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Merry Christmas, Octofu*k

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          Mezou Shouji's POV:     

          "And... Let the gift-giving begin!" squeals Ashido, who has officially commenced the last portion of Class 1A's Secret Santa gift exchange.

          With that, I head over to Todoroki, tapping his shoulder lightly when I reach him.

          After he turns around and acknowledges my presence, I hand him my present. Todoroki unwraps the gift with ease, pulling back navy wrapping paper and opening a small box to discover what's inside. It's a leather bracelet the color of umber with wooden beads woven into the chord.  

          I swear that I can see the faint traces of a smile on his commonly stoic expression as he politely thanks me, leaving soon after to find Jirou, the recipient of his present.

          Once our interaction is over, I take a seat on the couch, deciding to simply wait for my own gift-giver to come to me.

          Merely seconds later, I see Bakugou walk up to me. I guess he must've gotten me, then. 

          "Merry Christmas, Octofuck," he says gruffly, shoving a silver envelope into my hands.

          I study the blonde for a moment before beginning to open his gift. My nimble fingers make quirk work of the envelope, making sure to leave it undamaged while I do so.

          Then, I pull out a piece of cream-colored paper. Upon closer inspection, I realize that it's a gift certificate for an hour-long massage at a nearby spa.

          My eyes widen slightly. I hadn't actually expected a gift this good.

          "So? What do you think?" asks Bakugou, a touch of nervousness in his voice.

          If my reaction to his gift is actually making him anxious or even self-conscious, then I guess that it'd be best for me to offer the poor guy some peace of mind.

          "It's wonderful," I tell him, hoping to convey my sincerity. "Honestly, I hadn't thought much of this whole Secret Sana thing, considering my minimalist nature. Yet you decided to give me an experience today, which I'm sure is one of the only things that I can truly value in a present. Thank you."

          Bakugou seems to regain his confidence at this, replying with a, "Yeah, yeah. Of course you got something that's damn great. I was the one who gave it to you, after all."

          "Nonetheless," I respond, "I appreciate it."