above her. He grinned and shook her head.
" Tiana my Love. What do you wanna do right now? "
" I'll talk to Mike he should know. "
Jeremy nodded and pulled her up so she was sitting again.
"you wanna know something? They all appreciated their stay till now and they looking forward to the last days. I've never seen something like it before. It's like you are able to change not only us and our pack but also the others."
They both smiled.
"I want them to realize that there iis another way. They can't be here and do what they want. Here they have to live by our rules. You are our alpha. They will never talk to you with no respect. They will accept your way of ruling."
He looked at her and shook his head. Now he got why she wanted everything planned and organized. This was her way of showing her loyalty and power. He was proud of her.
" I love you Tiana do you know that? "
She nodded with a smile and kissed him again. But this time her passion took over and she moved to straddle Jeremys lap. Her hands in his hair pulling a little she hummed when Jeremy put his hands to either of her sides. They broke apart to get air into their lungs. Tiana blushed and tried to hide her eyes from his. Jeremy caught her chin with one of his hands soft. He moved her chin up again so she would face him. He smiled and shook his head a little.
" Tiana didn't I told you last night?"
She grinned und shrugged her shoulders.
"I can't really shut it off Jeremy. We don't have to….. but can we just a little please?"
She whined and high pitches started to hurt his ears. He shushed her by kissing her. The whining got to be a purring and that pleased his ears better. He let his hands wander over her body.
" if you could hold back your voice I maybe be able to help you here"
He whispered into her ear. She took a deep breath and her eyes got dark from Lust und her purring started to vibrate into him. He chuckled and let his hand wander into her pants.he pleased her with his fingers she kissed his neck oder bit into his shoulder to hold back her voice. He liked it to have her in this way he knew she needed it and this was okay for him too. Most of the others were not here and she wasn't naked she wasn't exposed in his eyes to them. This was taking care of his Mate and pregnant alpha. She needed him she needed to be released and he would always provide for her. After she had her orgasm he let her calm down. He felt her relive and she showed it while she kissed him soft scratching softly at his neck. That was her saying thank you. He hold her close and then started pulling her pants a little down cleaning her and dressing her again. He laid down on his back sche moving over him. Her body completely laid down on top of him.
"thank you my love I needed that."
"it's okay Tiana. I love you too. I'll always will provide for you and what ever need you may have especially now when your with our pup."
She grinned at him and snuggled closer. She was all over him and he didn't complain in any matter. She was unconscious showing he was hers. He smiled and caressed her cheek she hummed and pushed into his touch.