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Bucky’s back hit the bookcase behind him hard enough to make him hiss in pain, a few of the books on the thing tumbling down around him as Steve pinned him to the thing with a fist wrapped around the collar of his uniform.

“You fucking idiot….you could have been killed, what is wrong with you, disobeying my orders like that, charging in.” The blondes growls in his face, lips nearly touching the brunette’s.

Bucky glares right back, “How about, don’t give me stupid fucking orders and I wont have to break them, captain.” He growls right back, not in the mood for this shit, but knowing where it’s going to lead….IS something he wants.

“Oh fuck you Barnes!” Steve jabs a a finger in his chest non to gently with his other hand. 

Bucky merely raises a eyebrow at him, knowing his silence will only rile Steve up more and….Steve was so pretty when he was angry. The blonde is panting and huffing like he’s just been running for miles as he takes in Bucky silently himself.

When Steve goes to man handle him again, Bucky turns the tables and gets a good grip on Steve thanks to his metal arm and spins them around, shoving Steve up against the bookcase now, nearly breaking it in two from the force of the shove.

“I think you need to give better orders Rogers!”

If possible Steve’s frown deepens, “Don’t call me that, that’s not my last name no more asshole.”

That earns Steve a smirk from his husband, “No it’s not.”

The smirk vanishes when Steve bodily tackles him onto his back, putting his full body weight on Bucky, “Not a very good SIC are you?” Steve grumbles down at him, pinning the brunette’s wrist above his head onto the hard wood floor.

“A good SIC tells you when your orders are dumb as fuck, asshat.”

Steve fights back a smirk at the nickname as he grinds his hips down onto Bucky’s, “Maybe this asshat knows best huh?” He whispers leaning further down towards Bucky.

The brunette rolls his eyes before rolling his hips up into Steve’s, brushing both of their hard cocks together behind their pants, “This asshat better take care of that before I do.”

“Oh is that so?” Steve ask and now that smirk breaks free, peering down at the brunette all smug knowing he has Bucky right where he wants to be.

The brunette narrows his eyes up at Steve, “I’ll punch you in the dick I swear to god.” He growls.

Steve throws his head back laughing at that before leaning down and fucking his tongue into Bucky’s waiting and eager mouth, “I’ll give you what I want to give you baby and nothing more.” Steve whispers into his mouth before claiming his lips again and god does that really do it for him….Steve taking what he wants…giving himself to Steve like that.

By the time Steve is inside him, he swears it’s been hours by now, but dam if it’s not so fucking good, Steve with his hand on the back of Bucky’s neck holding him down onto the mattress as he fucks into him from behind, slowly rolling those beautiful hips of his into Bucky’s ass.

When Steve finally leans down and covers Bucky with his whole body, intertwining their fingers above Bucky’s head, he starts fucking him so hard, the brunette can’t do anything but moan and scream, he bites into the pillow, but it does nothing really to silence him, Steve’s cock is just to good…Bucky can’t quiet himself no matter how much he tries.

The force in which the blonde fucks into him is almost mean and Bucky fucking loves it, means he’s gonna feel this for days.