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“Just one more.”

Sebastian’s eyes taken in the frankly huge box with wide eyes, already feeling spoiled enough as it is.


“Just open it baby.” The brunette pleads softly.

Swallowing thickly Sebastian pulls the huge box towards him, only to hear a soft bark inside and he freezes as his eyes lock in on Chris’s, “You didn’t?” He whispers in shocked joy.

Chris looks very pleased with himself as Dodger sniffs at the box, wagging his tail slowly. When Sebastian gets the lid off the top off of the box his gasp is soft and watery, with trembling hands he reaches in and lifts the puppy out of the box. The tiny thing small, black and white and super fuzzy, like a little ball.

“Shelter wasn’t fully sure what she was a mix of but, do you like her?”

Sebastian holds the tiny puppy to his chest and sniffles looking down at her, she yawns sleepy and just snuggles into him more, her sleepy eyes watching Dodger as he shyly sniffs her face, “She’s perfect.”

Chris hearing how his husbands voice wavers, scoots closer and wraps an arm around his shoulders, “Aww baby.” He tries not to giggle at his husbands happy tears as he looks up at him.

“She’s so small and cute and perfect, thank you honey.” He leans in to kiss Chris, and the brunette welcomes it gladly, kissing back lovingly.

Pulling back, Sebastian sniffles a few more times, petting over her back as Dodger lays down between them as much as he can, watching the new puppy, “What are you gonna name her sweetheart?”

“I don’t know yet...gotta think on it.” Sebastian finally puts her down gently on the carpeted floor and lets her wake up more, Dodger’s tail going crazy, but he behaves and doesn’t jump all over her like it looks like he wants too.

The puppy was for Sebastian, but Dodger is clearly all about it as they nose each other before the new puppy curls up between Dodgers legs and goes back to sleep, with a huff Dodger lays his head down by her and relaxes.

Both men can’t help taking a few pictures with their phones and Chris bites his bottom lip watching Dodger gently licking over her little head, “I think Dodger is already in love with her.”

“That’s ok, I don’t blame him at all.” Sebastian whispers before hauling Chris in for another kiss, this one much longer and much more heat filled.