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Capturing Hearts

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Fuyumi always knew that if someday someone was to kidnap a part of the royal family it would be her. She wasn't strong like Natsuo, intimidating like Touya or skilled like Shouto, and anyone dumb enough to try and capture the king would be damned.

So she tried to mentally prepare herself for the case, but now tied up, with a cloth barring her eyes and another cloth in her mouth to prevent her from speaking and or screaming, she still shivered and felt panic creeping up inside her gut.

"Dumbass!" yelled a rough voice, but she couldn't determine where it came from, though it sounded familiar... "I told you not to let anyone notice her absence until morning and you were fucking caught WHILE GETTING HER?!"

Another person cleared their throat and responded apologetic:"I'm sorry Bakugou,"

Bakugou? That sounded familiar, she heard that name before

"But that maid came in and-"


Dragon? Fuyumi had never heard of talking dragons, and she was pretty sure that the one kidnapping her was a human!

"AND YOU'RE GETTING CAUGHT BY A MAID?!" the first voice(Bakugou?) interrupted. He sounded like he was about to kill someone. "Seriously how are we supposed to kill that fucker of a king if you can't even beat a fucking MAID ?!"

They planned to beat the king? How did they plan to do that? Enji was incredibly strong, Fuyumi had seen, and also felt, firsthand just how powerfull he was and he was holding back then. To think someone would actually be strong enough to beat him, it was unbelievable! Only All-Might would be able to do that, but the mysterious warrior hasn't been seen in years.

"Well, you see, she was very strong! And she also seemed to know magic! She had this crazy..." A third person bumped in and began hastily talking, as if they were afraid to not have enough time to say it all, though considering how mad that Bakugou sounded, maybe that wasn't too far from the truth.

"Tch, don't bite off your tounge, idiot!" now Bakugou just sounded annoyed.

Maybe he calmed down? Fuyumi thought and relaxed at the idea, when she suddenly heard footsteps coming towards her though, she began to crawl backwards in an attempt to get away.

Just a little bit! Just a little bit! Maybe he'll turn away if i just- she cut herself off, when she felt the stony wall against her back, which was when she remembered only wearing a thin nightgown, which was pretty open in the back, where now the cold stonewall sent shivers down her spine.

Dammit! Slowly she began to panic, and fidgeted when she felt a rough hand on her cheek.

Go away! Go away!

"Fuck! Hold still! I'm just going to take the goddamn blindfold and gag off, Jeez! And don't even try to scream, we're so high up in the mountains, no one except a few goats would hear you anyways. Understood?!" Bakugou sounded pissed again, so she just nodded her head and stopped her movements.

First he took of the gag, and Fuyumi breathed in, thankfull to be able to comfortably breath again. Next he took of her blindfold, and she stared at a bare muscular chest right infront of her face, only covered by some straps holding a long red cape with fur collar and a necklace made of teeth. She looked up the toned skin and saw into a grim face, red eyes scowling at her underneath spiky ashblonde hair. He was wearing a grimace of a smirk and stared exactly in her gray-brown eyes. And than, in that moment she rembered where she knew him from.


It was a dark day, the rain literally bombarded the hundreds of people on the marketplace around the scaffold. If Fuyumi had to choose something she wanted to get rid of it would be those public punishments, lashings and executions alike. Today the weather really fit the occasion. Dark clouds floated above their heads and the heavy rain was as merciless as Endeavor's ruler.

Enji Todoroki was known for being a cruel king who would punish everyone he seemed fit. The royal family sat on the broad gallery build next to the scaffold. Enji in the middle, Touya and Shouto on his right, Touya being nearer to the king and Natsuo and Fuyumi on his left. The princes and princess weren't allowed to miss the punishments or talk during those. Fuyumi would forever remember when little Shouto first realized what was happening and began to cry and beg their father to stop. And she would never forget how her six year old baby brother got beat up publicly by their father to show what would happen to anyone who questioned his decisions.
And neither the princess nor her siblings ever dared to interrupt the lashings again.

On that day however Shouto decided otherwise.
A blonde man with severe injuries, even before his punishment, was brought up for lashing:

"Bakugou Katsuki, 18 years old, he tried to break into the palace and was severely injured when he fought against the soldiers guarding it." told the executioner the crowd.

After the first four of his twentytwo whiplashes, you could see how he was barely hanging onto his consciousness. So it wouldn't be too strange if the people watching pleaded for him to be given mercy.

Though no one would have thought, that the youngest prince would be the one to do so outloud.

"Stop it! I'm begging you! Can't you see that this man is already injured? Father! Stop!" Shouto's yelling was so full of despiration and fear. Fuyumi was shellshocked for a minute, Shouto would normally keep his emotions well hidden, or at least try to, but in that moment he sounded so vulnerable and afraid, that she had the uncontrollable urge to hold him tight, and tell him everything was okay.

The most shocked however, seemed the punished one himself. In his half-conscious state his shocked expression was seen, eyes wide and his mouth moving, as if he was whispering something to himself.

"Watch your mouth, Shouto. This man is a criminal and he shall be punished like one!" Enji bellowed and glared at the heterochromatic boy.

"At this rate his lashing will turn into an execution! Please, stop it, we don't need any more deaths because of your cruel decisions!" he responded.

Mumbling waved through the audience. Everyone could see how furious the king was.


Fuyumi couldn't hold back at this anymore"Father! You can't-"

But Natsuo was quick to shut her up by holding a hand over her mouth mumbling that she'd only make it worse for Shouto. Who, without a word, was moving towards the scaffold, the crowd parting for him as he neared his punishment. His hair and clothes immediatly being soaked by the rain and klinging to his rather slender form. He didn't belong there!

This is wrong, keep him away from this!

When he stood next to the blonde man he crouched down, cupping the man's face with his left hand whispering something, which resulted in the criminal shaking and shouting uncontrollably for the executioner to continue and not let the prince take his place. Shouto however cupped his face with the other hand as well pulling the prisoner near him and whispering with closed eyes. Fuyumi couldn't see his face, but she had the feeling, that not only rain rolled down his cheeks. The blonde man leaned into the touch, obviously feeling save, mumbling something back.

The whole scene was so intimate, that no one, not even Enji dared to interupt.

As Shouto was sure, there would be no more fighting back he stood up looking to his right.

"Yoarashi, please take him away and provide some food and medicine. I'll join you after I'm done here!"

A large soldier, Yoarashi, came up the scaffold, untied the blonde man and pulled him towards the crowd.

Shouto looked at the executioner"Whenever you're ready." he said calmly.

Through out all eighteen lashes Shouto looked his Father in the eyes, not letting him get the satisfaction to get him to cry, falter or break.


"You're the one Shouto took the whiplashes for, the injured criminal three years ago..." The white haired princess murmured.

Katsuki hadn't expected that. He rembered that, how could he not? But he would've never thought the princess would. A cold shiver ran down his spine as he remembered that day, Shouto whispering calming words into his ear, the rain and tears rolling down his cheeks as he watched him take the lashes ought for Katsuki. The determined, stubborn glare Shouto gave his father, and that soldier, Yoarashi, holding his arms behind his back, while telling him that Shouto would be okay, that he was stronger than Katsuki'd think. He knew that. Of course he knew, but watching Shouto getting hurt, especially if it was because of Katsuki? No, he wasn't able to deal with that. If he wouldn't have been so weak Shouto wouldn't have gotten hurt in the first oace dammit!

"Didn't think you'd remember that, princess." he smirked.

The princess actually looked offendend by that.

"Of course I do! My brother was hurting for weeks, if not months! And when Enji-" she cut herself off. "You were the reason he was hurt! I don't even know wh-"

"Shut up! You don't know shit, so don't fucking talk about that shit! Don't you think I know, you bitch?!" He began shouting, grabbing the woman's collar, shaking her, ignoring the scared expression "Of course I do! He-"

"Bakugou! Stop!" Kirishimas grabbed him from behind, pulling him away from the terrified princess "I know you're angry, but Shouto wouldn't want you to hurt her! Would he?"

Katsuki froze.


Pretty, selfless, perfect Shouto was the reason he did this.




"I'm closest with Touya, he would always show me how to form things with my flames, circles, hearts, once I managed a star" Katsuki looked up in Shouto's halflidded eyes, a soft smile on his lips as he talked about his family. They sat in an open meadow, not too far away from Musutafu, Katsuki's head on his lap and Shouto's hands fiddling with his hair. The sun shone perfectly behind his head, framing it like a halo, making him look even more beautiful.

"Though nowadays I don't see him that often, he's mostly on missions with his group. Fuyumi took his place as carer since he's away so often. She's really great, though sometimes she cares too much!" He hesitated "Natsu's always been kind of distant with me and Touya, I think it's because we look like him" suddenly Shouto's hand was out of his hair, instead covering his left eye.

Katsuki sat up, cupping Shouto's face"Don't even finish that thought, IcyHot. You're nothing like that bastard! You're sweet and kind and a fucking idiot, so who the fuck cares if you have his hair or eye color?!"


"Nope, not letting you think that!" He immediatly cut him off, kissing him softly"You, Shouto are amazing. And you're mine, which makes you even more amazing, if you ask me, so don't sell yourself short. Got it, halfie?"

Shouto looked down, but the blonde was having none of it, pulling him into another kiss. At first the prince just let it happen, but when Katsuki proceeded to deepen the kiss Shouto slung his arms around his neck, settling on his lap. And that's how they stayed for a while just softly kissing, breathing, tasting, just loving eachother.

That evening, after having dinner Shouto layed in Katsuki's arms, inhaling the comforting scent of his damp skin after his shower.

"I don't know what I'd do if anything happened to you, or my siblings, or Momo, or even Yoarashi" he stared up in Katsuki's red eyes "Promise me to stay with me, please, never leave"

Katsuki kissed his forehead softly.


And he meant it.

He really did.

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Shouto wasn't woken by the sun as usual, or by Tsuyu like when he would be late, no he was woken by loud voices and Inasa barging into his room.
"Inasa? What happened?" He asked sleepily while rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.
"Shouto..." Inasas normally happy, fiery face seemed to have lost all happines, his usual passionate eyes lacking that fire of excitement "tonight someone broke into the castle. They- They took Fuyumi."

Something broke in Shouto upon hearing that. His sister, his practical mother for years, the only person always there, the constant reassurance of love holding him when he was afraid and teaching him how to make flowercrowns, was taken away.

No. I couldn't take that, I can't loose someone else! I have to find a way to get her back! I have to find her! God knows what could happen to her, what if-

"Shouto! I know you're scared, but you have to stay focused! Breath! In, out, in and out" he felt Inasa's big hands on his shoulders, bringing him back to reality.

“How?” his voice was hoarse and broken even in his own ears.

“Someone broke into the palace, and they knew our guard-shedule. We don’t know how, but they saw a red and a yellow dragon fly off shortly after they left with her. We think that they somehow used them.”

But how could dragons come into the castle? It was way too small for even a little dragon. No matter how they got in, dragons are extremely dangerous they could- they could kill her in the blink of an eye!

“I can’t loose her Inasa! She- I have to find her! I can’t loose someone else! Not after-“tears began forming in his eyes, as he remembered the last time he’d seen him.


“Katsuki!” Shouto felt relief washing over him when he saw the blonde man. He hadn’t seen him since the day he stepped in his place at the lashing, weeks had passed since then, weeks in which his father hadn’t let him out of his watching eye, forcing him to train the pain of the whiplashes away. Only the thought of Katsuki, unharmed and save in Inasa’s small flat in the city had given him the strength to take it all.

And now finally he saw him. His hair a spiky disheveled mess like usual. He stood broad and pride in his own special Katsuki-way, but he didn’t smile like he usually did when he and Shouto met, instead he stared at him in a distant almost rejecting kind of way. Shouto was unbothered by that and slung his arms around Katsuki, feeling tears of relief swell up in his eyes.

“I’m so glad you’re okay! When I saw you on that scaffold, I couldn-“

“Shut up!” Katsuki looked him coldly in the eyes, causing Shouto to take a step back.

What’s happening? Why is Katsuki so… different?

“Why? Why did you do that Shouto? Why did you take that punishment for me, huh? Is it because you think I’m weak? I couldn’t take it? Well, I’ll let you know I did just fine without you’re help! You-“

“Did just fine? You were only half-lucid! You barely hung onto your consciousness! A few more lashes and you could’ve- You- I could’ve lost you! How was I supposed to do nothing?! I can’t see you getting hurt like that! It tears me apart, knowing that- knowing that it was because of me, because you sneaked into the palace to see me, you were caught, and were in so much pain! I-“

“DO YOU THINK I CAN?!”Katsuki grabbed his shoulders, holding onto to them like Shouto was the only thing keeping him from falling to the ground “I was born into that world, was born to be some king’s doormat, but you?” he looked in Shouto’s eyes in that unique way only meant for Shouto, that made him feel like he was the most important, most precious thing in the world. How many times had Katsuki looked at him like that before kissing him, while telling him he loved him or as an intimate gesture, a silent promise, while making love to him? “You’re not supposed to suffer! You shouldn’t feel any pain, not after everything that happened! And I’m supposed to protect you! To- To be there for you and prevent people from hurting you! Not- Not cause them to! But I- I wasn’t strong enough! I was weak and you- you had to pay for my weakness!” Shouto had never seen him so vulnerable, so desperate, so… so hurt.

“Katsuki” Shouto smiled softly at him, cupped his face in his right hand stroke his tears away with his thumb “It’s alright. We look after eachother. It’s okay for you to be weak once in a while, because I’ll be there to support you and catch you if you fall! Like you will be there to catch my fall. It’s okay to stumble and fall, it’s okay to fail, as long as we’re together we will find a way!”

Using his left hand to put Katsuki’s hands from his shoulders, he intertwined their fingers and kissed him. He put all his love, desperation and his relief in that kiss, assuring Katsuki that he was okay, showing him that he was safe, that he wouldn’t get hurt, and that he was here. He felt Katsuki kissing him back, taking his right hand out of Shouto’s, laying it on his hip and drawing little circles on his hipbone. The prince used his freehand to tangle it in the blonde strands, that were so much softer than they looked. Meanwhile Katsuki moved his hand under Shouto’s hand, sliding it up his back until he felt thick straps of scarring skin. Immediately stopping his movements he stared in Shouto’s face, and backing away a little as he noticed the hint of pain tinting his beautiful two-colored eyes.

“Katsuki it-“ Shouto began, realizing what caused him to stop.

“Show me.” He demanded softly, lightly rubbing Shouto’s cheek.

“You don’t have to-“

“Please! I need to see it, Shouto” the desperate sound of Katsuki’s voice let the bi-colored boy take a step backwards. Turning away to face the wall in front of his lover, he began undoing the buttons of the silky dress shirt, getting more anxious with each button.

What if Katsuki would push him away? What if he thought the scars on his back to be gruesome and didn’t want to have him around anymore?

Slowly he let the light fabric slide down his shoulders, exposing milky soft skin, marred by thick red long scars. Katsuki took a deep breath, shocked by what he saw, how dared they doing that to his Shouto? Marking him up like that, causing him that much pain. The blonde carefully laid a hand on the pale shoulders he had touched so many times, slowly brushing down towards the wounds. Shouto released a breathy moan as Katsuki caressed his worn out back, leaning lightly into the touch.

“I’m sorry, this-“ Katsuki couldn’t help the sob coming out of his throat, hugging Shouto tightly, pulling him towards his strong chest.

“Hey” Shouto turned in Katsuki arms, slung his arms around his neck and pecked him softly on the lips “ It’s alright”

“No, it’s not. It’s fucking not! I don’t care if he’s the king. No one is allowed to hurt you like that. No one is! I’ll kill him. I’ll kill that bastard, so he can’t hurt you again! I- I’ll find a way.” His determined glare caught the prince’s attention “I’ll search for men, warrior’s as strong as I am. And then- then we’ll kill him. And you and your siblings and the entire land of Endeavor will be free.” He cupped Shouto’s face “just imagine it! A world without that fucker. A world where you can be free from his wrath and where we’ll be together. No one could tear us apart ever again.”

“Katsuki, I don’t know if anyone can beat or even kill him. He’s strong, way stronger than anyone else I’ve ever fought against. I- I don’t want to loose you, especially through his hands.”

“But All Might could. He’s stronger than that dumpster fire! He can do it!”

“But he disappeared two years ago.”

“I- I know someone who knows where he is. I can find him. And I’ll find other warriors to fight with.” He placed a soft kiss on Shouto’s head. “Don’t worry. I can do it.”

Shouto’s desperation grew. What if something went wrong? What if he didn’t find All Might? What if- What if Katsuki didn’t come back to him?

“Then let me come with you. I’m strong and I know Endeavor’s lands like no one else does. I can help you.”

“No, I can’t let you do that. If I took you with me I couldn’t focus on the fight. Your place is here, looking after your siblings and the people of Endeavor.”

“No! Touya can do that, or Natsu, but I have to stay with you, that fear I felt the last time parted ways… I can’t go through that again! I can’t sit in that castle pretending everything’s fine, while you are out there fighting for me and my country. I won’t sit at home, waiting for you to come back, and if you don’t come back at all? I- I wouldn’t want live in a world without you.” He pulled Katsuki even closer, so close it seemed like they could fusion into one person if they tried to get any closer. ”Please, let me come with you, let me help you. Let’s- Let’s fight together. No one could stop us.”

Katsuki felt Shouto’s shivering underneath his hands, he was right. If it was the other way around he couldn’t let Shouto go alone either.

“Alright, we’ll stay the night here, in big guy’s flat and tomorrow at dawn we’ll leave.”

“Okay. We can do it. Together.”

“Together” confirmed Katsuki.

But when he looked in Shouto’s peaceful face as he slept in his arms, he understood that he lied. He couldn’t possibly take part in dirtying Shouto’s hands. He was too good, too pure for something like killing his own father, even if it was Enji Todoroki.
And so Shouto only found a letter when he woke up the next morning, only two words written on the envelope: I’m sorry




“It hurt so much when he left… I can’t go through that again…” Shouto sobbed.

“I know, have you heard from him lately? He sent you some letters, right?” Inasa was the only one who knew about Shouto’s relationship with Katsuki. He was the one opening him the gates when he snuck in the palace to see Shouto or bring him the letter’s Shouto wrote him, but didn’t want to be inspected by his Father. They had been friends since Inasa began his apprenticeship under one of Endeavor’s knights when he was ten and was Shouto’s most loyal follower, a strong steady soldier, working his way up to his accolade gifted with wind-magic.

“No, the one eight months ago was the last, he wrote about this island where he suspected to find men fit for his plans” a sad smile creeped on his face as he imagined Katsuki on a boat, yelling at the waves or some crewmembers to go faster.”But it was only populated by- no” he whispered the last word, hoping that he was wrong. As if hislife depended on hopped he off his bed and hastily searched in his desk for the last letter his lover sent him.

“Shou? What’s wrong?” Inasa worriedly followed him.

Meanwhile Shouto found the letter he was searching for and began nervously reading it.

“Here, read that part.” He held the paper out to Inasa and slumped down on his deskchair.

“Is it really ok for me to-“

“Just read it!”

And so Inasa read when he reached the line that put Shouto off edge he stopped and looked up, staring at the prince his mouth agape. “You mean…”

Shouto nodded “It was Katsuki.”

Both stared at eachother and then at the letter, trying to understand what they just found out.

…but in the end there were only those dragons, no warriors or humans of any kind. But I think they could turn out to be helpful…

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The farewell-letter

Envelope: I’m sorry

When you read this you will most likely be mad and I’ll be gone. I’m sorry, I really am. I wouldn’t want anymore than staying with you. To wake up next to you, to cook for you or teach you to cook, have a peaceful life with you. Fuck, I’d give up everything for you, which is why I couldn’t possibly take you with me. You’re too good to kill, too perfect to be marred by anymore battles, too pure to be dirtied by committing such gruesome things.
Maybe I’m just selfish, too selfish to see how strong you are and how much you fought already, or maybe I’m just scared. Scared to see you hurt, scared of what that bastard could do to you if you fought him by my side, scared of loosing you.
You said that we’d back each other up, that we’d catch the other’s fall, and that we’d fight together, and we will. I promise we’ll be together again, and when I finally hold you in my arms again, I’ll never let go. Just wait a little longer, Shouto. And don’t be sad, I won’t be gone completely. Not now, not ever.
My heart, pride and all my love will forever be with you.
See you, IcyHot.
P.S: Don’t you fucking dare follow me. I won’t tolerate you endangering youself!

The first letter from his Journey(five months later)

Envelope: to the most annoying(but also annoyingly pretty) prince to ever wander this fucking planet

Hey Halfie,
I found a way to send this to you safely(I won’t tell you how though, what if a certain princeling decides to search for me or some extra wandering through that big ass castle of yours finds this letter?) so I’ll let you know that I’m not fucking dead(surprising right?!) and to tell you what progress I’ve managed to achieve.
First of all: fuck fucking Deku and fuck All Might as well. Turns out the person knowing where he is(won’t tell you who) is fucking him. It also turns out that he’s fucking useless. And I sure as hell won’t fight your shitty bastard of a Father with that useless piece of shit Deku!(Don’t give me that face, Shouto. I know you give the letter that judging glare you always give me when I use ‘Bad language’ cut it out, bastard. You and I both know I won’t ever stop so don’t even bother.) (also it’s fucking DEKU we’re talking about!)
Second: despite being completely fucking useless they heard of this tribe/village/what-fucking-ever. Supposedly they have this like super strong fighter who fucks everything up for the right amount of money, or if you win his respect, so might check that out.
Third: I fucking miss you Shouto. There’s not one day I don’t think about or ýour stupid pretty face or you’re annoyingly beautiful eyes. I can’t wait for the day I’ll be able to hold you in my arms again.
Stay save,

The second letter from his journey(six months later)

Envelope: to the only person I’d write a letter

Hey there princey,
How are you? It’s dumb to ask you, but it’s the only way to keep up the illusion that you’re here with me.
I’m currently staying in that village I told you about in the last letter. The people are kind of nice I guess, but there useless for my plans. That ‘Ultra-Warrior’ was no match in a fight against me. But I did gain his loyalty. He fucking swore it to me. With kneeling and the whole ‘my sword is on your side’-bullshit.
Maybe he’ll turn out to be useful, but at this point I highly doubt it. Don’t worry though, I’ll definitely find a way to defeat that old man. It may just take a little longer than I fought. I also met this crazy old hag, she has insanely strong healing powers, and also claims to be able to look into the future. She told me about a way to get stronger than any human, a special training taught on some shitty island somewhere in the middle of nowhere.
I’ll go there, I’m not completely sure were it is or how I’ll reach it, but old legends say that the strongest warriors would be able to reach it. And how could I ever say no to a challenge like that?
I don’t know when this letter will reach you, but be sure to not forget about me, got it IcyHot? Just a wait a little longer. I’ll return for sure and get rid of everyone who may ever hurt you.

The third letter from his journey(seven months later)

Envelope: my little princeling

Hey Shouto,
I’m sure you’ve waited for this longer, than I’ve waited to get here.
I’m very far away from Musutafu and Endeavour right now. The people in the city I’m staying in, promised me to send their best fighter on their strongest and fastest horse, to bring this to you, but it’ll most likely still take him a few months till it reaches you.
The last months since I sent you the last letter, a lot happened. The warrior from the village helped me take control over other provinces and villages across the lands of Endeavor and it’s neighboring kingdoms. I’ve gained the trust and loyalty of many strong fighters and got their promise to fight against your father by my side, even though I’m plenty strong, I can use all the alliances I can get.
Hakamata, the leader of this village, gave me directions to that island I told you about in my last letter. It’s called Yuuei. I will start my journey there tomorrow, and I don’t know when I’ll be able to write you again.
I love you,

The fourth letter(five months later)

Envelope: to my Icyhot

Hey Halfn’Half,
I hope you’re doing okay. I’m now almost in UA and goddammit is that fucking Island far away. I’ll just have to do about a week-long-trip by horse and a few weeks on a boat now. It’s about two years now since I last saw you and I can’t wait to see your stupidly pretty face again.
God, my thoughts are so fuckin’ sappy, I’ve considered just not writing anything at all, ‘cause I already knew I’d just whine about missing you way too much,
But fuck, I really just want to hold you again. Caress your stupid half hair and see your fucking smile. I can’t wait to reach that fucking Island and kill that fucker, just so I can see you again soon.
This shit isn’t nearly as long as the others, but I wrote enough of that sappy shit, if I write any more I’m probably going to kill myself for it.
P.S: burn this fucking letter, I don’t need you to have anymore cringey sap of me to blackmail me or show fucking deku.

The last/fifth letter from his journey(four months later)

Envelope: to my Halfie

Hey IcyHot,
This will most likely be the last letter I send you, because I found what I was looking for. The Island was as promising as all that villagers said. So I went on this too goddamn long journey, get to this fucking Island I’ve heard so much about and guess what?!
In the end there were only those dragons, no warriors or humans of any kind. But I think they could turn out to be helpful. I’ll find a way to make them work with me, and come up with a good strategy against that asshole. You don’t have to worry about it though, it may not be what I was initially looking for, but in the end I got what I wanted: strong fighters to kill your bastard of a father with me.
I also found this crazy mind-control guy on the way, I think he could be a strong weapon.
Not long, and I’ll be back.
Wait for me, Shouto.
I love you,

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Shouto sat at the table with Enji and Natsuo, staring at his sister’s usual seat across from him, right next to Natsu in agony.

“Have you contacted Touya?” asked the whitehaired man, breaking the suffocating silence.

“Yes.” answered the king. His posture and facial expression hard and unreadable. If Shouto didn’t know that Fuyumi was kidnapped, he’d think that nothing happened. Their father didn’t seem to be affected by Fuyumi’s abduction at all. “He knows of the incident, he can’t however do anything right now. He’s still on his mission, besides, after his…. misconduct I wouldn’t have trusted him in this matter anyways."

Ah, yes Touya’s ‘misconduct’. It was the reason why he was sent of with his ‘special force’ as Enji phrased it, but honestly, it was just his assassination group. Shimura Tenko, Toga Himiko, Bubigawara Jin and Todoroki Touya were all ‘traitors’ Endeavour’s ruler had recruited to get rid of the people that ‘violated the kingdom’s freedom’ which basically meant, that they pissed Enji off. Only the king, his children and three commanders(and secretly Katsuki, but no one except Yoarashi knew that) knew who they were and what they did. Shouto was only six when it happened, but he remembered clearly how Touya jumped between his father and Shouto to protect the younger prince. He remembered clearly how scared he was. He lost his mother to the man calling himself his father, he couldn’t handle losing his brother as well. Especially when it was through Enji’s fire-magic, the same magic Shouto had in his blood. The result were Touya’s prominent scars(which he officially gained in a training with his magic) and the recruitment to Enji’s hitmen-squad.

“Why not? He has experience in hostage situations from that kidnapping a few months ago, I’m sure he could be useful.” Natsu spoke up.

“No, he’s too unstable for this mission. You two will rescue your sister.” Enji sat up, glaring Shouto in the eyes, and then Natsuo “You have five days, after that we’ll let the public know she disappeared. She’s not important anyway.”

“But she is!” Shouto had jumped of his seat and stared in his father’s merciless turquoise eyes with hatred “Fuyumi is the best person in this family, just because she hasn’t any political or tactical value to you doesn’t mean she’s unimportant. We can’t just stop searching for her after a week! We HAVE to find her!”

“Then you’ll better hurry.” Enji dismissed and exited the dining room, two of the guards following him.

The half redhead stared down at the table, trying to calm himself down. It was too much, the fear for Fuyumi, the hatred for his father, and the helplessness he felt. Natsuo on the other side of the table stared his little brother down.

“We should think about how we can find her” he muttered and stood up. ”Let’s figure something out”

Shouto shook his head “Not here. I don’t want father’s troops overhearing. I know a place where we can talk.” He looked up to his guard “Yoarashi-“

“I know” he nodded. “We can go there. Camie might be there though”

“Camie is fine. She wouldn’t betray me, or you”

“What are you talking about?” Natsuo demanded.

“We’re going to Yoarashi’s flat. It’s easier to talk in an environment that isn’t controlled by the old-man.” Shouto explained, while making his way to the door. Yoarashi followed him, and Natsuo after a short moment of hesitation followed as well.

“What if he tells Enji about it?”

“I won’t. My loyalty lies with Shouto, and Shouto only.” The tall man spoke, just as Shouto responded.

“I’d trust him with my life. I already did, in fact. If there’s one person who knows me more than I do myself it’s Inasa. He’d before he’d betray me.”

The older prince stared at his brother, he never thought it possible that Shouto could trust someone like that, considering his childhood and all he’s been through, and immediately felt the pang of guilt in his gut. He felt bad for how he distanced himself from Shouto when they were younger, so why was it so damn hard to open up to his brother now?

“Alright, lead the way.”

Inasa’s flat wasn’t far away from the palace, he still worked there after all. It was maybe a ten minute walk, in which Shouto felt his brother’s eyes constantly on him. It was strange, waking with Natsuo like that. The white-haired prince had never bothered spending much time with Shouto, so now the younger couldn’t help the slight pain he felt when being around the other prince. Why couldn’t they have the bond he had with Fuyumi and Touya? He touched his red hair unconsciously and immediately heard Katsuki’s voice in his head ‘Don’t feel bad for your left side. It’s part of who you are, and you’re pretty amazing in my opinion, it’s your dumbass brother’s faut if he doesn’t see it. Not yours’ He was sucked out of his memories when he felt a suffocating hug.

“Shouto! How are ya fam? Did ya miss me?” Camie’s smooth voice was high-pitched by her excitement “It’s been too long!”

“Yeah it has, this is my brother Natsuo, we need to talk without Enji’s supervison.” He explained while hugging her back and then proceeding to take one step back.

“Okie dokie, I have to go now anyways. There’s this new shop I’m going to visit! It’s crazy lit!” the blonde told him excitedly and left the flat.

“Who was that?” Natsuo asked while looking around the flat, inspecting his surroundings.

“That’s Camie. She is from one of the out cast villages, but when she stays in the city she lives with Inasa.” Shouto said while sitting down on one of the chairs.

“That explains the dialect. I’ve heard they had those in the outer regions.”

“Yeah, now, sit down. We need to make a plan regarding Fuyumi.” The heterochromatic prince observed his brother taking a seat and proceeded. “I think she’s in the mountains of Musutafu.”

“How would you know? Dragon’s are super fast. They could be god knows where by now.”

“Katsuki has always loved the mountains and knows the ones in Musutafu better than the back of his hand. Tactically it’s a good headquarter since he knows the surroundings and s neither too far away, nor too close to the palace. It’s a good place to wait for is attack on Enji.” Shouto had thought about why Katsuki would abduct the princess, and he came to a conclusion. ”I suspect he relies on the chaos and possible lack of guards due to search parties because of Fuyumi missing, to have a easier way in and out and to have a bigger chance of fighting the old-man one on one.”

“You know Fuyumi’s kidnapper? And what is that about Enji?” Natsuo couldn’t believe him. Why would Shouto know about this?

“Katsuki is my… significant other. He left about three years ago to find a way to kill Enji, for me. He wanted to set me and the people of Endeavour free, but I last heard from him seven months ago. He mentioned an Island with dragons and villages that swore him loyalty against Enji. I think kidnapping Fuyumi is the first step of his plan to defeat him.”

“Signi- You are in a romantic relationship?! With a MAN? Why didn’t I know? Why- And he’s out there to kill the old-man?!”

“Yes. I- I didn’t tell anyone except Inasa, like I said he knows me better than anyone else, not even Fuyumi or Momo. I was scared of Enji finding out, I don’t know what he’d have done to Katsuki if he knew. It’s on eof the reasons why he wanted to defeat him. And I’m thankful for that, I really am, but…” Shouto felt tears rolling down his cheeks “I miss him so much, Natsu.”

Natsuo took a step forward and hugged his brother tightly. No matter how close they were, or that Natsuo didn’t even know about this Katsuki, he would comfort his brother. He would give him the support and affection he lacked to give him all this years.

“It’s ok. We’ll get Fuyumi, and your boyfriend will get rid of that old man. He’ll come back to you. I’m sure” white-head petted his brother’s split head softly and pulled him closer.

“Natsu…” Shouto didn’t know how to respond. His brother had been distant for so long, this embrace was unknown, it was new, but at the same time familiar. It felt like home, and Shouto realized, that without Enji this would’ve been a normal thing for him, that he had deprived him of this closeness and support if his brother. After a few minutes in which they just hugged, silently apologizing for their distant behavior all these years and just bonded, not only physically, bt emotionally, did Natsu speak again.

“How did you meet him? Katsuki?”

Shouto smiled slightly against his brothers chest.

“It was around four years ago, remember when I ran away? I was sixteen at the time…


…Touya was less and less around, Fuyumi had a lot to do, and you were so distant at the time… it was just me and the old man most of the time. That particular day he had a bad day, training was even harder than usual, I think I was his way to let out his rage, like a human punching bag…. Anyways, I couldn’t take it anymore. It was way, way worse than usual, so I decided to run. When he talked to a few politicians that came in, I just… ran.

I must’ve been gone for about a day, when a green-haired woman picked me up in a small village. Now I know that it was Musutafu, she introduced herself as Inko and asked if I needed help, and when I said, that I ran away, she offered to let me stay at her’s for a bit. She lived in a small house on the city’s border with her husband Toshinori and her son Izuku. They… they didn’t have much, but they seemed happy. And on top of that took me in as well. Her adopted son, Katsuki wasn’t home as often. He was mostly in the woods or forests. She explained to me that she took him in when he was eight, because his mom and dad died in a fire.

Katsuki would always be rude, loud. He was so much different from the rest of the family, but one night, when I couldn’t sleep he was sitting in the kitchen as well. We talked, laughed, and comforted eachother. After that,when we both wouldn’t be able to sleep, we’d sit together in the small kitchen, talking , he would be so… calm. He was rough, mouthy and rude around everyone else, but in those nights, he was observant, caring and just so… comforting. He would make tea and hug me when I cried over memories of my childhood and I’d hold his hand and pretend not to notice his tears when he cried when he talked about his family. It would just be us, only us and no one could interfere our moments.

I stayed at the Yagi’s for about two months. Falling in a routine of helping Inko around the house or tailoring with Toshinori and Izuku, who are tailors, at day and spending those hours with Katsuki at night. Until one night he too me to this little waterfall in the forest. It was shone on by the moon and the flowers on the meadow in front of it seemed to sparkle in the mystic moonlight. Katsuki took my hand and told me how beautiful I was, how he couldn’t stop thinking of me and how he loved me. I felt the same and that night we shared our first kiss.
The next month was like a dream. Katsuki and I spent our entire time together, talked about everything or nothing, when we’d just feel each other’s presence, cuddle or kiss. He seemed to keep all my nightmares away at night, just by holding me close and defend me against my demons at day. It just seemed so perfect. He was perfect. But then… then I heard of Touya’s injury after that one mission…

“You can’t leave Shouto. He- that bastard will hurt you again. There is nothing there that I couldn’t give you. Please” he cupped my face and pulled me close “stay with me”
“I can’t. Touya is my brother. I love you but” I looked him in his red eyes, the mirrored my own sadness and love “I love him as well. I have to be there for him. You’d do the same for Izuku, or Inko”

“Fuck Deku,” he exclaimed, but I could see the fear of his family hurt in his eyes “just… let me come with you. I don’t care what will happen, just… let me stay with you”

“No,” I kissed him softly “Enji would have your head, and mine as well. I- I’ll send you a guard- Yoarashi Inasa- he’s trustworthy, and he’ll bring you messages from me just… Just please, let me go. We’ll see us again. Ok?”

“Ok, but if it takes longer than a week, I’ll come and get you myself, IcyHot”

“Ok” I smiled softly as we kissed.

After I came back home, I sent Inasa to Katsuki. For the next few months he would sometimes sneak into the palace to see me, and I would visit him as often as I could, but… but then he got caught. Father him be lashed, but I couldn’t see him hurt so I jumped in. I’m sure you remember that. After he recovered we met in Inasa’s flat where I hid him, and he left to find allies to fight Enji.


Natsuo could see the tears in Shouto’s eyes as he finished his story, felt the love radiating around his brother as he remembered Katsuki. This an entirely new Shouto. This wasn’t the cold-ice-prince their father forced him to be, a trained killer machine meant as an extension of the king’s arm, no this is was just a boy. A lovestruck, adorable boy who could just be himself.

“He makes you happy, doesn’t he?” he asked with a slight smile. How could he not support his brother in this relationship, if it made him this happy?

“Yes, he really does. I just hope I make him just as happy.”

“You do, Shouto.” Yoarashi butted in “I’ve lived here with him for weeks, believe me, you’re like the essence of his happiness. Everytime he sees you, talks about you or even hears your name he… lights up. As if your mere existence just made his day!”

“Really?” Shouto looked at his hands a bitter smile on his face “I really hope to see him again soon."