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Casey VS Computers

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“Hello Chuck, I don’t remember putting a call in”
“Hey Jane, I’m actually just here to bring John some lunch” He held up the bag of food “Today is our six months of dating anniversary”
“How sweet, he is still in a meeting but I’m sure he won't mind you waiting in his office, he should be done anytime now”
Since Casey was the manager his office was a nice size, on one side he had a nice big desk and a chair that Chuck has thought about stealing a few times because it was so comfortable, in front of the desk was two nice leather chairs that matched the black leather couch and two more chairs around a big coffee table on the other side of the room. Sitting down on the couch, that has been the spot of many lunch break make-out sessions, Chuck sat out their food on the table and began eating
“You started without me?”
“It’s only been like two minutes, and holy shit you look amazing”
“Thanks, I hate dressing up”
“I am having so many dirty thoughts right now”
“Let’s eat, then you can tell me all about it” Casey hung his suit jacket on a hook on the wall and loosened his tie. “What have I told you about this greasy shit?”
“That is tastes soooooo good, and if it helps I ordered you the burger in a lettuce wrap”
“Even wrapped in lettuce it’s still In-N-Out”
“I got it animal style” Chuck gave him a goofy grin
“I can tell by the sauce all over your face”
“How did the meeting go?”
“Fine, how do you feel about North Carolina?”
“I have no feelings towards North Carolina”
Casey rolled his eyes “I have to go to a conference next weekend, wondering if you wanna come. We could go Thursday night and leave Monday morning, the conference is Saturday afternoon and Sunday evening there is a big fancy dinner”
“That sounds like fun, I’m sure I can manage some time off”
They talked about their weekend plans while they ate their lunch.
“Want to tell me about those dirty thoughts you had earlier?”
“They all involve you in that suit, and most of them involve your desk, but our first time isn't going to be acting out bad office porn”
Casey got up and locked his office door “How much time do you have?”
“Enough” he winked. “You should sit at your desk”
Casey loosened his tie as he sat down in his office chair.
Chuck stood in front of him leaning forward to kiss him as he undid Casey’s belt and pants.
“I’ve wanted to do this for so long”
Casey has been getting better with the intimate stuff, there have still been a few times that he hasn't been able to get fully hard, but he doesn't run away or get upset and Chuck is super supportive and caring and Casey doesn't understand why he deserves to be so happy.
The farthest they have gone is dry humping and hand jobs and lots of phone sex, but Casey is finally ready for more, he hopes. He took a few deep breaths trying to stay calm, he wants this, he wants more but he doesnt want to rush it or freak out. Thankfully he was rock hard when Chuck started stroking him.
“Remember, tell me if you want me to stop or do something different” Chuck got down on his knees between Casey’s legs.
Casey cupped his jaw. “I want this” he ran his thumb over Chuck’s bottom lip then moved his hand up to curl his fingers in Chuck’s hair.
Chuck licked from the base to the tip a few times making it nice and wet so his hand can slide easily up and down as he took the tip into his mouth. He sucks at the tip a few times teasing the slit with his tongue, he moans as he gets his first taste of Casey’s pre-come. He moves his mouth down to his hand, he continues this stopping ever few bobs of his head to stop and focus on just the tip which had Casey making the most amazing sounds.
“Chuck, I’m close” he tugged at Chuck’s hair bucking his hips up until he filled Chuck’s mouth.
He grabbed Chuck’s arm pulling him up into a sloppy kiss as he unbuttoned Chuck’s pants.
Casey slid out of the chair down onto his knees in front of Chuck.
Casey wasted no time taking all of him into his mouth, nose buried in the dark hair, eyes watering.
“Holy fuck John” Chuck had to hold on the Casey’s shoulders to stop himself from falling.
Casey moved his tongue around teasing the bottom of Chuck’s shaft before pulling back to take a deep breath. He lapped at Chuck’s pre-come, loving the sounds Chuck was making, he sucked on the tip slowly sucking his way down to the base again.
“You’re going to make me come so fast”
The vibration of Casey’s laugh sent a shiver down Chuck’s spine.
Casey did it two more times before Chuck was coming down his throat.
“That was so fucking hot, I can't believe we just did that in your office”
Casey took a few deep breaths wiping the tears from his eyes before he stood up.
They tucked themselves away, “As much as I don’t want to, I need to get back to work”
His voice was raspy and Chuck thought if he could get hard again he would just from that.
“Me too, dinner at my place tomorrow? I have a few late calls tonight”
“Sounds good, I’ll be there around six”
They stood there kissing for a few minutes before Chuck finally pulled away.
“I love you”
Casey froze, he loved Chuck, he knew he loved Chuck, but the words wouldn't come out of his mouth. Chuck must have been able to tell Casey was slightly freaking out, he kissed Casey again “I’ll text you when I get home tonight”
“Okay” Casey watched as Chuck straighten his clothes and hair before he left his office.

“Fuck” He buried his hands in his face.
“Hey Johnny”
“Go away”
“Was lunch that bad? The way Chuck walked out of here smiling I thought id have to give you a no sex at the office talk”
“You have sex in the office all the time”
“Shut up”
“and we haven't had sex”
“I don't believe you, you both look freshly fucked and happy, even though you are being pouty right now”
“You are so annoying, we sucked each other off for the first time okay. now Leave me alone”
“Then why are you so woah is me”
“He said I love you and I said okay”
“Shit” she sat in a chair in front of Casey's desk “wait was it before during or after the dick sucking”
“I hate you, it was as he was leaving”
“Well he didn't seem upset”
“He probably isn't because he is too fucking perfect and doesn't care about how fucked up my emotions are and for some reason he loves me”
"You deserve more than you think John"
"If you say so" Casey sighed
“Do you love him?”
“Then you need to tell him”
"You act like it's that easy"


Chuck: sorry it's late. Loooong day. Had to file a police report.
Chuck: I may need therapy
Chuck: People are horrible and I honestly don't know if I can sleep tonight
Chuck: guess you're asleep. See you tomorrow 😘


Casey tried to turn down the street Chuck's house is on but the road was blocked by police cars. He parked his car and walked over to one of the officers.
“Excuse me, what happened?”
“There was a house fire”
“Which house?” Casey looked down the street but there were too many ambulance and fire trucks
“It spread between three of them”
“Do you know if 822 was one of them?”
The cop looked at his notepad “It looks like it”
Casey took off running towards Chuck's house ignoring the cops yelling at him to stop. When he got there the house was mostly gone, “Chuck” he yelled
He grabbed one of the fireman “Where is the guy who lives here?”
“They took him to the hospital”
“What happened? Is he hurt?”
“Not sure, there will be an investigation, he was found on the floor non-responsive, do you live here?”
“On the weekends mostly, this is my boyfriend's house”
“We do know it started here, just no details but they will let him know”
“Do you know where his dog is?”
“Yeah, an officer took it to the closest vet”
'Thank you"
Casey ran back to his car and called Jessica to let her know what happened and told her to find Leia.

Casey ran up to the desk “Chuck Bartowski, I need to know where he is”
“Are you family?”
“I'm his boyfriend”
“Sorry I can't give you information”
“Call Devon or Ellie Woodcomb, they are both doctors here, they know me, they are his family, I need to know”
The nurse paged Ellie over the intercom. Casey paced back and forth until Ellie got there.
“John” her face was wet with tears as she wrapped her arms around him. He tensed up since he still had trouble letting people touch him. “I'm sorry, I forgot you aren't a hugger, I really need your number, when I got the call I realized I had no way to contact you”
“Please tell me he is okay” He handed Ellie his phone so she could put in her number.
“He is still unconscious, they did a chest x-ray and he is on oxygen. There is a small burn on his leg, They think he will be fine though.”
“Please let me see him, I need to see him”
“Of course” Ellie started walking down the hall, Casey took a deep breath before following her “Do they know what happened? Is Leia okay?”
“They took her to a vet, I called Jess, she is on her way to check on her and the fireman said they will let us know after they investigate but it started at his house”
Casey couldn't hold back the tears when he saw Chuck laying in the bed, skin covered in soot. His chest started to tighten, he felt like he couldn't breathe, his knees weak he couldn't hold himself up anymore.
“John are you okay?”
His brain flashing back to the day of the bomb, Eric's body lying limp in his arms, his skin was also covered in soot and ash, and blood, so much blood.
Ellie kneeled down next to him, “You are having a panic attack. Take a deep breath” she breathed with him, she hesitated before putting a hand on his back but did it anyway, rubbing circles until he was calmed down.
He stood up “Thank you, sorry about that”
“Never be sorry”
“Did Chuck tell you? About my past?”
“I know you were in the Marines and something happened”
“I need to wash his face, can I wash his face and hands”
“I'll go get a sponge bath kit, will you be okay if I step out?”
“Yeah” he laced his fingers through Chuck's.
“i need you to be okay Bartowski, I can't lose you, I can't lose another man I love because I do love you, I know i didn't say it back yesterday and i’ve been beating myself up all night, and I didn't text you back last night and I’m so sorry”

“He will be fine” Ellie was standing in the doorway holding a plastic tub.
They carefully washed all the soot from Chuck's body.
“There was a bomb” Casey breaking the silence made Ellie jump “three years ago, my boyfriend died in my arms, seeing Chuck also covered in soot not moving brought back a lot of bad memories”
“I'm so sorry John, but I promise you he will be okay, his voice will horse and he will have a cough, a scar on his leg and maybe some memory loss but that's it”
“How is he?” Casey looked over to see Jess standing in the doorway.
“Hey Jess, good to see you again” She hugged her “I was just telling John he will be fine, just needs rest”
“Uh well i'm breaking the rules so I won't stay long, I just thought” she unzipped the big bag hanging from her arm “maybe some fluffy love will help”
Leia's head popped out of the bag
“I see nothing” Ellie smiled at her.
Jess put Leia on Chuck's chest, she started whining when Chuck didn't start petting her, she licked his face a few times then laid down on his chest still whimpering.
“Vet said she is fine, he cleaned her up and checked her lungs, the officer told him that Chuck ran back in to get her when he realized she didn't follow him”
A few minutes later Jess picked up Leia “we should go, keep me updated”
They all turned when they heard Chuck make a noise.
“Chuck sweety?”
He tried to say something but just coughed instead.
“Here take a drink” she moved the head of Chuck's bed up so he could.
Chuck sipped at the water between coughs. He pointed to Leia who was trying to escape Jessica's arms, so she sat her back on the bed, she licking Chuck’s face.
“Hi” he struggled to say with another cough
“Chuck try to rest your voice, and keep drinking water”
“What happened?” he held Leia to his chest
“We were going to ask you” Ellie was sitting on the edge of the bed.
Chuck shrugged.
“There was a fire” Casey put his hands on Chuck’s thigh “When I got to your house for dinner it was gone” Casey was holding back tears
“Hey Chuck, Leia shouldn't be here so how about Jess takes her home and I’m going to get back to work, I’ll come back to check on you in a little while"
He hugged and kissed Leia before Jess took her away.
"Love you El"
"Love you Chuck" She kissed his forehead before leaving
Once they left Chuck grabbed Casey’s hand. “Please don’t cry”
“I love you, I just said okay but I wanted to say it back but I panicked, then I didn’t text you back then I almost lost you, there were flames, and the smell, and you were covered in soot and ash and you weren't moving”
“Oh my god Casey, I didn't” he had a coughing fit “Fuck, are you okay, are you going to be okay?”
“Can you scoot over?”
Chuck moved over as far as he could, so Casey could sit next to him, he wrapped his arm around Chuck pulling him as close as he could. Chuck turned his body the best he could, wrapping one arm over Casey's chest, resting his head on Casey's shoulder. “I'll be okay” he mumbled into Chuck's hair as they both drifted off to sleep.

“Excuse me, Mr. Bartowski”
They both jolted awake
Chuck cleared his throat to answer but started coughing and had to take a drink.
“He is Mr. Bartowski”
“Sorry to wake you, I'm Detective Neal Burke, I just have a few questions”
Casey moved to the chair next to the bed.
“Mr. Bar”
“Chuck” Chuck cut him off
“Okay Chuck, do you have any enemies?”
“I don't think so” he raised an eyebrow,
“The fire was set on purpose, there was a ring of gas made around your house and covered your back porch. We found two empty gas cans in the backyard”
“Oh my god” Chuck was shaking
“Wait, you texted me last night and said you had to file a police report”
Chuck took a big drink of water “I had a repair yesterday and we found uh, stuff on his computer, I told him I had to get a part from my car and I went out and called the cops. Maybe he ran out the back before the cops got there” Chuck started coughing “Casey can i have your phone, please? I'll email you the guys info and a copy of the police report” Casey rubbed Chuck’s back as he curled in on himself coughing
“Thank you, Chuck, I'll let you rest. I'm glad you and your dog made it out safe”
“Thank you” Casey said for him since he was still coughing.


Over the next few days, Chuck got everything situated with work and his lawyer, bought necessities for him and Leia and spent way to much time in bed being spoiled by Casey and Jess.
“Chuck you don't have to come” Casey was looking through his dresser pulling out things to pack for their trip.
“I am” his voice was almost back to normal
“Ellie said you can stay with her”
“Casey stop treating me like a child. I'm fine. I'm going on this trip with you and we are going to have a romantic dinner and do fun things and forget about the fire and we are going to make each other come multiple times. I don't care how but you treating me like a fragile baby and barely even kissing me is going to end” Chuck didn't mean to get mad and raise his voice but he was over it. Then he started coughing and Casey had to get him a glass of water.
“Someone tried to kill you”
“And he is in jail, for a very long time”
“I shouldn't have gotten mad, I understand you are dealing with stuff too. I'm sorry I put you through the stress and pain, but I had to go back inside for her, I had to” he didn't want to cry but here he was crying again.
“You're both safe and that's all that matters right now”
“It's a weird feeling losing everything you own. Luckily all my super important stuff is still at Ellie's, and most of my comic books were still at Morgan's but to know there are pictures and little things like that are gone forever, it's hard to process”
“And my favorite pair of sweatpants” Casey joked trying to make Chuck stop crying.
“Oh shit, not the sweatpants” Chuck laughed until he started coughing.
“Thank you for being absolutely amazing to me during this, I love you so much”
“You too Chuck”
"Is this the part where we make out and jack each other off?"
"You can't even walk up the stairs without having trouble breathing and coughing"
"It would be worth it" he fluttered his lashes at Casey.
"You're cute but not that cute"
"Rude, guess I'll take care of this myself" Chuck leaned back against the headboard sliding a hand down the front of his pants.
"Pure evil" Casey growled stripping his shirt off.
Chuck hurried to remove his shirt and push his pants off.
Casey grabbed the bottle of lube from his nightstand before he laid down next to him, they tangled their legs together as they slowly kissed.
"If you start coughing, we are stopping" Casey wrapped a lube covered hand around both their cocks, he stroked them a few time trying not to get frustrated.
"Relax, let me" Chuck whispered in his ear, he wrapped his hand just around Casey's shaft kissing and sucking at the spot behind his ear that drives Casey crazy.
Casey eagerly reached around Chuck, running a lubed up finger down Chuck's crack "Can I?"
"God yes" Chuck moaned moving his leg up over Casey's hip
Casey ran his finger over Chuck's hole a few times before sticking the tip in.
Chuck's moan made Casey's dick rock hard.
"Well that was hot as fuck"
Casey moved his finger in at out of matching Chuck's strokes on their dicks.
"So good Casey" Chuck pushed back as Casey added a second finger.
Casey moved his fingers faster as he covered Chuck in his release.
"So close"
Casey moved his fingers until he found Chuck's prostate, rubbing over it twice was all it took for Chuck to yell out Casey's name as he came.
But of course, he started uncontrollably coughing.
Casey got out of the bed "Come here" He grabbed Chuck carrying him princess style to the bathroom. He sat him down on the toilet lid, he got him a cup of water and turned the tub and shower on. He stuffed a towel under the door so none of the steam could escape, once the tub was full Casey shut the water off and helped Chuck climb in. He left the shower running as hot as it would go. Chuck sat up so Casey could get in behind him, his coughing finally stopped.
"Thanks" Chuck leaned back resting his head on Casey's shoulder
"I told you that was a bad idea" Casey wrapped his arms around Chuck's stomach
"A really good bad idea"
"Seriously not happening again until you are better"
"Sure thing big guy" Casey just knew that Chuck was smirking, his cute little smirk that made him do anything and everything Chuck wanted.
"I do love you, Chuck, I just want you to be okay"
"I love you too. I'm fine, I promise. But I'm better when your fingers are in my ass" Chuck laughed when he felt Casey's dick start to harden "I think you're also a big fan of that"
"Shut up Bartowski"