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“Hey will you stop hitting me.” Steve complains for what feels like the 8th time today. Looking down at the stupid goat who Bucky loves most, but clearly the thing hates Steve the most.

Grumbling he takes off for the river, wanting to cool down after helping Bucky do chores all day. He’s down to his simple boxer briefs when the dam goat bleats at him and proceeds to grab his shirt, his favorite shirt and runs off with it.


Steve chases the dam thing for a few minutes before he hears laughing, he stops and looks to the hut where Bucky comes out of with some towels. He looks beyond amused.

Steve turns and glares at the goat eating his shirt and grabs whats left of it, starting a tug of war with the fucking animal now.

“Give it back!” He growls.

The goat bleats refusing and Bucky…..laughs so hard, he has to hold his stomach from it.

“Thanks for the help sweetheart.” Steve mumbles under his breath, finally getting the shirt back and he pouts looking at the damage done to it.

Bucky finally comes over to him and laughs softly before whispering in his ear, “I’ll buy my best guy another one ok?”

With a deep sigh Steve turns his head towards him, “You better.” and then kisses him sweetly.