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“Hey baby, could you get my back for me, I can’t reach all the spots I need too, don’t wanna burn ya know?”

You look up from your book in the lounger next to your boyfriend, your eyes narrow at him behind your sun glasses. The tone of his voice is what makes you study him for a second, deeper, lower, you know that tone, but put down your book and move over to him as asked, “Sure sweetie.” You finally reply.

You make sure to get the sun screen all over his back, covering all his beautiful skin before hooking your chin on his shoulder and kissing his stubbly cheek, “Get mine now?”

He smiles against your lips before you pull away and turn around for him, not even waiting for a answer, “Sure doll.” Is his late reply.

His hands feel wonderful as they glide over your bare back, he makes sure to cover your neck as well, leaving no skin unprotected, soon enough though, he scoots closer and your thankful you guys have a small cabana all to yourselves because when his hands slide around to your nipples, you gasp softly and arch into his hands.

“Opps my hands slipped honey.” His mouth right by your ear.

You laugh softly, “Liar.”

“Mmmmmm maybe.” He whispers as he starts playing with your nipples again, pinching them, even pulling them slightly.

At some point your head leans back against his shoulder as you let him do as he pleases, your soft moans just for him.

“Atât de frumos pentru mine.” His accent slipping in enough with his words to make you whine softly.

“Don’t worry baby, i’ll take care of you.” He promises and you know he will.