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Bucky brushes his hand over his boys hair, caressing and petting the soft curls as he holds him close kissing him softly, gently. There legs around each other as they sit in there room, it’s three am but neither of them could sleep.

Bucky begins trailing his fingers down his boys back making him break out in goose bumps. His lips move to his cheeks, his forehead, his shoulders. “Mmmmm my baby smells good….mmm and kitten feels so soft.” He whispers into his boy’s neck nibbling on the skin there.

“Oh daddy…” his baby presses his face into Buckys neck totally relaxed and pliant.

Bucky leans them back until his boy lays under him on the bed, his boy looks up at him with eyes half lidded biting his bottom lip. Bucky sighs fondly and leans down and resumes there making him. Not hurrying, not rushing, just enjoying each other.

His boys tiny whimpers and moans and sighs spurring Bucky on to keep making him make those sounds. Their tongues deep in each other's mouths, their legs tangle together and he once again wraps all of himself around his boy who eats it up. “Daddy….daddy will you fuck me?” He whispers once they come up for air. He gently bites his daddy’s neck. Bucky groans from the bite and his words. “Of course kitten, roll over for me.”

He gives him room to roll over then he spends the next few minutes stretching him open with his lubed up fingers. He goes slow, teases his boy the whole time who whines down into the blankets and tries bucking back into his fingers only to get his ass smacked for doing so. “Mmm what a naughty kitty, I control the pace baby boy not you.”

His boy whines more, but doesn’t buck up into his fingers. Once he feels he is stretched open enough he lazily lubes up his hard cock, he crawls on top of his boy and slowly pushes into him, “Always so tight for me kitten.” He groans into the back of his boys neck.

Once he is fully seated inside of him he stretches out over his boy’s back and tangles there legs together and intertwines their fingers together above Nate’s head as his hips start a slow pace inside his boy. The pace isn’t fast, but it’s deep and his boy can’t keep quiet below him.

“Daddy….daddy…..daddy….” His kitten moans over and over again burying his face in the sheets as Bucky buries his face in his boys neck kissing over the skin before nibbling on the soft skin there. His hips keep thrusting slow and deep, pressing up against his boys cute little ass.

“You’re the best boy, always the best for me, takes care of daddy so well, makes me feel so loved and needed, mmmmm baby boy…..I love you so much.” He gruffly whispers before sucking on the sweet spot on his boys neck that drives him crazy.

“D...daddy I love you too, I’ll do anything to make you happy.” His boy replies turning his head to the side to get a kiss from Bucky who hungrily gives him one. “I know baby, I know.” He replies after they part.

They don’t keep track of time, they keep everything slow and sensual, but by the time they're both coming it’s been well over a hour. Bucky just turns them to lay on their sides as he pulls out of his boy, they fall asleep just like that, snuggled close.