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Heartbreak Hotel

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“So yeh, an American told Iida that his hand movements reminded ‘em of a young Elvis dancing, and I think he let it get to his head,” Ochako explained as she sat down to work her way out of her clunky boots at the entryway to their apartment.

“Glasses?” Katsuki asked, closing the door behind them and dumping their bags on the floor.

“Yep, Camie-chan invited Deku and I… ugh...over to the apartment for lunch, and Iida-kun was home...practicin’ the windmill in the mirror when I walked by their room,” she grunted, finally yanking one boot off and setting it gently against the wall.

“What the fuck?” Katsuki quirked, dropping down beside her.

“You’d’ve said that if you’d caught him,” she laughed, tilting her head to the side to rub her neck while eyeing her other boot.

“When I asked what he was doing, he didn’t even seem phased. He said-” and Ochako stood up then, body rigid and demeanor set in the casual pretentiousness that was more tone than attitude, just like Iida. “-I’ve been studying 1950’s American dance and music, and find it very beneficial for post-shift decompression. Camie also enjoys watching me learn. And if it pleases Camie, then I have no reason not to partake,” Ochako finished, her shoulders shaking as she gasped out in laughter, no longer able to hold the impression.

“You shoulda seen his face, Katsuki. He was burning up when he told us Camie likes to watch!”

Katsuki scoffed with a roll of his eyes, at the very least enjoying how Ochako’s Kansai affectation waxed and waned. “Like I give a shit what Four Eyes and Worm* do on their off time.”

“Oh, come on! You have to admit it’s cute! Iida’s so romantic!”

Katsuki threw his boots at the wall and Ochako raised her brows at his little bout of petulance. “That’s not romance! That’s a hobby that Camie happens to get off on.”

“No. As a person with emotional intelligence, I decree It’s romantic,” she argued, still standing, jiggling lazily out of her second boot in a way that gave Katsuki pause.

“Well I wouldn’t do it.”

“Aw, you wouldn’t dance or sing old American songs for me? Your English is so gooood though!!” She sighed, imagining his husky tone belting beautiful gibberish for her.

“You know I fuckin would if I had to.” He stood, getting in her face, “But one, you wouldn’t ask. Two, I am way more romantic and talented than Glasses will ever be. I’m already fantastic at all my hobbies. Three, in what way is knowing about Elvis ever going to be useful?”

Ochako shrugged, smiling wide at how seriously Katsuki was taking the conversation.

“I guess you wouldn’t,” she yawned, stretching and rubbing behind her head to ease her muscles. “But if you know so much, then what is romantic, aho*?” She said with a jab to his chest before turning away from him to go to their room.

Before Ochako could escape his reach, Katsuki grabbed her wrist, clicking his teeth at her playful insult. In one swift motion, he spun her into his chest, and lifted her into his arms bridal style. Slowly, he leaned in, chuckling at her slight gasp just before his lips met hers.

The way he kissed her was deep and rhythmic, like the ebb and flow of a tide. Katsuki felt her hands snake around his neck as the sound of their heavy breathing escaped from between them. He pulled away abruptly, looking over Ochako’s form in his arms as she tried to regain her breath.

“That,” Katsuki declared, happy to provide a response for this particular argument. “You know, simple shit.”

Ochako snorted. “It was mighty romantic… but you ruined it. And we gotta get ready to meet Iida and Camie,” she giggled, pecking his cheek before trying to wriggle out of his hold.

Katsuki gripped tighter, determined to prove his self appointed position as paragon of romanticism. “Nah, we got time. How about I peel this thing off of you? Massage all these places you keep rubbing?”

“Ooooh, you gonna heat them hands, mister?” Her words steeped in dialect like strong brewed tea had Katsuki's heart clenching tight.

“Hell yeah, whatever you need.”

“Ok!” Ochako bit her lip with a smile, rubbing her thighs together and scrunching up in excitement as she nodded her head exaggeratedly. With wide grins they bounded to the bedroom, their laughter and soft words echoing through the apartment.


“So it’s carnival first, then dinner?”


“Damn. I should’ve eaten after we did it.”

“So romantic,” Ochako said, rolling her eyes while Katsuki shrugged with a sharp grin.

“Anyway, we’re doing it this way ‘cause I wanted to be sensitive to Iida and Camie. In case their inner ears aren’t as good as ours.”

“Got it. Wouldn’t want Glasses to puke up a good meal near me.”

“Of course! I took extra precautions too,” she said, pulling something out of her sweater pocket.

“Oh. Those,” Katsuki stated plainly, referring to the small packet in her hands.

“Pfft, oh? I can take care of my parents because of these gummies, mister! Completely natural, healing abilities- these are awesome, sir! I am awesome!” she declared with a pump of her fist.

It was an unusual display of confidence to counteract Katsuki’s seemingly underwhelmed response.

Ochako was incredibly proud of the time and effort that went into developing the gummies with Recovery Girl. It was meant to be a side project, a way to gain an ace in the hole when she was at her quirk limit, but it turned out to be her families saving grace.

With a knowing smirk, Katsuki bent down to kiss her cheek. “I know, ‘Chako. I just like hearing you tell me how badass you are.”

Ochako puffed out a cheek, feeling simultaneously annoyed and sheepish.

“Ah, Uraraka-san, Bakugou-kun, over here!” Iida’s voice bellowed over the laughter and screams of the crowds making their way in and out of the temporary carnival grounds.

He signaled for affect, but Iida and Camie were a difficult pair to miss. One, a khaki and polo clad, muscular ball of gesturing tension and the other in a floral romper looking lithe, laidback and dangerously seductive. They contrasted each other in a way that simply worked. Camie’s subdued, but positive nature was a great counter to Iida’s more rigid and all-business attitude.

In short, they were perfect for each other.

“Iida-kun!!! Camie-chan!! I’m so excited! Are you ready to go in? We just need to pay,” Ochako explained, scanning for a ticket booth while Katsuki pulled out his wallet.

“We got you, fam. No worries,” Camie announced, holding out two wristbands for admission.

“Aw! You didn’t have to do that, but thank you so much!” Ochako bowed before taking the bands. The couple took the time to fasten the bands over each other’s wrists.

“It’s our pleasure, especially since you both paid for the last excursion,” Iida said with a nod of acknowledgement to Katsuki.

“We don’t need your charity, Iida,” Katsuki said, irritated.

Iida only smiled, seemingly happy hearing Katsuki use his real name. “And I don’t need yours either, Bakugou. This is what friends do,” he countered.

“Yeah yeah. Whatever, Elvis,” he tutted, snatching the band of Ochako’s overalls and walking ahead to the gate.

Ochako grabbed Camie’s wrist with a chuckle as she past and Camie pulled Iida, so they walked in a chain.

Iida followed along, unaffected by Katsuki’s jab. “There is no shame in my off-time activities Bakugou-kun. It’s a delightful way to de-stress. You should try it! Maybe you’d be less upset by such a simple courtesy.”

Katsuki only sneered, and gave a grunt before continuing on without comment.

”Ya know, he’s thankin’ you on the inside!” Ochako said, able to read Katsuki’s flustered state just like everyone else could. He just happened to tolerate it from her best.

The black and blonde-haired duo smiled knowingly.

“So, what are we getting on first?” Ochako asked happily as they entered through the carnival gate.

The entrance was an ostentatious display of flashing lights and loud colored paint decorating the edges. Once inside, a sea of mechanical wonders filled their sight; spinning and dipping, swinging and whirling at breakneck speeds, their bright lights blinking in all colors and patterns.

“Wow! There’s so many space themed rides, this is my kinda place!”

The lights of some of the rides beckoned Ochako like a bug to a lamp, some making patterns of planets or flying comets.

“This place is amazing!!!” She squealed, looking excitedly to Camie who nodded her head like a parent looking fondly on a child.

“You say that like you’ve never…,” Katsuki started, but looked to Ochako’s enthused expression before finishing, remembering that often her experiences were limited due to her families financial struggles. “Ah, fuck.”

“I haven’t,” Ochako sighed, but gave Katsuki a soft smile. She squeezed his hand to assure him that she was fine. “So I definitely wanna make the most of today! Can we get on that one!”

Ochako pointed to a tall tower a short distance away where a car full of riders plummeted to the ground, screaming in fright.

Iida gave a weird clipped laugh and Katsuki turned to look at him, narrowing his eyes at his engine-legged friend.

“OH! Oh! Or that one! The Evolution!” Ochako pointed, eyes dazzled by the lights of another tall ride with a circular cadre of compartments swinging high up and over like a pendulum dropping as the compartments also spun around the axis of the ride. She clenched her fists, giddy with anticipation.

Katsuki smiled wickedly, happy to see her enthusiasm. “Whatever you want, Sweet Cheeks,” he said, rubbing his hands together in anticipation.

Anything that amped up Ochako was bound to get him pumped! That also meant a pretty good night might follow.

“I’m game for whatever, as long as my man joins me,” Camie offered, side-eyeing and bumping hips with Iida, who wore a tense smile.

Ochako tilted her head curiously. “Iida? What about you?”

“Hrmm...well, since you want to make the most of the experience, you should try rides that you would have missed as a child first! And then work you way up,” Iida suggested.

“Aw! That sounds fun!”

“Tch, if we’re going kiddy, then it’s a good thing we got the wristbands and not tickets, I’d hate to waste our time,” Katsuki rolled his eyes.

“This is a lovely experience for your significant other, Bakugou-kun,” Iida practically reprimanded.

“Let’s start…” he said, looking like he was thinking extra hard. “With that one,” he suggested, pointing behind Ochako and Katsuki.

“Ti-lta wu-rl?” Ochako played with the word in her mouth. “I don't know what it means, but it looks fun! Let’s go for it!”

Ochako promptly linked her arms through Camie’s and Katsuki’s and took off toward a ride with half rounded cars spinning and bobbing up and down on a hilly circular base.

They waited in line, conversing and catching up, moving along as a horde of riders way younger than them got on the ride. When it was their turn, the four of them shared a half-apple shaped car, with a wheel in the center that allowed them to spin their car.

As the ride began, Katsuki yelled freely simply because he could and no one would give him shit for it.

Iida tensed his stomach, painting on a happy face with each dizzying spin of the cart as the entire ride spun in larger circles.

Camie laughed so hard she released a vision only for them, making it look like they were spinning, dipping and rising in and out of the clouds.

Ochako nearly cried with happiness at the way the light of the afternoon sun spun in and out of her vision, reveling in the feel of the conjured clouds and mist over her skin, and the laughter of her friends.

And the afternoon went on. From a miniature roller coaster, to rides called the Jump-and-Smile, the Monster, Star Flyer, The Octopus, The Pirate Ship, Bumper Cars, and a MadHouse, the couples slowly made their way through half of the rides at the park.

“Okay, the MadHouse was cute, but let's not do the vision thing again Camie, that freaked me out!” Ochako chuckled, a palm to her chest to track the heavy beat. The serious potential uses for Camie’s quirk weren’t lost on her.

“That wasn’t me, that was the mirrors.”

“Oh no no no, I don’t think a funhouse is suppose to talk back to you.”

Camie winked, fixing her hair as they meandered through the crowds, searching for the next ride.

“I think I’m finally ready for one of the wonky rides! Let’s go on the Orbiter!! That one looks like its the next step up!” Ochako pointed, dragging Katsuki to the fenced area of a ride with four sets of cars articulating around an appendage, going upside down, and spinning all at once like watching an astronaut train for zero-g.

“It doesn’t just go in circles, it moves all sorts of ways!”

“Oh! Uraraka, wouldn’t it be interesting to see how you fare in the Gravitron ride given your quirk?” Iida interceded, stepping in front of Ochako like a crossing guard halting traffic. “And there’s a shorter line.” He motioned to a ride that looked like a bowl that spun so fast the lights blurred into a hazy, mesmerizing, stream. She could hear screaming and laughter within.

“Uhh...okay. Sure, but after that, a big one!” She exclaimed, taking Camie by the hand and leading the way. Iida lingered, then took a step just as Katsuki swatted him across the back.

“What the hell is your problem, Four Eyes?” Katsuki asked as he watched the girls skip off, rolling his shoulders like he wanted to rumble.

“What do you mean, Bakugou?”

“I mean, why the fuck do you keep having us go on these cheap ass kiddie rides? Chako wants to go on the big stuff, but you know she also doesn’t want to do anything without you or Worm. So spill.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Cheeks should be off her fuckin’ gourd with excitement right now, but she’s not cause you keep dangling the carrot and moving it away. At first I believed your childhood recouping bullshit, but I can see it in your wincing beady eyes. Something’s freaking you out and I’ll shove a funnel cake in that engine of yours if you don't start talking.”

Never in his life did pulling out his wallet to buy deep fried sugar bread feel like such a threat, but Katsuki could chase Iida until his engines gave out. He’d do it for Ochako.

“Alright. I can see that you will be persistent as always.”

“Yeah, well, when the fuck am I anything but me?”

“It’s annoying.”


“There’s no engineers.”


“Engineers. All the rides are incredibly complex machines, and I see that the only people at the rides are the operators. I don’t think it’s a stretch to think they don’t completely know how these rides operate or are made. So how can they be expected to know everything necessary to their maintenance?”

“Wait. What? You’re...afraid the carnies aren’t taking care of the rides?”


“You’re a hero.”

“I never said my fear was rational.”

Katsuki looked at Iida in what could only be construed as disgust. Iida stared right back in irritation.

“Come on you two!! The lines moving!!!” Ochako shouted a short ways from them.

Katsuki clapped a hot hand onto Iida’s shoulder and sighed, letting it simmer in mockery. “Welp, you’re probably right. These things are old as fuck…”

“That’s...not helpful, Bakugou-kun,” Iida stated, shooing away Katsuki’s hand before it could gain it’s furnace like glow.

“I know.” Katsuki grinned mischievously, kicking dirt at Iida before jogging toward Ochako and Camie.

“Yo, Worm! Glasses wants to get on the Zipper after this, so let's hurry this shit up!”

“Uh! Bakugou-kun, wait-“

“Yes! Finally, I’ve been dyin’ to go on something intense!” Camie interrupted Iida, rubbing her hands together in anticipation.

“And I brought some gummies for you both, in case you’re worried about nausea or anything like that! It didn’t really feel like we needed ‘em before since the rides were so easy! But this looks fast!”

“Nah, we’re good,” Camie said, prompting Ochako to put the medicine away before Iida could accept.

Before they knew it, they were loading into the drumlike container of the Gravitron, greeted by blue and pink lights fading in and out and the operator at the center, playing low volume electronic music.

They lined up along the inner wall, Ochako beside Camie, followed by Iida and then Katsuki, waiting for it to begin.

“There’s no straps?” Ochako asked loudly, looking around at the wall behind her friends and the other riders. A simple metal handle adorned the between space of each wall panel they rested against.

“Nah, just wait,” Katsuki hollered over the whir before looking to Iida who seemed just as nervous as he had been with every other ride before this, no matter how mild.

“And so we begin dearest patrons, please remember to keep your hands and feet to yourself, hold on tight, and whatever you do, once things get going, don’t. look. down,” the operator declared ominously before turning up the music, and flipping a switch.

The ride began to spin and the lights started to strobe. Iida imagined the ride would be tolerable. It stayed on the ground for goodness sake. But, where Ochako had no experience on the rides because she lacked the privilege, Iida had no experience with the rides because he’d purposely avoided them.

And maybe, just maybe, this one was a step too far from his comfort zone.

“Whooooaa!” Ochako said as the ride gained speed. Whirling and whirling, faster and faster, the tempo of the music jumped to match the speed.

Iida held back a groan as the force of the ride pushed his head into the wall, and Camie turned to him with a wink, giggling happily as the sensations of the ride took over. In another setting, that smile and wink could save any man from a multitude of demises. But not here, not today. Not on The Gravitron.

He couldn’t move! And he wanted off!

The ride spun dizzyingly enough that the group could no longer make out the operator in the center, only the haze of blinking lights.

“I...I’m stuck! I can barely move anything!” Ochako shouted happily, head craned in the direction of the others. “KATSUKI! THIS IS SOO FAST!!!”

“Chako, Glasses! Look down!” Katsuki grinned sadistically, motioning with his hand, slowly trying to tilt his head down.

Iida nodded his head, eager to remain ignorant of how the ride functioned as he grunted past the churning in his belly.

Ochako managed to unstick her head just enough to sneak a peek of the floor.


“Iida! Look! The floor is gone!!” Ochako laughed. “Woooo!”

Katsuki chuckled evilly beside Iida.

The new information was enough to make every imaginable peril that could befall them in the small cylinder of doom hit Iida at once.

“I-I-I’m…” Iida gagged. “I’m fine! Thank…” he gagged again. “Thank you Uraraka-san!!”

“Aw babe! I wish I could help!” Camie consoled over all the noise, reaching to grab on to Iida’s hand.

After just a few minutes, the ride began to slow and the floor came back before Iida could panic about what they’d do if it slowed too quickly and they were all minced up in the mechanical bowels of the machine.

“That was intense! You were right Iida, that was super interesting. I’m going to have to think about the science of it before I try to activate my quirk in there,” Ochako huffed, out of breath from the experience, wobbling out of the ride behind everyone.

“Eh, ya did great Elvis!” Katsuki chuckled with a slap on Iida’s back as he let man step ahead of him.

Katsuki and Camie seemed utterly unaffected, both looking as cool and collected as they had when they walked in.

Iida stayed silent, legs shaking as he stumbled past Katsuki. He kept going, out the tiny gated fence surrounding the ride, over a pile of electrical cables and into a nearby bush behind the ride where he stopped, bent over and vomited.

“Oh my gosh! Iida!”

“Whoa, babe, that’s hella grody.”

“Hahahahahahahahaha!” Katsuki cackled, enjoying himself far more than he should.

“Katsuki!” Ochako admonished, digging into her sweater pocket. “Here, make sure he takes one of the gummies, he’ll recover from this like it’s nothing, but he’ll need some water, and maybe something else sweet or fatty to go with it. I’ll be right back!” Ochako directed, placing the package in Katsuki’s hand with a peck on the cheek before she turned to go find a concession stand.

“Hey, grab me a funnel cake!” Katsuki yelled behind him, tearing open the package of gummies.

“Please?” She shot back.

“Ugh. Please.”

“Kay!” Ochako giggled.

“Here nerd, just take one. I’m pretty sure two would have you flyin’ a little too high,” Katsuki handed over a gummie, face in a sneer at Iida’s perceived weakness.

“Oh wow, I forgot Chako-chan made these! So we can totally go on the bigger rides now?!” Camie suggested, motioning to see the package so she could read the back.

Iida wretched once more at the thought.



“Alright, two funnel cakes, and two large waters, that’ll be 3,300 yen,” said the vendor, putting a hand out in wait. It hurt Ochako’s soul to hand over that much money. But Katsuki wanted funnel cake and Iida needed something in his belly.

“No wonder no one’s buying anything,” she mumbled, opening up her bank book, sliding some bills out of the protective pocket, and handing them over. She just had to think of it like saving people. “Just with food,” she sighed, looking around at the short line of people behind her.

“It’ll be ready in a few minutes,” he waved. “Next.”

“Thank you so much!”

She scooted over and pulled a pen from her tiny purse and laid her bank book flat on her hand. “Thirty...three...hundred,” she said with concentration, writing in the “spent” category. Then she put away the book and watched from the side as the vendor fried up a round of cakes, and other patrons milled about here and there.

“Chako!?” Came the distant yell of her name. She spun around and saw Katsuki waving, walking slowly toward with Camie, Iida lagging behind a distance away, back near the ride.

“Be right there!” She hollered as loud as she could, waving back as passersby stared. She bounced on the balls of her feet as the vendor finished peppering confectioners sugar onto the fresh fried dough.

“Here you go miss.”

“Thank you so much,” she said, taking the stacked cakes and carrier of waters.

When she turned, a man in a coat and long bell bottom pants, an odd sight on this warm spring evening, stood between her and the others, who she could see still a short ways from the concessions.

“Oh, ‘scuse me,” she said, trying to go around.

“Funky Town!” The man exclaimed without warning, opening his coat and wagging his hands with spirit.

Though there was nothing out of the ordinary about what he revealed, Ochako jumped back with a clipped yelp nonetheless. Other customers walked away quickly, startled by the man’s behavior as he began to gyrate his hips rather erotically, bobbing his head to a tune only he could hear.

Time seemed to stretch.

Ochako stood mesmerized. Somewhere she could hear the sound of her name and a boom before everything seemed to fall away. Then, as quick as he appeared, the man closed his coat and ran off with a laugh.




Iida was the first to reach her, his speed being that much greater than Katsuki’s and the fog seemed to clear at the sight of his face.


“Are you alright?” Iida asked.

“Chako! What the hell was that? Did that guy just flash you?!” Katsuki asked, pulling her into him for a hug.

But she didn’t look at him. Didn’t even notice him as she dropped the contents of her arms, and turned away from him, smoothly dipping out of his grasp.

“Oh, Iida-kun!” Ochako sighed, falling into Iida’s arms instead, wrapping hers around him tight and nuzzling into his chest.

“What the…!” Katsuki gaped, taking a step back. Ochako would never waste food like that.

Even worse, the sight of her in someone else’s arms, not just anyone’s even, but a close friend’s arms, clearly offering and seeking intimate affection, winded him hard. He didn’t know what to do.


“Weird,” Camie said, standing next to him with her head tilted, intrigued, her blonde locks cascaded like a banner.

“ happening?” Iida said, confused, his earlier nausea and fear all, but forgotten as he looked to Katsuki and Camie for answers. “Help?”

“Iida-kun, I’ve had such a great day! I’m ready to go home now! Will you take me?” Ochako requested suggestively, latching on to his arm in attempt to pull him away.

“Chako. I’m right here,” Katsuki waved, stepping closer to her, shoving his hand in her face. But she ignored him, eyes glazed and only for Iida.

“Chako-chan? Hey, can I give you a hug too?”

Again, nothing, Ochako grunted, pulling on Iida’s arm.

“Come on Cheeks, seriously, what the fuck happened? What did that guy do to you?!” Katsuki demanded, grabbing Ochako by the shoulders.

Without a word, Ochako’s hand came up in a five finger tap, and pushed Katsuki gently out of the way. He floated up.

“What the fuck!?” Camie snatched his leg, holding him by the cuff of his pants.

“Ha! Oh shit, she’s like, brainwashed.”


“Babe, talk to her.”

“Uh...Uraraka…” Iida started, gently guiding Ochako’s hands away from him and pushing her away.


“That man, did he... do anything to you? Are you hurt?”

“No, I’m fine. He just showed me his pants and did a weird dance,” She said, rocking her hips provocatively, face scrunched in seriousness.

Still holding Katsuki like a balloon, Camie couldn’t stop the cackle of laughter from slipping past her lips at the way Ochako moved, clearly uninhibited to some degree.

“I’m sorry, but she looks cute af,” she gasped, clutching her stomach.

“The hell? Some sorta hip hypnosis bullshit or what?” Katsuki added.

“Must have been his quirk,” Iida said, examining Ochako’s eyes while she stared intensely into his, still moving her hips. Her pupils were blown wide, yawning over her irises like the shadow of the earth eclipsing the moon.

“Uraraka, you can stop now. Please release your quirk.”

“Oh, right!” She stood still, putting her hands together, leaning toward Iida again. Katsuki dropped, landing with the grace of a cat.

“So, if you don’t wanna leave yet, wanna get on another ride?” She asked cheerily, still neglecting Katsuki and Camie’s presence.

“Uraraka, can you hear Bakugou?”

“Bakugou who?”

“ARGH!” Katsuki growled, pivoting on his feet while running his hands through his hair, a trapped feeling starting to pool in his chest. He fought the urge to plop on the dirt and scream, long past the days of throwing complete hissy fits in public.

“She seems alright, just in love-love with Tenya. May be the quirk,” Camie snickered, although she had the sense to be apologetic about it.

“This isn’t funny,” Katsuki sneered.

“I feel you Bakubro, but bet, this’ll be a day we look back on and laugh at when we’re old and gray., next week cause I’m dyin’,” She snorted back a laugh, approaching Ochako cautiously, slowly taking her hand.

Ochako didn’t react.

“Looks like we should get to the hospital,” Iida suggested.

“The hospital? No, no. I’m fine Iida-kun, honest. I just wanna spend time with you. But if you want me to go, I’ll do whatever you want. Anything you want, if we can go on one more ride,” she pleaded suggestively, putting on puppy dog eyes accentuated further by the hollow look in her eyes.

It was creepy.

“Sounds like less fuss if you ask me. We could get on the Zipper like you said before we go, and then she’ll follow us to Quirk Reversal.” Camie nodded, for the most part, unconcerned.

“If she floated Bakubro, she’ll fight us if it isn’t you leading.”

“I can take her,” Bakugou said, cracking his knuckles, still unhappy with the situation, but always itching to go at it with Ochako.

“No, she doesn’t seem to be in control, Bakugou-kun. She doesn’t recognize you and may actually try to hurt you.”

“Eh! You saying me and my girl don’t fight serious already!?”

“Uh...I didn’t mean to…”

“Iida-kun? One more, please, or I’ll stay here until you carry me home in your arms!”

“Like hell!” Katsuki attempted to get between the two, squaring off to Iida like that was the cause of the issue. Camie yanked him back, looking deadly serious.

“Calm down, fam.I’ll take you on if you start something right now. This isn’t Tenya’s fault. Let’s just chill,” she let out cooly, meeting Katsuki’s challenging stare with a raised brow before eyeing Iida. “Babe, what’s it gonna be?”

“Uh...well, I couldn’t hurt…” Iida eyed Ochako then the ride, then back to Camie and his nerves set alight once more. Though the healing gummy did wonders for his stomach, it didn’t take away the fear. But he certainly didn’t want to cause anymore of a commotion here, or wreck anything if Ochako refused to go.

This seemed the path of least resistance to getting safely to Quirk Reversal, and still end the night in a relatively tame way.

“O..kay. Of course, one...ride.”

“YES!” Ochako and Camie shouted together. It seemed Ochako somewhat noticed Camie, but perhaps because they were in agreement.

“Let’s go!” Katsuki rolled his eyes, seething with frustration while Iida tried to figure out how he’d survive.

Once again, as the sun began its gradual descent in the sky, the now disjointed couples walked to one last ride. The Zipper loomed large in their view and as they got into line, while Ochako hummed happily beside him, her arm linked in his, Iida’s anxiety piqued.

“Hey sweetness,” Camie interrupted his thoughts, lips at his ear as she held him from behind. Ochako appeared unbothered. “I promise, I’ve got more than just visions waiting for you after this. A nice dose of Iida and Camie reality will be the best medicine after a day like this, ya think?” She kissed lightly along his jaw, turning his head to catch his lips, lingering softly in comfort before pulling away and stepping back to stand with Katsuki, who scoffed at the display.

Ochako remained passive, like a puppeteer had stopped moving her strings.

“Memories Bakubro. Memories,” Camie nudged reassuringly.

“Yeh, well, your person’s not in love with your friend right now.”

“Ah, so, what I hear is, Tenya is your friend. Got it. Stress brings out your soft side. ”

“I’m not fuckin’ stressed,” He argued, moving up in the line, looking at the back of Ochako’s head as it rested against a clearly nervous Iida.

“But you are soft. I’ll keep it on the DL.”

“Shut up.”

“Breathe, Bakubro. I mean she’s right here, we’ll fix this. No worries.”

“What a lovely couple! Have a seat,” they heard the operator say to Iida and Ochako while guiding them into a blue colored car to buckle them in and brief them on safety. Katsuki ground his teeth.

“Bro, the cars aren’t too far apart! I bet we’ll be able to talk to them while we ride.”

“You’ve never been on the Zipper before, have you.”

“Nope,” Camie pursed her full lips in thought, touching a finger to her cheek as the operator came to guide them to the next car.


“Uraraka-san, I’m afraid I’ve been dishonest with you today,” Iida started to confess as a form of distraction from the ride as the car lurched to a stop, swaying back and forth as the car behind them loaded.


“I’m afraid of rides, I think they’re unsafe and a negligence suit waiting to happen,” he stated clearly in his normal blaring tone.

“Oh, I understand. I don’t care. You can sing to me to make up for it!” Uraraka requested, staring blankly, eyelids fluttering mechanically like a doll as she leaned against his arm.

“She doesn’t understand!! Please don’t fucking sing!” Iida heard Katsuki yell with a groan from directly below them as the ride moved again, raising them higher. Iida’s hairs stood on end.

“Are you listening!?”

“Bet! We’re right here, babe! I got your back! Go ahead and sing, I bet it’ll help distract you! Do that one song, with the voice! You know I love it!” Camie hollered back.

Ochako cocked her head with interest, still seemingly unable to hear or see anything apart from Iida.

The ride lurched to a halt again, and Iida’s breathing hitched, heart racing as he realized there was no going back now. Even if he could get off, the ride would need to move forward to get him back to the ground.

“Of course. Yes. I can sing. Singing...uhh...the song,” he breathed out heavy.

Ochako clapped gleefully, happy to have a wish granted. “Sing!” she giggled.

“Wooo! Yas babe!”

“Please don’t!”

If anything, from Iida’s perspective, it would be nice to spite his explosive friend. That was confidence granting to a degree. He could do this.

Iida cleared his throat, trying to block out the swaying, starting, and stopping as the ride climbed to let new riders on.

“Well, since my baby left me…” Iida moved his hands in a rhythmic jerking motion.

“Woooooo!!” Camie screamed from below. “Sing it, love!”

Iida’s cheeks ignited and the car lurched, swinging hard as Ochako started to rock the car.

Iida grimaced, looking up, desperate to ignore the sensation and the skyline that creeped into view as they rose higher.

“Well, I found a new place to dwell…”

“Well, it's down at the end of Lonely Street”


“At...Heartbreak Hotel”


“Where I'll be--where I get so lonely, baby”

“Iida!” Ochako laughed, looking around like she was waking from a restful sleep.

“Where are we?! Why are you...singing?!” She sputtered loud, looking out the metal mesh caging of the compartment surrounding them as it reached a peak above the park grounds.

“Chako! You awake?!”

“Well, I'm so lonely baby…” Iida gulped in his imitative Elvis affectation.

“Yeah, but Iida’s singing and he looks like he needs to poop,” she sputtered, unsure of what to do. Camie laughed riotously and Ochako could barely see their compartment swaying below.

The ride had been paused a little too long for comfort.

“You’re killin’ it Bae!”

Rickety metal squeaked to life as Iida felt the compartment start to drop.

“I get so lonely…”, Iida swallowed, bracing himself against the lap restraint. And they swung hard, “I get so lonely, I could diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeee!!!!” He screamed while Ochako guffawed, absolutely tickled as the ride plummeted down and around until the compartment was upside down.

Camie and Ochako whooped and hollered for the whole ride, Iida barely maintained his sanity and Katsuki simply smiled the whole way through, ready to be done to get to Ochako.

Despite the twirling and whirling of the ride, Katsuki focused on nothing else, but the sound of Ochako’s laughter, even over Iida’s screams, above everything else.


“You’re a lucky one dear, this perp has been quirk flashing people for almost two weeks now. We learned the cure after one of the patients spouses came in crying and begging for her to come back. She was so desperate, she sang a song about how it was tearing her up inside and the woman snapped out of it. It was like a damn musical miracle, I swear.” The nurse said, checking and signing boxes on Ochako’s chart.

“But you’re clear to go, there’s no sign of quirk interference or abnormalities in brain function and vitals. Once you’re dressed, just leave the gown on the bed then you’re free to go. Take care, dears.”

“So that’s why I woke up! It wasn’t that Iida was singing, it was a song about heartbreak!”

“For real, for real? Is that what the song is about Tenya? It feels though,”Camie thought out loud, suddenly very confused by the rhythm and bass of the song.

“Well, I don’t understand all the words myself, but it’s titled Heartbreak Hotel, so I assumed. But Elvis was considered a sex symbol of his age, so I imagine the song has intentionally seductive qualities as well.”

Suddenly, Ochako turned to Katsuki, who’d been sitting at the foot of her bed, listening since the nurse had asked all her questions and did her thing.

Ochako's face morphed into a smug grin, cheeks plump and eyes hyper focused on him.

“Eh!? What?!” The expression remained, but she slowly revealed her teeth, cheeks getting rounder and eyes squinting in the process.

“Your cuteness doesn’t intimidate me. Spit it the hell out.” It was a lie, the stare plus her cheeks made Katsuki want to do ridiculous, sappy shit while he squeezed her.

“You said Iida’s hobby wasn’t useful. You said Elvis didn’t matter.”

“Newsflash Cheeks, any old lost-love song woulda worked. Either way, how the hell was I supposed to know 250 fucking years later Elvis would be useful for something today?”

“You owe Iida!” She sing-songed, ignoring his comments.

“It’s quite alright, Uraraka, I’m used to Bakugou-kun’s teasing. I don’t take it personally, but I will concede, it was all a coincidence. We really were fortunate.”

“Actually, Iida-kun, I should apologize and say thank you, to you and Camie-chan! I attacked you with love! And that was very inappropriate, I hope I didn’t make you too uncomfortable, or cause either of you any pain.”

“It’s not a problem at all, Uraraka. We’re just happy you’re okay now.”

“Yeah, no worries Chako-chan! This house is rock-solid.” Camie said, nuzzling into Iida’s side. Iida placed a hand beneath Camie's chin, tilting it up to kiss her nice and good in reassurance.

“I’m still fucking here.” Katsuki sat with arms crossed, upset at not being considered. Maybe Iida and Camie were fine, but he still had the image of Ochako jumping into Iida’s arms on replay. Not to mention the nightmare of watching her crumple to the ground as soon as she stepped foot on the ground after the last ride.

“Aw, Katsuki, I apologize for being inconsiderate,” Ochako lamented, getting out of bed to get closer to him. “I can’t imagine how much it must’ve hurt you. I hope you know that wasn’t me. I love you so much,” she finished, sliding her arms beneath his to hold him tight.

His heart pounded, about ready to burst in relief as he wrapped his arms around her shoulders and pressed a kiss to her lips. It was the first he’d touched her since she’d passed out and Iida had run with her to the hospital. They’d been foolish to wait. He worried the whole way following them. But he couldn’t stay upset. Ochako was always so considerate.

“Aw, cute af!” Camie cooed as Katsuki held Ochako tight, burying his face into her neck. Now that everything was fine, he just wanted Glasses and Worm gone.

“ hand…”


“...take my whole life too,”


“..for I...can’ in love with you.”

“Shut the hell up Glasses.” Katsuki abruptly stood, pulling Ochako along in his arms and grabbed her things, eyeing Iida with disdain for the billionth time in a day.

“Let’s get outta here, Chako, before I get this shit stuck in my head.”