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See, over the years Steve has watched Bucky get all blushy and shy when someone says anything even remotely nice or compliments him. Steve has been eating up how Bucky gets for years, first he had to be more careful of not giving too much away, they hid their relationship for years, but now it was 2019 and they no longer hid it.

Now it was in the open and now when someone makes Bucky blush like that, Steve teases him for it right then and there, something the other man loves but it only makes him blush more. Steve can’t help, but just find it so fucking cute.

However there is something else Bucky gets from Steve when this happens, when other people say all sorts of sweet things to Bucky and he gets embarrassed. Something that always leads to so many fun things always.


Bucky whines low in his throat, face pressed into their handmade quilt on the bed, bare ass in the air over Steve’s jean covered lap.


The brunette moans and whines, mumbling nonsense into the blanket, he knows by now his ass cheeks have to be cherry red.


“Ahhhh Stevie….” He trails off sniffling, knowing what the blonde wanted.


Bucky cries this time, tears sliding down his face and into the blanket, god it felt so good, hurt so good, he loves the size of Steve’s hands, how big they are, how big they feel.

“There’s my cry baby, my sweet boy.” Steve finally speaks.


Bucky’s cock has been leaking for who knows how long now between the blondes thighs and after these four swats, the brunette starts really crying, feeling floaty and good and taken care of, even if his ass cheeks burn like fire, it feels so fucking good.

“My beautiful sweetheart blushes so pretty when people oh and ah at you, if only they could be so lucky as me.” Steve says softly, now rubbing Buckys ass cheeks softly.

“If only they got to see you like this, but your mine and only mine.” Steve growls before giving him 6 more swats this time.


The brunette gasp and cries more, trying to stay still, trying to stay a good boy.

“God look at you, this perfect ass, this beautiful body, all mine.” Steve whispers rubbing his ass once more.

“Yours…” Bucky whimpers out, words feeling so hard to get out.

“Mine baby all mine and i’m yours and I love you.” Steve agrees, sounding so fond and pleased and in love and so many other things, Bucky lets himself fully sink and knows Steve will take care of him.