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Casey VS Computers

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“This is a private plane”
Jane laughed “perks of owning an extremely successful security company”
“Can we go to a private island instead?”
“A few hours ago you were doing a weird dance around my room because you were so excited about seeing snow, then you got sad because you wanted Leia to play in the snow too”
“Just imagine her little legs frolicking in the snow”
“You’re ridiculous”
“So Chuck, how are you feeling?”
“I’m feeling a lot better, I’m glad to be out of the house”
“Were they able to save anything?”
“No, everything was damaged since the entire house was circled in gas it burned quickly”
“Have you started looking for a new place?”
“There is no rush, he can stay with me and Jess as long as he needs, leave him alone”
“It’s fine, I have looked a little bit, but none of the apartments in the area allow pets or it's an extra hundred a month to have a pet, so I think I’m going to look into buying a house. I have some saved and with insurance money and lawsuit I should have enough”
Casey could tell Chuck was getting sad so he grabbed Chuck’s hand “Come on”
“Where are we going? We are on a plane"
“we are going to join the mile high club?” Casey laughed at how red Chuck’s face got.
Chuck looked at Jane as Casey pulled him away “we aren't, that's not, no”
Jane laughed
“Calm down Bartowski, we are just raiding the mini fridge then watching a movie”
They grabbed a few snacks and drinks before cuddling up on the couch.
And by that Casey meant making out until they fell asleep.


“Jane, why the hell didn’t you tell me we are sharing a room?”
“It’s a suite, there is enough space for all four of us, you two can have the master if that makes you feel better”
“Sorry Chuck”
“It’s okay, we already live with your other sister” He laughed.
"That's my point, we live with one sister and now we are in a hotel with my other one"
"Don't worry Johnny, you can still have sex if that's what you're worried about, I don't care"
Chuck tried not to laugh at Casey blushing
"It's fine, I'm sure we will still have a great time" he leaned closer to Casey "Plus her card is attached to the room so we can order all the room service we want"
"I knew there was a reason I liked you" Casey smirked.


“Hurry and eat your breakfast so we can hit the slopes” Jane was setting out the plates of food on the little table
“Did she just say slopes, as in skiing?”
“Yes Bartowski”
“I've never been in snow before, I can't ski, plus I just got out of the hospital”
“It's been over a week and you are the one who has been saying you are fine and can do anything”
“I don't wanna die”
“You won't die, promise”
“I guess I'll try”
“If you don't hurt yourself we can take a nice warm shower when we get back and suck each other off” he winked
“That's my reward for trying to ski?”
“What do you want then?"
"I just assumed that would happen anyways, no need to break my leg"
"Then stay here, but I think you will enjoy it, I'll spend as much time as you need helping you before we go down the bunny hill"
"Okay, let's go skiing"


“I can't do this” Chuck was standing at the top of the smallest hill shaking
“It's okay Chuck, I'm right here, you practiced for an hour, just remember what I taught you”
“I've forgotten everything, whats my name who are you?”
“Come here” he grabbed Chuck's hand pulling him off the side. “If you don't want to it's fine we can go into the lobby and have some coffee”
“Just kiss me, so it's the last thing I do before I die”
“Are you fucking kidding me, I'm done, do whatever you want” he was gone before Chuck could say anything.
Chuck wasn't sure how long he was standing there frozen when a ski instructor came over to him
“Sir are you okay?”
“I can't seem to move”
“Can you tell me your name?”
“Okay Chuck, my name is Ben, can I take your skies off?”
“I need to get to the bottom of the hill”
“I don't think that's a good idea right now, are you here with someone”
“Three people, don't know where they are”
“I should take you to the lobby to wait for them, we can take the lift down"
“No” Chuck didn't mean to yell “I need to do this”
“I don't think it's safe right now, maybe go sit down and take a break then try again”
“Chuck sweety”
“Ma'am do you know him”
“Yeah, hey Chuck, it's Jane, are you okay?”
“No, he left me up here, I need to go down to him”
“He isn't down there, he went to a bigger hill, he told me he left you over here so I came to get you”
“I need to go down the hill, I'm not a loser, I can do this”
“You are right you're not a loser and no one said that you don't have to prove anything”
“I didn't want to do this in the first place, but I did it for him and he left me up here when I got scared”
“How about me and this nice guy take you to the lobby or I can follow you down the hill and make sure you are okay”
“We can go back to the lobby, I'm so sorry Ben”
“It's okay, I just want you to be safe”

Chuck sat down in a chair by one of the fireplaces, he legs curled up to his chest with a blanket over his shoulders drinking a cup of coffee, when his coffee was gone and Casey didn't show up he took an uber back to the hotel.

“Would you like to join us for dinner?”
“No” Chuck called from under the covers
“You need to eat”
“So you can leave me at the restaurant?”
“Don't act like I'm the bad guy”
Chuck sat up “I was panicking and you left me on top of a mountain”
“You know how many times today you kept saying stuff about you dying? Do you even realize how that affected me? Eric died, you almost died, and all day I had to hear you say I'm gonna die over and over, I couldn't take it anymore"
“Oh my god, I'm an idiot"
"Don't say that, I'm sure you didn't realize it, I should have said something but as we know running away is what I do, but Jane made me talk to her on the way back here"
Chuck got out of the bed and went over to hug him "I love you, I'm so sorry"
"I'm sorry too" He kissed Chuck's forehead. "I love you"
"Maybe skiing isn't my thing"
"You were born and raised in California"
"Yeah but I can't surf either" he laughed.
"How about a greasy dinner to erase the day"
"That's the best thing you have ever said"
"You're ridiculous"
"Can we still take a warm shower and do naughty things?"
"Yes, I'm going to need as much stress relief as possible before the conference bullshit tomorrow"


Casey: so boring 😴
Casey: you never told me you had your own emoji 🤓

Chuck: so funny…..🙄
Chuck: I have a call to make for work sorry I can't entertain you

Casey: I'm fake taking notes on my phone. 🤪
Casey: This guy is trying to talk to me about combat training. He has never been in the military
Casey: I've come up with 36, no 37 different ways I can kill him with a paper clip
Casey: Send help

Chuck: Please don't kill anyone
Chuck: that guy was 10x worse than you. Omg my head hurts. It was over an hour

Casey: They are serving mini sandwiches, you would hate them

Chuck: Just ordered a salad, you should be proud
Chuck: I also stress ate the gummy bears from the snack thing, $17. I don't even think there was 17 bears
Chuck: and the bottles of water was $5 wtf is this place.

Casey: I’m ready to have sex

Chuck: That is not what I thought you were going to say
Chuck: Is it because I ordered a salad?
Chuck: Or because you are super turned on by Security conferences?
Chuck: or do you like expensive candies?

Casey: I almost said it last night but freaked out and now I'm sitting here bored with just my own thoughts.
Casey: We have the room to ourselves for a few hours after this meeting.
Casey: I’ll be there in like an hour
Casey: If you are ready

Chuck: of course I am
Chuck: I’ll be waiting for you in bed, naked

Casey: Jamie just told me to stop smiling like an idiot and pay attention

Chuck: Send me a pic, I bet you look cute

Casey: I am not taking a selfie

Chuck: It's okay I asked Jane to do it
Chuck: so sexy when you smile 😍

Casey: I hate you both


Like Chuck promised he was naked in bed waiting for Casey, but it was already twenty minutes over the time Casey had promised and Chuck was getting nervous.
After another ten minutes, Casey finally came into the room.
“I thought you changed your mind, which if you did that’s fine, I’m not upset”
“I got more lube, three different kinds because I didn't realize there was so many" Casey held up the bag “And I know we are both clean but I got condoms anyway just in case”
“I also got you skittles, four bags because there was a sale so I got a variety”
“So I was right, turned on by candy, is that your secret kink?"
“Shut up, I’m nervous”
“You have nothing to be nervous about, would you like me to help you undress?”
“I’m going to go into the bathroom, wash up, brush my teeth, give myself a pep talk” he laughed
“Leave the skittles” he smirked. "Unless you need them for the pep talk"
Casey threw the bag at him before heading into the bathroom.

When he came out Chuck had the three bottles of lube and the box of condoms sitting on the table next to him and the four bags of skittles sitting on the bed all open.
“You just had to try them all didn't you?”
“I didn’t try the spicy ones, thought about it then changed my mind, wanna eat some off my chest?"
"Stop with the candy kink or I'm throwing them out the window"
He laughed folding all the bags up and putting them back in the grocery bag. “How did your pep talk go?”
Casey looked down at this half hard cock “I’m sure we will get there”
“Then get that sexy ass in this bed”
Casey lifted up the blanket and climbed in next to Chuck, Chuck laid down so they were both facing each other.
Casey took a deep breath, trying to keep himself calm and not get upset that he still wasn’t fully hard. “How do you feel about topping?"
“Oh, well I’ve never done it before so I don't know"
“I’ve never bottomed, but I just want you so bad right now, and uh well I don't want to wait for him to get with the program"
"Okay" Chuck grabbed one of the bottles off the table “This is a nice one, also I think the heated one would be a horrible idea, unless we were out in the snow or something, who knows, maybe we can try it later” He gently kissed Casey as he lubed up his fingers. “I’ve done this to myself a lot, but never to anyone else, so please communicate”
“Just get your finger in me Bartowski” he growled moving his leg up over Chuck’s hip, pressing himself as close to Chuck as he could.
“Wow, that was hot” Chuck started by slowly circling his finger of Casey’s hole a few times before pushing the tip of his finger inside. “Relax John, I got you”

Chuck slowly worked up to three fingers
“I can't take this anymore, I'm ready”
“How do you want to do this?”
“You put your dick in me”
Chuck rolled his eyes “what position?”
Casey laughed “I was just messing with you, however you want”
“Let's start with you on your hands and knees and go from there. Want me to wear a condom?”
“No, want to feel you”
“God me too”
Chuck was speechless at how Casey looked open and vulnerable in front of him, he ran his hand between Casey's shoulder blades down his spin.
He grabbed each of Casey's ass cheeks squeezing lightly before spreading them. "Fuck" he whispered to himself. He leaned forward placing kisses along Casey's lower back while he lubed himself up.
“Sometime, in the future, I'd really like to eat you out”
Casey growled
“I've never done it but I want to, you have a nice ass”
"Just fuck me already, we can talk about ass eating later”
"Just admiring your body first"
Chuck lined himself up pushing at Casey's entrance a few time before the tip went in.
"Fuck" Casey growled
"Shit are you okay?"
"I've never been this hard in my entire life, keep going, please"
Chuck grabbed Casey's hips pushing in until his hips were flush against Casey's ass. He took a few slow breaths before pulling almost all the way out and pushing back in as slow as he could. "Chuck please" Casey buried his face in the pillow hoping that Chuck didn't hear him whine, since when did he whine?
Hearing Casey beg for him was almost too much, he pulled out half way then slammed back into Casey, both men moaning out. He kept up a decent pace for a few minutes. "I think you should flip over, I want to see you, touch you"
"I have an idea, stand up"
Chuck climbed off the bed awkwardly standing at the side of the bed waiting to see what Casey had planned.
"Might as well take advantage of this tall bed" Casey sat on the edge pulling Chuck between his thighs, "Just hold my legs up in the bend of your arm" he laid back scooting as far to the edge of the bed as he could, placing his legs up into Chuck's arms, adjusting until he could easily slide back into his boyfriend. His hand held tight to Casey's thighs as he moved his hips as fast as he could. "So hot, oh my god"
After a minute Casey panted “Stop”.
When Chuck let go of his legs Casey wrapped them around Chuck's hips, sitting up wrapping one arm around Chuck's back and the other around Chuck's neck to hold him up. "Keep going, touch me" Casey kissed along Chuck's jaw to his lips.
Chuck matched his thrusts with the movement of his hand, changing the speed every few thrusts. "I love you" he mumbled into the kiss. He felt Casey's body tense up, he stroked faster until Casey threw his head back moaning his name as he came.
The way Casey looked and sounded and the way his muscle tightened around Chuck was enough to send him over the edge.
They collapsed on the bed next to each other. "Wow"
"Yeah, you came so hard it hit my chin" Chuck laughed. "We may have to do that again"
“Not before I get to fuck you”
"Give me a few minutes, maybe we should shower first"


Chuck laid his head on Casey's chest, Casey started running his fingers through Chuck's wet hair "Do you ever think about getting married" He felt Casey's body tense under him "I don't mean right now, just curious"
Casey was quiet for a minute "I've always wanted kids, a bunch of them, I used to always picture it when I was younger, sitting on my front porch watching my kids run around the yard laughing. I guess I always just assumed there was someone sitting next to me on that porch, but I never actually thought about marriage"
"I never thought about marriage since it was illegal for most of my life, but now that it's not I've thought about it more, and I've always wanted at least two kids. I could be persuaded to have more though"
"We should start now then" Casey pushed Chuck onto his back holding himself above him
"It doesn't work like that"
"We can try" Casey smirked grabbing a bottle of lube from the table "Plus I've been waiting six months for you to ride me until I fill you up remember" He rutted against Chuck's hip
"God yes" He bent his legs so Casey could sit between them.
Casey lubed up his finger, he leaned forward taking Chuck's leaking tip into his mouth as he pushed his finger inside of him.
Chuck moaned thrusting up making Casey gag.
"Shit sorry"
"It's fine, do it again"
Chuck looked at him confused.
"I wasn't expecting it, now I am, fuck into my mouth Bartowski"

By the time Casey had worked three fingers in him, Chuck has already come and had a line of hickeys along one hip and both his nipples were red and puffy. He whined when Casey pulled his fingers out. "You can't turn me to jello and expect me to ride you"
"I have faith in you" he smirked laying down on the bed as Chuck sat up.
Chuck straddled his thighs leaning forward to kiss him as he lubed up Casey's shaft.
Chuck sat up lining Casey up before sinking down. "Oh my holy wow"
"I lied earlier, this is the hardest I've ever been, fuck, so tight"
Chuck maybe got a little too eager so he took a second to adjust to the feeling of Casey filling him up, while they were close in length, Casey was probably close to twice his thickness.
He rocked his hips back and forth a few times getting used to the feeling, he braced both hands on Casey's chest as he started to move up and down, Casey moved just slightly angling himself to rub against Chuck's prostate, Chuck moaned out riding Casey harder, chasing that feeling.
Casey ran his hands down Casey's chest "You're so hot" he moaned
Chuck slowed down to give his legs a rest, he kept rocking his hips as he leaned forward lightly biting and licking along Casey's collarbone up his neck and along his jaw. "I'm gonna come again, just from you inside me" he moaned in Casey's ear.
Casey grabbed his hips holding him so he could fuck up into him. "So good to me Chuck, so good"
Chuck ran his finger's through Casey's hair kissing him passionately until he filled the space between them with his orgasm
"Fill me up Casey, please, oh my god" Chuck sat up riding Casey as hard and as fast as he could until Casey came.


“At least these chairs are soft” Chuck whispered
Casey tried not to laugh “I'm surprised either of us can walk”
“Four times each has to be some kind of record”
“Five, you forgot me pressing you up against the shower wall”
"What are you two love birds whispering about?" Jane raised her eyebrow at them
"Sorry, this is the fanciest dinner I've ever been too I don't even know what any of this stuff on the menu is so I was asking Casey"
"It's just fancy names for normal food, I'm sure you will like it, just don't order caviar and you'll be fine"
"It's okay Chuck, Nathan and I always order a pizza when we get back to the room after these events, if you two can stay out of the bedroom long enough we will share"
Chuck blushed. "yeah, pizza sounds good"
When the waiter came around, Chuck just ordered whatever Casey ordered, luckily most of the food was edible, he did have to spit in his napkin a few times, which made Casey laugh.
"So these things won't be on your wedding menu?" Jane smiled at them
Casey choked on the food he had just taken a bite out of.
"I was thinking it would be cool to have a food truck, Morgan's cousin had a taco truck at his wedding and it was really good and fun because people could just walk up and order whatever and mingle, way less formal"
"I like that idea, less formal means I don't have to wear a tie right?" Casey loosened his a bit.
"What about your dress blues?" Nathan asked.
"I'm retired so I don't have to wear them, but I can"
"Oh yeah I bet you look really nice in uniform" Chuck smiled
"Excuse me" Casey got up from the table
"Should I follow him or give him a minute?"
"Normally I would say let him be, but you seem to calm him"
Chuck checked the bathrooms and walked around for a bit before heading outside where he saw Casey leaning up against the brick wall. "Hey John, are you okay?"
"I'm fine" he took a drag from his cigar
"Are you smoking? I didn't know you smoke"
"It's just a cigar, I have them sometimes to relax"
"Can I try?"
"No, you're lungs haven't healed, that would be stupid" He put it out in the snow
"If you want to talk, I'm here, if not can I at least stand out here with you?"
"Come here" Casey held his arms out for Chuck.
Chuck lightly pressed his lips to Casey's before resting his head on his shoulder as Casey wrapped his arms around him.
"I lied to you last night"
"I did think about marriage, me and Eric were stuck in the desert one night on patrol, we talked about getting married, whether both of us would wear our dress blues, or if we would wear suits, or if we would just say fuck it and have someone marry us out in the desert in our cammies."
"What did you guys decide?"
"We agreed on Hawaiian shirts and cargo shorts on the beach, the farthest thing from a uniform we could think of"
"I'm sorry"
"I just wish I could stop all these memories from popping up, he is the past, you are the present. I need to move on"
"No you don't, it's not like he is an ex that broke your heart, he was killed, and that isn't something you can just move on from"
"It's not fair to you"
"It's okay, I understand. Well the best that I can and we have only been together six months, I shouldn't have brought up that stuff last night, and I'm sorry Jane brought it up"
"I'm glad you brought it up, imagine a year from now if we had that conversation and one of us was set on having kids and one of us wasn't. but I love you Chuck and I like picturing a future with you"
He looked up into Casey's eyes "I love you John, and I want that future with you" He gave Casey a quick kiss "Are you good to go back in? I'm freezing"
"Damn we should have brought that warming lube" Casey laughed. "Wow that's all it took for you to get hard?"
Chuck buried his face into Casey's chest "Ignore that"
"Do you know how to tango?"
"Is that a sex thing or are you seriously talking about the dance?"
"The dance"
"I do, and lucky for you I know the girl part, don't ask"
Casey grabbed his hand leading him inside, past their table to the dance floor.
“This isn't a song to tango too”
“I don't know how to tango” He grabbed Chuck's hips
“Then why did you ask?” Chuck held on to his shoulders as they swayed back and forth
“Ellie told me to”
Chuck glared at him "Is this payback for asking Jane to take a picture of you yesterday?"
“I was drunk and Devon thought it was a life lesson I needed”
“There has to be more to the story”
“How about I teach you to tango instead?”
“I'll just ask Devon”
“I kissed Devon then cried for like an hour and had flowers delivered to Ellie at work and called and left her like five voicemails apologizing”
Casey couldn't hold back his laughter
“He isn't even my type, he is just abnormally handsome”
"What was his reaction?"
“Neither of them cared at all, I just embarrassed myself more, I stayed with Morgan for a week”
Casey's light kiss quickly deepened as Chuck pulled him closer wrapping his arms around Casey's neck as they swayed to the music.
“We should probably stop people are watching”
“You're the one who stuck your tongue in my mouth”
“Let's just keep dancing until this goes away" he pushed his hips forward
“Then what? Are you going to drag me back to the hotel” he leaned closer to whisper in Chuck's ear “and stick your tongue in other places”
“Oh my god don't say that”
Casey laughed.