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Taste of Innocence

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The music was loud, the laughter overwhelming. Juice had the feeling he was living in a rush; he hadn't drank much the past weeks, he'd wanted to be alert. Something told him that Abigail had nothing to fear from Ashley, but he wasn't going to take any risks. It was all too bizarre. 

Today however, he could forget about his alertness for a while; they had returned to Charming. The party that was held was not only to celebrate Abigail's graduation, but it was also his patch in party. 

His fingers glided across the Redwood patch on his chest every few minutes, and every time he walked past a mirror he admired the top rocker on his back. When he did so, he showed himself a grin as he peeked at his mohawk and head tattoos; the first mark Abigail had left on his life. 

Juice was pulled out of his thoughts when her fingers laced with his. 

"Enough partyin' for tonight," she said with a mischievous smile. "Let's go to the roof."

Although he had some shitty memories about the roof, he nodded. Hand in hand they went outside and climbed the stairs. He sat down with his back against a small wall, pulling Abigail between his legs and wrapping his arms around her while looking up to the sky, to the countless stars. 

"Sometimes it's hard to believe that we only know each other for a year," Abigail sighed. She leaned with the back of her head against her chest. "It feels so much longer."

"You remember what you said that first night?" he asked, his voice soft because of the sudden nervousness. It was tricky to bring it up again; after all, they had been in a heavy fight because of it and besides that, she was still getting over Davey. "That you can't picture yourself with a Son?"

His heart pounded in his chest. He was afraid that she would freeze in his arms, but she didn't. 

"I gave it a lot of thought," she said after a while, staring at the sky. "I really like you, Juice. I think I even love you. The past months you've been there for me, so I can no longer hide behind my former excuses." She turned around in his arms, looking up to him. "I think I'm ready. To leave that shit with Davey and Ashley behind. My relationship ended because of my feelings for you, and my friendship with Ashley did too; because she wanted us to be together so desperately. You're no longer a prospect, I graduated..." She smiled, raising her hand and caressing his cheek. "I want to give it a chance. You and me. If you still want me."

Juice didn't need to give it a thought. He pulled her closer, pressing his lips against hers. His tongue found hers and this time they quickly left their hesitation behind. Although Jax had already caught them once, neither of them cared about the risks as they took off each other's clothes until their bodies were melting together, while giving each other the love they had longed for since the moment they met. 

Afterwards, Juice buried his hand in her dark hair, while looking at her and smiling. Today he felt happier than ever before and he hoped from the depths of his heart that he could always cling to this feeling. He would do everything in his power to make sure he'd never lose her and he was determined to protect her against whatever danger her insane friend had foreseen. 

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The end

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So this is it, the end of Taste of Innocence. Thank you for reading, voting and commenting. I will continue with the main story now, Taste of Vengeance. Hope to see you there! <3