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When she had looked over the counter earlier that day and saw him there, she had almost dropped the pot of coffee she was holding with a sudden jolt. It wasn’t that she was surprised to see him sitting there, looking like a damn vision, holding flowers she knew were for her with an incredible, sheepish smile on his face. She hadn’t been expecting him but it’s not like he didn’t stop by all the time, even if it was just for a quick cup of coffee (a move he used to bring her a bouquet of flowers or her favorite candy bar, or a note that was scrawled just for her left with money left on the counter).

So no, when she’d turned around earlier that day and almost dropped that pot, it hadn’t been surprise to see him. It was the fact that suddenly she knew, without a single doubt in her mind, that she was in love with this man in a way that she’d never loved anyone before him. For a minute, she’d been dying to run again. The fact was that what she had with him wasn’t a thing that she thought was real. People say that you just “know” when the someone is the love of your life, when someone is your forever. She’d never really bought into it. Yet the knowledge had come to her with perfect clarity, glaringly obvious now that her heart and her brain had managed to meet in the middle. 

So, yes, maybe she had put extra thought into how she dressed tonight when their only plans were to sit together on the couch and read their own books, and eat's just that now that she knew how she felt for certain, she wanted to tell him. Immediately. She wanted him to feel as loved as he always made her feel, to know that there wasn’t a single force in the universe that could keep them apart.  

The song changed on the stereo and she nudged his leg with her foot, waiting for him to look up at her. She gave him a small smile when he raised his head and swallowing down a little bundle of nerves that was rose up in the back of her throat, unwarranted but still there. She watches his brow furrow, clearly thinking this was going to be a different conversation, and she moves over on the couch, sitting closer to him, his hand grasped in hers and just looks at him for a moment, enjoying the butterfly frenzy occurring in her stomach, and listens to the lyrics coming out of the speaker. 

“I was just coastin’/Never really goin’ anywhere/Caught up in a web I was gettin’ kinda used to stayin’ there/And out of the blue I fell for you ”

She smiles a little bit at that last part, and the words just come tumbling out of her mouth. She had been planning on saying something more romantic, something deeper, something that would impress the writer in him, but watching the grin that appeared on his face, she knew that none of that had been needed. The three little words had been enough. 

“You do?” he asks, finding his voice, reaching out and touching the side of her face. She nuzzles into his hand greedily, always wanting to be closer. 

“So much,” she responds, looking him in the eye and knowing he can feel it, the emotion she’s putting into these words. “More than I knew was possible,” she adds honestly. 

“Now you’re lifting me up, instead of holding me down/Stealing my heart instead of stealing my crown/Untangled the strings around my wings that were tied/I didn’t know him and I didn’t know me/Cloud nine was always out of reach/Now I remember what it feels like to fly/You give me butterflies”

He leans in towards her and their lips meet, his body leaning over hers, covering every sense that she has, and she wonders if the butterflies will ever stop. He’s touched her a thousand times, she’s had him inside of her, and yet the butterflies always showed up. They always would make their way up to reach him as he ran a hand through her hair, were always there to reach him as she melted underneath him, were there as his fingers reached for the hem of her shirt and dipped underneath, caressing the skin that she wants to be touched by him and him only. They butterflies are there, feeling like they're bursting out of her skin when he finishes pulling off her shirt and lets his shirt follow it to the floor, as they’re there skin to skin with her breath stuttering as she pulls him closer with her legs, wanting to feel him everywhere. 

“Kiss full of color makes me wonder where you’ve always been/I was hiding in doubt ’til you brought me out of my chrysalis/And I came out new/All because of you” 

Right now, they butterflies are there as he’s kissing her neck but as much as that’s usually a spot that drives her insane, right now she wants his mouth on hers, so she pulls his lips to meet hers as she undoes the button of his pants, sick of having any kind of layer at all between them. He catches on immediately and undoes her pants, while her hand rests on his heart, feeling the jackhammering underneath her palm. His eyes are looking in hers and she’s caught in how beautiful the moment is, here with this beautiful man, who touches her with such reverence and such want. 

“Now you’re lifting me up instead of holding me down/Stealing my heart instead of stealing my crown/Untangled all the strings that were tied/I didn’t know him and I didn’t know me/Cloud nine was always out of reach/Now I remember what it feels like to fly/You give me butterflies, yeah/You give me butterflies”

Her thighs fall open and he enters her slowly, but she rises up to meet him, pushing at the back of his thighs with her heels and urging him to move faster. She wants to feel him there tonight, tomorrow, next week. She wants there to be nothing else in her thoughts except for how they feel when they’re one unit. She kisses his shoulder and leaves a trail of open-mouthed kisses up to his ear where she pulls the lobe between her teeth and listens to the hiss that comes out of his mouth as his pace gets faster, both of their bodies climbing in search of release. 

She whispers “I love you so damn much, Max Evans” in his ear and that’s it for him, he’s over the edge, and the fact that that’s what did it for him sends her following right after him, crying out at how sharp everything feels. 

“Now you’re lifting me up instead of holding me down/You’re taking my hand instead of taking my crown/Untangled all the strings ‘round my wings that were tied/I didn’t know him and I didn’t know me/Cloud nine was always out of reach/Now I remember what it feels like to fly/You give me butterflies/You give me butterflies/Ooh, ooh, mhm” 

She slowly comes back into her body, feeling very well spent, in a spot that her body had curled up in next to him of it's own accord. He holds her, stroking her back with his thumb, a rhythmic movement. She closes her eyes again and lets herself enjoy the moment. Eventually, they’re going to have to get up and move off this couch but for now, she drifts off, curled up tight against him, feeling a deep set contentment she's never before known.