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Taste of Innocence

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Juice was close to tears as he helplessly watched the water, toilet paper and much grosser stuff float around him. He had no idea what to do. In his panic he had already called for help. The only things the men had done, were slapping his shoulder with a mischievous grin or just simply ignoring him. They had left him no choice than going back to the restrooms, where he was unclogging all three toilets. Unbelievable – how could they just all flood? Had they done this on purpose, just to piss him off? Ever since he'd gotten here three days ago, they treated him like shit. He however couldn't do much about it; he had nowhere else to go. He just had to pull through their bullying until he had proven himself valuable.

With the plunger in his hand, he stared into the pot. Was there any point in continuing? It didn't work – but he didn't know what else to do.

"Hey. Need any help?"

Juice turned around and found himself staring at a beautiful girl in the doorway. Great, this was just the perfect place to meet a girl like her; when he was being clumsy and surrounded by shit.

"Nah, I got this," he said with all the confidence he could gather. Her blue eyes however told him she looked right through him. Without saying anything, she turned around and walked away.

Juice swallowed a sigh. There were so many hot girls around and his first conversation with one of them went like this? Leaning on his knees, he stared into the water. Again, the smell made him retch.

He really had no idea what to do. He was still staring down as he heard footsteps. Looking over his shoulder, his eyes grew wide as the girl waded across the water, a pile of towels in her arms.

"You do realize this is sewage you're walking through, right?" he stammered.

She showed him a crooked smile. "Really? I was already wondering where that smell was coming from." She gave him a wink that made his cheeks blush and handed him some towels. "Put them in and close the seat."

Quickly he turned around and did what she said, meanwhile muttering to himself that he was good with tech shit and not with shit like this.

He heard her chuckle in the other bathroom stall, making his heart jump.

"And now?" he asked as he returned to the flooded place in front of the sinks.

"Now you call a plumber to fix this. It always gets messy after a few days of rain."

Juice nodded, although he didn't really hear her. His eyes seemed to be the only working senses right now and damn – he liked what they saw. Although most croweaters wore short dresses, this one was wearing a skinny jeans that showed her round ass and those hips of her would be perfect to grab when...

"You're feel so comfortable in this shit that you prefer to stay here?" she asked with raised eyebrows, nearing the door again.

"Um no," he muttered, quickly following her. His eyes grew wide as she kicked out her shoes and started to take off her pants. He tried not to stare at those long legs that were just exposed and aimed his eyes at her face. All he however did, was wishing she took off that pink top too, so he could see if her bra would match her black lace panties.

"They're gonna skin you alive if you spread that shit through the clubhouse." Her eyes signaled to his soggy shoes and pants.

Juice nodded quickly, removing his shoes and pants and feeling the world's biggest idiot because he didn't know what to say to her.

Then there was finally an Einstein moment. "Thanks," he muttered. It was still hard to believe that she had just ruined her clothes and shoes just to help him out. Did she like him? He doubted that he had seen her before, but he had met so many people the past days that it was impossible to keep track of them. "I uh, I'm Juice."

"Hi Juice. I'm Abigail. And no big deal." She lifted the wet clothes. "Luckily they have washing machines over here."

Again she showed him a smile that made him almost gasp for breath. As he kept staring at her, she turned around.

"Wait," he heard himself say.

There was a curious glimmer in her eyes as she turned back.

Juice scratched his neck, not knowing what to say. He knew all those Croweaters were... like free whores, but how did it work? Should he just tell her that he wanted her? Or wouldn't she be interested because he was just a prospect? He really had no idea how to approach the girls around here but it felt stupid to let her just walk away – and it felt even more stupid to wait with answering her questioning look.

"You uh, you already got a place to sleep tonight?" he muttered, feeling his cheeks getting red again.

To his relief, she started to laugh. At least she wasn't mad, and it didn't sound like she was making fun of him. "Do I look like a homeless girl?"

"Um no," he said, scratching his neck. "You – you look beautiful. I wouldn't mind to eh, you know..." He bit his lip, again wondering what his sponsor would have said to get a hot girl like her.

She sniggered. "Are you askin' me to sleep with you?"

"Yeah, kinda..." he muttered, feeling his cheeks glow. Was he being stupid? Was he offending her?

She let out a soft laugh. "In your dreams, baby." She blew a kiss towards him and walked away, her hips swinging. Juice watched her leave, his eyes glued to her ass.

The girl was stuck in his head for the rest of the day. It was around dinner when his sponsor swung an arm around his shoulders. "Aye. Heard the plummin' guy fixed tha shite?"

"Yeah," Juice nodded.

The man looked at him with a grin that made him feel insecure, then he slapped his shoulder. "Have ye met my kid yet? She's over for the weekend."

Juice shook his head and didn't object when Chibs guided him towards the kitchen.

"Aye, y'already met the new prospect?" he asked from the doorway.

"Yeah I did." He heard a chuckle – a chuckle that hadn't left his mind since this afternoon. She appeared next to Chibs, giving him an amused smile.

Juice swallowed; his eyes wide. With rosy cheeks, he realized that he had mistaken his sponsor's daughter for a club whore.