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You have been neighbors with Barnes and Rogers for some time now, you have had a crush on them for almost that whole time as well. It had been a embarrassing day a few weeks ago when they not only found out about said crush, but also let you in on a little secret of their own.

They had a crush on you as well.

Now…your looking at them with their big puppy dog eyes and it really isn’t fair how they look like two over grown dogs when they silently beg like this.

“I don’t know…” You trail off eyeing the lake again.

“Please sweetheart?” Steve whispers, like there’s even a need to be quiet out in the middle of nowhere.

“Please doll?” Bucky add’s on and boy oh boy this just isn’t fair at all.

“Fine.” You sigh as you start to take off your clothes, secretly your thrilled about this.

The water feels divine on your over worked heated skin. The added bonus of being naked just adding to it. You hear splashes behind you and tread water gently as you watch them slowly swim over to you with not a lick of clothing on either. It’s thrilling and exciting and a bit nerve wracking, but the good kind, the kind you want more of.

“So…what was your plan once you got me out here boys?”

They look to each other before looking to you, “We didn’t actually think the plan would work.” They both laugh at that and you join in.

“Well it did so….now what?” You tease, splashing some water at them.

They both give you mock surprise faces at that before, “Oh I can think of a few things.” Steve growls playfully, splashing you back so hard it’s like getting splashed by a wave.

You hold your breath and then wipe the water from your face laughing and looking around for them, they keep swimming just close enough to touch and then swim away, but you do get them a few times with some splashes of water if nothing else.

The game goes on for awhile before it turns into a game of marco polo. You’ve been it for awhile now and you swear you had been so close at one point, it’s only when you yell marco and suddenly Bucky is right there whispering in your ear, “Polo.” that you startle before finding his arm and grabbing on, “Got you.” You yell.

His laugh is music to your ears, “You got me dollface, but where could our fella be?”

You blush at his words, liking the sound of ‘our.’

Steve answers that question for you by suddenly appearing by your other ear whispering, “ Ici chérie.” In french. You don’t know what the words mean, but you find you love the cadence of the words, the way they sound in his voice.

“Got you.” You say breathlessly as you find his arm and grab hold, much like Bucky.

When they both move in and hug you, you hug back as you feel both of them kiss over parts of your body worshiping your skin with their lips.

“You got us.” Bucky whispers.