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They never had food like this in 40′s. Everything now was rich with flavors and spices, the likes of which neither him or Steve could have ever hoped to taste. Now Bucky just can’t help himself, he’s retired, brought back from the orange nightmare that was his home for years and like hell if he doesn’t eat anything he wants now. _____________________

Steve is very supportive of this idea, has always been supportive of giving Bucky literally anything he wants, only now he has the money to do so, has for a long time and like hell if he won’t buy his best fella that cheesecake he keeps eyeballing, but trying not too.

Steve buys it along with some strawberries to add to it, maybe some blueberries too, they both love berries. Bucky stopped giving the token words of, ‘Aw Steve you don’t gotta get that’ a long ways back, now he just gives him a soft look and a sweet kiss and Steve treasures it…he treasures all of it.

They don’t speak of the time Bucky was away, instead they speak of what hikes to take, what food to make for the day, what animal to adopt, sometimes they even talk about how many rounds of loving making they can fit in a day and that suits them both just fine.


Of course months and months of this, brings about Bucky getting softer, his strong muscles hidden right under all that softness. Just enough that it shows when he strips down naked for bed now of days, and Steve….just presses his face into the brunette’s soft middle once they settle in bed together, using the spot as a perfect pillow.

His lips can’t help, but kiss over Bucky’s softer parts now, he also just can’t help himself with running his hands over Bucky’s love handles, grips the skin there and just holds his husband that much tighter once he’s hugging him again.

“I love you sweetheart.” He whispers into the dark of the room.

“I love you too babydoll.” Bucky whispers back tightening his hold on Steve.

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It wasn’t the first time the good captain had heard the calling….the seductive song called to him from the cursed caves, but it was the first time he listened to them. After years of trying to fight it’s call, he finally gives in, diving off his ship in the night, he swims until he comes to the caves and then there it sits….the one who has always called him.

“I knew you couldn’t resist me forever captain.” The siren purrs in delight, sharp teeth glittering in the low light of the moon overhead, the rest of the thing hidden in shadow.

The captain is unable to fight the call as it makes him shuffle closer until he’s within reach and then clawed hands are reaching for him from the shadows and all the captain can do is submit.

He’s pulled firmly into a warm chest of a man…or well he looks like a man from the waist up, below that….he can just barely make out the shimmery blue tail in the pool of water this thing is sitting in.

“Knew if I called you long enough, one day you would be mine captain and look at you, in my arms just like I knew you would be.” The siren purrs, running a clawed finger down the captains cheek tenderly.

“Tell me your name.” The siren demands softly.

“James…um Bucky…my family calls me Bucky.” The captain whispers looking into the sirens eyes as he’s held in the things arms like some kind of loved toy.

“Hmmmm Bucky…before I get to the main event you should know, you may call me Steven or Steve if you prefer, makes no difference to me.” The grip on Bucky tightens painfully.


“I desire you human, may I take you?” Steve ask leaning forward to lick over the brunette’s neck.

“Oh…I thought….you were going to kill me…that song.”

Steve waves him off cutting off his sentence, “My song is one meant to attract a mate, nothing more and only someone compatible can hear it.”

Bucky still feels hazy, but he hears the words and his brow furrows, taking in the siren. His gold spun hair, his blazing blue eyes, his cheekbones, his broad shoulders and slim waist, he’s the perfect embodiment of what Bucky likes in a man, the siren may not fully be a man, but what he’s offering isn’t without appeal and he did swim all the way here.

He smiles slow and lazy, “Then take me, Steve.”

Steve’s eyes widen and suddenly Bucky finds himself engulfed in strong arms and a wonderfully warm tongue down his throat and he can’t help, but moan into the kiss wanting more.

The siren breaks the kiss gasping for air as he takes in this human with soft grey eyes, tousled brown hair and a jawline to die for. His captains uniform hugging his body in all the right places but, “Let’s get this off of you mate and i’ll show you pleasures you have never known.”

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“What do you want baby, just tell me.” The brunette whispered.

He was more then happy to continue cuddling his baby boy just like this in bed, under the soft blankets, but if he wanted more….he would gladly give it, it had been to long sense he had seen his lover, weeks and weeks away shooting a movie tended to do that.

“Your hands on me please.” Is the whispered reply.

“But there already on you honey.”

“Please…daddy.” His boy finally says and Bucky lights up at the name, tightening his cuddle hug around his boy for a moment.

“Alright baby, daddy’s got you.”

He was all around you, touching, kissing. Neither of you have moved from the spooning position, Bucky just takes one of his hands and slides it into your boxer briefs, gripping your aching cock in hand and just…starts a slow, steady rhythm, making you buck up into his fist, moaning softly as his other arm stays tight around your middle.

“That’s right baby boy, daddy’s missed you so much, he’s going to take such good care of you.”

You whine at his words knowing he means every word of it.

“Missed you to daddy…so much.”

“I know baby and now i’m home and i’m not leaving for weeks, you have me all to yourself.”

You whimper at his words, as tears prick your eyes. “Yes daddy…always want you.”

“And I always want you sweetie, you’re so beautiful inside and out you know that?”

The tears roll down your cheeks as his fist keeps up the lazy pace over your cock. “I am?”

“You are, so beautiful and kind and all mine, esti iubirea vietii mele.” His warm breath fans over your ear, those words being spoken, drives you over the edge in a surprise orgasm that makes you see stars.

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Your eyes flutter closed as your tongue runs over the laces of some very nice boots. Steve’s Louboutin boots to be exact. First it had been his Louboutin’s the day before. Those beautiful dress shoes making you drool.

He had made you ride them, more like hump them while he sat watching you until you came, only then did he fuck you nice and slow.

Today it’s the boots and good lord, these might be your favorite. Those red soles driving you crazy every time he wears them and he knows the power they hold over you. When he wears his nicer clothes, gels his hair back, clips his watch on and finally puts his nicer shoes on or in this case boots today.

God they drive crazy, today you started by licking over the boots, showing them the love you have for them until they are covered in your drool, only then does he pull you up into his lap, nearly sucking your soul out of your mouth with his as his hands settle over your bare ass and just rubs it.

He’s down to nothing, but those boots and he made you leave on your own nice Louboutin’s. The couch the furthest you guys made it after getting home. Sinking down over his cock is easy, rocking your hips back and forth is easy and slow. In no hurry at all. His lips can’t stop kissing you everywhere, neck, shoulders, lips.

His hands are flattened over your back, keeping you pressed close to him and you wonder what other things you two can do with these beautiful shoes of his.

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When the music started playing, you couldn’t help but sing along. With it being the middle of the week and you having a special pass that let you stay two hours longer then everyone else, Disneyland was near empty, save for maybe a handful of people in the main square as the fire works started right after the music.

“Baby mine don’t you cry, baby mine dry your eyes, rest your head close to my heart, never to part, baby of mine.” You sing, loud enough to hear yourself as the music plays along with the light show in the sky.

You start to sway to the music, lost in your own world as you sing and just smile feeling happy, so happy. Disneyland was your favorite place to come and this was your favorite Disney song, how much better could it get.

“Uh excuse me ma’am?”

You turn around at the soft voice behind you and just….well you’re very proud of yourself for not fan girling like you always feared you would when you met him and instead you offer a welcoming smile, “Yes?”

“I couldn’t help but hear you singing and was just wondering if Dumbo was your favorite Disney movie?” He ask coming to stand next to you, his smile relaxed and happy, matching your own mood.

You smile more at his question, “It’s one of my favorites for sure, but it’s nearly impossible to pick just one.”

He laughs softly nodding, “It’s the worst, there’s no way to pick.”

You both stand there for a second before he clears his throat, “I uh would love to talk more about our favorite Disney movies maybe over a late night dinner?”

Your cheeks hurt from how much your smiling and suddenly this day just got ten times better, “I would love too.” You hold out your hand for him to shake, “I’m y/n.”

He shakes your hand, thumb caressing over the back of it for a moment before letting go, “I’m Steve.”

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You really didn’t mind getting a show sometimes, case in point. Your brushing your teeth, very very slowly as you lean against the sink and just… your men….just…go at it in the shower. The best part is they don’t even know your here or if they do know, they sure don’t act like it.

Their both so tightly wrapped up in each other, their kisses filthy and sloppy. Steve gets his hand between their bodies, his big hand encircling both their wet cocks making Bucky’s breath turn ragged as he breaks the kiss, but keeps his face just right there, both of them breathing the same air, the brunette’s eyes close as he rocks into the Steve’s grip, hands sliding to the blondes shoulders and hanging on.

Steve’s other hand grabs a fist full of Bucky’s hair and tugs his head back so he can get at his exposed neck and just bite and nibble at it, breath harshly panting against the skin there as he starts jacking them both off faster.

The brunette starts whimpering and whining, breathing out Steve’s name on a loop, lost to everything the blonde is doing to him. Steve for his part crowds Bucky against the shower wall, hand in his hair letting go and traveling down his back before sliding his middle finger between those beautiful butt cheeks and fingering him slowly, sliding in to the knuckle before pulling out and doing it again.

Bucky bangs his head back against the tiles of the wall behind him, fingers digging into Steve’s shoulders even more, begging and pleading for Steve to go faster.

“Doll….sugar…please faster…..please.” His words breathy and needy.

Steve not one to tease tonight grants his wish and starts fingering his pretty little hole faster while jacking them both off faster at the same time.

They both keen from it before Steve seals his lips over Bucky’s in a kiss all consuming and deep, tongue fucking him into submission, silencing his cries of pleasure until they both reach their peak and ride it out together, making a mess of themselves before the water rinses it all away.

When they both turn to look at you with heated looks, you have never finished brushing your teeth so fast in your life.

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No one knows how it happened, one minute Steve had been painting Bucky spread out on their quilted bed naked as could be, and then somehow they ended up in bed, in Steve’s paints and covered in the stuff as they started making out.

Their skin was stained with the stuff by now, every color of the rainbow as Steve fucks his fella silly. The blonde can’t help, but admire all the hues of purples and greens on Bucky’s back as he keeps at a steady pace.

Steve runs his finger nails through the colors he can reach on Bucky’s back mixing them all together more and more even as Bucky hisses over how deep Steve is digging his nails in, just how the brunette likes it.

“God, somehow you’re even more beautiful like this sweetheart.”

“Sap.” Bucky gasp out, his prostate continuously being hit mercilessly.

“It’s true though…no matter what you wear, or what’s on you, you’re drop dead gorgeous, some days I don’t even want to get out of bed, just hide under the blankets and fuck you over and over again, just keep you on my cock all day, hold you close, love on you.” Steve breaths out brutally honest like he always is with Bucky.

“Damit Steve….crying during sex….isn’t sexy.” He barely gets out as Steve speeds up making him cry out, fisting the sheets as he feels his orgasm coming faster and faster, tears rolling down his cheeks at Steve’s words.

“Even your cry face is beautiful.” Steve whispers by his ear as he leans down over him from behind, hips never losing their pace.

The brunette cries more as he comes, surprised by how hard it hits him, his own hips make small thrusting motions into the sheets riding it out, brokenly saying Steve’s name over and over again on a loop as the blonde finally hits his own end, holding Bucky tighter and biting his neck, hard enough that Bucky screams, his cock giving him a weaker second orgasm from it.

“God damn baby.” Bucky says roughly when he feels like he can use words again.

Steve the asshole just laughs softly and holds him close, “Something like that.”

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“What did you ask me?”

“I…..daddy I want you to change me.” Bucky whispers by Steve’s ear, making sure to wiggle around in his lap.

Steve’s arms tighten around his waist and his clawed fingers dig into the flesh of Bucky’s sides.

“You….do you have any idea what you are asking me baby?” Steve growls, looking to his boy….so striking….so young and he wants….to stay this way forever with him….fuck it’s so very temping…to have a life long mate by his side…forever.

“I do daddy….Steve….you make me more happy then anyone else ever has…I love you and want you to change me…please daddy.” Bucky pleads, his eyes so grey this morning like the clouds outside.

Steve swallows thickly, his eyes surely blazing red right now…he’s so torn…he wants to so badly but…does Bucky deserve the same fate as himself?

“Daddy…I don’t want to grow old…I don’t ever want to leave you….please.” Bucky pleads yet again, tears now filling his eyes and Steve….can tell how serious he is about this, it’s not a whim, he’s really thought about this.

Steve takes his beautiful boys face in his palms and uses his thumbs to caress his wet cheeks, “So be it.”

Steve doesn’t waste time, he doesn’t second guess what Bucky clearly wants and what…Steve wants. He leans forward with lightening speed and latches onto Bucky’s neck, Steve’s fangs piercing the skin and blood filling his mouth.

The brunette cries out, but he doesn’t push Steve away, he just hangs on tighter and lets Steve drink from him first. The warmth of the blood soaks into Steve and he feels himself grow even stronger, he uses a claw to slash open his wrist before offering it to Bucky as he keeps drinking from his boy.

Bucky’s smart enough to figure out what he must do and latches onto Steve’s wrist and starts drinking, it only takes moments before he starts drinking with intent and Steve breaks away from Bucky’s neck, licking over the wound to seal it back up.

With a bloody mouth and chin he watches Bucky drink until he has to pull him off, only then does Bucky finally come back to himself, licking his bloody lips and looks up to Steve with pretty red eyes of his own.

“I…thought that would hurt more.” The brunette mumbles, feeling over his body with his hands, checking his hair, everything in perfect order.

“My love I would never let something hurt you…even this.”

Bucky smiles and his new fangs glint in the light of the room.

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You were finishing up your daily dancing routine in the in home studio when you hear your alpha’s come home. You close your eyes and proceed to twirl a few more times slowly coming to a stop and then finally grabbing the bar and landing on your feet.

You head into the bathroom that was built into the studio and take a quick shower before getting out, drying off and making your way to the shared bedroom. There you find both the alpha’s right where you thought they would be, undressed in bed and waiting for you, taking a deep breath you climb into bed with them, where they proceed to embrace you from both sides.

Smothering you in kisses and sweet touches and love filled words, they both proceed to bring you to more then one orgasm, never worrying about themselves, only wanting to take care of you, tonight is a special night after all.

When they finally are able to both fit inside you, it’s a very tight fit and something you have spent months on preparing for with bigger and bigger dildos, you were fucking determined that they both be inside you for this no matter what.

You’re so full it’s almost painful, but the good kind, they don’t have to move much, this isn’t about that, this is about being all joined together as they mate you, as they give you their mark of love and belonging.

The scents filling the space are thick and heavy in the air, scents of pinewood, campfires and apples, all of your combined scents mixed in with lust and love, of pure alpha want and pure omega need.

Sandwiched inbetween them both as they sit in the middle of the bed, Steve in front of you, Bucky behind you, when you reach your third orgasm, both of them take a side of your neck and bite down, the scent glands on both sides of your neck screaming out in pleasure as your voice does the same, feeling the bond click into place, your mind is filled with words that are not your own.

‘We love you so much baby.’

‘Oh god sweetheart we do, we love you so, so much.’

‘We’re going to take such good care of you babydoll, our beautiful treasure, beautiful omega-mine.’

‘Yes, ours to take care of forever sugar.’

‘Such a good boy baby, so good, can’t believe you can take us both, we are so proud of you honey.’

‘So proud baby.’

And you find yourself crying as their words wash over you, your love filling the bond for them and neither of there eyes are dry either, the pure and raw emotions flowing in the bond are over whelming in the best possible way.

‘I love you too, my beautiful alpha’s.’

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They had gotten in really late and the tiredness of the day had worn them down. Slipping in bed to sleep had sounded better then sex at the time, but now Steve was hungry and his sweet boy was still sleeping, but the clock read five am so they had slept long enough.

Steve was so proud of his baby, getting a promotion at Stark industries was a big deal and they had spent the night celebrating the night away, his baby deserved it all, he deserved everything. He worked so hard for what he wanted and Steve could understand that. Steve worked hard for the things he wanted too.

Right now though....he wants his baby boy just the way he is, all warm and snugly, soft to the touch, so so beautiful and all his. His sleep rumbled hair was everywhere, adding to the softness.

Steve decides to start by gently biting his boys cute as hell ass cheeks, one at a time, dragging his lips over the skin as he goes from cheek to cheek. Then he goes for his hips, gentle love bites. His left hand running over the smooth expanse of his boys back.

His right hand glides under his boy who still sleeps soundly and finds Bucky’s cock waking up with all the touching. Steve smiles as as he continues to place love bites of his boys body, slowly waking Bucky up more and more.

His baby had asked to be woken up this way and Steve wasn’t going to let him down, he did it a good deal of the time anyway, but he was going to make sure he really gave it his all this morning.

The brunette’s hips start slowly grind into the bed and his soft muffled moan into the pillow let’s Steve know he’s mostly awake now, so he moves behind his boy, keeping his hand around Bucky’s hard cock and uses his free hand to part one side of Bucky’s ass cheeks before pressing his mouth over his baby’s hole and licks.

“Daddy...” Is breathed out in such a way, so high and needy, it makes Steve’s cock jump at the sound....he ignores his own needs and focuses on his boy, making sure to get his tongue in his boys hole and wiggles it, curls it before pulling back and then doing it again and again, his right hand still slowly jacking Bucky’s leaking cock.

Bucky gives little minute thrust into Steve’s hand, moaning brokenly, “Oh daddy...daddy....daddy...”

Steve growls at the sound, he wonders if he could come from just Bucky’s voice begging like that alone. When he tightens his hold on his boys cock at the same time he brings his other hand down on Bucky’s ass cheek, his boy is coming, whole body shuttering and shaking from it, making all kinds of moans of his name and whines into his pillow.

Steve leans back with a very satisfied smile as he watches Bucky come down from his high before.........falling back to sleep and Steve just.....laughs softly and fondly, his boy is still tired and that’s ok, he can sleep a bit longer, Steve has plans for him later.

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Bucky’s back hit the bookcase behind him hard enough to make him hiss in pain, a few of the books on the thing tumbling down around him as Steve pinned him to the thing with a fist wrapped around the collar of his uniform.

“You fucking idiot….you could have been killed, what is wrong with you, disobeying my orders like that, charging in.” The blondes growls in his face, lips nearly touching the brunette’s.

Bucky glares right back, “How about, don’t give me stupid fucking orders and I wont have to break them, captain.” He growls right back, not in the mood for this shit, but knowing where it’s going to lead….IS something he wants.

“Oh fuck you Barnes!” Steve jabs a a finger in his chest non to gently with his other hand. 

Bucky merely raises a eyebrow at him, knowing his silence will only rile Steve up more and….Steve was so pretty when he was angry. The blonde is panting and huffing like he’s just been running for miles as he takes in Bucky silently himself.

When Steve goes to man handle him again, Bucky turns the tables and gets a good grip on Steve thanks to his metal arm and spins them around, shoving Steve up against the bookcase now, nearly breaking it in two from the force of the shove.

“I think you need to give better orders Rogers!”

If possible Steve’s frown deepens, “Don’t call me that, that’s not my last name no more asshole.”

That earns Steve a smirk from his husband, “No it’s not.”

The smirk vanishes when Steve bodily tackles him onto his back, putting his full body weight on Bucky, “Not a very good SIC are you?” Steve grumbles down at him, pinning the brunette’s wrist above his head onto the hard wood floor.

“A good SIC tells you when your orders are dumb as fuck, asshat.”

Steve fights back a smirk at the nickname as he grinds his hips down onto Bucky’s, “Maybe this asshat knows best huh?” He whispers leaning further down towards Bucky.

The brunette rolls his eyes before rolling his hips up into Steve’s, brushing both of their hard cocks together behind their pants, “This asshat better take care of that before I do.”

“Oh is that so?” Steve ask and now that smirk breaks free, peering down at the brunette all smug knowing he has Bucky right where he wants to be.

The brunette narrows his eyes up at Steve, “I’ll punch you in the dick I swear to god.” He growls.

Steve throws his head back laughing at that before leaning down and fucking his tongue into Bucky’s waiting and eager mouth, “I’ll give you what I want to give you baby and nothing more.” Steve whispers into his mouth before claiming his lips again and god does that really do it for him….Steve taking what he wants…giving himself to Steve like that.

By the time Steve is inside him, he swears it’s been hours by now, but dam if it’s not so fucking good, Steve with his hand on the back of Bucky’s neck holding him down onto the mattress as he fucks into him from behind, slowly rolling those beautiful hips of his into Bucky’s ass.

When Steve finally leans down and covers Bucky with his whole body, intertwining their fingers above Bucky’s head, he starts fucking him so hard, the brunette can’t do anything but moan and scream, he bites into the pillow, but it does nothing really to silence him, Steve’s cock is just to good…Bucky can’t quiet himself no matter how much he tries.

The force in which the blonde fucks into him is almost mean and Bucky fucking loves it, means he’s gonna feel this for days.

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At some point Bucky’s words had faded into gibberish and nonsense and he had no clue how many orgasms he has had by now. What he does know is Steve is not stopping, his mouth and tongue are still very much buried in his ass, licking into him well into another orgasm.

The scratchy feel of the beard between his thighs surely was going to leave his skin all red by the end of this. The blondes moans and deep groans as he ate Bucky out were so filthy sounding, the sounds alone were driving Bucky closer and closer to that edge again.

With only one arm, he keeps a tight grip in the sheets below him, he’s at Steve’s mercy and the only way he will stop is if Bucky uses his safe word, but….he’s not going to, he never has to, Steve knows how far he can go by now.

The fucking obscene sounds his mouth was making….fuck Steve would gladly spend days doing this, just eating him out and pleasing him until Bucky passed out from it if he let him, Bucky’s sure of it.

When Steve’s grip his ass cheeks hard enough to make Bucky cry out, the blonde chooses that moment to add a single finger in along with his tongue and Bucky see’s stars as he comes for what feels like the 11th time, flat out screaming Steve’s name.

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His thoughts are so fucking scrambled most of the time, the only thing in his life that isn’t a mess is….Bucky.

His beautiful angel, his beautiful saving grace who broke through his programming with the simple phrase of ‘Steve?’

He doesn’t know what would have happened had he fled in that moment, instead he had stood there stunned into silence because he had known him.  As sure as he knew that one of his arms was metal, he had….just known the brunette and stayed with him...fought with him....put down his hydra masters and now….he doesn’t know how to live…..normally.

The woman with kind eyes and red magic had helped with his mind, but he was told it would take time for his brain to heal and now he just….deals with nightmares….so many nightmares...days where he refuses to speak or even days he hides in the vents.

Bucky is the only one he allows near him besides the witch or the arrow man, they have a kind of kinship with him on his suffering….knows how it feels to be used against your will. Anyone else he stays away from, it’s just too much too soon. It’s only been 3 months sense Bucky found him, he just needs time they tell him.

He wishes he could be better faster.

“Please Bucky…..I need you.” Steve whines softly as the brunette finally seats himself fully into the blondes warm welcoming body.

“I know sugar, I know, I got you baby, I got you.” The voice washes over him, soothing his fears and worries, soothes him until he’s just them and no one else.

He clings to Bucky’s back and wraps his legs around the brunettes waist as his lover starts a gentle rocking motion into Steve’s welcoming body, taking his time, making love to him for the first time since the 1940’s.

When Bucky seals his lips over Steve’s, there’s tears there on both of their faces, but they don’t care, the kiss turns salty, but still they don’t care, Bucky keeps fucking into him nice and slow and Steve cries brokenly tightening his hold on his love.

“Don’t leave me...please.”

“Never baby never, I’ll never leave you again!” Bucky vows before kissing him once more.

When they go over that sweet edge it’s together, holding each other tightly.

Chapter Text

“That’s it.” Bucky growls.

You gasp as the brunette sweeps his arm over his desk and knocks everything off of it onto the floor before taking you and lifting you up onto it like you weigh nothing at all.

He rips your shirt open, buttons flying everywhere, once he’s gotten your bottoms off, he’s bending you over the dam thing and sliding into you oh so slowly, sinking in to the hilt with a loud groan.

“Please.” You beg needing him to move already, you hadn’t done all that teasing for nothing, you wanted to be fucked and hard dammit.

“So be it.” He growls and then….he’s fucking into you like you’re his own personal play thing.

You grip the desk below you, or try to anyway and just…take it….moaning his name…all the names you have for him…before the office door opens and instead of stopping like you think Bucky might, he just goes harder at the sight of Steve and Thor walking in all smug like.

Both of them each take a seat in front of the desk and proceed to….watch you get fucked by Bucky and dear god you love it so much. Your face burns bright red, but god do you love this….the way they watch you.

There eyes rack over you with hunger in their eyes and you know what kind of night you’re in for now and you can’t wait.

Chapter Text

“Hey will you stop hitting me.” Steve complains for what feels like the 8th time today. Looking down at the stupid goat who Bucky loves most, but clearly the thing hates Steve the most.

Grumbling he takes off for the river, wanting to cool down after helping Bucky do chores all day. He’s down to his simple boxer briefs when the dam goat bleats at him and proceeds to grab his shirt, his favorite shirt and runs off with it.


Steve chases the dam thing for a few minutes before he hears laughing, he stops and looks to the hut where Bucky comes out of with some towels. He looks beyond amused.

Steve turns and glares at the goat eating his shirt and grabs whats left of it, starting a tug of war with the fucking animal now.

“Give it back!” He growls.

The goat bleats refusing and Bucky…..laughs so hard, he has to hold his stomach from it.

“Thanks for the help sweetheart.” Steve mumbles under his breath, finally getting the shirt back and he pouts looking at the damage done to it.

Bucky finally comes over to him and laughs softly before whispering in his ear, “I’ll buy my best guy another one ok?”

With a deep sigh Steve turns his head towards him, “You better.” and then kisses him sweetly.

Chapter Text

Bucky’s eyes go wide as can be and just…..stare up at Steve from the couch, his book all but forgotten now in the wake of…..whatever this is.

“What did you say!?” He refuses to admit his voice may be kind of squeaky right now.

Steve’s look, his stance, is battle ready. “Sign here and it’s done, i’m not waiting anymore.” He holds out what might be the nicest pen he has ever seen, but still.

Bucky stammers for a few seconds before yelling, “This is the shitest proposal ever!”

Steve’s eyes widen as the hand holding the pen out to Bucky falters, “But….you said you didn’t want anything over the top just something simple..” He trails off seeing the glare bucky levels at him.

“That was back in 19fucking41 you dumbass, things have changed just slightly, don’t ya think? Don’t I deserve something romantic?”

Steve frowns, tossing the pen back onto the coffee table and sits down on it so he’s facing Bucky, he leans forward to snag both of Bucky’s hands inbetween his own, holding on tightly, “Honey….you deserve anything you want, if you want me to do something sappy and romantic, you bet your fine ass that’s what i’ll do, i’d love to spoil you and show you how much you mean to me.”

Bucky swallows thickly sniffling as he takes in Steve’s face…the one that has always been there for him, the one that came back to him time and time again, even after returning all those fucking stones he had come back to him and now….Bucky just wants him forever.

“Give me the fucking pen.” He laughs wetly, smiling happily as he leans forward and nearly tackles Steve to the coffee table in a soul deep kiss.

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“Mmmmm you’re so warm.” Steve mumbles, face buried in the thick thatches of rich brown fur.

Bucky rumbles pleased, his werewolf form not letting him speak, but he understood what his small vampire lover was saying, tail wagging slowly behind him as they laze around in bed, the stars and moon shinning bright outside the bedroom window.

“May I feed from you my love?” Steve whispers, arching his body into his wolfs big furry body.

Bucky growls pleasantly tilting his head back for Steve to get at. The blondes eyes grow in size, the red taking over the blue as his fangs graze his wolfs neck tenderly until he finds the well used spot by now and sinks his fangs in, feeding, gulping down warm and rich tasting blood, the flavors of honey and gloves coating his tongue.

Bucky starts panting, body surrendering to his vampire lover as he goes pliant for him.

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The muffled sobs from Steve only fuel Bucky even more. He’s been dragging this out for a long time now. The way his cock keeps pounding into Steve’s ass with enough force to make the blonde sway forward every single time he trust in, keeping it slow, but deep, so very deep, Bucky makes sure to hit Steve’s prostate with every thrust inside his clenching lubed hole.

Bucky keeps a tight grip on the chain going between the cuffs around the blondes wrist resting on his lower back, the way Steve’s back bows in this position drives Bucky wild, Steve sits so perfectly on his knees for the brunette, letting Bucky do whatever he wants to him from behind.

The gag Bucky choose today was one of Steve’s favorites, a dildo gag modeled after Bucky’s own cock, meaning it was a dam good size and it filled Steve’s mouth and some of his throat perfectly, muffling those beautiful sounds. Steve had wanted it...wanted to feel Bucky both ways.

The added bonus was their girl giving Steve a amazing blow job, something slow and teasing, but one that drove Steve wild, with so many pleasure spots being touched, Steve hadn’t lasted long before the muffled sounds started and the tears started falling, his gaze turning hazy in no time, as he floated somewhere good and wonderful, leaving Bucky and their girl to look after him.

“That’s it baby….that’s it.” Bucky breaths in his ear, free hand running over the blondes nipples and pitching them roughly, making Steve whine more, eyes shut tight, head tipped back, brow furrowed in ecstasy. His thighs shake as their girl deep throats him over and over again as Bucky pounds into him again and again….a never ending cycle.

When Bucky runs his hand over Steve’s throat and applies enough pressure to make the blonde really feel it Steve offers up another muffled sob, wanting it….wanting it all, his arms cuffed behind his back tremble….oh how he’s fighting back not coming so badly now.

Bucky decides to have mercy on him at last, “You can cum love, do it for us, show us.” He breaths out watching over Steve’s shoulder as the blonde comes in their girls throat, her soft moan the only sound she makes as she takes it all like a pro.

Steve’s whole body tenses for so long, riding it out, his muffled scream music to Bucky’s ears, when the brunette comes, he groans Steve’s name, burying his face in the back of Steve’s neck whispering, “That’s a good boy.”

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You have been neighbors with Barnes and Rogers for some time now, you have had a crush on them for almost that whole time as well. It had been a embarrassing day a few weeks ago when they not only found out about said crush, but also let you in on a little secret of their own.

They had a crush on you as well.

Now…your looking at them with their big puppy dog eyes and it really isn’t fair how they look like two over grown dogs when they silently beg like this.

“I don’t know…” You trail off eyeing the lake again.

“Please sweetheart?” Steve whispers, like there’s even a need to be quiet out in the middle of nowhere.

“Please doll?” Bucky add’s on and boy oh boy this just isn’t fair at all.

“Fine.” You sigh as you start to take off your clothes, secretly your thrilled about this.

The water feels divine on your over worked heated skin. The added bonus of being naked just adding to it. You hear splashes behind you and tread water gently as you watch them slowly swim over to you with not a lick of clothing on either. It’s thrilling and exciting and a bit nerve wracking, but the good kind, the kind you want more of.

“So…what was your plan once you got me out here boys?”

They look to each other before looking to you, “We didn’t actually think the plan would work.” They both laugh at that and you join in.

“Well it did so….now what?” You tease, splashing some water at them.

They both give you mock surprise faces at that before, “Oh I can think of a few things.” Steve growls playfully, splashing you back so hard it’s like getting splashed by a wave.

You hold your breath and then wipe the water from your face laughing and looking around for them, they keep swimming just close enough to touch and then swim away, but you do get them a few times with some splashes of water if nothing else.

The game goes on for awhile before it turns into a game of marco polo. You’ve been it for awhile now and you swear you had been so close at one point, it’s only when you yell marco and suddenly Bucky is right there whispering in your ear, “Polo.” that you startle before finding his arm and grabbing on, “Got you.” You yell.

His laugh is music to your ears, “You got me dollface, but where could our fella be?”

You blush at his words, liking the sound of ‘our.’

Steve answers that question for you by suddenly appearing by your other ear whispering, “ Ici chérie.” In french. You don’t know what the words mean, but you find you love the cadence of the words, the way they sound in his voice.

“Got you.” You say breathlessly as you find his arm and grab hold, much like Bucky.

When they both move in and hug you, you hug back as you feel both of them kiss over parts of your body worshiping your skin with their lips.

“You got us.” Bucky whispers.

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 It was the light that caught Bucky’s eye first, the light making your hair look like it was truly on fire, once Bucky’s eyes were caught though, all it took was him dragging them down to your face, over the many, many freckles, over the red lips and green eyes.

Bucky has only been floored like this one other time and that was with Steve. You have a kind and sweet smile, one full of shyness, but full of life too, it was like the sun was shining out of you, he swallows thickly finally looking away because….Bucky has Steve, has had him his whole life, minus a few 80 years here and there.

To be looking at someone like this feels…well Bucky suddenly is gripped with guilt so strong, he orders his order quietly and leaves just as quickly once he has it.

Bucky can’t stay away though, he carries the guilt and nerves with him nearly everyday, but he doesn’t stop going to the coffee shop, he doesn’t stop taking in everything that is you, he doesn’t stop himself from smiling back when you give him a shy smile and nearly bat your pretty eye lashes at him.

The nerves and guilt grow though, to the point where next time he goes in and Steve is with him, Bucky feels like he’s about to pass out. Steve takes pity on him because well…he has eyes, he’s knows something has caught Bucky’s eye and maybe anyone else would be worried, but not Steve.

He is 100% sure in his love from Bucky and vice versa. The blonde has no fear he will lose his lover, he’s never been more sure of anything in his life. Steve is also one of the few who know how much love Bucky holds in his heart, much like Steve himself.

Steve has known for days now that some one was making Bucky act this way and sure enough when Steve asked if he could go with him today he see’s who it is.

Steve can’t blame him in the slightest, the boy is stunning, young, but beautiful, Steve itches to draw him right now and he understands what Bucky see’s, the kid is cute too with that shy smile that seems to hold all the rays of the sun.

Steve quickly finds himself smitten from the get go and so he does what Bucky needs and gently shoves him towards the counter, “Go invite him to lunch with us sweetheart.” He whispers.

Bucky whips around so fast at his words Steve can’t help but chuckle softly, “It’s ok , I promise. I have eyes you know, knew something was up with you.”

The brunette is stunned for half a second before, “You’re ok with this!?”

Steve doesn’t care that there standing in the middle of a coffee shop when he pulls Bucky back towards him and holds him close, kissing his forehead, “Baby i’m very ok with this, you have a big heart and I see why he’s caught your eye, go invite him to lunch and we can go from there ok? I’m not going to leave you over this, i’m afraid you’re stuck with me for life pal.”

Bucky finally relaxes in his arms and tilts his head up to kiss Steve tenderly before rubbing their noses together, “You’re amazing doll.” 

Steve’s smile grows before kissing him once more and then gently shoving him over to the counter again, “Go on you.”

When Bucky turns around slowly with a surprised smile he thumbs up to Steve who finally makes his way over and takes you in now that he’s closer, “Hi, i’m Steve.”

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“I’ll handle it.” Steve’s voice says oddly calm over the comm unit.

“Just make sure Bucky’s taken care of back home, i’ll be along shortly.” His voice is chilly by the end of it.

When Bucky went down from something that could take down even a super soldier, well…Steve didn’t handle that sort of thing very well. Steve is not a violent man, not in the way someone would think, he will defend someone with his fist or harsh words if needed, but he wouldn’t kill a man.

That had changed during the war, the times the shield had been caked in blood and….other things…well he had long gotten used to it.

Steve wasn’t a violent man, but touch his man, his lover, his husband and Steve Rogers tended to…not think as clearly.

His shield is covered in blood, so much of it that it drops off of it as he prowls the rest of the base and bashes in the heads of any hydra goons he comes across. It’s frankly a blood bath by the time he is stepping in a room with a remade chair and Steve see’s red.

He uses his bare hands to rip the thing apart, rips it apart piece by piece until his hands are bleeding from so many cuts to them, but he doesn’t feel the pain, he doesn’t feel much much of anything right now except anger.

The last guy he kills….he strangles…thats honestly a first for him, it’s so personal in it’s use, but when he found one of the last remaining scientist who had been the cause of so much of Buckys pain….well…Steve had to silence his words.

In some far part of his brain, he isn’t proud by the blood bath he just did, but the bigger part of him…the part of him that knows sometimes….sometimes you had to drive home just who not to fuck with and this was the perfect case of that.

Hours later when he’s back home, showered and changed, cuts healed up and he’s sitting by Bucky’s bedside as he sleeps, his injuries already nearly gone themselves, Steve knows Bucky is gonna have words with him over what he did, but…Steve just smiles beyond happy his husband will still be alive to do so.

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“Bucky, Bucky it’s’s ok.” Steve tries for calming.


Calm is the furthest he feels, but well...when you see your husband get turned into a cat in front of your very eyes...well all Steve could think to do was try and calm him down, heaven knows he had to be scared to death right now.

It’s been a hour since they got back to the compound and Bucky has finally calmed down. He’s been hidden under Steve’s uniform top this whole time, after he scrambled up in there once he was turned.

The villain of the week got away because of course he did, so for now Steve keeps him safe and protected in his uniform top, he loosened it up so Bucky could fit better in there and now he’s purring softly against his chest and the blonde tries and fails not to be kind of smitten with this cat version of Bucky.

He’s hissed at anyone not Steve, which the blonde found funny as hell. Now he wants to change, but Bucky doesn’t wanna leave where he rest against his chest, Steve very carefully pries him off his chest, hissing when Bucky’s nails dig into his skin.

“Honey it’s ok, i’m just putting you on the bed while I change ok?”

Bucky seems like he understands because he calms down enough to let Steve put him on their bed. The blondes changes fast before crawling into the bed and letting Bucky cat crawl into his lap, his big cat eyes looking up at him so trusting. The color is the same, if not a tad more cat like.

Steve feels guilt...he always feels guilt when he was too late to stop something happening to his Bucky, but thankfully the team had a lead on the damn guy who did this; so in the meantime Steve just has to take care of cat Bucky.

“Hmmmm how about some leftover chicken and some warm milk.” Steve offers, voice soft and soothing...well he hopes it is anyway.

Cat Bucky just purrs louder and meows as if agreeing and Steve smiles a tiny thing of a smile.

Steve pets over his back gently as he lets him eat his fill of chicken and warm milk, Steve finds the purring sound really nice to listen too, even if Bucky doesn’t normally make that sound, when there in bed together he does nearly purr in pleasure when Steve runs his fingers through his hair so the sound isn’t to far off he decides.


On the third day like this, Steve’s fingers itch to draw Bucky in this form, his beautiful coat of blacks, whites and odd reds appeal to Steve’s artist side so much he has many drawings of him in this form after a few hours of snuggling with cat Bucky in his lap.


Cat Bucky really likes to lay in the sun beams, much like Bucky as himself, cat Bucky likes to look out the huge tower windows, sleep in the sun beams, chase shadows and he LOVES when Steve makes him chicken.

By the fifth day when dr strange comes by and breaks the spell, and he has his Bucky back in his arms all safe and secure after a few rounds of love making he can’t help but ask, “Hey maybe we should get a pet.”

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Bucky comes home from endless stupid avenger meetings to find the apartment silent, not even any scents, no nothing. He feels his worry grow as he goes in search of his mate and he wants to smack himself for not checking the bathroom first.

He instantly knows it’s one of his mates bad days because the scent that gut punches him when he opens the bathroom door almost makes him blanch, the sourness so fucking strong, the scent of distress coating everything in here, he nearly stumbles back from it, but the need to get to his mate is much stronger.

The bathroom isn’t bathed in steam, the alpha has a feeling it hasn’t been in sometime now. The brunette walks softly over to the shower and kneels down before slowly pushing the pink shower curtain aside and does his best not to let his heart break bled through in his scent.

“Sweetheart?” He says softly and sweetly.

He doesn’t use the blondes name on his bad days unless Steve ask him too, bringing him back to the present has always worked better if he used pet names, hydra never used pet names and it’s why it works so well.

Of course Steve doesn’t respond or even move a inch from his curled up spot under the now cold shower water. His knees are drawn up to his chest with his face hidden in his arms atop his knees, his body is shivering, but Bucky knows he doesn’t even notice it, doesn’t even feel it.

“Honey, i’m going to touch you now ok?”

Bucky always phrases everything like a question, even if Steve doesn’t answer. He reaches out slowly and turns off the water first, then slowly steps into the shower with his mate, still trying to ignore the sour scent covering everything. He finally does what his fingers are itching to do, they gently wrap around his mate’s arms, just resting there.

Steve doesn’t flinch like he used too, which is good, but he doesn’t show any signs he even knows Bucky is there. The alpha scoots as close as he can get and finally rest his forehead on Steve’s arms right in front of his bowed head letting his calming alpha scent start to take over the sour scent of distress.

It takes awhile, Bucky is happy to sit and let it take as long it needs. He offers his purring alpha sound, his cooing alpha sound and keeps using all the sweet names he has for his omega, doesn’t let up until Steve’s hands uncurl from around his head. Steve doesn’t look up, but his scent has mellowed.

His hands wordlessly move to the back of Bucky’s head as if afraid he will leave, the way the fingers bite into his skull tells Bucky that as sure as his scent does. His omega needs him and Bucky will be damned if he is going anywhere.

“I’m right here omega-mine i’m not leaving you.” He whispers.

It takes a good hour to finally get Steve out of the shower and under the heavy blankets on the bed with Steve clinging to him, chest to chest on their sides. Bucky runs one hand over his back in a soothing manner while his other hand runs through Steve’s hair, using his fingers to apply just the right amount of pressure, enough to really feel it.

His omega has been silent the whole time, eyes far away and distant, dull even, Bucky yearns to see them full of life again, but he knows on his bad days like this it takes time, and he needs Bucky to be doing just what he is right now and so he does it….does whatever his omega needs.

The last time he had a bad day was weeks ago, so they are getting fewer and fewer between, but the last time his sweetheart had broken down into sobs by this point, this time he only sniffles for a few minutes, only a few tears run down his face, which Bucky gently wipes away when he can get Steve to finally lean back enough to look at.

The alpha kisses over the tear spots as well, making sure to linger, take his time, scent his mate and let him scent him in return, he just barely nuzzles their cheeks together, finally earning him a pleased sound from his mate. Steve’s scent gets some of it’s richness back, some of that camp fire and ink scent that Bucky loves so much.

Steve still doesn’t speak, but he doesn’t have too, Bucky just pulls his face back in right to his neck and over his old mating mark and lets his omega breath him in and when he finally feels his shoulders start to relax and sag down, Bucky kisses the side of his head, “I love you omega-mine.”

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“But Mr Rogers sir I studied real hard for this test, I don’t know how I failed it.” You say, trying to go for honest, but knowing you’re full of shit.

The way his eyes look at you over his black rimmed glasses tells you, he knows your full of shit too, his lips curve up into a small smirk, you’ve both been doing this all year long and honestly by now, it’s just to much fun not to keep doing.

His blue eyes study you, intense as always, seeing everything, like he can see to your very soul. He finally reaches up and takes off his glasses, placing them on his desk, he leans back in his chair, still studying you as he unbuttons the first 3 buttons of his dress shirt and then spreads his legs slightly, he undoes his belt and slowly slides it out of the loops on his slacks before setting it on the desk.

He wordlessly lifts a eyebrow at you as he pats his thigh and you swallow thickly making your way over to him before wordlessly leaning down over his lap and settle in, hands touching the floor enough to help hold the position you find yourself in.

His hand skims your thighs covered in thigh high stockings before running up under the pleated dark red skirt and over your pantie covered bottom. He slowly gets your panties off just enough to show your bare naked ass. He moves the skirt out of the way and then your ass is on full display for him and your cheeks heat up.

“My, my what a cute little bubble butt.” He mummers, like he hasn’t seen it thousands of times by now, “It’s gonna look so good all red and pink for me.”

When he leans forward enough to get his belt, your heart beats double time in excitement. Once he leans back in the chair it’s just a matter of waiting now for him to start. When he does though, you get no warning this time around and you hiss as he starts spanking your bare ass with his thick black belt.

“What’s the matter baby, can’t take it?” He teases as he keeps going.

“I can take it.” You breath out.

“Hmmm we’ll see.”

He keeps up a good enough rhythm that has you moaning loudly in his office, “Mmmm look at this ass, already so pink for me, but I think you can take more.”

It’s his silent way of checking in if your good to go and of course you are, “I can.”

“Hmmm what a good girl.”

You shiver from his low tone and the words used before he starts up again, harder this time and it’s enough to start driving you to that wonderful floaty place where only you and him matter.

You lose yourself to it, to him, you don’t even feel the spanking stop until his hand is sliding between your cheeks and two of his fingers slide right into your pussy and you whine his name as he fucks you with his fingers.

“Yes…..yes daddy yes…please more daddy….”

“Fuckkkk that’s my baby girl.”

He fucks you with his fingers until your coming over his fingers and riding it out wonderful moaning his name as you finally sag in his lap. The rest is a blur for minute, but his office has a side room with a couch and mini fridge and it’s where you find yourself now in his lap snuggling up to him as you finally blink your eyes open and take him in.

Your favorite blanket is around you and his arms are wrapped around you as he gazes down at you, “Hey sweetheart.”

You smile and lean up for a kiss and he smiles more as he leans down and kisses you back. He kisses your nose too before pulling back making you giggle softly, “Come on honey lets go home.

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“Oh baby that’s it, that’s it, let me take care of you, let daddy make you feel good.” Steve whispers from behind you, his cock buried deep inside of you, his motions easy and slow, but so good.

This spooning position made it perfect for sex right now, your huge belly getting in the way with some of the other positions, “Feels good daddy.” You breath out.

““Mmmm it does sweetheart, you always feel so good around me like this.”

His hands rest on your huge baby bump, his hands can never seem to stop touching your stomach actually and you find the act so endearing and sweet.

When he brings you both to orgasm, his teeth are sucking a mark on the back of your neck and your hands dig into his biceps as you chant ‘daddy, daddy, daddy.’ over and over again, your name on his lips as he follows right after.

Lazy days in bed were some of your favorite ways to spend the days with him, like today, it’s mid afternoon, Dodger has his head resting on your swollen belly and one of Steve’s hands rubs over the rest of your belly as he reads a book. You have your favorite book in your lap and the over head fan feels wonderful on your over heated skin.

You had woken up this morning to Steve sleepily rubbing over your baby bump yet again and couldn’t help the smile that came over your face if you had tried, he was just so dam happy to be finally getting the kids he always wanted and you were giving them to him, life was good, more then good, it was dam near perfect.

Later he makes you your favorite lunch and then feeds it to you, you let him because you both love the act and also because of how intimate it is. You sit in his lap, added weight and all and he slowly feeds you, his fingers lingering in your mouth each time, and each time, you suck on his fingers before he pulls them away.

That night when you go to bed, his hands like always are there, on your belly, rubbing lotion over it tenderly, before kissing over spots dry after the lotion soaked into your skin he even whispers sweet things to the baby inside you and you melt even more for this man.

“Papa can’t wait to meet you.” He whispers.

Your eyes tear up and you do your best not to cry as you watch your future husband talk to his future child.

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“Boy what have I told you about this? You needlessly putting yourself at risk is something I do not tolerate, nor do I like it Steven.”

Steve shrinks in on himself where he’s kneeling before Bucky, hands bound behind him, in super soldier cuffs, ankles cuffed much the same way, their newest dildo already buried deep inside Steve where it sits mounted to the floor.

The thing was huge and Bucky held the remote to it, Steve shivers seeing the dark look in Bucky’s eyes, his smirk devilish, “You know what your punishment is bad boy, you’re going to take that dildo, but you wont be coming for a long, long time, that pretty cock ring will see to that, you’ll only be coming when I say.”

Steve swallows thickly before the dildo suddenly comes to life and he’s arching his back, the ankle cuff’s are mounted to the floor as well, the chain going from the wrist cuff’s to the ankle ones, giving him no room to move away and he whines high in throat, knowing it’s gonna be a long night.

“Please daddy need to come.” Steve begs.


“Oh daddy please I need it.”

“No!” Bucky turns the dildo vibrations up even higher.

“Daddy, daddy, daddyyyyyyyyyy god please fuck I need it so bad!” Steve whines, his brow sweaty, his whole body is sweaty and feels like its on fire, body trembling.

“No, bad boys don’t come until I say.” Bucky calmly says, the fucking smirk never leaving his face.

When Steve starts sobbing in need, Bucky still doesn’t give in, mostly because Steve hasn’t safe worded out so he keeps at it until Steve is delirious with need, tears leaking down his cheeks, his poor cock so, so red and leaking, his body flushed a nice shade of pink and his eyes pleading with Bucky like he never has before, only then does Bucky give in.

He reaches down and takes the cock ring off first, “Open your mouth baby.”

Steve wordlessly obeys, sticking his tongue out even, before Bucky slowly starts to face fuck him, after a few minutes he turns the dildo to full blast and makes Steve deep throat him, only then does he say the words Steve has been begging to hear, “You can come baby.”

Steve’s near scream out around Bucky’s cock is music to his ears as he watches Steve’s cock erupt, sending come all over Steve’s chest and chin, the sight gets to Bucky so strongly he comes a second later, fisting steve’s hair in his metal hand as he rides it out.

Steve is such a good boy, he swallows every drop of it.

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Steve’s been looking down at you for sometime now just...taking you all in. It’s the first time he’s seeing you naked sense you two started seeing one another, and the only reason it’s taken 3 months to get this far was didn’t like how your body looked.

Some past scars from abuse lined your back and arms, some on your legs, but the look in his eyes...Steve didn’t seem to care at all which....helps you relax more and more, your breast are still covered by your crossed arms, but when he leans his big body down over you and kisses you so sweetly, you find yourself wrapping your arms around him instead.

He moans softly as your bare breast press into his chest and when his hands gently knead them, you moan softly arching up into the touch. From there it’s a slow build between you both, he can’t seem to keep his hands off you, touching you with such care and devotion. When he finds himself between your legs, his mouth just inches from your core, you bite your bottom lip watching him.

His eyes flick up to yours and it’s then that he gets his first taste of you there, his tongue licking a strip up, eyes never leaving yours, you gasp softly at the action. It’s a first, having anyone put there mouth on you like this and it feels so good, it’s you who breaks eye contact first.

Head getting thrown back as he pulls you even closer by your hips, his mouth finally sealing all the way over your folds and clit, his deep drawn out groan is music to your ears as he starts taking you apart with just his tongue alone.

He makes quite the sight, but you can barely keep your eyes on him, the power of his mouth is....overwhelming. There’s no way he hasn’t had practice, it was just to fucking good and if you could thank the ladies who helped him get this good, you would.

When you do finally look down again, his eyes are closed, a look of pure bless on his face, fingers firmly digging into your thighs, his mouth and tongue never stopping there brutal assault on you.

“So beautiful beautiful everywhere.” He growls out before going back in for more and god this man.....

“I could spend hours down here.” He confesses before licking and teasing your folds again.

You gasp feeling him add the barest amount of teeth and your hand goes to his hair, gripping it for all it’s worth as he starts really going to town have a feeling it IS going to be a long night.

Chapter Text

Maybe a nice red ball gag, a spider gag for when Steve wants to feel used, or the bit gag, that one is more Bucky’s favorite then Steve’s when they play cowboy ;)

Hmmmm there’s good old fashioned over the mouth gags which only cling to itself so it doesn’t pull hair, they both love that one. The dildo gag is Steve’s favorite because the dildo is modeled after Bucky’s cock.

There’s a gag that goes over the nose and mouth, you can breath through your nose, but the gag itself is is huge and covers the lower half of the face, that one doesn’t get used all that much.

Sometimes Steve likes the gag to be old fashioned and on those days it’s just a simple bit of clothe stuffed in his mouth, maybe Bucky’s boxers like they did back in the day. I also like to think of Steve just over all having a oral fixation, so he almost always has something in his mouth, even if it’s gum.

Maybe one of the best gags though….is when Steve keeps Bucky’s cock nice and warm in his mouth and suckles it gently. They both LOVE cock warming.

Chapter Text

“I wanna feel it Buck….I need to feel you inside me…please.” Steve begs against Bucky’s lips and the brunette never could say no to his little punk.

Bucky doesn’t move back, just keeps his lips just out of reach of Steve’s, his grey eyes finally glancing up to Steve’s ocean blue ones, “You gonna be my good boy and let me take you sugar?”

The way the blondes pupils dilate at Bucky’s words and the way his hard cock jumps and grows even harder is very telling and Bucky is kind of kicking himself in the ass for not thinking of doing this sooner. Whatever they had the time now to do all sorts of things….forever.

Steve’s panting softly and nothing is even happening yet, but those words do draw a moan out of him, he wasn’t aware he needed to be called a good boy until right this moment.

“Oh my baby boy likes that huh?” Bucky’s husky low voice washes over him.

“Yeah…” Is all Steve can say, licking his lips and wanting more of Bucky right this second, the new name lighting up his brain like fireworks.

When Bucky reels him in for a smoldering kiss that curls his toes, he whimpers into the kiss and Bucky very much takes charge of….everything.



Steve’s never done more then finger himself over the years, when Bucky had been….gone those 5 years….he never touched himself…didn’t feel right, now with him back and hovering over Steve’s back as he finally slides his cock into Steve’s willing hole….it’s….alot….not just the fact that Bucky wasn’t small down stairs, far from it.

It’s alot because along with the pleasure as Bucky bottoms out and pants by his ear, are the over whelming emotions…having the brunette back after all this time….going so long without him yet again….Steve can’t help but start to cry even as he growls out roughly, “Harder.”

Bucky’s body pushes down Steve’s body so he lays over his back, his hands, both metal and flesh take hold of Steve’s and intertwine their fingers above Steve’s head on the bed.They hold tightly to each other as Bucky’s hips start a hard and fast rhythm.

It doesn’t take long for Steve to start moaning louder and louder, he nearly screams when Bucky hits his prostate, it feels like nothing he has ever felt before and the first time he orgasm’s he’s confused when nothing actually shoots out of him.

“Fuck, fuck, fuckkkkk oh fuckkk.” Steve cries out.

“Oh baby boys first prostate orgasm, lets see if I can do that to ya again babydoll.” Bucky whispers roughly by his ear before taking the lobe and biting it…sucking on it.

Steve swears he see’s stars the next time it happens, it’s like his whole body is orgasming and he can’t believe he never knew about this, but he never wants it to stop, and Bucky is relentless, fucking him hard and fast, but never breaking out of the postion he’s in.

“That’s my good boy, so good for me, the best fella a guy like me could ask for and all mine forever and ever.” It’s the first time the brunette’s voice sounds watery and Steve fights not to start full on sobbing again.

He fails to do it, after his third prostate orgasm, he begs Bucky to make him cum, wants to do it with him and when they do, Bucky’s silent tears leak down his cheeks and onto Steve’s shoulder and Steve’s tears leak down onto the pillow below him.

Neither of them move from the other….they end up falling asleep that way.

Chapter Text

You have been under here awhile by now. The office was at a comfortable level so your naked body wouldn’t get to cold or to hot. The black leather collar around your neck attached to a gold leash that was looped around Bucky’s belt loops keep you in place, right where he wanted you.

Which was, your mouth around his hard cock, keeping it warm and ready for when he wanted to use you. Your wrist were bound behind your back in soft leather cuffs, your ankles bound the same way.

Your kneeling position under his office desk was comfy enough and you had long ago lost count how many times now he has used your mouth to get off, but they do flutter closed when he suddenly grips your hair in a tight grip and starts fucking your mouth before coming down your throat.

You moan softly, the same as him, before he goes back to typing at his computer, pretends you are not even here and your poor cock would twitch at that, but it’s in a cock cage and you know you’re not coming anytime soon.

You keep your eyes closed as his cock once again just rest in your mouth, acting much like a gag when Bucky isn’t using your mouth for his pleasure.

It’s been hours, you almost fall asleep at one point, but catch yourself from falling asleep at the last minute. You’r floaty state keeping you relaxed and sated knowing you’re pleasing your daddy so much while he works.

It isn’t until his business partner comes in for a meeting that you wake up more, his friend had no way of knowing you were there of course, but still, knowing the handsome blonde was just on the other side of the desk was thrilling, your poor cock gets as excited as it can as you listen to them go back and forth.

The meeting seems to go on for hours, listening to them talk, then banter and laugh back and forth is driving you crazy with need, your daddy is ignoring you completely….and you love it.

It isn’t until the meeting ends and the blonde leaves that Bucky all of a sudden grips your hair with both hands and grips hard…harder then he ever has and fucks your face harshly. Tears leak from your eyes as you moan, letting him take whatever he wants from you, you only get more floaty and happy and content as he comes yet again down your throat.

“What a good boy.” He finally whispers and you preen under the praise.

Chapter Text

“Father…..daddy…..yessss…..yesssss!” Bucky would’ve screamed if not for Steve’s hand tightly wrapped around his mouth muffling the volume and words.

Bucky had come over to the church and brought him lunch, which quickly lead them to where they were now. His boy in his lap riding his cock with his tight little ass in the confessional booth. His back to him so Steve’s hands could grip his hard leaking cock from behind.

It was rare for anyone to come here at this time of day so he wasn’t worried of being spotted.

“If anyone, then, knows the good they ought to do and doesn’t do it, it is sin for them.” Steve’s words spoken into his boys hair as he starts getting lost in him. In the pleasure he brings him.

“Whoever conceals their sins does not prosper, but the one who confesses and renounces them finds mercy.” He gives a hard thrust up into his boy making him cry out against Steve’s hand as Bucky’s hands dig into his thighs.

“Do you confess boy?” He growls. Licking the shell of his ear.

Bucky nods his head moaning, his eyes glazed over from all the stimulation.

“Direct my footsteps according to your word let no sin rule over me.” He laughs darkly. “Well I seem to have failed that one pretty boy.”

Bucky moans louder letting his daddy use him however he wants.

“Does my boy love me?” Steve’s hot breath breaths into his ear. Bucky nods feverishly.

“Mmmmmm does my boy want to come?” He breaths in his other ear.

The brunette nods again feeling so hot and ready to explode.

A beat of silence, “Then come for me.” The blonde growls slamming his hips home hard as he comes inside his boy at the same time Bucky is pushed over the edge coming so hard he see’s white around the edges of his vision for a moment.

They both groan deeply as Steve holds his boy to him riding the wave together.

After a few minutes he removes his hand from his boys mouth and turns his head to kiss him deeply, hands scratching down his back, making Bucky moan into the kiss. “That’s my good boy.”

Chapter Text

Bucky brushes his hand over his boys hair, caressing and petting the soft curls as he holds him close kissing him softly, gently. There legs around each other as they sit in there room, it’s three am but neither of them could sleep.

Bucky begins trailing his fingers down his boys back making him break out in goose bumps. His lips move to his cheeks, his forehead, his shoulders. “Mmmmm my baby smells good….mmm and kitten feels so soft.” He whispers into his boy’s neck nibbling on the skin there.

“Oh daddy…” his baby presses his face into Buckys neck totally relaxed and pliant.

Bucky leans them back until his boy lays under him on the bed, his boy looks up at him with eyes half lidded biting his bottom lip. Bucky sighs fondly and leans down and resumes there making him. Not hurrying, not rushing, just enjoying each other.

His boys tiny whimpers and moans and sighs spurring Bucky on to keep making him make those sounds. Their tongues deep in each other's mouths, their legs tangle together and he once again wraps all of himself around his boy who eats it up. “Daddy….daddy will you fuck me?” He whispers once they come up for air. He gently bites his daddy’s neck. Bucky groans from the bite and his words. “Of course kitten, roll over for me.”

He gives him room to roll over then he spends the next few minutes stretching him open with his lubed up fingers. He goes slow, teases his boy the whole time who whines down into the blankets and tries bucking back into his fingers only to get his ass smacked for doing so. “Mmm what a naughty kitty, I control the pace baby boy not you.”

His boy whines more, but doesn’t buck up into his fingers. Once he feels he is stretched open enough he lazily lubes up his hard cock, he crawls on top of his boy and slowly pushes into him, “Always so tight for me kitten.” He groans into the back of his boys neck.

Once he is fully seated inside of him he stretches out over his boy’s back and tangles there legs together and intertwines their fingers together above Nate’s head as his hips start a slow pace inside his boy. The pace isn’t fast, but it’s deep and his boy can’t keep quiet below him.

“Daddy….daddy…..daddy….” His kitten moans over and over again burying his face in the sheets as Bucky buries his face in his boys neck kissing over the skin before nibbling on the soft skin there. His hips keep thrusting slow and deep, pressing up against his boys cute little ass.

“You’re the best boy, always the best for me, takes care of daddy so well, makes me feel so loved and needed, mmmmm baby boy…..I love you so much.” He gruffly whispers before sucking on the sweet spot on his boys neck that drives him crazy.

“D...daddy I love you too, I’ll do anything to make you happy.” His boy replies turning his head to the side to get a kiss from Bucky who hungrily gives him one. “I know baby, I know.” He replies after they part.

They don’t keep track of time, they keep everything slow and sensual, but by the time they're both coming it’s been well over a hour. Bucky just turns them to lay on their sides as he pulls out of his boy, they fall asleep just like that, snuggled close.

Chapter Text

“Did you really think I wouldn’t find you?” Steve says calmly, resting both of his hands more on the cane he was forced to use while his leg healed from a gun shot wound.

The cowering man before him, had dared to try and take his boy, take him when he was just out with friends….this man dared to put his hands on his beloved and that was a grave error.

Steve didn’t share what was his, Steve hoarded what he loved like a dragon and what he treasured most in the world was his Bucky….and now this man had to pay for trying to kidnap and harm him.

Leaving one hand on his cane he reaches behind his trench coat and pulls out his revolver. Cocking the hammer back, he points it at the low life at his feet.

“I do not take kindly to someone hurting what is mine.” Steve growls rather calmly, the anger shinning in his eyes, not that the guy can see them with the way the shadows fall over Steve’s face, the moon light isn’t bright enough tonight.

“I think this will send a clear message to your stupid family, do not touch my family, ever.”

All the blonde gets for his troubles is more whimpering and whining from the guy and honestly how the fuck did this guy ever get that close to his boy in the first place…no matter. Steve pushes the barrel of the gun into the back of the guys cowering head, but at the last second swings the gun down to his knee and fires. The scream it earns Steve is satisfying, but not enough.

“Backup.” Is his simple order, voice hard and firm, angry.

The guy whimpers holding his knee and backs up…

“More.” Steve’s eyes drill into the guys whimpering form as he edges closer and closer to the pit behind him.

“More.” Steve growls waving his gun at the guy to move back even more which….will make him fall now.

The guy knows it too, but what can he do? Nothing….and he knows it…still the guy refuses to move, so Steve helps him by walking forward and shoving him over the ledge with his shiny loafers and watches him tumble over the edge into the alligator pit.

Steve’s blue eyes watch on as his pets feed on the screaming man until nothing is left but bits of skin and bones, satisfied Steve turns away and heads back to his black suv.

“Take me home.”

Chapter Text

Bucky wasn’t always the one in this position, the one that got to watch and tell them what to do, normally Steve was the one in charge and both of you liked it that way, but every once in awhile Steve needed….to let go and just be taken care of in every single way and that’s what this was right now

You have been sliding the double sided strap on dildo in and out of Steve’s willing body for awhile now and he was slowly losing himself to it, every time you pushed into his ass with the dam thing, the other part of it fucked into and it was heavenly.

Steve was on all fours this time, so his face was turned away from you, but not Bucky, who just watched and sometimes came forward to kiss both of you or just Steve and it was perfect in every way.

The moans and groans that Steve made, the way he clenched the bed sheets in his hands, he was loving this, and it didn’t hurt that the dildo part going into Steve’s body was shaped like a monster cock with ridges and everything.

All of you have played with this one and it was a very big favorite by now, when you start fucking harder into Steve, his keen is music to your ears, his low whine, his low “Fuck, fuck, fuck.” under his breath just spurned you on as Bucky watched, refusing to take care of his own hard cock for now and just….enjoy what was in front of him.

Chapter Text

“You know how beautiful you are to me?” Bucky whispers into your ear.

You shyly look into his eyes, his arms solid and warm around you, even the metal one, as you snuggle in his lap in front of the big bay windows and watch the snow fall outside.

“No more beautiful then I find you I’m sure.” You whisper back and your grin grows seeing the blush that touches his cheeks at your words.

You’re kissing him the next second, easy and content with it, it’s a long practiced thing by now, familiar in the way only his lips could be, soft from the chap stick he always steals from you, when he’s not stealing the nice stuff Steve has.

The way his beard scraps over your skin softly, not tickling, but offering a gentle stretching against your skin. The way his arms tighten around you, hands fanning out over your back, his grip sure and strong, there’s safety in his arms, always has been.

You’re all but straddling his lap now, but it’s barely noticed. All he wore was his winter flannel pants, chest bare for you to run your hands over softly, fingers running through the chest hair reverently, his body warm and inviting.


Later in bed, once he’s rolled off of you to the side and holds you close with your head on his chest, ear right over his heart beat you sigh contently as his metal hand glides up and down your back, right over your spine gently as the man you love hums a soft tune that’s been stuck in his head for days now.

His other hand soon enough finds your left one and threads his fingers with yours before lifting it to his mouth and kissing your knuckles softly, his beard once again soft where his lips touch your skin. Then his lips find the new engagement ring on your ring finger and he kisses that too and you smile before lifting up enough to press a kiss to his chest, right above his heart.

“I love you.” You whisper into his heated skin, eyes glancing up into his grey ones.

“I love you too sweetheart.” His voice whispers back, sounding as content as you feel.

Chapter Text

“Hey baby, could you get my back for me, I can’t reach all the spots I need too, don’t wanna burn ya know?”

You look up from your book in the lounger next to your boyfriend, your eyes narrow at him behind your sun glasses. The tone of his voice is what makes you study him for a second, deeper, lower, you know that tone, but put down your book and move over to him as asked, “Sure sweetie.” You finally reply.

You make sure to get the sun screen all over his back, covering all his beautiful skin before hooking your chin on his shoulder and kissing his stubbly cheek, “Get mine now?”

He smiles against your lips before you pull away and turn around for him, not even waiting for a answer, “Sure doll.” Is his late reply.

His hands feel wonderful as they glide over your bare back, he makes sure to cover your neck as well, leaving no skin unprotected, soon enough though, he scoots closer and your thankful you guys have a small cabana all to yourselves because when his hands slide around to your nipples, you gasp softly and arch into his hands.

“Opps my hands slipped honey.” His mouth right by your ear.

You laugh softly, “Liar.”

“Mmmmmm maybe.” He whispers as he starts playing with your nipples again, pinching them, even pulling them slightly.

At some point your head leans back against his shoulder as you let him do as he pleases, your soft moans just for him.

“Atât de frumos pentru mine.” His accent slipping in enough with his words to make you whine softly.

“Don’t worry baby, i’ll take care of you.” He promises and you know he will.

Chapter Text

“No, no no where are they!?” You mumble in a panic as your day at the beach suddenly takes a turn for the worst when you lose your glasses and without them…you can’t see very far in front of you.

“Shit!” You grumble looking everywhere in the sand, but finding nothing.

You’re so caught up in looking for your glasses that you don’t see the pair of legs until it’s to late and your running into someone and falling back onto your ass in the sand. When you finally do look up squinting your eyes…..




Is all your brain can do, the fucking winter soldier aka bucky barnes was standing before you, looking happy, relaxed, tanned and…looking like the most beautiful man you have ever seen and your poor heart suddenly is beating double time at the way he looks down at you in concern.

“Hey are you ok? i’m sorry I didn’t see you there.” He says offering you a hand up, which you take after getting your brain back online.

“T..thanks and yeah sorry, didn’t see you either was ah looking for my glasses.”

“Oh no did you lose them?” The dam sexy man just looks so worried about the fact that you may have lost them that you just….can’t with this man jesus.

You shrug, “Yeah think I did, can’t see shit without them.”

“I’ll help you look then, come on.” He says so firmly and determined with a smile on his beautiful dam face, how could you say no to him?


2 hours later, you call it because, people do not find glasses in the sand at the beach…..ever. You try not to cry over this fact because driving home….is gonna be a adventure….

“Hey i’m real sorry we couldn’t find them.” Bucky offers.

You shrug, but still….you feel your eyes burn.

“Aww doll it’s ok.” The brunette says softly and then suddenly your in his arms, getting the best hug of your life and you just…sink into it hugging back.

He rubs your back and just makes you feel calmer….all from a dam hug. You would be embarrassed, but he’s been nothing but sweet with you for two hours now.

“Listen how about I drive you to the eye doctors and you get a new set.”

You sniffle, “Can’t afford it.” You mumble.

The silence last maybe 30 seconds before he’s saying, “I’ll get them for ya then.”

That finally has you looking up at him, shock clearly on your face, “But….but don’t even know me.”

He looks much to calm when he says, “Because your sweet and ya deserve to be able to see.”

Your mouth does a weird thing that your sure makes you look like a fish opening and closing there mouth, but you can’t help it, “But…that’s to much money…” You trail off.

“How about this, I get ya new glasses and you go on a date with me?”

It’s the very first time today he has looked nervous and timid and it’s that look that finally has you smiling softly and going back to hugging him, “Deal.”

Chapter Text

He wasn’t sure how it happened. He was your guardian , someone who looked after you and yet….when you laughed….when you smiled…when you treated others with such kindness and care….Bucky, the alpha angel of the skies….fell in love with you.

He isn’t even sure how long it’s been going on now, time works funny for him, but he watches over you so much, he wishes he could paint you, your eyes alone shone so beautifully like the solar system.

Your very soul was beautiful too, lovely shades of purples and blues, yellows and pinks, he was so doomed and he didn’t know what to do, sometimes in the deep of night he thought about showing himself to you, but that was breaking the rules…..and he couldn’t break the rules.


You scent is….captivating, welcoming and alluring. He aches for you more and more each day until one day when it’s close to your heat and your all alone, scent reeking of sadness and loneliness that he breaks that rule and shows himself to you at last.

It’s simple meetings at first, but as the day of your heat grows closer and closer, all you can think about is the beautiful alpha who showed up one day at your flower shop. He’s been nothing but kind and sweet, nothing like most alpha’s and maybe it’s much to fast, but when the day of your heat starts….you call him.

He agrees and races over, seeming to get here faster then you thought he could and suddenly, he’s there in your arms, holding you close, feeding you, making sure you drink plenty of water and later in the night he’s finally inside you and it’s like everything clicks into place and you don’t want to be without him ever again.

Chapter Text

See, over the years Steve has watched Bucky get all blushy and shy when someone says anything even remotely nice or compliments him. Steve has been eating up how Bucky gets for years, first he had to be more careful of not giving too much away, they hid their relationship for years, but now it was 2019 and they no longer hid it.

Now it was in the open and now when someone makes Bucky blush like that, Steve teases him for it right then and there, something the other man loves but it only makes him blush more. Steve can’t help, but just find it so fucking cute.

However there is something else Bucky gets from Steve when this happens, when other people say all sorts of sweet things to Bucky and he gets embarrassed. Something that always leads to so many fun things always.


Bucky whines low in his throat, face pressed into their handmade quilt on the bed, bare ass in the air over Steve’s jean covered lap.


The brunette moans and whines, mumbling nonsense into the blanket, he knows by now his ass cheeks have to be cherry red.


“Ahhhh Stevie….” He trails off sniffling, knowing what the blonde wanted.


Bucky cries this time, tears sliding down his face and into the blanket, god it felt so good, hurt so good, he loves the size of Steve’s hands, how big they are, how big they feel.

“There’s my cry baby, my sweet boy.” Steve finally speaks.


Bucky’s cock has been leaking for who knows how long now between the blondes thighs and after these four swats, the brunette starts really crying, feeling floaty and good and taken care of, even if his ass cheeks burn like fire, it feels so fucking good.

“My beautiful sweetheart blushes so pretty when people oh and ah at you, if only they could be so lucky as me.” Steve says softly, now rubbing Buckys ass cheeks softly.

“If only they got to see you like this, but your mine and only mine.” Steve growls before giving him 6 more swats this time.


The brunette gasp and cries more, trying to stay still, trying to stay a good boy.

“God look at you, this perfect ass, this beautiful body, all mine.” Steve whispers rubbing his ass once more.

“Yours…” Bucky whimpers out, words feeling so hard to get out.

“Mine baby all mine and i’m yours and I love you.” Steve agrees, sounding so fond and pleased and in love and so many other things, Bucky lets himself fully sink and knows Steve will take care of him.

Chapter Text

“How could you do this to me, to our pup!” Steve growled angry.

Bucky pinches the bridge of his nose and tries to calm down, but it’s hard in the face of his mate so upset at him, “Steve I told you, i’ll be back long before you go into labor.”

“You can’t promise something like that.”

“I can, and I am.”

They stare at each other, fire in Steve’s eyes along with tears, his mate was leaving him for a mission and he hated it and he hated his next words even more, “Then fucking leave, go do whats more important then staying here with your family.” Steve growled out, angry and hurt and he watches Bucky’s eyes widen in hurt before turning around and storming off down the hall.

His scent all kinds of sour and sad and distressed, but he can’t help it, his mate was leaving him and he would be dammed if he watched Bucky walk out the door.

The brunette just....stands there heart hurting, his hind brain yelling at him to go after his omega, but no one else could do this mission, it was all on him and he...had to go, with a longing look down the hall, he leaves.


The blonde of course goes into labor while Bucky is still out on his mission, and with how the mission requires radio silence, no one can tell him Steve is in labor. He sobs and cries and pushes through the pain and deals with the loss of his mate missing, focusing on his pup coming into the world.


Two weeks go by before Bucky can finally get home and it’s only once he lands, he’s told the news, his heart sinks down to the floor, he goes cold inside and he actually trembles as he makes his way down to their floor, only the front door is locked and Javis refuses to open the door for him.

“I’m sorry sir, the captain has restricted you from the floor.”

Bucky’s mouth falls open and he doesn’t mean to whine, but he does and his eyes fill with tears, “For.....for how long?”

“He didn’t say sir”

The brunette bites his fist as he tries not to sob right there, but his heart feels like it’s breaking apart painfully. He wants nothing more then to force his way in, it’s his pup, his omega damit, but....he fucked up and now he has to deal with it, he never should have gone on that mission, he was a fucking idiot.

Before he can say anything more or move away from the door, it suddenly opens to a very tired looking Steve who regards him with anger and hurt, but also sadness, his scent more then tells Bucky he misses him badly.

The brunette doesn’t say anything beyond, “I’m so fucking sorry doll, I fucked up, I should have listened to you, I don’t....I don’t ever know how to make this up to you, but I will.” He finally breaks and starts sobbing because even the tiniest thought of losing his family is just to much to bear.

“God dammit!” Steve swears, but it’s watery as hell and he’s crying and just holds him tightly.

“You James Barnes are a fucking pain in my ass, but your my ass and so help me if you do this fucking shit again I swear to god i’ll end you.” The heat in his voice is laced with fondness, but Bucky knows he’s also dam serious.

“I swear never again.” He mumbles, his nose pressed in his mates neck.

“You are going to do all the diaper changes for starters, don’t worry i’ll think of more shit.” Steve’s nose scents Bucky back though, still hugging him as he moves him into the apartment and shuts the front door.

“Anything baby.” Bucky promises.

“I’ll hold you too that alpha.”

Chapter Text

The words didn’t matter, well they did but in hindsight after the yelling and hurtful words… the words themselves didn’t matter as much as how you both let it get to this.

Sometimes you and Steve just butted heads, it drove you both crazy as much as you both loved being so alike, it was both a blessing and a curse. Still it didn’t stop you both from getting married, didn’t stop both of you from going on missions together.

The fight was simply because Steve felt you had been to reckless on the mission, but so had he, which you pointed out and then….the yelling had started, both of you mission tired and just letting your emotions getting the best of you both.

You had stormed off first, tears in your eyes, you didn’t cry often, really the only times you did was when you fought, which honestly didn’t happen as much as people thought. You didn’t go far, the woods behind the compound served for a good calming place, but you always took it one step further and climbed a really tall tree.

This time was no different, you liked being this high up, it’s let you think and let you sink into a place of calm. You know Steve dealt with this in a few ways, but the punching bags was almost always one of the ways.


It’s late by the time you get back to your shared room, your eyes are STILL red rimmed, when you cry it last for hours sometimes, you never did half ass anything, always going all in. 

You’re slowly undressing when he comes in, closing the door softly behind him. His movements quiet as he stands behind you, his hands resting on your bare shoulders, his touch gentle and loving. You sink into it, leaning back against him, you let him take your weight, you don’t wanna turn around, not because you don’t wanna see his face, but because you hate when he see’s your cry face.

But he does it for you anyway and you go with it, his hands gently turn you around and you look up at him, seeing his own eyes red rimmed helps you not feel so bad about your own state of how you look.

You kind of hated how much of a pretty crier he was.

His hands slide from your shoulders to your lower back and reel you in just a bit more, your hands naturally go his chest, you both gaze at each other for what feels like hours before you speak before he can, “I’m sorry.”

He swallows thickly, “I am too.”

You nod, knowing he meant it.

He reels you in a bit more so he can kiss your bare shoulders, then your neck, then your cheeks and then your closed eye lids. Finally he gets to your lips and you sink into the feeling of him all around you once more.

Chapter Text

“....Oh god…..oh fuck….” You whine, Ari’s tongue is slowly and surely killing you, sweeping over your hole, driving you mad with need. Eating you out like a feast, it wasn’t fair.

He hums against your hole, big hands keeping your hips in place, not letting you rock into him, all you can do is take what he gives you, the cool satin sheets below you helping your overheated body, “Ari…..I….” You gasp as his tongue makes you forget how to think.

He growls pleased as he takes you apart, bit by bit. His mouth never leaving your hole, only getting even more into it. Flicking it inside you, hitting nerves that make you cry out and fist the sheets in your hands.

The other man in the room is finally done getting undressed and makes his way over to you with his signature scarf in his right hand, he smiles down at you, before you feel his ringed fingers thread through your hair and tug, making you gasp for a whole new reason now.

“Well, well look at you, so needy, hmmm think you deserve to feel this good?”

You nod as much as you can, Ari isn’t letting up in anyway and you just...talking is hard, when Ransom blindfolds you with his scarf, you whimper. With your sight gone, everything is now heightened even more.

The cock head at your lips isn’t a surprise, the man always smelled so good, even his dick, “Go on little one, suck it, haven't got all day ya know.”

You lick your lips and take his heavy weight in your mouth, hollowing your cheeks, flicking your tongue out how he likes, he know how both of them love having their cocks sucked by now.

“Aww go easy on the kid.” Ari mumbles around your hole, tongue going right back to work, making you moan around Ransom’s dick which just makes the man above you moan too, “Na where's the fun in that.”

Your head starts to silence as you just...let them use you, Ransom’s hands like always find their way around your head, starting to slowly face fuck you as Ari goes all out behind you, you can’t stop moaning and whining.

“See? Look how good you are, maybe you are a good baby after all.” Ransom’s roughly said words just make you moan more, letting them do whatever they want.

Ari’s big hands pet over your hips and your thighs, in loving caresses, while Ransom’s fist tug painfully on your hair just how you like it, the contrast of soft and rough. Ransom finally makes you deep throat his cock and your ready for it, he keeps you there like last time, you breathe through your nose, holding him in your mouth and throat.

One of his hands moves down and feels the bulge in your throat, his groan makes you happy and light, Ari’s cock finally sliding into you, makes you moan so deep and low, Ransom swears up a storm, finally moving your head back and forth again, “Fucking hell.”

Ari’s chuckle is dark and pleased, “Told you, be nice to the kid and they’ll be nice to you.”

“Yeah, yeah.” Ransom barely pays Ari any more mind just fucks your face until he’s coming down your throat with a pleased growl.

Pulling out of your mouth, you take in lungfuls of air, letting Ari fuck into you with a lazy pace, “Oh kid i’m just getting started here.” He says smugly.

Ransom laughs delighted.

Chapter Text

“Steve.” You whine in need….so unlike yourself, but you’re way past caring and so is he by the look in his eyes, they shine so much darker, like a hidden treasure you’ve just found.

Both of you are sweaty, burning up with want, the room locked tight, pink misty gas still floating along the floor, the stuff that got you into this mess in the first place, with no way out, for the time being anyway you had both tried and failed not to breath in the stuff and now...all you knew was...if Steve didn’t fuck you right here and now, you would die.

He’s on you like a panther on prey in a heartbeat, pinning you to the floor, his tongue in your mouth growling softly, it’s so inhuman and so fucking hot, you crave more. He’s not gentle with you and had this been any other time, he would be making love to you, always the gentle lover, but this….god this is what you need sometimes and now you have it.

The brute strength, that darker side you see him hide from you, like it would scare you off.


In the haze of him caging you in to the floor, he gets his stealth suit pants down far enough and your uniform pants off all the way, so when he slams into your pussy without remorse, you throw your head back and scream, mostly in pleasure with a bit of pain, it’s fucking perfection.

His teeth and tongue are all over any skin he can get, your body feels like it’s on fire and the pain in your body lessons with every thrust he slams into you. When one of his gloved hands wraps around your throat, you gasp or try too….his hold is just a bit tight and it makes you come hard around his cock, you feel him come a second later and you cry from how good it feels.


It goes on for hours, you two rutting together like fucking animals, he almost never pulls out of you the whole time and your pussy only wants more of his cock and he delivers, growling, saying frankly filthy things in your ear, sometimes he chokes you, sometimes he slaps you, those times you come so fucking hard you nearly black out.


When the team finally gets the chamber open to where you two are, your both still going at it and nothing they do can make you two break apart, so they just knock you both out.



After is…..well you and Steve take some time off from missions, but he keeps his distance from you so long you worry he’s done with you, that you made him weirded out and disgusted him. You tell him this when you finally corner him some two weeks later in the gym. 

His face….looks like you just slapped him and to your horror he starts crying and just falls to his knees before you, hugging your body to him, “I’m so, so, sorry baby….what I did to you….i’m….a monster, it wasn’t you… it’s me...somethings wrong with me….to...want to do those you….to the one I love most….i’m sick.”

All at once you understand, all at fall in love with him even more. You reach down and card your fingers through his sweaty locks of hair and whisper, “It’s not wrong or sick if I liked it honey.”

His head snaps up from where it was resting against your tummy shocked, “What?”

“I liked what you did sweetie, in fact I want you to do it again. It doesn’t have to always be like that, but sometimes when the mood hits….I just want you to dominate me, smack me around and choke me, I know you would never really hurt me, it’s all a game and if I said too stop you would.” You say calmly, feeling better and better the more you speak, his eyes darken the more you do too.

He studies you for what feels like forever, but you just lovingly keep petting his hair.

“You would…..let me do those things to you?”

“Yes.” You smile.

“Why? What if I did end up hurting you more than I meant too.”

“You wouldn’t.” You smile more, feeling his hands tighten around you as he finally stands back up.

Oh he’s hungry already, behind the red rimmed eyes, you see it, that gentle dark lover who wants to hurt you because you want it too, “It’s not wrong to want this if we both want it honey.”

He sucks in a breath and grips you almost painfully so, “Say it again.”

“I want you to hurt me Steve, make it hurt so good baby.” You run your thumb along his bottom lip, your voice breathless.

He growls and crushes you to his chest, his kiss all consuming and demanding. 

You bend to his will lovingly.

Chapter Text

Steve isn’t sure how long he stares down at the baby in the crib, looking up at him with blue eyes just like his own, blonde hair just like his own. Her eyes are red and wet from crying, her little fist balled up as she waves them around, looking about ready to cry again.

It was how Steve found her in the first place, it was pure chance he even came down to this level of the hydra base. Him, Nat and Sam had just wanted to make sure it was indeed empty and low and behold….the lower level had…well it’s not a nursery, it’s too…frightening to be one.

Medical equipment everywhere, the walls lined with formulas trying to create the perfect baby from him and his serum and it looks like they finally did and she’s…beautiful and Steve can’t and won’t leave her behind.


Striding back into the quijet with a three month old infant bundled in his arms is not something his team is used to, but they take it in stride and let him deal with the baby after Sam coo’s at her for a minute.

She’s stopped screaming thankfully and now sleeps against his chest where he sits passed out himself. Father and daughter sleeping the ride back to Wakanda soundlessly.


When they land Nat and Sam bid him farewell before taking off, then it’s just him and his baby girl. He’s not far from the palace and normally he goes right to the farm he knows so well by now, but right now….he needs to make sure this baby…his baby is healthy and ok.


“My second favorite white boy.” Shuri smiles at him as he comes into her lab, it’s been too long since he’s seen her.

“And you brought me a gift?”

Steve smiles fondly at her, “I found her in a hydra base, wanted to make sure she was ok.”

At that she gives him an understanding look and ushers him to follow her.


Steve bounces her lightly on his knee as Shuri runs her test now that she has the samples she needs, Steve keeps being afraid he’ll hurt her with his strength, but so far he’s managed really well and he’s grateful by now, he’s so good at knowing when to be gentle and when not to.

She’s wide awake now, watching him and it keeps jolting him how much like him she already looks and he smiles a bit sadly, she also reminds him of his mother. Which gives him an idea as he brings her closer to his face, he kisses her forehead and snuggles her close whispering to her, “I think the name Sarah will suit you perfectly my darling.”


Shuri gives Sarah a clean bill of health, but wants to run her blood samples through a few more tests, which suits him just fine, he needs to know what him and Bucky are dealing with here…speaking of the brunette….Steve hopes his husband is ok with him bringing a baby home like this.


Steve likes the walk from the palace to the farm, he gets a sling from Shuri before he sets out and he gets some looks, all positive ones and he finds himself internally beaming. He may have only just found her, but it already feels so right and perfect. He has no idea what he’s doing, but he’ll learn, he always does.


“That’s…” Is Bucky’s first words upon seeing him from the goat yard.

Steve smiles nervously, “Found her in an abandoned base.” He doesn’t mention who’s base it had been, no need too, Bucky already knows.

Bucky pushes past their goats and closes the gate to the yard behind him, eyes intent on Sarah, “Why…does she look like you?”

Steve frowns, cupping the back of her little head and kissing the crown of her head, “She was made to be like me.” He mumbles knowing Bucky will hear.

The brunette sucks in a sharp breath, coming closer until he can rub the blondes back while his other hand can so, so gently run a finger down her baby fat cheek, Sarah turns her little head up at and smiles, Bucky…finds himself melting so fucking fast at that face.

“Jesus, she’s like a little clone of you.”

Steve smiles more, “And like my ma.”

The brunette nods, eyes taking in the little baby still, “And like your ma.”

The brunette swallows thickly and makes grabby hands, “May I?”

Steve exhails softly and reels the brunette in for a kiss first, smile on his lips as he pulls back, “Of course.”

Placing little Sarah in Bucky’s arms…suddenly does something to Steve and his heart and he only knows he’s crying when Bucky wipes a tear away, “Don’t cry doll, she’ll be ok now, she has us.”

The blonde laughs wetly and hugs them both to him, so fucking grateful he gets this.

Chapter Text

It has only happened once, early on in their relationship. Part of the blame had laid at Bucky’s feet for not speaking up like he should have. He wasn’t in pain, just something Steve had said at the time had just….messed with his headspace.

Had thrown him from happy to a slow build of hiding his tears away and the sadness that was creeping in around the edges. It was one of the times when they played around with Bucky’s humiliation kink, Steve was all for it if Bucky was, but for some reason that one night instead of getting more turned on at the words of, “You little slut, never listening to anything I tell ya huh?”

Bucky had just….started to drift the other way, maybe it was the name Steve chose, it was a new one after all, but normally the brunette was all for it, his brain however…was not.

His face had been turned away with Steve thrusting into him from behind, so he couldn’t see Bucky trying to fight the sadness back and keep going, he should have used his words to at the very least slow down, but he didn’t and in the end his headspace was badly fucked by the end of it.

Steve never did notice his face, after they finished he just snuggled him from behind, gave him praise like he always did and they fell asleep….only Bucky didn’t sleep….he silently cried himself to sleep hours later.

Not knowing the night ended badly the night before for Bucky, Steve went about getting ready for work and then headed out, not knowing Bucky was a mess upon waking up, he cried something bad, feeling like a failure and worthless.

He never got out of bed, he didn’t eat, he didn’t even use his phone. By the time Steve came home at lunch time he was shocked to find Bucky in this state, not knowing what caused it, he had just slid into bed with Bucky still fully dressed for the office and held him close, letting his boy cry into his suit.

It had taken some time for the brunette to calm down enough to tell Steve what was going on and after that Steve always made sure he could see his boy’s face during scenes, not because he thought Bucky would do something like this again, but because it would just put the blonde at better ease.

Steve felt like shit over it regardless and vowed to keep a closer eye on him moving forward, it was his job when they did scenes as the dom to make sure his boy was ok and this time….he hadn’t been ok.

It was a learning experience for them both and in the end, only made them stronger for it.

Chapter Text

“Good boy.”

Steve whines softly, those long eye lashes fluttering closed at the name.

Normally he would say something back, but the muzzle over his lower face also acting as a gag, one that has a fake dildo modeled after Bucky’s dick fitting snugly in his mouth means, he can’t say anything.

Bucky’s eyes roam over the the leather of it, following it up to the leather puppy ear attached to it, he bites his bottom lip thinking Steve looks so dam cute like this. His eyes roam down to the black leather harness that looks like a copy of the harness he wears in battle for his shield, only this one connects to the black leather collar around the blondes neck.

The collar is also attached to the muzzle on his face, so he’s all bound up all pretty like. Bucky’s eyes look to the black cuff’s on his loves wrist attached to the swing his puppy finds himself in, the perfect height for Bucky to fuck into him.

Steve is bound so all he can do is take what Bucky gives him.

“That’s my sweet puppy.”

The blonde whines softly, his eyes fluttering back open, his pupils blown wide, his eyelashes coated in tears, his cheeks right red all the way down to his chest.

“That’s right, you’re always my good boy, my good puppy, and what do good puppies get?”

Steve just moans behind the gag knowing.

“That’s right, good puppies get a treat.”

The brunette reaches out with his free hand not holding onto the swing where it fits under Steve’s thighs and fondles the blondes hard aching cock, the little thing red and angry by now, Bucky’s own cock buried in the blonde’s tight heat.

Steve yells behind the gag, his hands tighten on the swing and his head goes back, eyes shutting tightly, he’s been close to release for hours now and still Bucky hasn’t let him come….until now.

“Look at this cute little thing, is this all for me puppy?”

Steve nods.

“Hmmm and what should I do with it puppy?”

Steve whines louder.

“Oh, should I let you come for being such a good boy?”

Steve opens his eyes, tears rolling down his cheeks and onto the muzzle nodding, Bucky thinks he looks so beautiful like this, how could he deny him any longer.

He starts jerking him off with his metal hand and Steve screams behind the muzzle, his body jerking up slightly, but the bonds keep him from getting away, “Come for me puppy, come for your master.”

Steve whole body convulses as he comes, his scream behind the gag loud and muffled but beautiful, Bucky watches with wide eyes, loving every second of it.

“Good boy.”

Chapter Text

“You wouldn’t be cheaten me now would ya?” The sheriff asked.

You check your pocket watch and see it’s nearly noon time, you slip it back into your dress and watch the sheriff play poker. He had been coming here for so long now, partly for the cards, partly for the drinks and partly…for you.

You were his and he was yours, as much as he let himself be anyway. And this guy he was playing….he was in fact cheating. The blondes eyes size up the last guy against him, the brim of his hat hiding the blondes eyes, so the guy has no clue the sheriff knows he’s cheating.

“Well, what’s it gonna be?"

"I ain’t cheating sheriff."

The blonde narrows his eyes, "See I think you’re lyin.

"Anyone in there right mind knows not to cheat against ya sheriff."

"And yet….” He reaches forward lightening fast and grabs the guys wrist in a bruising grip, showing the cards stuffed up his sleeve, “Here we are…cheaten.

You smirk watching as the other patrons in the saloon scatter or leave all together as the sheriff stands, shoving the guy away from the table as he does so.

"How do ya want it?” The blonde growls.

Your smirk grows knowing what’s about to happen.

The sheriffs gun is pulled and fired before the guy can even answer him, perfect shot between the eyes, the blondes gun still smoking as the cheating fool falls backwards dead.

The saloon is as always empty now as the blonde holsters his gun and stalks towards you, who sits on the bar top, legs spreading open for him as he nears you. He stands between your legs, tall and brooding as he takes off his hat and sets it on the bar, his wild blonde locks going everywhere.

His beard was bushier you noticed as his lips parted, his blue eyes watching you like a man dying of thirst.

“Mmmmm been thinkin about ya for weeks darlin.”

You bite your lower lip as you gaze fully up at him, looking through your eyelashes, “Well here I am sugar, whata gonna do to little old me?”

His gloved hands grip your hips tightly and pull you to the very edge of the bar top, you gasp feeling his erection hidden behind his riding chaps and pants, “I have a few ideas beautiful.”

His lips are on yours harshly, his tongue diving into your mouth without mercy, you moan and whine, giving yourself over to him, your hands going to his vest covered chest as he devours you, his arms snaking around your body crushing you to his chest.


You barely get him him to your bedroom above the saloon before he’s taking you from behind, making you watch yourself in your floor length mirror as he fucks you hard and brutal, his teeth leaving claiming marks all over your body, his mouth leaving many hickies for all to see.

“Say it.”

You moan knowing what he wants.

“Say it sweetheart!.” He growls, his cock ramming into you making you cry out, his face watching yours in the mirror.

“I’m yours.”

“Dam strait you are!”

He fucks you well into the night and come morning…he’s gone like he always is…until next time.

Chapter Text

“Were you even going to tell me? or were you going to wait until you had already left before even saying a word to me?” You ask, your back to Steve, arms crossed over your chest, you’re trying hard not to cry.

“Sweetheart I…”

“Everyone else knew, even Peter who isn’t even going knew, I was the last to find out, it’s like I don’t even fucking matter anymore.” You lose that battle with the tears halfway through speaking, covering your eyes with your hand.

“My love no.” He rushes up behind you and hugs you tightly to him, the feel of his uniform making you cry harder.

“Then why didn’t you tell me? It’s our anniversary Steve.”

You don’t ask if he forgot, you know he didn’t, he remembers everything always.

“I didn’t know how to tell you, i’m so sorry. I know we had plans.”

You refuse to turn around and look at him, “Plans that are now ruined. The mission is more important, i’ll never be as important as your work, i’ll always be second.”

“Sweetheart that’s not true.”

“Yes it is.” You whisper looking down, tears rolling down your cheeks as you share feelings that have gone on for far to long. You never had a issue with him being who he is, what you did have a problem with was his increasing workload and with it, you seeing him less and less.

“You’re always gone, I never see you anymore.” You swallow against the sudden words that come out of your mouth, “If you go on this mission…”You trail off not daring to finish.

Steve’s arms tighten around you almost painfully, “Please baby no..” Great you made him cry now too.

“I love you more then anything, but something has to change Steve, this isn’t fair. If you want a life with me then be here for it.” You whisper roughly.

His trembling hands turn you making you finally look up into his tearful eyes as tears run down his own cheeks, “I don’t wanna lose you doll, not ever.”

“Then stay.”

Normally that would have been his que to say he couldn’t the team needed him, but not this time. Now he just watches you for what feels like forever, ignoring the com unit beeping and just studies you deeply, “You’re right.” He finally says before hugging you tightly to him like he used too.

You breathe for the first time in months.

Chapter Text

“Just one more.”

Sebastian’s eyes taken in the frankly huge box with wide eyes, already feeling spoiled enough as it is.


“Just open it baby.” The brunette pleads softly.

Swallowing thickly Sebastian pulls the huge box towards him, only to hear a soft bark inside and he freezes as his eyes lock in on Chris’s, “You didn’t?” He whispers in shocked joy.

Chris looks very pleased with himself as Dodger sniffs at the box, wagging his tail slowly. When Sebastian gets the lid off the top off of the box his gasp is soft and watery, with trembling hands he reaches in and lifts the puppy out of the box. The tiny thing small, black and white and super fuzzy, like a little ball.

“Shelter wasn’t fully sure what she was a mix of but, do you like her?”

Sebastian holds the tiny puppy to his chest and sniffles looking down at her, she yawns sleepy and just snuggles into him more, her sleepy eyes watching Dodger as he shyly sniffs her face, “She’s perfect.”

Chris hearing how his husbands voice wavers, scoots closer and wraps an arm around his shoulders, “Aww baby.” He tries not to giggle at his husbands happy tears as he looks up at him.

“She’s so small and cute and perfect, thank you honey.” He leans in to kiss Chris, and the brunette welcomes it gladly, kissing back lovingly.

Pulling back, Sebastian sniffles a few more times, petting over her back as Dodger lays down between them as much as he can, watching the new puppy, “What are you gonna name her sweetheart?”

“I don’t know yet...gotta think on it.” Sebastian finally puts her down gently on the carpeted floor and lets her wake up more, Dodger’s tail going crazy, but he behaves and doesn’t jump all over her like it looks like he wants too.

The puppy was for Sebastian, but Dodger is clearly all about it as they nose each other before the new puppy curls up between Dodgers legs and goes back to sleep, with a huff Dodger lays his head down by her and relaxes.

Both men can’t help taking a few pictures with their phones and Chris bites his bottom lip watching Dodger gently licking over her little head, “I think Dodger is already in love with her.”

“That’s ok, I don’t blame him at all.” Sebastian whispers before hauling Chris in for another kiss, this one much longer and much more heat filled.

Chapter Text

“How could you do this to me!”

You look up from the book you’ve been trying to read to keep your mind off of the cold way Steve’s been with you for the last two days. It’s hurt your heart having him being like this, but you thought it was a work thing and he was stressed, so you gave him space and have no idea what he’s talking about.

Steve scoffs and dumps a folder in your lap and out fall...tons of photos of you and….some guy you have never met before in your life….kissing…..having sex, “What the hell is this?” You ask confused looking up at him.

“Don’t act so surprised, Tony had them checked out because of course I said my woman would never ever do this sort of thing, she’s not like that I said and Tony comes back and tells me that their real… tell me why? Why would you do this to me? To us?” His voice comes off low and angry….hurting.

“This is a mistake, i’ve never seen this man in my life, Tony’s wrong Steve.” You bite out firmly getting pissed off yourself now.

Steve’s glare only gets worse even as his eyes shine more brightly, “I should’ve never gave you my heart.” He says roughly before turning around and storming out.

You’re left sad, mad and heartbroken yourself as the tears come fast after that.


You both act like adults and just….refuse to share the same space, you hurt because Steve so blindly just believes a lie, and him because he thinks you cheated on him. It’s a rough three months for you both. By this point you have moved out of the tower and into your own little place on the other side of the city, far from Steve.

It would seem, the blonde refuses to even entertain the idea that something fishy is going on with those photos and so….what can you do? Your heart hurts something bad, you both had been talking about rings and now….it’s like Steve wants to pretend you don’t even exist.

The pain in your heart grows and grows until one day you just wake up, walk out your door, and never come back.


When Steve uncovers a secret threat that had been going on right under his nose, he’s shocked and disgusted to learn Tony had been a skrull the whole time and thus….those lies he made about you had been just that, very nasty lies….and ones Steve believed.
When he tries getting ahold of you, he can’t no matter how many times he calls. He’s in the middle of calling you yet again, when a breaking news thing flashes across the screen and he unmutes it as he waits for you to maybe answer this time when he sees on the screen….

A body being lifted from the new york harbor, the person drove their car into the water and drowned and Steve doesn’t remember dropping his phone and he doesn’t remember screaming in agony as he watches them put your lifeless body into a body bag.

Chapter Text

“That’s it Stevie…just let go for us.” Bucky whispers by the blondes ear, his hands running over well defined pecs and nipples as he kneels behind Steve on the bed.

The blondes wrist bound to his thighs, his ankles bound to the ends of the bed so he’s spread nice and open for them both, his back against Bucky’s body in the middle of the huge bad so the brunette can feel all over his sweethearts body as their girl takes Steve apart with her mouth around his cock.

Steve’s whines, so needy and open, something he doesn’t always let himself be, but he’s getting better at it, asking for this when he needs it. His loves are more then happy to provide him with whatever he needs.

Steve likes to be in charge so much of the time, it was hard to learn that submitting was just as freeing as controlling. When you deep throat his cock, the blonde whines even higher in his throat as Bucky grabs his chin, grabs a fistful of his hair and tips his head back to kiss him deeply, his tongue invading the blondes mouth to muffle the sounds purely because Bucky wants to and Steve lets him.

Bucky’s hands slide down over his beautiful pecs on display and pinches the nipple roughly, Steve’s cry into his mouth just makes Bucky moan deeply and he does it again. Steve’s body tenses and flexes but he can’t do anything about your mouth around his cock or the way Bucky is touching him.

“No more….please.” He pleads when Bucky finally lets him breath again.

“That’s not a safe word baby.” Bucky reminds him smirking, Steve knows all he has to do is say the right safe words or give the right hand signals and sense he is not, they don’t stop.

Steve starts crying even as he chases Bucky’s mouth wanting more before the brunette gives in and consumes his husband with more deep kisses, licking into his mouth forcing him to take it.

Steve’s tears run down his fast in a steady pace, he wants to come so bad, but they haven’t said he can yet and he’s…gonna fail. Bucky doesn’t let up with the tongue battle, Steve breathes through his nose and his whimpers and whines only get louder, he’s sweating by now and he’s fully a mess.

Just the way they want him.

“Come for me babydoll, come for us sweet boy.” Bucky whispers against his lips and Steve sobs as he comes, the sweet sweet pleasure and pain of finally being able to come making it that much more powerful after so long of being denied.

Chapter Text

You knew the rules, Steve knew the rules. When you broke one, you had this game in place. He would pretend to be cold to you, ignore you even, until you broke and said sorry and begged for forgiveness, it always ended with some mind blowing sex and no one had ever safe worded, it just worked.

This time however, something was different and it wasn’t Steve.

It was you.

The cold shoulder act got to you, your brain picking a hell of a time to scream at you, ‘maybe he really is sick of you.’

Your depression kicking into high gear, your brain running a mile a minute sinking deeper and deeper into it, following the words only you could hear.

It made you spiral.

Your dark days don’t come knocking as often as they used to, but when they do it’s a mess and your brain picked one hell of a day to do this to you.


Steve knows somethings wrong when his love doesn’t come find him and plead and beg like normal, his concern grows instantly. When he searches for you and can’t find you anywhere his worry only gets worse. He doesn’t know what kind of mind space you’re in and his concern is rapidly building the longer he looks for you.

When he does find you, you’re huddled in the closet in a corner behind clothes crying your eyes out. Steve doesn’t hesitant to crawl in there with you and boldly yet gently grab you and hold you close and tight to him. You just snuggle more into him, your brain a mess.

“I’m here baby, i’m here, shhhh it’s ok sweetheart I got you, I love you so much baby.”

Over and over again he repeats the words from his heart, recognizing the signs of a mental break down and doing what he always does, but knowing maybe you're feeling it more because of how the game was going. He feels guilt hit him full force, but nothing can be done about it now.

He just keeps his arms wrapped around your small body and tells you how much he loves you.

You fall asleep like that, feeling yourself come back bit by bit safe in his arms.

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Chapter Text

This wasn’t your first time here, and it surely wouldn’t be the last time either. The first time had been when your friend was having a party for her birthday and felt nearly naked men twirling around a pole was what she wanted most.

After that night you couldn’t stop coming back every friday night when he would be center stage.

Sun spun hair, ocean blue eyes, chiseled jaw line, slightly crooked nose, soft plump looking lips, wide shoulders, slim waist, biceps for days, the firmest ass you had ever seen, and beautiful thighs. The small red, white and blue thong doing nothing to hide just how much he was packing down below. Even his hands and fingers were lovely, big, powerful but artistic.

The man was hands down the most beautiful and sexy thing you have ever seen in your life and he wielded the pole like it was apart of him, twirling, spinning, his body making the most sinful moves you have ever seen a person do and like the first night he saw you, his eyes look at you hungrily once he see’s your back.

It doesn’t take long, it never does, you’ve been coming here for weeks now and the routine is always the same now. When he nods his head towards the back, you down the rest of your beer and move towards the back as the next dancer comes on stage.

It never surprises, not anymore just how close the blonde is to his job, walking out the back of the club and into the alleyway, you cross to the next building and there he is, pulling you into his small apartment and devouring your lips right from the start.

You don’t even get to catch your breath and who needs breathing anyway, when you have a sexy man like this wanting you so much. Your coat finds the floor easy enough, your dress is hiked up and he’s lining himself up with you and entering you all in one go, his big hands under your thighs keeping you pinned to his shut door as his lips still devour your own.

He’s not gentle and you don’t want him to be and he knows it too, the way he fucks into you again and again is testament to that, the grooves of the door are sure to be embedded into your back after this and who gives a shit about it.

He finally frees a hand from one of your thighs and you wrap them around him for better leverage as his free hair grips a fistful of your hair and tugs almost painfully and you moan from it, finally breaking the kiss panting as his lips move to your neck and treat the skin like it’s a snack, feasting on you, his cock slamming up into you over and over again frantically.

Your hands cling to his broad shoulders as the back of your head hits the door with a thud as his mouth sucks marks into your skin, “I wanna hear you scream my name beautiful, let everyone hear you, let everyone know who’s fucking you so good, scream my name.” He growls into your skin.

Your mouth falls open on a scream when his cock starts hitting your g spot perfectly and you come, oh you do so hard, you barely notice him joining you, but you do and it’s your turn to grab fistfuls of his hair and reel him in for a all consuming kiss, making him moan deeply in his throat as he pulses inside of you.

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You hate that Ransom left you alone with his mother, really you did, but he was in the kitchen getting little Henry something to eat and promised to be back fast, still even 5 minutes was asking to much and when Linda snaps at little Ana to stop with the singing….

Well you can’t even say anything about it because she huffs and storms from the room as you rush over to your little one, holding her close as she starts crying up a storm, she’s only 2 and some of the words are garbled or the wrong words, but who cares, she loves frozen, loves singing to it.

Ransom being who he was, he bought her anything frozen if she asked for it, even the little dress she has on now, her wand forgotten at the moment, laying on the floor as her face crumbles and she wipes at her eyes crying still.

You could nearly time it how long it takes for Ransom to hear her cries and follow the sound to where you both sit on the floor as you let Ana snuggle you close, thumb in her mouth, eyelashes still damp from her tears, her little cheeks all red, you both look up at Ransom as he quickly walks in, little Henry on his hip.

He doesn’t have to ask, he just knows. With a frown and a deep sigh he settles down with you guys on the floor and lets the twins switch spots. Once Ana is in his arms, her cries become sniffles as she hides her face in his sweater.

Henry just plays with the wand that was forgotten on the floor, chewing on it, watching his sister, he was the more quite of the two so far, but you can’t help but laugh softly as Ransom takes the remote and turns the volume up on the tv even louder then before, making Ana perk back up in her fathers arms, “You gonna sing for me honey?” Ransom says softly to her and she nods slowly.

“Let it go, let it goooo.” Ransom starts singing too and then you and even Henry making Linda so fed up she storms out of the house much to Ransoms amusement.

Chapter Text

Chapter Text

“Oh baby.” Steve’s lips graze your ear and cheek, dragging his lips over your skin.

This was always one of your favorite ways to wake up in bed with the blonde, him behind you in bed, spooning up real close, skin to skin, his big warm callused hand holding one of your legs up and open to keep you spread for him as his cock slowly slid in and out of your pussy at a snails pace, his eyes watching over your shoulder, his other arm wrapped around you enough for his other hand to hold one of your breast in it and knead it, pitch the nipple if he wished.

All you could do was lay against him and let him make you feel good, inside and out, his body was nice and warm, his beard felt good against your neck where it rubbed softly, his lips soft, his tongue wet and hot as he sucks on your earlobe, hot breath whispering your name and a whole host of other things, “Always so soft baby, mmm and the way you feel around my cock mmm.” He groans when you purposely clench around him, a coy smile on your face.

“Fuck sugar what you do to me…”

“So beautiful..”


“Wanna keep you in bed all day, love on you for hours doll…”

His words never ending and your moans of his name only fuel him on, “You going to come for your daddy?”

You gasp nodding your head, “Let me hear you baby, daddy wants to hear his beautiful baby girl sing for him.”

You cry out when his cock starts thrusting into you with passion and you come hard, his name falling from your lips on a loop, voice high and wanton and Steve can’t help but follow right after you, gently biting onto your shoulder as he moans deeply, hips grinding forward a few times, his hands tightening on you.

Chapter Text

Ransom’s been cagey all day, ever since yesterday he had been quiet, even with the twins. Once it’s nap time though, you know you need to talk to him about it. You wait until your both at the dinner table eating lunch, your ankles linked with his under the table before speaking, “I know what you did yesterday Ransom.”

Your voice isn’t scared, alarmed or worried, you’re actually rather calm about it, it feels like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders knowing…..knowing that your ex will never be able to harm you again.

Ransom’s face however is like a deer in headlights, his chewing slows down, until he swallows thickly and takes a drink of water, the ring on his pinky finger clinking against the glass of the cup he drinks from. You have a feeling he wants to flee, you tighten your ankles around his under the table more firmly giving him the ‘look’.

He sighs and pushes his empty plate away, opting instead to chew on his thumb as he watches you, he looks concerned, worried, maybe even afraid, but you see confusion too, he doesn’t know why your so calm and you can’t help but smile, “You don’t have to tell me how you did it, I just want you to know, that man….he could have killed me many times while we dated….the abuse...well it was bad, to know he tried to harm one of my babies?”

You shake your head because that scares you more than anything, someone trying to harm your kids, “I saw the camera footage, that mother fucker was going to harm or maybe even kill our child Ransom.”

You swallow thickly and he just wordlessly grabs your hands on the table and holds tight, “That fucker had it coming for years now and i’m not sorry he’s dead, i’m only sorry I didn’t do it years ago when he nearly killed me.”

Ransom knows all about your past, but he didn’t know just how bad it had really been until now, you see his jaw tense at your words, “You have to promise me something though baby.” You ask softly.

The brunette has to clear his throat first, he’s still trying to process everything, “What honey?”

“Let’s not make this a habit yeah? This was the only time.” You say firmly, holding onto his hands tightly.

“How can you be ok with this?” He has to ask, his eyes filled with wonder that you didn’t call the police or worse….take his babies away, run away screaming yourself.

“Like I said, he had it coming, you were protecting your family Ransom, I can’t be mad at you for that, not with this.” You say with so much conviction...Ransom is floored….his respect for you growing tenfold in a matter of minutes.

He leans down and kisses your knuckles so lovingly, his breath warm, his lips smiling, “I promise sweetheart.”

Chapter Text

Ana just refuses to NOT chew on his fingers, he loves his child, god does he ever, but his pinky finger, the one with the big ring on it, is slimy and gross, but Ana only wants that finger or else she screams bloody murder.

Ransom would rather die then hear her scream or cry, SOOO he decides to just…deal with it, it’s only a faze right? He puts on the baby sling first then his trusted coat and then Ana who chews on his finger like always.

A walk around the woods by the house should be nice, it’s not to cold, but just in case, he puts a little beanie on her head to go with her fuzzy onesie, once all bundled against his chest, he sets out for a calm walk.


He ends up by the pond and Ana is delighted to watch the ducks do their thing on the water, Ransom’s finger still in her mouth, “Honey you can’t chew on that thing forever.”

All she does is turn her head up at him and coo, “Listen you, no back talk now, I mean it young lady.” Ransom fake scolds tickling her sides, she laughs, but her hands don’t let his finger get away, her grip surprisingly strong for a 6 month old.

He sighs watching her, “Maybe when you’re big enough, this ring will be yours, would you like that pumpkin?”

Ana coo’s like always, what will be words all garbled nonsense, “Ahh smart girl, you have good taste, just like your daddy.”

He sighs again kissing the top of her head, “But seriously when can I have my finger back?”

Chapter Text

It was the first time he was using the new toy on you. Sure Steve’s tied you up, in many ways by now, it was and will always be your favorite thing he does to you outside of making love, him tying you up or down, giving you pleasure like no one ever has before, how he dominates you, but in such a trusting and loving way, fuck, you want it always.

The new toy however was a birthday gift for your twenty fifth birthday and he was using it on you oh so sweetly. The position you find yourself in isn’t a new one per say, but the added bondage is. He’s cuffed your wrist to your thighs, the soft padded leather soft and cool to your skin, but keeps you from touching him how you want.

Your thighs are in turn cuffed to his by way of more of that leather with all the straps and D rings, it means when he spreads his legs more, yours go with him, he controls how open you are, nothing can be hidden, unless you safe word of course.

Your naked, he’s naked, his cock has been buried in your ass for awhile now, keeping it warm for him, he hasn’t said you can’t squirm around, which is good because every time he presses the vibrator against your clit, you gasp and moan, rocking your hips into the thing, which he loves watching, but still… you can’t touch him and you yearn to so badly.

“Daddy….daddy please.” You beg and cry, your head long sense rested back against his shoulder, his free hand firmly around your throat without putting to much pressure, more a thing of possessiveness and gentle control, the hold keeps your chin up, and thus his lips can suck and bite and mark up your skin as he pleases.

“Please what sugar?” His lips move against your throat, the toy moving up and down teasingly over your folds.

“Please let me come daddy, please.” You plead.

“Hmmmm.” His voice low and deep, considering.

“No.” His voice firm and in control, it’s his captain voice and it just makes you wetter.

You whimper as he keeps teasing you, “Oh daddy.”

“You can’t fool me baby, I know how much you love this, how much you love your daddy making you feel so good.”

You whimper nodding your agreement.

“Say it.” He commands firmly.

You cry out as he presses the toy down harder on your clit, “I...I love how good you make me feel daddy….only you make me feel this good.”

He nearly purrs in pleasure, “That’s right baby girl, daddy knows what you need, daddy knows what makes your body sing for me, daddy knows best doesn’t he?”

You start crying from the very slow build that’s starting, it feels so fucking good, “Yes daddy, you always know whats best.”

“Fuck right I do doll.” He growls sucking a mark into your skin a second later.

He starts grinding the toy against your clit again and you cry and sob from how good it feels to get more friction, “Oh daddy yes please.”

“That’s right baby, sing for me, let me see you come all over your new toy like a naughty girl, let Daddy watch you come undone.”

You feel yourself getting closer and closer, when he spreads his legs more, yours go with him and you can’t help shamelessly trying to fuck yourself against the toy now, “That’s it baby make daddy proud, come for me.”

You sob as your peak starts to cress over, “That’s a good girl, that’s daddy’s good girl, soak the toy for me.” He growls as your orgasm is ripped from you and your body arches up into it as his mouth bites into your shoulder as his own orgasm washes over him, his cum filling your hole and leaking out in no time as you ride out your own pleasure.


Chapter Text

He’s going to spoil the fuck out of you, where he takes you, well it wont matter much, because you will be spending a good chunk of the honeymoon, if not nearly all of it, under him in the sheets, BUT you will feast on the finest food and the beds will have the nicest sheets to ever touch your skin.

Let’s say this is the reader that gave him his beautiful twin babies, sense he wanted to marry her at some point anyway and now that they are? Yeah he’s gonna give you everything he can and to be silly a bit here, that includes his dick ok? lol

But that should maybe go without saying because honestly what do people do on a honeymoon more then anything else?

They fuck………..all……the……..dam…………time lol

So lets say they go to France.

It’s after a long day of site seeing, you HAVE to in Paris right? But now your back in the frankly stunning hotel room over looking the city, the lights of the city soft and welcoming from the balcony, Ransom comes up behind you and starts nuzzling your neck with his nose and lips, his hands are not shy about grabbing what he wants and they find your breast easy enough and knead them through your light sweater as you arch into his touch.

It would just get more heated from there, clothes slowly getting thrown off and away littering the floor everywhere, not a care in the world about it, that’s what the hotel maids were for right?

Oh he doesn’t wanna take his time with you this time, he wants you right here and now against the big huge windows over looking the city and who fucking cares? Let people maybe see you plastered buck naked against the glass as Ransom frankly rails you from behind, one hand on your hip and the other around your throat holding you to him as your hands, your fingers claw at the glass, moaning in pleasure.

No man in your life had EVER filled so perfectly the way Ransom does, his cock was big without being to big, it was just right and every singe time he pounded into you, you saw stars, and he knows just good he makes you feel, as always made you feel.

He’s also the only man who has EVER been able to give you your orgasm from fucking you and not playing with your clit, you know he’s always LOVED that so so much, it feeds his ego, but you can understand why, he really was just that good in bed.

The few before him had been a joke, no one could even give you your orgasm, but in he came and well…made you come and now’s no different, you shout his name as you come with him pounding into you until he too is panting and moaning your name as his orgasm sweeps through him, “God I can’t wait to put another baby inside you.” He whispers breathlessly and you….just laugh softly and shake your head.

You turn your head to the side and kiss his jawline, “Maybe wait a few years baby.”

He only hums and holds you tighter, both of you still very much naked and very much still in front of the window.

Chapter Text

When he was young and fresh faced, he braved the sea with his young bride by his side, the future wide open in front of him. His wife wanted for nothing, he treated her gently and with love in his heart.

When he loses her to pirates at the tender age of 21, his heart grows cold, life no longer has meaning and he goes from being a well known fishermen to a pirate himself to hunt down those who murdered his wife in front of him before feeding her to the sharks.

He gets his revenge, and then takes the ship for his own.

Years pass, he grows older, makes a name for himself. People fear him, as they should. He takes no other woman, none take his eye and hold it, none fill him with life, until he see’s you.

You are but a simple princess off to be married, but him and his crew find you instead, they kill everyone on board and leave only you for the captain to take as his own treasure.

He hasn’t felt any spark of life in so long he doesn’t know what to do with it, but he knows he will have you for his own.

Your father had tried to get you married off for your mouse like nature, shy and stubborn were things he did not like and thus off he sent you, but…it was not to be, a pirate captain takes you and you never see any of your family again.

The captain gives you little choice in most things, but he’s mostly gentle about it, when he wants to take you, he takes you. Knowing you’ve never bedded a man before him, makes him want you even more.

He ignores your pleas of “no”, but gives you pleasure you have never known, he only takes you once he has made sure your will is lowered and you start to crave his touch, when you want to feel his lips on yours.

He doesn’t disappoint you, he kisses you like a man drowning for it, if you didn’t know better you would swear there was a deep sadness in his gaze as he fills you up there in his cabin. The sadness though much like your plea’s of “no” fade and soon it seems like a lightness is there mixed in with the darkness.

You don’t know what it means, you don’t know what will come of you, but you know this pirate captain was much better looking then your husband to be that you did not care for, he was big and strong, he could protect you.

Maybe this life wouldn’t be so bad, maybe this pirate would care for you, how long had it been sense any kindness was showed to you, how long for him? For you did not know his story, pirates are labeled as monsters of the sea’s, but this man could have killed you, fed you to the sharks, gave you to his crew, but he did none of those things.


Maybe you could learn to like it here….with your pirate captain

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Chapter Text

Chapter Text

Ooooo dude like Ransom wonders why he even keeps going to the house, everytime he does his family is there being…..well them.

They always try to tear his sweet little found family down, his girl is smart enough to now just ignore them, their twins have no clue at 6 months old, but Ransom…. he shuts that shit down so dam fast.

“Will you please shut the fuck up, you’re talking to the woman i’m going to marry, so kindly fuck off.” He finally hisses, he refuses to shout around his babies.

Your eyes go wide….Ransom had only asked you last night to marry him, to be honest you were on cloud nine still over it and it was hard to bring down your mood, you do raise a eyebrow at him though when he turns to look at you, “Ransom…the babies…no swearing.” You whisper, small smile on your face, kind of pleased as punch how he always stood up for you, no one in your life ever had until him.

Of course his family wants more details and is pretty loud about it, hoping to calm Ransom down just a bit, you place little Ana in his arms, who he takes right away and snuggles into his chest as Ana watches the family with wide blue eyes and a pacier in her mouth, only the best kind of course.

Henry calm in your arms for the time being, playing with his stuffed captain america plushie, something Ransom had gotten him with a laugh and when you asked him about it, he had only said something along the lines of, ‘Oh just a inside family joke.’

Ana does do the trick though, she helps calm him down as he pets over her tiny little head glaring at his family and letting them rant and rave. Now that you think of it, you really need to ask him what the inside joke was.

Chapter Text

“Hey brother long time no see.”

A deep sigh on the other line, to much like his own, “What do you want Ransom?”

The brunette tiskes as he feeds Ana her breakfast, “For once nothing, I have some news is all.”

“Did you steal from someone again, murder someone?” The sarcasm is strong even over a phone line.

“No and why is that the first thing you think of? jesus asshole.” Ransom ignores the laugh on the other side of the call and continues, “Just thought you would like to come down, meet my kids, my future wife, you know no big deal or anything big brother.”

Silence greets him for far to long before a small voice says, “You have kids?”

Ransom smiles, he knows his big brother loves kids so so much, “I did actually about six months ago, guess what, it’s twins.”

“No way!” Now Steve just seems super excited.

“Yes way, AND i’m engaged, so get your shit together and come visit me asshole.” Ransom can’t believe how much food is NOT making it’s way into Ana’s mouth.

“I….you know how much I hate the family Hue.” Steve’s voice goes quiet, yeah Ransom knew.

“God please don’t EVER call me Hue again, you know I like Ransom best, AND you haven’t seen me in so long i’m starting to think you hate me or something.” He grumbles.

A deep sigh and Ransom knows he won, he could always guilt Steve into anything, “Fine, but i’m bringing Bucky with me, you haven’t met him yet anyway.”

“Oh god your broody boyfriend huh?”

“Husband now actually.” Steve trails off sounding so very happy, Ransom can’t help but make fake gagging sounds much to Ana’s delight.

“You are such a child Ransom.” Steve grumbles, but perks up when he hears Ana laughing.

“Oh wow…” Steve breathes out hearing the sound, “Ok it’s so weird you have kids, but I have to meet them, i’ll be down in a few days, how’s that?”

Ransom wipes Ana’s face making her laugh more, “Sounds good, just you know try to be nice.”

“I’m always nice!” Steve throws out sounding hurt at the very idea.

“Sure captain america whatever you say.” Ransom wheedles.

“God, you are not allowed to bring up my job and what I do while there Ransom I swear to god, I will slap the smile right off your face, if i’m driving all the way down there it’s to relax, no work talk.”

“You’re no fun shithead.” Ransom grumbles more, cleaning little Ana’s hands.

“I will fight you.” Steve dares.

Ransom smiles, “I dare you too.”

Steve’s sigh makes Ransom laugh in delight, “See you in a few days asshole.”

Ransom hangs up feeling excited, looking to Anastasia who is still in need of more cleaning off, “Ok sweetheart time for a bath”

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Chapter Text

Chapter Text

Chapter Text

“Oh fuck, fuck, fuckkk Johnny…..oh Johnny.” His lips seal over yours silencing your words as he fucks you in doctors Richards lab.

Your lab coat is long gone….somewhere on the floor of the lab, your dress ashes on the floor thanks to hot hands in a hurry to undress you. Unlike him, you didn’t have fire proof clothes, the asshole.

Not that you ever cared, he always bought you new clothes to replace your old ones, he also always came back to you. No matter how many times he says he wont, he does, you don’t know why he tries to fight it….this pull you both have towards each other. It’s not like you ever talk about becoming something more serious, you know how he is, light and easy is the game.

Still, you’re always happy to see him, like a dam puppy. He knows your body so well by now, having played this back and forth game for a year now. He knows you like when he makes himself run extra hot as he fucks you, touches you.

You know the spot right below his ear drives him insane if you suck on that area of skin, like right now when you break away from his lips to do just that and he moans loud and needy as he fucks you harder on your desk.

“Fuck…you drive me crazy woman, I swear to god.” He growls, his hands hot brands on your naked hips, his pace unrelenting, but so are your kisses and bites to his neck, like he’s some kind of feast for you to devour.

“Right there baby…fuck yes…shit.” He breathes into your ear so wanton you clench around his cock buried deep inside you.

“That’s it…that’s it….fuck…..i’m….i’m…” He breaks off, burying his face in your neck to return the favor you’ve been giving to his as he starts to come deep inside you, your own orgasm joining his, your hands grip the back of his shoulders tightly, his hands still hot brands on your hips as you ride it out together.

Chapter Text

The night has worn on you, you are very thankful the twins have mostly been like little angels tonight and you can tell Ransom is too. You have a headache, and you are bone tired, so by the time little Ana IS finally starting to make a fuss, you get up and take her outside for a minute to calm down, leaving little Henry with Ransom.

Ransom is….seething inside, but he would never let his babies know it. He knows you know it though, and he could see how…worn down the family made you…Ransom swears he needs to stop coming to these things, at least the twins have no idea yet, still much to little to know any different.

Henry now sits in his lap playing with his scarf gently in his own little baby world, the brunette leans down and kisses his sons little head, breathing in his baby scent, trying to calm himself down when Linda’s words make him see red, “If you think i’m going to punish my child for simply crying you don’t know me at all mother.” His voice low as he glares daggers at his mother, if looks could kill, his mother would be dead by now.

He’s proud of himself for not yelling, he always tries to actively never yell around the kids, come to think of it, he’s never yelled in front of you either, never a reason too….you two just….click so dam well.

He only ever has the urge to yell when he’s around his family and he takes a deep breath, turning his glare from his mother back down to his son who looks up at him lovingly, Ransom’s glare is instantly gone at that cute little face and he knows he’s ready to leave now.

When he finally see’s you took yourself and Ana to the car he finds you in tears and his heart breaks, for how much he hates seeing his babies cry, he hates seeing you cry too.

The ride home is silent, he drives so you can calm down and the twins sleep in the back, only once back home and the twins are down for a nap can you he hug you the way he wants to, the way you deserve, you hug him back like a lifeline, you sniffle, but no tears fall from your eyes, it’s a near thing though, “Why are they so hateful?” You ask in a small voice, listening to his heartbeat through his sweater.

He kisses the top of your head holding you close, “Because it’s all they know how to be.”

He holds you that much tighter, “Lets not worry about them now, their assholes. The next time they want us to come to something i’m saying no, i’m tired of there shit.”

You sigh gratefully, “I love you.”

Ransom frames your face with his hands and leans down to kiss you, “I love you too.”

Chapter Text

So, you are already a teary mess, but now it’s Ransom’s turn, he refused to let the school bus take them, didn’t feel like they were safe enough, that was fine by you. Still, now he’s standing in the doorway to the class and Henry is trying to be a brave little boy, but Anastasia…..she wont stop crying and Ransom is crying and it’s a big old mess.

The teacher is thankfully giving them all the time they need, your grateful for that, if she had said anything about it, you might have had to have words with her. Ransom is protective of his babies like no other, and by the time they both calm down enough for Ana to join her brother with the other kids…you can tell Ransom would rather stay glued right where he is.

It’s you who has to gently lead him out, his eyes are still watery though and this is the most upset you’ve seen him sense you gave birth to the twins.

“It’s gonna be ok baby, they have each other to protect the other and the teacher is a friend of Marta’s, they’ll be ok.” You say softly once back at the car as you hug him close and console him.

“We haven’t been away from them sense they were born.” He whispers, hugging you back tightly.

And it’s true, any time you and Ransom needed some alone time or some rest Marta bless her would watch them, but in the same house downstairs, never away like this.

“I know baby.”

“I didn’t know it was going to be this hard, I miss my babies already.” He whispers, his words broken up, he’s crying again and you feel for him you really do, you just hug him tighter, you miss them already too.

“It’ll get easier sweetie, I promise.” You swear.

A sniffle, “Ok.”

He sounds so much younger then he is in this moment, like a small boy, you kiss his wet cheeks softly.

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Chapter Text

You had to admit Ransom looked good….dam good. The sexist Santa you had ever seen. You’re pretty sure the suit is tailored for him and cost a fortune.

Still, there was something to be said about seeing your man covered in red velvet, even if he was…. naked under the long red coat. Fuck, he had even grown out a beard, something Ransom always refused to do and now….you’re practically drooling as you sit in his lap as he asked you too.

He wouldn’t let you wear anything other then the cute little elf boxers he got you that fit you like a second skin, your poor cock’s been hard awhile now just seeing Ransom like this and it’s….alot for your poor brain to take.

Ransom’s been hard awhile himself and he doesn’t waist any time making that known when you sit in his lap, pressing his hard length into your hip as he grinds gently into you, his arms snaking around you lean body and his hands rubbing over your chest and stomach, “You’ve been such a good boy this year baby, santa wants to give you a present.”

“Is it your dick santa?” You ask giggling.

Ransom laughs softly trying to stay in character and failing for a moment before, “Oh honey, you guessed your surprise.”

You gasp when he moves you to be against his chest, your back to his chest gives him more room to play with you, and it also gives him just enough room to slid out the plug and slide his cock right up inside you, bottoming out on a groan.

You pant digging your hands into his thighs, “You’re so big santa.”

“You haven’t seen anything yet baby boy.”

“Ohhh…f…” You cut yourself off as his hands grip your hips and move you up and down his cock to his liking, using your tight little hole as he pleases.

“What a good boy, you keep this up, you’ll be on my nice list for life.”

“Oh santa…” You whimper feeling his cock hit your sweet spot over and over again.

You come first of course, he always make sure of that before he follows after you, his growl into the back of your neck makes you shiver in pleasure at the sound, when one of his hands swipes through the cum dripping down your stomach, he brings that hand to his mouth and licks it clean, “Santa needed his milk.”

Chapter Text

“But I want it.” Jack whines, he’s in bed, Ransom’s in bed snuggled up with him.

A sigh, “Kid you already have two cars, why do I need to buy you another one?”

“Because it’s pretty, why do I need a reason?”

“You need a reason if you want me to buy it for you, which i’m not doing baby boy, now hush.” Ransom says firmly, one of his hands sliding up over Jack’s right ass cheek.

Jack grumbles, “But daddy…”


“I said no boy.” Ransom growls and Jack whimpers from the ass slap, secretly loving it, Ransom knows it too.

A sigh, “Yes daddy.”

Jack will just continue to think of ways to get that car….maybe a good blowjob.

Chapter Text

Oh boy….. over the the years, (they’ve been together three years now) the christmas’s together have just grown to be more and more amazing every year, and not even in big fancy ways, but just…how many ransom starts to get into all of it, the tree, the lights, the gifts.

He has come to love everything about it, when the twins finally come into the picture, well you gave birth on christmas day so that year that was the best gift he could ask for, the following year when the twins make him home made drawings, he places them on the fridge with pride.

When you gift him a home made scarf….you didn’t think he would get all teary, but he does, “I love this so much baby.” He whispers.

He’s all to happy to have the one you made him replace his old one, just touching it makes him smile happily.

Chapter Text


You watch on with wide eyes from the open front door as a man who looks nearly just like Ransom, only bigger and with blonde hair sweeps Ransom up in a bear hug to rival all bear hugs and then ruffle his put together hair.

Ransom of course struggles rather weakly it seems to you, he’s glaring and cursing out his big brother who just laughs and keeps picking on him, you watch on bemused before your eyes take in the brunette who came with him, he notices you and smiles warmly, coming over to you, “Hi, i’m Bucky nice to meet you.”

You shake hands and smile warmly back, “Nice to meet you Bucky i’m y/n.”

Your eyes glance to the brothers who are now….wrestling, or more like Steve is tickling Ransom mercilessly and your poor husband to be can’t do anything but sob and laugh, “Fucking stop…I hate you so much.” He manages to get out.

Your eyes come back to Bucky’s who’s trying not to laugh and failing just like you, “Do you wanna come inside?” You ask

“Yes please, something smells really good.” You beam at that and lead him inside the house.


Ransom and Steve sit out in the yard much longer then they mean to, talking, catching up. Ransom refuses to admit how much he’s missed his big brother. Instead he finally brings him inside and the sight that greets him is….well it makes him so happy to see.

You’re laughing at something Bucky said, but it’s the twins that really sell the scene, both are in Bucky’s lap and he looks pleased as punch about it, talking to them softly as you sit on the carpeted floor with him. The whole thing is just….so soft, Ransom is so proud of you and the twins and he’s so very proud to show you off to the few family he actually still likes.

“This…is my family Steve.” Ransom says softly and fondly.

The blonde for his part takes it all in with big old heart eyes, “Aww baby brother look at you, growing up and everything.”

Ransom just smiles more, “Yeah I know.”

Steve looks to him curiously, “No snappy comeback? No asshole remark?”

The brunette shrugs, never taking his eyes off his family, “They’ll be time for that later.”

Steve’s eyes go fond, seeing his baby brother happy for the first time in his life is….eye opening and Steve is dying to meet you and the twins, when his eyes find Bucky’s, he has to swallow thickly, seeing him with the twins was….doing things to him.


Steve turns out to be a big hit with the twins, he’s animated, he’s soft spoken when he needs to be, he’s great at reading books to them and playing peek a boo, the twins love him and he loves them instantly. He sees so much of Ransom in them already and you for that matter.

Dinner isn’t anything fancy, simple, but good. The fact that Ransom made nearly all of it does stun Steve into silence, much to Ransom’s delight. The evening is spent relaxing and talking and just…being a family and both the brothers like it more than they say.

It’s been so long since they saw each other and time apart is felt, but not at the same time. Steve instantly likes you, loves you honestly. The fact that you could bring about this change in Ransom for the better is…so telling to the kind of person you are.


The twins don’t wanna go to bed, they fight it even. They only calm down when everyone goes into the nursery with them and now….Steve watches Ransom silently as he moves about, changing last minute diapers, helps change Ana while you change Henry for bed. He watches his little brother sing each of them to sleep as he rocks Ana in his arms.

The sight kind of catches Steve off guard, even though it shouldn’t, but it does. Ransom is 100% happy and it’s not something Steve thought he would ever see. Seeing him coo softly down at Ana in his arms is….something Steve is so very grateful to see.

His brother deserved so much and it looked like he finally got his unspoken wish.

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You hadn’t meant to fall in love with your quiet neighbor, but you had. As a alpha you had thought he would have been loud, rowdy, and controlling, lord knows alpha’s normally were, but he had been soft spoken from the start, you always liked that about him.

He showed you not all alpha’s were what you had only ever known, he showed you they could be kind, sweet, gentle, protective….loving.

Oh he had fallen in love with you too, but now…..he was keeping you at a distance and it broke your heart. As a omega, you try not to whine sadly about it knowing he would hear it from across the hall.

Sadly when you come home one day, still sad as ever, rubbing your very big pregnant belly, someone is waiting for you in your apartment….and it’s not who you would have wanted to surprise you like this…’s….a mugger, dressed in all black.

You gasp seeing it’s the aggressive alpha down the hall and scream, but it’s to late he’s on your in a heart beat as you try and run to the front door, slamming your head into the hard wood of it, knocking you out cold.


Waking up is….painful, your head throbs and you whimper, but gentle hands you would know anywhere pet over your hair, “Easy baby doll.”

Blinking your eyes open, you see your in his apartment, “What happened?”

Bucky jaw tenses and his scent screams protect and defend, “I heard you scream and it….the way you sounded.” He swallows thickly, “It scared me…i’ve never heard you sound like that, I rushed over and….” He takes a deep breath, caressing your cheeks now with both his hands, “Before he could do anything I stopped him, I beat the shit out of him and called the cops.”

Tears run down your cheeks as you listen to him, you nod once he finishes, but your trembling now as the events catch up to you, “Oh sweetheart no it’s ok shh.” He says softly and concerned.

When he pulls you into his arms, you cling to him like a lifeline as much as your belly will allow, when his strong arms wrap around you, you cry more as you burrow your face into his neck where his scent is the strongest, when he whispers soft sweet words to you, you cling to them as tightly as you cling to his body, he wraps around you as much as he can, shielding you, protecting you.

His scent of cloves and peppermint washing over you, his deep alpha rumble calming you, the kiss to the side of your head loving, “I’ll protect you baby doll, no ones gonna hurt you again, I love you.”

“I love you too.” You whisper into the skin of his neck without any hesitation and he holds you that much tighter as he nearly purrs in joy.

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It’s been awhile for you two, the twins have been keeping you both so busy, but finally you find some time for you both, Marta the angel that she is, watching them downstairs as you let Ransom upstairs take you hard and fast in the hot shower, the steam keeping the room foggy and warm, the water hot enough to make your skin pink.

It’s been far to long sense he took you this way, hard and fast against the tiles of the shower, his hand fisted in your hair, keeping your head pulled back and to the side so he can suck deep marks into your skin, his other hand playing with one of your breast, his cock so deep inside you, filling you so perfectly, the hard length of him fucking into you again and again, and again from behind with enough force to push you against the tiles.

His sounds muffled by the skin of your throat, your sounds muffled by sheer will alone. Your hands grip the shower bars tightly, the sole purpose mostly being this very thing, when the hand in your hair lets go and wraps around the front of your throat, enough to feel it without cutting off to much air flow, you can’t help but moan and push back into him as he pushes into you.

“Such…a..perfect….good….girl…for me.” he pants out, his teeth scraping over your shoulders, his nose slowly trailing from there to the back of your ear, nuzzling, licking the wet skin there.

“One day i’m gonna put another baby into you darling, mark my words.” His breath fans over your ear, his words making you gasp, your pussy clenches around him as you cum at just the thought of being pregnant again with his baby.

He growls softly as his thrust get sloppy as he comes inside you, he holds you close as you both breathe together in the after math and who knows…

Maybe you are pregnant again….

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Listen that house has so many places to get it on. I honestly want him to choose Harlans office, but that may be to much sooooooo his old room it is. Ransom and you couldn’t even bother to fully undress, you just lifted your pretty dress he bought you and he just unzips his fly and goes to town on you, he uses his scarf at some point and blindfolds you with it.

You cling to him in his old bed as he fucks you like a man starved for it, his filthy words in your ears making you even wetter and he knows it too, your much to caught up in everything to notice Marta had started to come into the room to ask Ransom something. The blindfold making it even harder, so you have no clue at all.

Ransom see’s Marta though and gives her a devilish smile and puts his finger to his lips telling her to be silent as poor Marta watches wide eyed as Ransom keeps on fucking you, looking smug as shit now.

Marta has never backed out of a room so fast in her life and as silently as she can as well.

You never know about any of this until years later.

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Her high chair is right there too, within reaching distance, little Henry next to her, he always ate anything you gave him, but Ana….wants what everyone else has on their plate, she’s always been this way.

“Ana no.” Ransom starts off with. Tone soft but….both of you know at some point he’s going to have to be firmer, it’s only a matter of time, you know he’s not looking forward to it.

Henry is a mess of mashed potatoes all over his face, but he’s happily eating watching his sister, looking like he doesn’t understand why she isn’t eating. When Ana goes for Ransom’s fries again, he gently grabs her wrist and taps the back of it, “No baby.”

On and on it goes, every few minutes she tries and fails to get something off his plate, when she fails to get the food again she throws a tantrum over it and all of you watch Ana in surprise, she was normally a pretty chill baby.

Still, when she tries yet again, the time has come it seems, “Anastasia, daddy said no.” Ransom says softly but firmly as him and Ana have a stare off.

You cover your smile because in this moment they have never looked more alike and they are to busy to even see you take a picture on your phone and send the said photo to Steve and Bucky in new york.

“Want.” Ana tries for.

“No baby, this is daddys food, you need to eat your own.”

“Want daddys.”

“No Ana.”

Ana finally sulks in her high chair as Ransom leans back and swallows thickly taking a deep breath, he hopes he didn’t scare her. He knew this day was coming but….he doesn’t want to be like his parents in anyway, he hopes he’s doing a good job about it, when he looks across the table at you, you give him a loving smile and his shoulders relax.

Shortly after, Ana starts eating her own food.

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Let’s set this in a future Christmas where you, Ransom and the twins go to new york that year for the holiday. Your with Bucky for the day shopping, Ana with you two, while Ransom, Henry and Steve do there own shopping future up town.

Ransom has enjoyed the day more then he will ever say, but Steve can read him just as well as he did when they were small boys, even with the time apart, it’s been years, but nothings changed in this way. Steve has enjoyed this day so much, he’s been doing a pretty good job he thinks of not crying over the fact that they missed so much time together.

God and seeing him with little Henry, Steve never thought he would see the day, he’s all he can do not to pull his little brother into a bone crushing hug. He thinks he does a pretty dam good job at keeping a lid on his emotions in this regard.

They go to store after store, Steve is always more then happy to hold and play with little Henry, he looks like a mini clone of his father already at barely 2 years old.

“Ransom I think you may be going a bit over board with the gifts.”

The brunette looks at him like he’s insane, “There’s no such thing when it comes to my family Steve.”

The blonde is surprised by how strongly the brunette says it with so much conviction, his eyes soften after a moment, “Alright then.”


Steve may have gone a bit overboard himself, but he’s not sorry, it’s gonna be a great Christmas. They decide to go to prospect park, the day surprisingly warm for winter. The small lake looks frozen in places, but where the ducks swim about isn’t yet. Henry notices them and squeals in delight, Ransom makes a face sense the sound was right by his ear.

Steve laughs softly taking Henry from Ransom and walking him over to the birds, “Sorry little guy no food for them this time.”

Ransom snorts, “Looks like i’m the man with a plan this time.”

The brunette pulls out a baggie full of duck food with a smug smile, Steve looks to the food and then the brunettes face in surprise, “You just always carry duck food in your coat?”

Ransom smiles more, “Of course, I have to with this one.”

Steve shakes his head as Ransom gives some of the food to Henry who does his best to throw it at the ducks. Both the older men let Henry enjoy the moment for awhile, the brothers silent.

Steve takes a deep breath and chews on his lips for a minute before speaking softly, “I’m sorry I left all those years ago little brother.”

The shock on the brunettes face would be comical any other time, but not now, Steve barrels on, “We had a plan to leave together and I....I bailed when you needed me most, I let my anger at the family drive me away, I was a coward...I wanted away from them so badly...I never meant to hurt you and I know I did...i’m been a shitty brother and for that i’m so sorry Hue.”

Steve swallows back tears, but it’s hard when he looks to Ransom and see’s tears sliding down his cheeks as he looks out over the lake, silently taking in Steve’s words.

“It took me a long time to forgive you Steve, but...I shouldn’t have been such a asshole to you, I had no right.”

“Language.” Steve whispers, his smile watery, one corner of Ransom’s mouth turns up at the corner before falling.

“I let myself stay hurt for far to long, I let it make me who I was for so long, but...deep down I hated being like that, you had every right to leave, god knew one of us needed too, the family is so toxic, i’m....i’m sorry too.”

Ransom keeps looking out over the lake, knowing if he looks at Steve, he’s gonna be a even bigger cry baby right now, little Henry clueless to whats going on so far, still feeding the ducks.

Steve has other ideas though, he gets Henry on his hip so he can keep feeding the ducks as he tugs Ransom to him one arms and hugs him how he’s been wanting to all day, “I love you little brother.” He whispers.

Glad that no one else is around to see, Ransom hugs back, mumbling, “You’re only older then me by 5 minutes.”

And then in a small voice, “I love you too.”

Steve closes his eyes tightly and thanks his lucky stars he gets this time back again with his family.

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“What did you just call me?” You demanded, hands on your hips, face angry.

“I said, stop acting like a bitch.” Ransom snaps back as he glares back at you, much in the same manner as you are, hands on his hips, one of his fucking sweaters covering his perfect body.

“Don’t call me that, bitch.” You snap right back.


Oh, you should have seen that coming, but alas you did not. The force of the slap was enough to turn your head to the side sharply, hair covering your face, when you turn back to look at him, he has the nerve to look proud of himself, one perfectly styled eyebrow arching up as if to say, ‘I dare you.’

You slap him right back as hard as you can, the look of surprise on his face is beautiful and you stand your ground as he rubs his sore cheek, “You’ll pay for that bitch.” He growls out. Eyes blown wide and dark. Hair falling over his forehead.

You snort, waving him off like he’s nothing more then a dog, “Whatever you say, bitch.”

He’s on you in the next moment, his tongue down your throat as you both moan loudly, you both claw at the others clothes until your both naked in the living room. He isn’t nice about it when he man handles you around and pushes you up against the artfully decorated wall and grips your wrist tightly together behind your back with his scarf.

Having you right where he wants you, he grips a handful of your hair and pulls until it hurts, “Bitches always like getting fucked like the slut they are, and you little bitchy baby, are a slut.”

You growl at his words, but he shuts you up with a hand pressed tightly to your mouth and his other hand gripping your bound wrist harshly as he pushes his cock into you fully, without stopping until he’s balls deep inside you.

“How about you shutup and let daddy fuck you how he deems it, maybe you’ll cum, maybe you wont, doesn’t matter what you want or need, it only matters what daddy wants or needs and right now that’s your tight little body and nothing more, you’re nothing more then something to fuck and throw away.” He growls into the back of your ear as he starts fucking you brutally.

You try growling at his words, but it doesn’t take long, minutes only before you’re whimpering and whining for more, he knows what you like, always has from the moment he met you.

“That’s what I thought baby, daddy always knows best, knows what you need and right now you need to let daddy use your body.”

You try nodding and just let him use you how you want, somewhere along the way the anger from the stupid ass fight fades away and it’s just him fucking you deeply against the walls of your home.

He removes his hands from your mouth for a moment whispering, “Tell daddy what a big cock he has.”

“It’’s so big daddy...fucking me so good.” You pant out, your cheeks burning red.

His hand reseals around your mouth, making you whimper loudly, “I know baby, I know, daddys the only one who can fuck you like this, you need his big cock don’t you hmm?” His voice as smug as it could get.

You nod again moaning when he starts really going to town on you, “That’s right sweetheart, let me hear you, daddy needs to hear you, gonna fuck my seed into you so deep inside....fuckkk.” He growls as he does just that, his hips grinding deep into you as he comes, his hot breath panting by your ear.

It’s only once he’s recovered enough to lean back, his softening cock still inside you that he whispers, “’s your turn baby.”

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Wow, ok first Ransom would have been beyond heart broken because he just lost the love of his life, the only thing he has left is their baby girl, but he has NO IDEA what to do.

The first few days home from the hospital are…hard doesn’t even come close to how he’s feeling. He’s having to deal with grief AND a new baby all in one go.

He cries ALOT, doesn’t matter if he’s feeding her or changing her, both are things he bumbles through, but does ok with at first. The tears though are ALWAYS present.

He’s NEVER blamed his baby girl though, it wasn’t her fault, if anything Ransom blames the hospital and plans to sue them for it. His girl had been in perfect health and he fully blames the hospital for her death, he just wont accept it was a fluke accident. He refuses too.

Still, that anger at that place helps keep the grief at bay, until it can’t, until he’s sued them and won, but it doesn’t make the hurt go away for him or for his baby girl, him without his wife, his daughter without a mother.

Him and Steve reconnecting would happen much faster if this happened, Ransom is only 6 months into this single dad life and he’s STILL heart broken over the loss of his wife, but….the only family he actually likes….is so far away and it’s been so bad between them for so long…Ransom can’t take it anymore.

He needs something else good in his life, Steve of course flys down there as fast as he can once he hears what happened. By the time he gets to the house Ransom’s barely opened the door before Steve is just barreling into him with those amazing bear hugs he gives and Ransom….just….breaks down, REALLY breaks down now that he has someone to hold him up.

Steve is beside himself with heart break for his little brother and holds him for a very long time, Anastasia is thankfully napping this whole time.

I feel like that place would hold to many bad memories for Ransom to stay any longer. He takes himself, Anastasia and anything she needs and they just….fly back with Steve to get a fresh start somewhere new.

Amongest all the pain, Steve is thrilled to be a uncle and Ransom is secretly glad to have his brother back.

Chapter Text

So while I love the idea of Steve & Bucky not really having any clue about monthys because lets face it, when would that be something they learned or needed to know?

I ALSO love the idea of them knowing fully. Since this was a Steve ask, that’s even better, his mom was a nurse and while she was telling him about the birds and the bees she also felt he should know everything there was to know about a woman.

Steve didn’t feel there was much need seeing as how girls didn’t give him the time of day, but he wouldn’t tell his mom that, he loved her so so much, so he listens and keeps all that knowledge stored away.

Fast forward to his touring days with the uso girls. They would be FLOORED learning he knows about this stuff, he wouldn’t even think twice about going out and getting the things for them, he would get some SERIOUS looks for it, but he would just glare right back and be like, “There a problem?”

I always like to think Steve was sweet with those girls, weather it was romantic or not, he looked out for them and they for him.

Fast forward once again to the future, after the battle of new york, after Bucky’s back with him in the tower where everyone lives, Steve has tried to have people in his life, but it just never worked out in the end any of the times.

He was ok with it, he enjoyed the time he did have with every single man and woman. This would be when he meets you, Steve’s still captain america, but only part time.

He never ever lost that knowledge his mother gave him so surprise surprise when he not only offers to go with you to the store for what you need, but also knows what to get, what brand you like using and so on.

You are very fondly pleased he’s so intuned with what your body needs. He’s not ashamed and even asked you questions about why you like using what you do, he doesn’t quiet his voice and he helps you with anything you need to pick up, holding arm fulls of pad boxes if need be.

He glares at anyone that even THINKS about giving you a look.

At home he would continue to ask things, so later when he draws you a bath your beyond touched, he ask if he can take it with you and again you’re surprised but happy by the request.

He gives you massages anywhere you need them and his hands and fingers are divine as they pull the hurt from your body at least for a time.

Being on your monthly doesn’t make him want you any less, he still craves sex if your willing and you are very willing some of the days, more so then normal. The blood never bothers him, you have long gotten over any embarrassment over him seeing any.

Sex while on your monthly is just much more vocal. He’s a bit more gentle, but it doesn’t matter his cock has always been bigger then any man you ever had and it’s big enough to REALLY help with those cramps that wont leave you alone, you would sob out as you come just so fucking out of it in pleasure, Steve would watch with wide lust filled eyes.

He doesn’t care if he even comes, it’s about you and making you feel better, but you’re not having that, you know what to do to make him come undone and when he does, you kiss him deeply throughout it all.

This Steve knows what you need, takes your mood swings in stride, gets you any foods you crave, lets you cry on him if you have too, lets you rage, lets you use his cock to feel better.

This Steve just knows it all.

Chapter Text


You barely hear him above your harsh breathing as you run blind folded through the woods, arms bound behind your back.

When he had turned his back and went to start dinner, you had bolted not knowing much except you knew you were in a wooded area, through the front door you ran that he foolishly left open to let in the cool weather, he THOUGHT you had been sleeping where he left you bound, but he had been wrong and now you run….you run and you run.

He’s behind you, but you have to keep going. New Yorks biggest mob boss was insane, ruthless and for some ungodly reason he wanted you and you refused to play this game.

To bad he was starting to win, you have been at this cabin for weeks if not months, slowly breaking you down, breaking you down with kindness, love….his version of it anyway, you were only bound tonight because you misbehaved, but it was more then that.

You had to get away because it was working,,,, you were starting to crave him and his touch and it scared you more then anything. When you hear his footsteps behind you closing in you run faster, but in the end, you know it does you no good.

When he catches you, or more like tackles you to the ground, you blindly kick out, you scream and cry and all it earns you is a back hand to the face and a good enough punch to your stomach to make you wheeze and end the fight in you.


He takes you back slug over his shoulder, he talks on the phone with his men letting them know he found you as he goes. Your arms hurt like a bitch and your blindfold still keeps you from seeing anything, but you know when your back inside his house, the smell of dinner cooking is strong and the slam of the front door is like a prison cell closing.

“Baby….we have a long night ahead of us.”

You whimper knowing it’s true.

“Why did you run from me?” He demands setting you down on the couch.

When he sliders the blindfold off you, you narrow your eyes at the light of the cabin before….looking to him sitting in front of you on the coffee table, you look away, but that’s a mistake, he grabs your chin and turns your head roughly back to look at him, his eyes darken, “You never look away from me, and you answer my questions when I ask them, why did you run away from me?”

Your bottom lip trembles and tears fill your eyes…you know if you’re not truthful it will be…so much worse for you…”I was scared.”

The answer seems to surprise him before he studies you, eyes narrowing, looking for a lie, but he finds none and then….he tugs you into his lap and undoes the rope keeping your wrist bound behind you, “You don’t ever have to be afraid of me baby, have I ever hurt you?”

You hug him close and know his punishments have always been because you acted out, other wise he would never do them, “No.”

“And I never will, I love you, i’m a king in this city and you can have anything you want, you will want for nothing….I just…want you to love me how I love you.”

Your resolve…shatters….crumbles into dust, all the fighting back as done is…nothing really, when you don’t fight back he really is the most loving man you have ever met, “I’m sorry.”

He holds you tighter, “It’s ok, you’re learning, I know it’s hard to believe someone cares for you, but I do, you just…have to do as I say baby or else…I have to punish you, and I hate doing that.”

He tips your head up by your chin, “But I will.”

You nod your head quickly, “I understand..”

“Say it.” He demands, his grip on you tightening.

You swallow thickly, “I understand…daddy.”

His smile is pleased if not bathed in dark pleasure at your words.

“Good girl.”