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“You wouldn’t be cheaten me now would ya?” The sheriff asked.

You check your pocket watch and see it’s nearly noon time, you slip it back into your dress and watch the sheriff play poker. He had been coming here for so long now, partly for the cards, partly for the drinks and partly…for you.

You were his and he was yours, as much as he let himself be anyway. And this guy he was playing….he was in fact cheating. The blondes eyes size up the last guy against him, the brim of his hat hiding the blondes eyes, so the guy has no clue the sheriff knows he’s cheating.

“Well, what’s it gonna be?"

"I ain’t cheating sheriff."

The blonde narrows his eyes, "See I think you’re lyin.

"Anyone in there right mind knows not to cheat against ya sheriff."

"And yet….” He reaches forward lightening fast and grabs the guys wrist in a bruising grip, showing the cards stuffed up his sleeve, “Here we are…cheaten.

You smirk watching as the other patrons in the saloon scatter or leave all together as the sheriff stands, shoving the guy away from the table as he does so.

"How do ya want it?” The blonde growls.

Your smirk grows knowing what’s about to happen.

The sheriffs gun is pulled and fired before the guy can even answer him, perfect shot between the eyes, the blondes gun still smoking as the cheating fool falls backwards dead.

The saloon is as always empty now as the blonde holsters his gun and stalks towards you, who sits on the bar top, legs spreading open for him as he nears you. He stands between your legs, tall and brooding as he takes off his hat and sets it on the bar, his wild blonde locks going everywhere.

His beard was bushier you noticed as his lips parted, his blue eyes watching you like a man dying of thirst.

“Mmmmm been thinkin about ya for weeks darlin.”

You bite your lower lip as you gaze fully up at him, looking through your eyelashes, “Well here I am sugar, whata gonna do to little old me?”

His gloved hands grip your hips tightly and pull you to the very edge of the bar top, you gasp feeling his erection hidden behind his riding chaps and pants, “I have a few ideas beautiful.”

His lips are on yours harshly, his tongue diving into your mouth without mercy, you moan and whine, giving yourself over to him, your hands going to his vest covered chest as he devours you, his arms snaking around your body crushing you to his chest.


You barely get him him to your bedroom above the saloon before he’s taking you from behind, making you watch yourself in your floor length mirror as he fucks you hard and brutal, his teeth leaving claiming marks all over your body, his mouth leaving many hickies for all to see.

“Say it.”

You moan knowing what he wants.

“Say it sweetheart!.” He growls, his cock ramming into you making you cry out, his face watching yours in the mirror.

“I’m yours.”

“Dam strait you are!”

He fucks you well into the night and come morning…he’s gone like he always is…until next time.