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Abnormally Dark

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Tokoyami Fumikage had never been normal. He had always been different from the other people around him. There were two parts of it, the physical and the emotional.

Physically he was different from everyone around him because he had the head of a bird in place of the normal human one that everyone else had. He also had something similar to a demon constantly emerging from his chest.

Emotionally he was different from everyone else because he felt different than they apparently does. He had never felt like the titles bestowed upon his assigned gender really fit him. He had always preferred to just exist in a place without stereotypes of gender. He had no idea what he felt personally and had never been able to put a name on it. But that was a bit beside the point since he hated the stereotypes that were but on him because of his gender, so he never put too much thought into placing titles on himself.

His maturity was another thing that made him a bit abnormal. While other students that were the same age as him were fawning over each other in the romantic sense, he was more preoccupied with trying to sort out his inner demons and find out what he wanted to do with his life. So many people assumed that he would either follow the same path as his father and go into law because of his amazing brain or that he would become a villain because of the supposed evilness of his Quirk.

It may have been more of an act of defiance than anything else, but he had chosen to become a hero. It may have also been because he had been told his entire life that his Quirk was dangerous and he wanted to do something productive with Dark Shadow.

Regardless of the reason, he had chosen to become a hero and was enrolled to go to one of the most prestigious schools in the nation. A small part of him hoped that within the school he wouldn’t be as outcasted as he had been during Middle School. He knew that it may have been a bit of an outrageous hope, but he still hoped it nonetheless.

He tugged on the end of his sleeve for his new school uniform, covering over the black bracelets that he wore on his wrists. Each of them had a story behind them, but he didn’t really have time to think about them. He turned around with a small, rushing out of his bedroom.

“Good morning, Fumikage,” his father called out from where he was sitting at the table. He had his mug in front of him, full of coffee with far too much creamer and sugar. Everything within this house seemed too colorful for the aesthetic that Fumikage had chosen. He always preferred black and dark greys, but his father had always been fond of the lighter colors.

“Morning, Father,” he responded, sitting down across the table from the other man. He reached out and grabbed a piece of toast from the stack, munching on it delicately. The way he had to eat was a bit awkward due to his beak, so he always ate slowly and carefully to make sure he didn’t make too much of a mess.

“Are you ready for school today?” the man asked, his dark eyes moving from the paper that was laid out over to the table back to his son.

“As ready as I’ll ever be,” he responded.

“Unfortunately I won’t be able to pick you up from school. Ito and I are working on a case and I have to be there with her to help her with the parents. Apparently, they’ve been a bit of a problem in the past,” his father sighed.

“That’s fine. I can take the train,” he answered, grabbing his second piece of toast. After a moment, he placed it down on the table and stood up. He got up, grabbing the mug that he always used and filling it with what coffee was left in the pot. He walked back down to the table, sitting down and tucking one of his legs underneath him as he took a long sip of it. It was even harder and more awkward for him to drink because of his beak, so he normally refrained from doing when he could.

“I hate doing that to you on your first day of high school, but when I come home we can have whatever you want to eat,” he offered, his eyebrows furrowed together with guilt.

“That sounds fine,” he shrugged, finishing the last of his food.

“You ready to go to school, now?” his father asked, placing his now empty mug in the sink.

“Yes,” the teenager replied, placing his mug next to his father’s in the sink. He followed after the other man silently, not wanting to talk much as he did so. He grabbed his backpack, slinging it over his shoulder as he left the house to go to the car. The ride to the school was completely silent, as it almost always was. It wasn’t that Fumikage didn’t love his father, he really did, but he just wasn’t one for talking. The deepness of his voice always set the teenager on edge a bit, making him feel uncomfortable in his body.

“Have a good first day of school, Fumikage. I’m very proud of you, and I’m sure your mother would be just as proud if she was here,” the man smiled tightly, his eyes becoming overtaken by a longing sadness

The teenager felt his heart drop down into his stomach, and his hand fell away from the door. He hated thinking about his mother because there was always a sense of guilt that occurred when he did. The woman had become impossibly frail after she had had him, and had only lived for five more years before she passed away because of the common cold. In a way, Fumikage felt like it was his fault that she died. She had been alive just long enough for him to have a couple of incredibly strong memories of her, which did make it harder for him to think about her.

“Would she be? I never really got to know her,” Fumikage mumbled, looking down at his lap.

“She would be so proud of you and the person that you’ve decided to become,” his father nodded, the sad smile on his face increasing a bit. “Sorry, kid, I didn’t mean to make you upset,” he laughed.

“It’s fine, Father,” he reassured the man as he opened the car door.

The man within the car waved at his son before he sped off to his own work. The feathered boy turned around, walking to the school. As he walked, he looked around at all of the students that he would be going to school with, and so far he hadn’t seen anyone as abnormal as him.

He made it to the classroom where he would have his homeroom without anyone stopping to talk to him, but receiving several stares. He sat down in one of the empty seats away from the rest of the students, not sure if he should talk to them or not. He had been told a couple times that he made people uncomfortable because of his Quirk and the physical mutation, and he didn’t want to make any of his new peers uncomfortable.

His attention was brought away from his thoughts as someone walked into the classroom. The teenager had white hair that draped over one of his eyes, which left the only part of his face that was visibly his other eye. He was wearing a light blue mask that covered up the rest of his face. Though the skin that he wasn’t showing on his face was quickly made up for the amount of skin that he was showing on his arms. His Quirk also came with a physical mutation, leaving him with six arms as opposed to two like most people had.

Fumikage felt his heart flutter a bit and his stomach roll as he felt attraction grow inside of him. That was another thing that he had never chosen to put a label on. All he knew was that he loved people regardless of their gender.

The tall teenager turned around and noticed him. His face moved underneath the mask in what appeared to be a smile before he stuck his top arm and hand out to the other. “Hello. I’m Shouji Mezou,” he greeted. His voice was deep and pleasing, and all the other teen wanted to do was hear him talk all day, every day. He was a bit surprised with himself about how quickly his crush was developing when he had no idea what kind of person the teen in front of him was.

The bird-headed teenager took the hand, giving it a firm shake as he replied, “Tokoyami Fumikage.”

“It’s nice to meet you, Tokoyami,” Shouji said, his voice slightly muffled by the mask. “It’s nice to see someone that is abnormal like me.”

Fumikage blinked, trying to process the sentence that the other teenager had just said. However, he didn’t have a chance to respond when the other began to backtrack, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean that in a bad way. I was just content to know I would not be the only person in our class that had a physical mutation that went along with their Quirk,” he said, his voice just as alluring as it had been the first two times.

“You didn’t offend me, I just wasn’t expecting you to say that,” he replied easily. If he had normal cheeks, he was sure that he would be blushing. “It is a bit reassuring for me as well, as I am used to being the only one that is physically abnormal.”

“We are in a world where everyone is unique and yet some of us are more unique than the others,” the other nodded. He took a seat in the empty desk next to the bird-headed boy, fully prepared to continue their conversation.

“True, but what is more peculiar is that I have a mutation that is almost completely unrelated to my Quirk,” he continued on, finding it incredibly easy to talk to the other teenager.

“Oh?” Shouji asked, motioning for him to continue.

“My Quirk is called Dark Shadow. What it means is that I have a shadow like being living inside of me that I can order to do things. Whether or not he actually does what he’s told depends on the brightness of the world around us,” he explained easily. “There is no logical reason that I would be born with the head of a raven.”

“I see,” the other nodded. “It makes more sense for me to have triple the arms that people normally have, given my own Quirk,” he commented.

“Which is?” Fumikage asked When he talked to the other teenager his normal worries and frets easily melting away from him.

“It’s called Dupli-arms,” he responded. “I can change the ends of my arms into things like eyes, ears, and mouths. When I do it, it amplifies the sense.”

“It does make a lot more sense for you to have a physical mutation relating somewhat to your Quirk,” the raven-headed boy nodded.

“Hey, mind if we join into your conversation?” another one of their peers asked as a duo of teenagers walked over to them.

“Not at all,” Shouji answered as he looked over to the other teenager.

“I don’t mind,” he shook his head, looking down at his hands in front of her. One of the other teens had a physical mutation just as Fumikage and Shouji did, but his seemed far more natural and was able to be overlooked. They sat down in front of the other two, which were where the only other empty desks were.

“What are you guys talking about?” the first asked, looking between the two of them.

“I believe we should all introduce ourselves before we begin to talk again,” Fumikage said instead, smirking in his head. Sometimes he hated the fact that his lack of a face prevented him from expressing his emotions as other people did normally.

“Oh yeah. I’m Satou Rikidou and this is Kouda Kouji,” Satou introduced for the both of them, pointing to each of the teens in turn. “Now, what were you two talking about?”

“Physical mutations that occur with Quirks,” Shouji answered.

They didn’t have much time to continue their conversation as a blue-haired teen called out above the class. “Everyone! Homeroom is about to begin, please sit down!”  When he was finished shouting there was a hurried moving of clothes and scraping of chairs and desks as they all moved to sit down.

Five minutes passed and the teacher had still not arrived. Fumikage glanced at the clock that hung on the wall, seeing that the blue-haired student had called out for them to settle down a good five minutes before class started. As more time passed, the students around him began to talk to each other in hushed whispers. Just as the minute hand slid to the proper time, the door slid open and their teacher entered. Everyone shut up,” he growled. He walked to the front of the classroom where he then began to read roll.

“Aoyama Yuga?” the teacher drawled in his bored tone.

“Here,” a French-accented voice called out as a boy with longish blond hair rose his hand.

“Ashido Mina?” he said without even marking anything on his roll sheet.

“Here!” Ashido sing-sung as she raised her perfectly pink hand in the air.

“Asui Tsuyu?”

“Here,” a frog-like voice emanated from a girl with green hair that looked frighteningly like a frog herself.

“Iida Tenya?”

“Present,” the boy from earlier that had gotten the entire class to sit down called out, standing up eagerly.

“Sit down,” the teacher growled with a deeper frown. “Uraraka Ochako?”

“Here,” a high voice called out as a very feminine girl raised her hand.

“Oijiro Mashiro?”

“Present, sir,” a boy with a huge tail, and oddly yellow hair raised his hand.

“Kaminari Denki?”

“Pre-sent,” the blond student with a black lightning bolt in their hair called out.   

“Kirishima Eijirou?” he asked next, pausing before he given name as he squinted down at the name.

“Here,” a redheaded student called out nervously.

“Koda Koji,” he called out, looking up this time as the student only raised his hand. “Please say ‘here’ next time. Satou Rikidou.”


“Shoji Mezo?”

“Here,” a muffled voice called out.

“Jirou Kyouka?”

“Here,” she sighed in reply as she slumped down in her seat.

“Tokoyami Fumikage?” he called out after shooting a small glare to Jiro for not speaking clearly.

“Present,” he called out, hating the way that his voice boomed throughout the silent room.

“Todoroki Shoto?”

“Present,” a boy with heterochromatic eyes and evenly split hair almost growled, which earned him a glare that the teacher seemed so fond of giving.

“Hagakure Tooru?”

A person less uniform raised the arm and a girl’s voice called out. “Here!”

“Oh boy,” the teacher grumbled. “Bakugou Katsuki?”

“Here,” he muttered, just loud enough for the people around him to hear.

“Bakugou Katsuki?” the teacher called out again, annoyance heavy in his tone.

“I SAID HERE YOU FUCKER!” Bakugou called out angrily.

“Please refrain from swearing in this class,” Aizawa-sensei grew, looking up with narrowed, intimidating eyes. “Midoriya Izuku.”

“Here,” the boy from earlier jumped and said instinctively as he glanced up from the burnt notebook on his lap.

“Mineta Minoru?”

“Here,” a greasy, slurred tone called out from the shortest member of the class.

“Yaoyorozu Momo?” he called out the last name.

“Present, sir,” the tallest girl in the class called out, respectfully raising her hand.

“Great, a full class,” Aizawa-sensei growled as he placed the roll sheet on the podium in front of him. “As I said before, one of you will be expelled by the end of class today.”



Fumikage sat down at one of the empty tables, unsure if anyone would be alright with sitting with him. Luckily, he didn’t have to worry about sitting alone like he had in middle school and Shouji wandered over to him. “Do you mind if I sit with you?” he asked, his voice still muffled by his mask.

“Not at all,” the bird-headed boy responded. The silver-haired boy sat down, no food in front of him at all. The other chose not to address it, thinking that he had a reason for wearing a mask over his mouth. A moment later Satou and Kouda wandered over to them as well.

“Can we sit with you guys?” Satou asked, holding his tray in front of him.

“Feel free,” Fumikage nodded, glancing over at Shouji to make sure that it was okay. The other didn’t seem to have an objection, letting the other two students sit down.

“So what do you guys think of Aizawa-sensei?” Satou asked, munching on a bit of his food.

Fumikage swallowed his food before speaking, kind of self-conscious now that he was eating in front of strangers. “He’s a bit strange.”

“Hello there, I’m Aoyama Yuuga, would you mind if I sat with you?” the blond, French-accented boy asked as he approached their table.

“I’m fine with it if everyone else is,” Satou answered as he looked around the table. No one had any objection, so the other boy sat down with them as well. They didn’t have much of a time to strike up a conversation before the next group of student approached them.

“Hey there,” the invisible girl called, waving her sleeve through the air. “Can Mashiro and I sit with you guys?” she asked, looking over at the tail guy.

“Of course,” Shouji answered. The group of seven spent the rest of their lunch hour talking back and forth civilly, each of them equally respectful of each other. Fumikage hummed a bit to himself as he looked around the group of new friends that he had managed to make on the first day. Perhaps he wasn’t as abnormal as he had first thought himself to be.

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Fumikage too in a deep breath, trying to calm his heart down as it beat out of control in his chest. He stood in the darkness of a shadow, trying to make everything that had just happened make sense in his head. He ran a hand over his feathers, smoothing them out as they had gotten ruffled while he had been fighting. At this moment he was glad he didn’t have a face because this way no one would be able to tell how truly terrified he was.

“Tokoyami?” Shouji asked, his voice dark and burly as he walked over to where the other boy was standing. The raven-headed boy forgot his panic for a moment as his heart fluttered sporadically in his chest. “Are you injured?”

“I should be asking you that,” he shook his head, answering the question and brushing it off at the same time. It was true, he hadn’t really been injured by the incident that had happened since his Quirk didn’t really let anyone touch him when he was fighting.

“I just have a couple scrapes and bruises,” he answered, moving his arms around to show off the massive black bruising on the tissue that connected them together.

“Are you sure you don’t need to get that checked out? It looks rather painful,” he winced, not that anyone could tell.

“I’ve had worse,” he replied. “I was also wondering something, now that I know that you’re okay physically.”

“What were you wondering?” he asked, choosing to ignore the fact that the other knew him so well already to tell that he wasn’t doing well mentally. They had been texting each other almost every day since they had met on the first day of class and had gotten to know each other pretty well.

“Would you be alright if I came over and stayed with you for the night? I would go home but I’m not sure that I could stand being alone in my apartment,” he hummed, walking them both forward and to the doors of the USJ.

“Are your parents working late today as well?” he asked, his heart fluttering in his chest as he thought about the fact that they may be more similar than he thought.

“Ah, well,” he seemed to be blushing under his mask as he searched for the right answer. “I don’t live with my parents anymore. My mother died in childbirth with me and then my father gave himself alcohol poisoning when I was three. I live by myself.”

“Oh,” Fumikage blinked a few times, trying to understand the information that had just been thrown at him.

“Sorry if that was oversharing. I understand if you feel a bit uncomfortable,” he cleared his throat, rubbing the back of his head with one of his arms.

Fumikage shook his head as he closed his eyes, “It wasn’t oversharing, Shouji. I’m glad that you already trust me enough to tell me these things. My father won’t be home until late again tonight, so I too would prefer it if you came over and stayed with me for the night.”

“Thank you, Tokoyami,” Shouji smiled, his eyes crinkling at the corners as he smiled. Just before they reached the exit to the horrid place that they were in, they were stopped by another one of the teachers.

“Are the both of you alright? Do you need medical attention?” he asked, looking between both of them. His voice was heavily distorted due to the mask he wore over his face, but his words were still clear enough that they could understand him.

“We’re both fine,” Fumikage said, his voice startling him a bit as he had somehow forgotten how deep it got whenever he talked to anyone that he didn’t really want to talk to.

“Alright, if you could stay with me until I round up a few more of your classmates to escort you outside?” Snipe phrased it like it was a question but it was incredibly obvious that it very much wasn’t. They both nodded, falling silent as they followed to the teacher to where some of their other classmates were.

They came across some of the other members of the friend group that they had created. Kouda was curled in Satou, shaking with fright as the other hugged him while trying not to fall asleep. Aoyama sat with his legs pressed up against his chest and stomach, looking rather green and pale. “Are you three okay?” Snipe asked them, his voice tender and soft as he squatted down next to them.

“Kouda’s just scared, but I think he’s okay,” Satou replied easily. “I’m tired as all Hell and Aoyama has barfed three times now.”

“It’s getting better,” the French teenager scoffed, before he instantly regretted it, clapping a hand over his mouth.

“Well, if all of you can move we need to get you out to your parents,” Snipe sighed, raising an eyebrow at Aoyama before he stood up. Kouda pulled away from Satou just long enough so that they could both stand up before the smaller teenager stuck to him like glue. Aoyama was the last one to stand up and once he did he leaned over, vomiting into the grass that he had been sitting next to.

Shouji shied away from the other teenager and by the looks of the way his mask was pulling was wrinkling his nose. “I’m glad I don’t have a nose,” Fumikage chuckled quietly to himself, making the teenager next to him smile.

“You’re very lucky at this moment,” he responded, his voice breathy and barely able to be heard. Once the blond was finished vomiting, they slowly made their way to the doors once again. There were crowds of parents waiting anxiously for their students to come out of the USJ so that they could see if they were okay. The trio that they had been with immediately split up. Kouda went to someone that looked like his mother and his grandfather, Satou went to someone looked like him but at the same time far enough away from him that it could have been a distant relative. Aoyama went over to a man with grey hair that was dressed rather formally and was obviously not related to him in anyway shape or form.

“Are either of your parents here?” Snipe asked, turning to the two students that were still behind him.

“Both of my parents are dead. I live by myself,” Shouji explained with a small shrug of his shoulders.

“My dad works late, so we were going to head to my home together and wait for him to get off of work,” Fumikage explained, blinking at the teacher.

“Ah,” he nodded, still recovering from the bomb of information that Shouji had dropped so easily. “I’m only going to allow it because both of you are extremely capable and I know that you can defend yourselves alone. Don’t split up, whatever you do.”

“Yessir,” they both answered, nodding in affirmation before they wove their way through the students and parents that were reuniting with each other. They stayed close together, both of them scared to lose each other in the throbbing mass of people that was swirling around them.

Just before they had escaped the crowd of people someone threw their arms over both of the other teenagers. They were just barely taller than Fumikage, but significantly shorter than Shouji. A set of floating clothes pulled back from the hug before Hagakure spoke up. “I’m sorry if I startled you guys. I was just so worried about everyone and I hadn’t seen you guys and made sure you were okay. I’m glad everything is fine now and you guys don’t seem to be injured!”

“Are you doing alright, Hagakure?” Fumikage asked, looking her up and down. There were no visible bandages, which meant that she hadn’t been hurt too badly but there was no certain way of telling.

“Physically, yes. Mentally, not so much. I’m really shaken up about what happened,” she hummed, rubbing the back of her head with her arm judging by how her sleeve was floating.

“I think we all are. That’s why Shouji and I are going home together. Neither of us wanted to be alone after what just happened,” he explained. A couple of thoughts popped into his head as the conversation kept going, most of which were just things that his father had mentioned about victims with PTSD.

“Maybe we should all make a group chat with each other so that we can check on each other and make ourselves feel a bit better,” she offered, taking her phone out of her back pocket.

“That sounds reasonable to me,” Shouji replied, taking the device as it was offered to him and putting his number into it. Fumikage went next, creating a new contact and putting himself into her phone. She took her phone back and placed it in her back pocket before she lunged forward and hugged them again. This time, both of the other teenagers hugged her back.

“Okay. I’ll start the group chat as soon as I can. See you guys at school tomorrow,” she hummed once she had pulled back. She waved her sleeve back and forth as she raced off to her parents who were very obviously not invisible. The duo continued to navigate around the crowd of people until they finally broke out of the wall and into the open air.

“Do you think it’s a bit strange how quickly our group of friends fell together?” Fumikage asked after a moment. He had no idea what it was like to have friends since he had been alone for most of his life due to his abnormalities.

“Not really. People that are similar find each other and latch onto one another as quickly as they can,” Shouji explained with a small shrug. The other teenager hummed, allowing them to fall into a comfortable silence. They boarded the train in that same silence, neither of them able to come up with a conversation since they were still reeling after the incident at their school. Fumikage kept his eyes down to the ground while they were riding on the train, knowing that people were going to be staring at him due to his head.

“Do you?” Shouji asked, completely out of the blue.

“Do I what?” Fumikage asked, looking up from the ground to look up at the other teenager. His eyes caught sight of all the people that were staring at them. He supposed that they were a bit of an odd pair, especially since they were pretty bruised and beaten.

“Do you think it’s weird how quickly our friend group fell together?” he elaborated.

“I’m not sure. I’ve never really had any friends before,” he answered truthfully. Just as he finished speaking, the trained stopped and the force of the action caused him to fall into his much taller friend. Shouji lifted one of his arms, catching the smaller teenager carefully before he pushed him back upright.

“You know, I would have expected you to be a bit more graceful with all of the rumors about bird being the embodiment of beauty and grace,” Shouji teased, his hands staying on the other’s arms for a moment longer than they really needed to before he dropped them down to his sides and grabbed the bar above his head once again.

“First of all,” Fumikage began, laughter bubbling up in his chest. “There is nothing birdlike about me other than the fact that I have a bird’s head. Second of all, you shouldn’t stereotype people, Shouji,”  at the end of his tiny rant he could no longer contain his laughter and the chuckle within him burst out of his mouth.

Shouji stood there for a moment before his eye crinkled, letting the other know that he was smiling underneath his mask. “You have a wonderful laugh,” he blurted.

“Thank you,” Fumikage said, looking down at his feet in a form of embarrassment since he wasn’t able to blush.

“It’s the truth,” he answered, blushing a bit by the red that was showing from the edge of his mask. They spent the rest of the train ride to Fumikage’s home being relatively silence, making a bit of small talk with each other.

“What did you say your dad worked as again?” Shouji asked, toeing off his shoes at the door before he followed Fumikage to his living room.

“He’s a social worker. He does a lot more of the legal stuff than dealing with the actual children,” he explained, frowning a bit in his mind.

“Hmm,” Shouji nodded in understanding as he looked around. The shorter teenager walked past the kitchen table and into the kitchen, looking around for something that he could cook.

“Do you have anything you want to eat?” he asked, turning around to face the other boy. He had found a plethora of options, which almost made the search harder since now he had no idea what to fix.

“Why don’t we order something in? I don’t like the idea of making you cook for us after what we’ve both been through today,” he answered, walking into the kitchen as well.

“You wouldn’t be ‘making’ me cook if I offered,” he answered.

“But, if I’m being honest, I would much prefer to order something in than to have to cook something tonight.”

“I thought as much. I’m exhausted both physically and mentally, and I figured you would be as well,” he answered. He walked over to where Fumikage was standing and turned around, leaning against the counter top as he placed both of his hands on the edge of the platform.

“I don’t think anyone could be anything else. What we just went through was rather traumatizing,” he answered, folding his arms over his chest and leaning back against the counter as well. He leaned slightly closer to the other boy almost subconsciously, but his heart began to beat rapidly in his chest.

He had never really been one for physical affection, not that he really ever got the option since he hadn’t had many friends. He had also never gotten physical affection from his parents since his mother died when he was young and his father was always gone. He had never really gotten into the idea of physical affection because it had never really been an option for him. However, now that it was that was all he wanted. He could almost feel the arms of the taller teenager next to him wrapping around him and holding him close.

“I wonder how the rest of our classmates are doing,” Shouji murmured before as if on cue, both of their phones went off.

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Unknown Person has added Unknown Person, Unknown Person, Unknown Person, Unknown Person, Unknown Person and Unknown Person to Chat!


Unknown Person has changed their name to Hagakure Tooru


Hagakure Tooru has changed Unknown Person’s name to Ojiro Mashiro


Hagakure Tooru has changed Unknown Person’s name to Aoyama Yuuga


Hagakure Tooru has changed Unknown Person’s name to Tokoyami Fumikage


Hagakure Tooru has changed Unknown Person’s name to Shouji Mezou


Hagakure Tooru has changed Unknown Person’s name to Kouda Kouji


Hagakure Tooru has changed Unknown Person’s name to Satou Rikidou


Hagakure Tooru to Chat

How is everyone doing?


Ojiro Mashiro to Chat

I’m doing okay. I’m at home with my parents and my baby sister. Apparently cuddling with toddlers makes everything a little bit better.


Tokoyami Fumikage to Chat

Shouji and I made it home alright.


Hagakure Tooru to Chat

You guys went home together?



Ojiro Mashiro to Chat

Tooru, babe, please never ever do that again.


Satou Rikkido to Chat

i honestly think that my uncle is more stressed out than i am about what happened but im safe and okay physically


Shouji Mezou to Chat

Yes, Tokoyami and I went home together. There was no one at either of our homes, so we thought it would be best to stay together until the other family members returned.


Kouda Kouji to Chat

I’m home with mom and grandpa! Safe and sound!


Hagakure Tooru to Chat

No offense but you’re so quiet in public it honestly like,

Kinda surprised me when you texted back!

I kinda just like

Assumed that you would be a lurker


Kouda Kouji to Chat

Don’t worry, I don’t find it offensive. Talking over the phone is a tone easier than talking in person, so I do talk a little bit more in chat.


Satou Rikkido to Chat

youd be surprised with how much he talks over the phone


Aoyama Yuuga to Chat

Je suis flatté que vous soyez tous inquiets pour moi et il est bon de savoir que vous êtes tous rentrés chez vous en toute sécurité. Je suis aussi rentré chez moi avec un incident mineur.

Oops! My apologies, I forgot to switch from French to Japanese until after I sent the message.


Hagakure Tooru to Chat

You actually speak French?

I always just thought that like

that was a way for you to seem cooler to the class


Aoyama Yuuga to Chat

Of course not! I mean, if I’m being honest, I do play it up a bit for attention.

But the language most spoken around me in my home is French since that is the only language she knows.


Tokoyami Fumikage to Chat

Haven’t you lived in Japan for quite some time? You seem to know the language fairly well despite the accent.


Aoyama Yuuga to Chat

Yes, but she says that it is too complex for her to understand.

My mother is a very delicate woman.


Shouji Mezou to Chat

Meaning high maintenance or of poor health?


Aoyama Yuuga to Chat

I have never heard of it referred to as ‘high maintenance’ before, but yes, that is fairly accurate.


Kouda Kouji to Chat

Who was it that picked you up? He didn’t look anything like you…


Aoyama Yuuga to Chat

Ah, that was one of the men that my father employs.


Hagakure Tooru to Chat

So like





Satou Rikkido to Chat

Are you part of the one percent like Yaoyorozu and Todoroki?


Tokoyami Fumikage to Chat

Iida as well.


Aoyama Yuuga to Chat

Ah, yes. I am. I do not like to flaunt it though. If I had it my way 80% of the money my parents got from our companies would go to charities and helping solve issues around the world~


Hagakure Tooru to Chat

That’s really noble of you!

Is that why you want to be a hero?

Cause you like to help people?


Aoyama Yuuga to Chat


That’s exactly it mademoiselle!


Hagakure Tooru to Chat



Ojiro Mashiro to Chat



Hagakure Tooru to Chat

And here is where we play the game of was it a keyboard smash or Chiyo


Kouda Kouji to Chat

Who’s Chiyo?


Hagakure Tooru to Chat


I forgot that you guys don’t know Mashi as well as I do


Satou Rikkido to Chat

none of us other than you have shoved our tongues down his throat no


Hagakure Tooru to Chat

That’s not what I meant!!!!!

Chiyo is his baby sister.

She’s about two or three years old


Satou Rikkido to Chat

this is just your friendly reminder to eat something


Shouji Mezou to Chat

Oh yes. Tokoyami and I were about to call to get something delivered when the group chat was started.


Hagakure Tooru to Chat


I didn’t mean to take away from your guys’ time!


Tokoyami Fumikage to Chat

Don’t apologize, you didn’t do anything wrong.


Aoyama Yuuga to Chat

I agree with Tokoyami! It was lovely to be able to check up on you all as well as actually talk to someone that seems to care for me past it being their job.


Satou Rikkido to Chat

i wanna say mood but its really kinda not


Tokoyami Fumikage to Chat

If you don’t mind, Shouji and I are going to go offline for a bit so that we can order food.


Shouji Mezou to Chat

In conclusion: We’re both in a home and safe. Neither of us are too injured, just minor scrapes and bruises. Since we’re spending time together we’re not going to be on the chat much, so farewell.


Tokoyami Fumikage to Chat

Spoken as a true poet. Goodbye

Chapter Text

Fumikage chuckled to himself as he put his phone down and then into his pocket. “So what would you like to eat?” he asked, looking up at the taller hero student.

Shoji shrugged. “I’m not picky, feel free to pick anything.”

“You’re not going to be one of those people that say they’re fine with anything and isn’t actually fine, are you?” he asked, smirking in his mind since it was impossible to do with a beak.

“No. I didn’t have the opportunity to be picky as a child, and it’s certainly not a learned trait once you’re above the age of two,” he chuckled, his eyes crinkling around the edges as he smiled. Fumikage nodded in understanding as he chuckled as well. He grabbed his phone again, opening his browser and typing in his favorite delivery place. He ordered two of his favorite things to eat, then set his phone back down.

“I don’t mean to be rude when I ask this, but, are you going to be okay to eat without your mask?” he asked, carefully choosing his words and ending up just rambling instead.

“I feel like I can trust you to see what the lower half of my face looks like. I mostly keep it on so that I do not scare small children and those of the faint of heart. I also do not want to be made fun of by our more closed-minded classmates,” the taller teenager rambled, leaning back against the counter as he tapped one of his long fingers against the marble.

“I’m glad that you think that you can trust me that deeply,” he hummed before he realized what he had said at the beginning. “Through, you don’t just have to think that because you can trust me. I am in no way in a place to judge people on their physical appearances.”

“I wouldn’t say that,” he answered easily, looking down at him. “You’re fairly normal when you really think about it. Our society has changed so much in the couple of decades that quirks have existed.”

“I suppose so, but you don’t see a lot of people with the head of a bird when they have no other bird concerning Quirk,” he retaliated before he pushed himself off the counter. He made his way into the living room slowly, allowing Shoji to come after him. The taller teenager did, slowly shuffling behind him since his strides were so much longer than Fumikage’s. The feathered teenager sat down on his chair, tucking his legs underneath him as he gently turned in the chair so that he could look at the other teenager.

“How about we settle with the fact that no one should be judged for how they are born, Quirk or no Quirk,” Shoji said, sitting down on the couch and turn to face Fumikage a bit better.

“I’m fine with that,” he smiled with his eyes. He ran a hand through his feathers on the side of his face to get them back into place as he looked away from the other man. Their conversation had now petered out, giving him a moment to think about his feelings and emotions that he had been coursing through him during their time that they had spent together already.

His heart had stopped beating faster than normal some time on their train ride, but he knew that his cheeks were still heated underneath his feathers. He had felt a rush of dopamine when the other had said that he trusted the teenager.

After a few minutes of wracking through all the thoughts that had crossed his mind while they that been together, he came to the conclusion that he was fucked. Truly and utterly fucked.

He bit back a sigh as he glanced over to Shoji, who was now playing a game on his phone. Just as he had suspected, his stomach did a small flip as he thought about getting to do something like this every night with the other teenager.

Of course, he would fall in love with the first friend that he had. Well, love was a bit of a strong word for how young they were and for how little time they had all actually spent together. But a crush was definitely in the mixing of his heart.

He was grateful for a distraction when the doorbell to the apartment rang. He stood up, quickly walking to the door and picking up the money that his father always left for if he wanted to order takeaway while he was gone. He opened the door, paying the proper amount before he closed the door and returned back to the other teenager.

“That smells amazing,” he hummed, sitting forward for a moment as he looked at the food.

“This is my favorite food from my favorite takeaway place,” he explained, setting it down on the coffee table in the middle of the living room. He sat down on the side of it, unpacking the food and chopsticks that they had given them. Shoji got off of the couch as well, sitting with his back pressed against the wall and his long legs tucked underneath the coffee table.

“If it’s your favorite then I’m sure it’ll be good,” he smiled, his eyes crinkling handsomely as they always did.

“I certainly think it is,” he chuckled, handing him one of the to-go cups full of ramen.

“Thank you,” he chirped, taking one of the chopsticks from the pile that the restaurant always sent with their take-out foods.

Fumikage nodded in acceptance of the thanks as he took the cup off of his food and grabbed his own pair of chopsticks. He tried to keep his eyes down and away from the other as much as possible now that he was aware of his crush so that he wouldn’t stare and consequently be caught staring. He split his chopsticks perfectly as he always did before he began to eat silently. He glanced down at his phone after a few moments, seeing that there was a message from the group chat that had been silent for the last while since they had said goodbye.

Shoji looked down at his own phone, which Fumikage saw out of the side of his eye. The bird-headed teenager glanced up and had his breath stolen from him as he finally got to see the lower half of Shoji’s face. It was elongated like a reptile, though there were no scales in sight. His mouth stretched back the entire way down the elongated part of his face and widened without skin to show incredibly sharp teeth. His teeth were significantly sharper than Kirishima’s, which was a feat in itself. He had to slits for nostrils on the top of his snout as well.

However, it was almost disappointing seeing as the other teenager had built up his face to make it seem like it was some sort of warped monstrosity. Instead, the lower half of his face just made the rest of him more incredibly handsome than he had been before.

“Tokoyami?” Shoji asked when he looked up from the message on his phone and spotted the other teenager staring at him.

“Yes?” he asked, recovering smoothly.

“Have you seen the message that Hagakure sent to the group chat?” he asked, turning his phone around and holding it up for the other to see.


Hagakure Tooru to Chat

Are any of you watching the news? They’re getting a lot of things wrong…


He scanned over the message before he looked back up to the taller hero student. “Are you alright to watch the news? It may be fun to see everything that they got wrong and also help us deal with what we were put through.”

“I’m fine with that,” he agreed, eating another bite of his food. The bird-headed teenager nodded as he turned on the television and switched to the channel that Hagakure had said that was covering the attack at the USJ earlier that day.

The reporter was a young, ditzy-headed woman that barely understood the words that she was saying. It was more than obvious that she was reading all of her words from either a teleprompter of the papers in front of her.

Sources are saying that there no one was injured other than Pro-heroes Eraserhead and Thirteen, who is also teachers at UA High. There were no students that were injured because they did not actually have to fight every- anyone ,” she said, smiling once she had gotten through everything.

“So she’s a pretty face and doesn’t really understand anything that she’s reporting on, got it,” Fumikage chuckled.

“She must be new because her reading feels completely unnatural,” Shoji agreed with a chuckle himself.

“And they’re already getting about half of it wrong. We had to fight so many of the villains,” he sighed, giving a small eye roll as he continued to listen to her gratingly cheerful voice.

“I can understand why they’re putting out a different story though. A lot of people would riot if they found out that first-year students were put in that much danger,” he hummed in explanation as he finished up his food.

“I suppose. It’s just kind of irritating to hear someone getting the situation so skewed. That was the scariest moment of a lot of our lives,” he hummed, finishing up his own food.

“I’m sure as heroes we’ll see a lot more of that. I suppose that’s why a lot of heroes commit suicide after they retire,” he mused, thinking back to all of the news reports and articles that he had seen about the older heroes being found dead.

“I suppose so. I hope that we’ll get taught how to deal with trauma and PTSD at some point,” he hummed, the thought of dying in that fashion sending a shudder through his body.

“I’m sure that they will since there are so many stories about that happening. The teaching curriculums have changed a lot since even our parents went to school. They’re learning about what they really need to teach us based on how people have taken and dealt with the knowledge that they taught them. If that makes sense,” he said, narrowing his eyes as he tried to think about what he said.

“Sort of, it got a bit rambly at the end but I got the basic sense of what you were saying,” he replied. He stood up from the table, gathering up their trash and bringing it to the kitchen. He threw it all away before he returned back, picking up his backpack as he did so. “I know that the teachers said that we could have a break from homework today but I need something to get my mind off of what happened,” he explained as the other gave him a look.

“I understand, that may be a good idea for me to do as well. I always work better around other people anyway,” he hummed as he stood up and got his own backpack from the entryway.

He sat back down with his legs tucked underneath the coffee table as he pulled out his homework. Fumikage did as well, pulling out his books, binders, and papers. He glanced to the television that was still playing the news report about the attack at the USJ. He ignored it after a moment, the voice of the woman getting more and more annoying the more he listened to her.

They worked relatively silently, letting the news be the background noise. Since it was still the beginning near the school year and they were both diligent students their homework didn’t take long. By the time that they had finished the news reporter had been changed out for a special reporter who always did the news on heroes. They moved to sit next to each other on the couch, watching and pointing out their favorite heroes to each other.

As the sun set over the city they seemed to get more and more scared. The animal part of their brain added with the new anxieties that they had from getting attacked that day caused them to be a bit skittish. Eventually, they put in a hero movie and stopped watching the news since it seemed to be making things worse for them.

Fumikage stood up shakily and hurriedly turned the light on when all of the light had faded as the sun disappeared and night crept in.

“Are you alright?” Shoji asked, his voice chock-full of concern and his mouth frowning as much as he could with the warped shape it had. He hadn’t yet put on his mask and Fumikage didn’t really want him to.

“I-I’m not a fan of the dark,” he replied, moving to sit down on the couch again. “After having to use my Quirk to much today, I don’t want to get out of control. Especially with you here.”

“You don’t have to hide something away from me. After all, I showed you something that I rarely show anyone else,” he replied.

“I-” he cut himself off, choosing his words a bit more carefully. “It’s different than that. My Quirk is vicious and unpredictable when it gets too much power. I don’t like the feeling and I’m always worried that I’m going to accidentally hurt someone.”

“I can’t say that I understand, because I don’t but I am trying to. If the light makes you feel better then it does, and that’s fine,” he smiled, his eyes crinkling and finally getting to see the actual smile made Fumikage’s heart beat faster in his chest and then melt.

“Thank you for trying to understand,” he said, leaning back against the back of the couch and turning his attention to the light-hearted kid's movie they had put on for nostalgia.

The night passed and got later and later, yet neither of them could bring themselves to sleep. Fumikage knew that his father would be arriving home around four in the morning since he would go out with some of his friends from work since he knew that his son was safe due to a couple word text.

The bird-headed teenager leaned over, slowly melting into the touch of the other. At some point during their second movie Shoji had placed his arms on the back of the couch, the arms in the middle were the ones that he used and thus the ones that were actually on the back of the couch. The arm underneath was handing down behind Fumikage’s back and the one above was resting against the wall.

The taller hero-student looked over when he felt the weight of the other, smiling softly as he saw him. He lifted his arms from the back of the couch and wrapped them around the smaller teenager, bringing him in closer.

Eventually, due to exhaustion, the two of them fell asleep cuddled up together.

Chapter Text

“I am beginning to dislike being in this class,” Fumikage muttered under his breath as the boys around them shouted at each other excitedly. He had never been a fan of loud, uncoordinated chaos and yet that’s what his entire class seemed to be made up. Shouji let out a laugh next to him, his voice warm and rumbly like a large cat. The teenager felt a shiver of attraction go down his spine and send goosebumps over his entire body.

“I’m not,” he replied, smirking underneath his mask.

Fumikage easily picked up on the cue from his friend, since they had spent so much time together that they could pretty easily read each other. “Oh, and why is that?” he asked, noticing that they had fallen back a few feet from the rest of the group so that they could actually hear each other.

“Because if I wasn’t put in this class then I wouldn’t have met you,” he replied, grinning underneath his mask. Fumikage felt his neck light on fire as well as his face, though you could only see his neck since it wasn’t covered in feathers.

“And the rest of our friends,” the raven-headed teenager said, trying to deny the feelings that were bubbling up inside of him for the other.

“Yes, of course,” he nodded, a bit of red peeking out from underneath the mask that he was wearing. Fumikage looked away from him just in time to make sure that he didn’t run into the locker room door that had been swung open only moments ago. They both went their separate ways to their lockers and changed into their gym uniforms like they were supposed to.

They met back up as they left, though this time they were joined by another two members of their friend group. Ojiro looked oddly more concerned then he normally did, his brows furrowed together and the points of his mouth turned down in a bit of a scowl.

“What’s wrong, mon Amie?” Aoyama asked as he leaned over awkwardly to be able to see the other blond a bit better.

“I’m just worried about Tooru. Her Quirk only really works when she’s not wearing anything, and it’s not that she’s not a super amazing fighter or anything, I’m just worried that the agencies aren’t going to notice her as much since her main fighting attribute can’t be utilized like normal,” he rambled, moving his hands up to the tuft of his tail where he ran his hands through the puffy blond fur.

“She and I are a bit similar in the way that we’re not going to be at our highest because of where this is taking place and the rules,” Fumikage said, trying to calm his friend down a little. He glanced to his other side as Kouda and Satou joined them as well, completing the male part of their group since Hagakure was in another locker room.

“What do you mean?” Ojiro asked, allowing his tail to rest on his shoulders again as his hands moved to hang down by his sides.

“My Quirk, Dark Shadow, does not work as well without, well, shadows,” he said, letting out a small chuckle. 

“It sounds like you’re a bit differently impaired than Hagakure is,” Shoji piped up after a moment. “She’s in the place where since her Quirk is invisibility she’s not going to get noticed by a lot of public since a lot of people want to sexualize heroes instead of focusing on how capable we are about taking down villains.”

“That’s revolting. We’re teenagers,” Satou grimaced, Kouda visibly paling next to him.

“I didn’t say that it was right, I just said that that was how things were. It makes it a bit harder for heroes out there who aren’t attractive others,” he said, humming a little bit. Fumikage noticed his eyes flitting down to his own mutation part of his Quirk. Anger boiled in the teenager’s gut as he realized that his friend was not only talking about their friend but himself as well. He had it in his head that since he viewed himself as unattractive, then he wouldn’t make it very well as a hero no matter how hard he worked. 

He was about to open his mouth and object when his thoughts were distracted by the noise and arguments coming from the room that they entered into. He sighed, running a hand over the feathers on the side of his face as he realized that this was just the beginning of the bickering.

Their small group moved to the back of the room where they would mostly be ignored, something that they much preferred. The girls walked into the room in one huge group like they always did, making Fumikage a bit jealous that they seemed to be enjoying themselves while the boys all just wanted to yell at each other about who was going to win everything.

“Mashi!” Hagakure giggled as she ran over to her boyfriend, throwing her arms around his neck. The blond chuckled, wrapping his arms around his waist and standing up from where he had been sitting on the table.

“Ah, to have a love like that,” Aoyama sighed, placing a hand on the side of his face as he looked wistfully into the distance at nothing.

Shoji chuckled, and Fumikage felt goosebumps form on his exposed lower arms as he felt the taller teenager lean a bit closer to him. His heart fluttered in his chest madly for a moment before he was distracted once again from his train of thought. 


He and Shoji easily found each other once again, since they seemed to be like magnets that were facing the opposite way from each other. They walked away from the rest of the students milling around, trying to get away from the noise and chaos that they both disliked.

“Hello, mes amies!” Aoyama waved as he found them and walked over to them. He was obviously struggling to stand up straight and his face was slightly tinted green. “Have you seen that gorgeous student from class 1-B? The one with the blond hair and the wickedly captivating eyes?”

“Are you talking about the student that tried to tell us that we were all scum because we landed in the ‘A’ class?” Fumikage asked, irritation still simmering in the back of his mind from being accused of such aggression that really only Bakugou held- then again, he thought he was better than everyone.

“Ah, yes! Him,” Aoyama nodded, his eyes getting the same wistful look that they had when he had been speaking about love in their holding room.

“Why would you want to find him? I’d think that someone like you wouldn’t enjoy getting insulted like that,” Shoji said, his voice showing that he held the same irritation at the 1-B student.

“Well, I wanted to see if he was like that up close and personal! Perhaps he was just trying to put on a show. After all, no one that handsome and talented could be that bigoted and rude on a more personal level,” he sighed, a smile slipping onto his face the more he spoke about the other teenager.

“You’re talking about him like Ojiro and Hagakure do about each other,” Shoji said.

“You have a crush on him, don’t you?” Fumikage asked with a sigh.

“Aoyama has a crush on who?” Satou asked as he walked over, placing his hands on his hips in a powerful stance. Satou was very muscular and very powerful, but for whatever reason Fumikage didn’t find him as attractive as he found Shoji.

“That boy from 1-B,” the masked teen replied, sounding slightly repulsed underneath the muffling of his mask.

“Is there something wrong with that? Perhaps it’s because we’re both males?” Aoyama asked, his voice a lot less confident than it normally was.

“There’s nothing wrong with two men being together,” he sighed, shaking his head a small bit.

“None of us are really fond of that kid though,” Satou said, wrinkling his nose a little bit. “We also don’t want you to get hurt.”

“I’m not going to get hurt,” he huffed, blowing his cheeks out indignantly before he whirled around and stomped off. 

“He’s going to get rejected so hard and fast,” Satou shook his head.

“That boy is the type of person to be homophobic as well as just an overall bad person,” Fumikage agreed, folding his arms over his chest as they all stood, watching their friend disappear into a crowd.

“Anyway, have you guys seen Kouda? I wanted to make sure that he was okay since he’s not too big of a fan of big crowds like this.”

“We haven’t seen him, sorry,” Fumikage said, looking around. “If we see him, we’ll tell you over the group chat and check on him for you.”

“Thanks, guys,” he said, waving a little before he turned the other way and began to walk around once more in search of their other friend.

“I have too much energy from the adrenaline of that race, would you like to walk around with me?” the raven-headed teen asked as he turned to look at the much taller hero student.

“I would love to,” he replied, smiling underneath his mask. They set off on the walk, being mostly silent since they were still processing everything that had already happened that day. However, Fumikage’s thoughts were once again drifting away from his school activities and back to the teenager beside him. He hated the fact that Shoji felt like he had to wear the mask everywhere since he had deemed his face too hideous and terrifying. 

“Is that Hagakure and Ojiro?” Shoji asked after about three minutes of walking slowly. Fumikage looked to where his crush was pointing and felt his eyes widen in shock. Ojiro was slumped against the wall, hands dug into his hair and slowly rocking back and forth while muttering under his breath. Hagakure was knelt next to her boyfriend, her hand on his shoulder to try and help to get him calm again.

The two teenagers glanced at each other for a moment before they cautiously walked over to where their two friends were. Fumikage remembered the information that his father had taught him about helping someone down from a panic attack. “Ojiro, please look at me,” he said, his voice calm and soothing.

The blond shakily turned his head, looking into his eyes. “See? It’s just me. You’re safe. Everything is fine, everything is always going to be fine. We’re all safe,” he soothed, gently prying the teen’s fingers from where they were tightly wrapped around his golden locks.

“Not safe,” he whispered, his voice tiny and soft.

“You’re safe and fine. It’s just me,” he soothed once again, holding his hands tightly to help ground him and make sure he didn’t start pulling out his hair again. “Take a deep breath, make sure that you can’t hold any more air in your lungs before you stop inhaling.”

Ojiro nodded shakily, inhaling just like he had been instructed to. “Good, now hold it until I say five,” he said, earning a nod. “One, two, three, four, five,” he counted slowly. “Exhale slowly, focus on your heartbeat as you do,” he said, exhaling with his friend.

“Th-thanks,” he said after a moment, still shaking but no longer visibly panicking like he had been moments before.

“Of course, now do you want to tell us what happened to get you so wound up? It can help,” he suggested gently, sitting down from where he had been kneeling next to the blond. Shoji sat down as well, staying respectfully silent the entire time. Hagakure sat down next to her boyfriend, taking his hand in her own and gently curling up with him.

“I, uh, I approached this student because I wanted to introduce myself. He was the same guy that was at the front of our classroom today and was saying he was going to take one of our spots.”

“That guy? He was so scary! Why would you go talk to him?” Hagakure asked, shuddering a small bit.

“I thought that he had just done it to intimidate us,” he replied sheepishly.

“Thinking threats are meaningless seems to be a thing in our friend group,” Fumikage chuckled, remembering their conversation with Aoyama just a little while ago

“What?” the blond asked, looking confused by his friend’s statement. 

“We’ll explain later, keep telling us what happened,” Shoji replied easily. Fumikage leaned back subconsciously, adoring the feeling of the other’s body heat radiating onto him.

“Well, he talked back to me and I thought things were going well before my body just stopped working. It was like I was placed in a cage in my own mind, and he made me run the race for him,” he replied, shuddering at the thought.

“That has to be against the rules,” Shoji mumbled, the worry highly evident in his voice.

“It’s his Quirk, unfortunately, it’s not,” the raven-headed teenager replied, shaking his head back and forth to express his disapproval since he couldn’t frown.

“Yeah… I don’t know. He didn’t really seem to want to be doing that to me,” he mumbled, nervously wringing his hands in front of him.

“Don’t get too worked up about it. I’m sure that if he didn’t want to be doing it to you the first time he’s not just going to randomly see you in the hall and mind-control you again,” Hagakure soothed, gently calming him down once again.

“Yeah, I guess so. Thanks for all your help, everyone. You guys are the best friends and girlfriend that I could ask for,” he grinned, slowly returning back to the chipper teenager that they had all known beforehand.


“You did a good job out there,” Shoji said to his friend as he walked up to him.

“I didn’t do as well as I could have. I told you that my Quirk doesn’t work as well in the sunlight,” he sighed, rubbing the side of his head to help get rid of some of the sweat that he had collected underneath his feathers

“You were still amazing, despite not being at your number one. And at least you didn’t have to carry a pervert in your arms,” he chuckled, trying to cheer up his friends.

“Why did you let him convince you to do that?” he asked, his friend helping him cheer up already.

“I’m not sure. Perhaps it’s because I don’t know how to say no to anyone,” he replied. “Asui is also far too cute for her own good. I couldn’t say no to her and then after I said yes to her then I couldn’t just deny him in front of her. She’s like the little sister that I never got to have because of my parent’s failure,” he rambled.

“You don’t have to say that she’s sister-like to her because you don’t want to admit you have a crush on her,” he replied. He had to admit that the green-haired teenager was adorable and kind, so it made sense for people to like her. Despite this, Fumikage found that he had a bigger attracting to Shoji than he had to her.

“I do not have a crush on her. I have a crush on someone as equally adorable as her and yet quite a bit more reclusive,” he blurted before he cleared his throat and stood up. “Come on, let’s get going.”

“Right,” he nodded, trying to ignore the fact that his crush had just admitted to having a crush on someone cute. Which meant that it wasn’t him, because he was more frightening and intriguing that cute.


“Congratulations on getting so far into the tournament,” Shoji smiled as Fumikage walked over to him.

“Thank you,” he said proudly, sitting down next to his friend. Satou and Kouda were sitting on the other side of the overly tall teenager. Kouda had a pair of headphones on and was curled up against the muscular teenager next to him, both of them dozing. A little way down in the stands Aoyama was flirting with the student from 1-B, who wasn’t yelling at him like everyone had expected him to when they saw the interaction about to happen. Instead, he seemed to be calmly insulting the other while the blond from 1-A just flirted back. Hagakure and Ojiro were sitting two seats away from the rest of their friend group, talking to each other calmly. 

“I’m sure that you would have been better if the person you were up against hadn’t had such a light-oriented Quirk,” he hummed, turning to face him a bit better as he talked.

“When I become a hero I’m not going to have the option of choosing who my competitors are. That may have been the underneath message for us to do this in the first place,” he hummed, turning his head back and forth slowly so that he could look at both Shoji and the current match

“That’s true. We’ve barely had any specialized training for our Quirks, however. They can’t really expect us to be able to control them to that extent quite yet,” he hummed.

“Then maybe they did this so that we can get a bit more of an incentive to train our Quirks. Or it’s to help us know what we can already handle and what more we need to handle,” he reasoned.

“Hush, both of you,” Satou said with a yawn, slowly moving in his seat so that he didn’t wake the other teen that was sleeping on him. 

“Of course. We wouldn’t want to wake Kouda,” Shoji nodded, standing up from his seat and waiting for a moment for his friend to follow after him. Fumikage stood up, walking a couple of rows of chairs down so that they could talk without worrying about waking up their friends.

“Those two are quite cute to each other,” the raven-headed teen chuckled as he sat down in his new seat. 

“Yes, they are. I’m not sure if they’re actually dating or not, however,” the other teen mused. “But it’s a bit rude of us to be speculating about who is dating who.”

“Yes, we can let Ashido do that for us since she does enough for all twenty members of our class combined,” he chuckled.

“Speaking of relationships,” Shoji said as he cleared his throat. He began to shift around nervously, no longer sure of himself like he had been only moments before. “Tokoyami, would you like to go out with me this Saturday?”

“As in, a date?” he asked, hope bubbling up inside of his chest.

“Yes, if that’s alright with you. If you don’t feel the same then I can just forget my feelings and we can continue to be only friends,” he said, back-tracking just in case.

“No. I’m fine on going on a date with you,” he said, smiling inside of his head since he couldn’t smile. There was a bit of panic and confusion in the back of his mind as he began to think about the title that he might have to slap on his sexuality.

“Thank God. For a moment I thought that you were going to reject me,” the taller teenager sighed in relief, leaning back against the chair he was sitting in. “How about we meet up for a movie and lunch? I can text you the where once I find a place.”

“What movie?” he asked, allowing himself to forget about titles and think more about the teenager in front of him that was asking him out.

“I’m not sure which ones are playing at the moment. Maybe I can text you that as I look up the where?” he offered.

“That sounds good to me,” he replied, his eyes crinkling around the edge in joy as his form of smiling.

Chapter Text

Fumikage emerged from his slumber a lot later than he normally would have, which had been caused by the physical exhaustion that his body needed to make up for because of the Sports Festival. He rolled over so that he was laying on his back and stared up at the ceiling, blinking wearily. He yawned a bit, opening his eyes to reveal that they were blurry. He reached his hands up, rubbing the sleep and whatnot out of his eyes for a bit longer than necessary. He sat up, swinging his legs out of the bed and away from the warm cocoon of blankets that he had been in moments beforehand. 

His brain moved slowly as he tried to figure out what was going on in the world around him. He slipped the rest of the way out of bed and stumbled around his room as he got his clothes for the day and headed to the bathroom. He was moving on a routine instead of being conscious of his movements. 

He blinked a couple more times as he felt the warm water of his shower fall onto the feathers that graced his head and part of his neck. An excited flutter rushed through his torso, going from his heart throughout his entire body before it made his stomach flip in excitement. Once he had woken up to remember what he was doing that day he rushed through his morning routine and nearly flew through the house as he went to get his breakfast.

“Good morning, Fumikage. I was wondering when you’d be getting up,” his father chuckled from where he was typing away at his laptop. The teenager glanced over to him and felt disappointment overwhelm him when he saw the papers littered around the other man.

“Maybe it’s a good thing that I only got up now. You seem to be rather busy with your work, father,” he said. His tone was a bit more scathing than he had meant it to be but he was rather fed up with the man working non-stop. He had a small suspicion that that was just the way that his father coped with the grief that came with losing his wife.

“It’s just one case. I had a close friend say that she wanted it done as soon as possible. I won’t be working all day like I was last time,” he replied, giving his son the same smile that he gave all of his clients. 

Fumikage bit back another retort about his father lying to him when he realized that if he got in an argument with the other man then it would make him late for his date. He turned around and focused on making himself some breakfast. While the bread toasted away, he pulled out his phone and checked the messages that he had been sent by his potential-boyfriend.


Shoji to Fumikage

What do you think of this movie?


Shoji sent a link!


Fumikage clicked on the link and smiled softly to himself in the best way that he could with his beak. He read the synopsis of the movie and then typed the name into Google. He read a full breakdown on the plot like he always did before he went to a movie. He preferred knowing exactly what he was going into before he went into it so he could actually enjoy the movie. It sounded like something that they would both like and wouldn’t be too overwhelming for the bird-headed teenager, so he quickly went back to reply to the other.


Fumikage to Shoji

Sorry, I didn’t get back to you sooner, I slept a lot later than I normally do. That movie sounds wonderful. We’re meeting at noon, aren’t we?

Shoji to Fumikage

Yes, if that’s alright with you

Fumikage to Shoji

I wouldn’t have suggested it if it wasn’t. See you then.


He turned off his phone and shoved it into the pocket of his black jeans. He turned around, grabbing his breakfast before heading into the living room. He grabbed his backpack and pulled out some of the homework that he had been too exhausted to do the night before. He worked while he ate, though he found himself constantly going back and checking the time to make sure that he wouldn’t be late to catch the train. 

He had just managed to finish his breakfast when it was time for him to leave. He quickly packed up all of the things he had gotten out and returned his backpack to where it was supposed to be by the front door. He grabbed his house key and wallet before he glanced back behind him to see that his father was still buried in his work. He rolled his eyes, letting out an irritated sigh before he pulled open the door and left to go and catch his train.

He walked quickly, having a mission in his mind. Before, when he had gone out to go somewhere he had always been a bit overly self-conscious about everyone staring at him, but now the only thing on his mind was getting to his crush in time for them to see the movie.

When he was on the train, he looked up from his phone and stared out the window at the quickly moving scenery. His mind began to wander once again, allowing him to think about the fact that he was about to go on a date with another boy. There was nothing wrong with two biological men dating each other, or anyone else of any sex or gender dating each other. 

However, he had convinced himself that he wasn’t interested in dating anyone else when he had never taken an interest in anyone at his last school. Just thinking about Shoji made his stomach take up acrobatics and his heart melt into a puddle of useless goo. He had never even remotely felt that way about anyone beforehand, so why was he feeling this now? 

His brows furrowed together as his entire idea of what he was began to crumble in front of him. He was definitely crushing on the other boy, but the thought of having intimate relations beyond the normal things that you could get away with PDA wise made his stomach turn a bit sour. 

He had never felt the need to put much through into his sexuality since he was always more worried about how he was going to get into the hero course of his dream school. However, now that he was there he was beginning to allow his mind to drift to other things other than school. The close call with the villains at the USJ had also shocked him into realizing that he wanted to be more than just a hero. 

He glanced up, seeing the neon sign above the door switch over to say that he had finally arrived at his stop. He pushed off of the pole that he had been leaning against and walked out of the door to find the movie theater that Shouji had proposed that they meet at. He glanced around him when he had reached his location, trying to keep his mind away from the thoughts of his sexuality and back to the mission at hand.

“Tokoyami,” Shouji’s deep voice resonated from behind him, sending shivers up his spine and making his pants tighten just a small bit.

“Shouji,” he replied, ignoring how his own voice was a bit annoying when it reached his ears. “I hope I’m not too late.”

“You’re actually right on time,” he replied, his gorgeous brown eyes crinkling as he smiled underneath his mask.

“Then we should get going before we’re both late,” he replied, both of them beginning to walk. He felt his fingers twitch by his side as the idea of threading his fingers together with the other’s popped into his mind and rooted itself there. He took a deep breath, readying himself and gently knocking their hands together as if to tell the other that he was okay with it if the teenager wanted to as well.

Shouji’s hand quickly wrapped around his own, making his heart flutter madly in his chest. He felt his cheeks heat up underneath his feathers, another moment where he was glad that he had them to hide his emotions. They walked in silence until they reached the fast-food restaurant, where Shouji spoke up. “How about you go find a table while I order?” he offered.

Fumikage nodded and told the other teenager what he wanted, handing him the money that it would cost as he left to find a table before another one of the patrons scooped it up. He drummed it hands on the table in front of him, looking out the window at the passing foot traffic. His mind drifted back to what he had been thinking of on the train, bringing back the feeling of uncertainty that came with a small bit of fear.

He realized that he didn’t really know who he was outside of the boy that wanted to become a hero. Everyone around him seemed to have more depth to themselves then he did, which set something off inside him that made him want to find out a bit more about himself. He furrowed his brows together, beginning to rack his mind to find any other words that he had used to describe himself. 

He didn’t have much more time as Shouji quickly returned back to the table with their food. “Are you alright?” he asked, setting the tray down on the table and getting up into the almost too-high seats.

“Yes, just thinking,” he replied, grabbing his food off of the tray and sticking one of the fries into his mouth. When he was around people it was always so much easier to eat something that he could just pop into his mouth and not have to tear it off with his beak. 

“Mind sharing what?” he asked, awkwardly fidgeting around before he brought down his mask a small bit and stuck a couple of french fries into the exposed part of his mouth. 

Fumikage felt his heart clench and he wished that he could convince the other that he didn’t have to be so fearful of his appearance when he realized that he did that himself. He cleared his throat, shifting his weight from one position to another before he spoke again. “I was just realizing that I was so focused on getting into UA that I’m not really sure who I am.”

“I understand,” he replied, replacing his mask after eating a small bit of the food that he had gotten. “When I got to UA, I realized how lucky I was for having gotten there. I’ve been alone my entire life and being surrounded by people that were truly like me made me realize that I no longer wanted to be alone.”

“You’re so well adjusted that sometimes I forget that you basically raised yourself,” he mused, munching on a bit of his sandwich that he had ripped off.

“Am I? I don’t know many kids in the same situation as I am,” he mused, eating a small bit more of his food after he had moved down his mask once again before replacing the cloth.

“My father works for Social Services, so I’ve dealt with and seen a lot of kids with better situations than you that act worse than you do,” he replied easily. 

“I never saw the reason to act out in anger or shut myself off from everyone else. There was no way that I could replace the parents that I didn’t have and since I couldn’t change the situation that I was in, I just made do with what I had. If that makes sense,” he rambled. The tips of his cheeks were faintly red underneath his mask as his eyes stared down at two of his hands resting on the table in front of him.

“That makes sense,” he assured the other. He reached out across the table, gently placing their hands next to each other. The taller teenager reached over, threading their pinkies together shyly. Fumikage felt his eyes crinkle in adoration as his form of smiling before he spoke once again.

“You’re in a worse situation than I am and you’re obviously a lot more adjusted than I am. I was perfectly fine with shutting the world out from around me when you seemed to be able to make friends very easily.”

“I wasn’t actually planning on approaching anyone the first day, I just thought that you were too alluring to not come and talk to,” he mused.

“Alluring?” he asked, raising one of his eyebrows and causing his feathers to move around a small bit

“Yes. Alluring. You have a certain air about you that just drew me closer to you. Perhaps it was the universe giving us a little nudge towards each other,” he mused, smirking a small bit as he spoke. 

“That’s not a very good reason to come and talk to someone,” Fumikage chuckled, his heart and stomach both fluttering. 

“I think it’s a perfectly good reason to go and talk to someone. Isn’t that what All Might was teaching us the other day? To go with our gut feelings?” he offered, raising one of his brows. His dark eyes were sparkling with mischief and something else that Fumikage couldn’t place.

“I suppose so. But that was before we had been taught that lesson or any lesson that is,” the raven-headed teenager replied easily.

“Perhaps I’m just a prodigy student,” he supplied, folding two of his hands on the table in front of him. They had both finished their food a little while ago but neither of them really seemed to notice that they had.

“Like Bakugou likes to think he is?” he quipped.

“Well, not nearly as volatile,” he snickered. 

“I think it’s nearly impossible to be as violent as he is. I’ve heard some of the stories from Midoriya,” he hummed, thinking back to when the self-proclaimed ‘Izu-krew’ had sat close enough to his own group for them to hear what they had been talking about.

“That’s true. Would you like to get going?” he offered, already gathering up the trash on the table and placing it onto the tray. Fumikage nodded, wiping his greasy fingers off on a napkin. He slid out of the chair, feeling a bit embarrassed when his brain chose to remind him how short he was because of how far he had to go from the top of the chair to the floor. Shoji threw away the trash and returned back to him quickly, his long legs easily striding across the restaurant. 

He smiled underneath his mask, gently taking the other teenager’s hand in his own much like they had when they were on their way there. They walked out of the restaurant, ignoring all of the murmurs about the two odd teenagers holding hands as they walked down the street. They stayed silent until they got to the movie theater. “Which one are we seeing?” Fumikage asked as he looked at all of the posters for all of the movies that were playing in the theater.

“That one,” the taller teenager replied, pointing up with the hands on the other side of him. Fumikage followed the finger to be able to see what he was pointing at. He studied the poster for a moment before he nodded and walked up to the cash register. 

“Hello,” the chipper cashier chirped, smiling widely though it didn’t reach her eyes. The expression didn’t throw either of the teenagers off since it was pretty standard for those who had to work in these kinds of industries. “What can I do for you today?”

Fumikage gave her the movie that they were planning to go see and she responded with how much they would need to pay. She seemed a little shocked and confused when she finally caught sight of Shouji’s arms and then looks to see Fumikage’s head. He rolled his eyes with a small sigh and pulled out his wallet, he caught a movement out of the side of his eye and looked over to see that Shouji had done the same.

“You paid for lunch, I’m going to pay for the movie,” he said, looking up to meet the other teen’s eyes.

“But I’m the one that asked you to the date,” he replied, already pulling out some of the money.

“Shouji,” he huffed, glaring playfully at the other.

“Call me Mezou, and I’m paying,” he replied, smirking underneath his mask. The raven-headed teenager glanced over to the cashier, and though she was hiding it well, he could still tell that they were irritating her. He tucked his wallet back into his pocket in his form of letting the other know that he really was paying.

“Fine, but I’m going to pay for the next date,” he grumbled. A small built of guilt swirled in the bottom of his stomach when he realized that Shouji was spending some of the money that he had to use to live on him. At the same time, it also made his heart melt once again because that meant that the other teen liked him enough to do that.

“So there’s going to be another?” he asked, grinning widely underneath his mask. Fumikage wished that he could just reach his hand up and pull it down so he could see the wonderful face that the other was constantly hiding. 

“Yes,” he replied, taking the tickets from the woman behind the counter and striding across the lobby to where the awkward teenager was standing to make sure they had paid and tell them where their theater was. Mezou followed closely behind him, reaching over with one of his hands and holding Fumikage’s tightly. He wove their fingers together, something that they hadn’t done yet.

The bird-headed teen handed the tickets to the person who was supposed to take them, ignoring the hot redness that was creeping down his throat. “Is this okay? Do I need to stop?” Mezou asked, his voice showing how scared and timid he was feeling as well.

“No, it’s fine,” he replied quickly, leaning to be close to the other. He heard an affirmative noise before they were told where their theater was. They both walked there silently, not wanting to disrupt the moment that they were having. Once they had found their seats they leaned close to each other, their hands still linked. Throughout all of the previews and a good deal of the movie, they whispered snarky comments to each other about the idiotic things that were happening on screen.

“That was a lot worse than I thought that it was going to be,” Mezou chuckled.

“You thought that it was going to be bad?” Fumikage asked, sounding a bit offended that his date would bring him to see a bad movie.

“All movies by that director are sub-par or worse, but I thought that maybe it would be better because of who was acting in it,” he hummed, looking back and forth across the street before he led them to the other side.

“You seemed to like the main character quite a bit,” Fumikage remarked, a small bit of jealousy spiking in his stomach.

“Well yes, she’s my favorite actress. But don’t worry, Birdy,” he hummed, placing another one of his hands on top of Fumikage’s head and ruffling his feathers.

“Birdy, really?” he asked, sounding thoroughly unamused.

“I have a lot of pet names that I could call you, but I thought that that one was a safe bet until I asked you to be my boyfriend officially,” he replied, clearing his throat after he had finished.

“Well then, why don’t you ask me to be your boyfriend officially?” the smaller teen replied, his heart pounding madly in his chest. The type of exhilaration and panic that he felt now was so different from what he had felt when the USJ had been attacked. That had been like hearing that someone you loved dearly had just been killed while you were also being held at gunpoint. Fumikage wasn’t sure what he was really feeling since he hadn’t ever been in this situation before, but he was sure that he liked this.

“Tokoyami, would you be my official boyfriend?” Shouji asked, stopping them where they were standing outside the train station.

“Yes, and call me Fumikage,” he said, joy ringing throughout him. He wished now more than ever that he could emote, that he could show his boyfriend how happy was that they were now officially together.

“Thank you,” he smiled underneath his mask. They both walked to where the teller was, buying their tickets for the train and boarding when the train actually came into the station. They separated a little bit once they were actually on the train because it was rather busy, and spent their time talking about some of the assignments that they had to do over the weekend.

Mezou left first, giving his boyfriend a brief hug before he left the train and headed for his home. Fumikage leaned against the pole that he was standing next to, once again thinking about who he was. He was fine with the idea of holding hands, hugging and cuddling with his boyfriend but the thought of going any further made him feel a bit sick. His brows furrowed together as he pulled out his phone, intent on doing some research and talking to some people that he knew could help him.

Chapter Text

Fumikage to Hagakure

Hagakure, may I ask you a question?


Hagakure to Fumikage

Of course! 

You’re my friend and I’m here for you!


Fumikage to Hagakure

It is a bit personal, just so you know.


Hagakure to Fumikage

Personal for me 

Or for you?


Fumikage to Hagakure

To both of us, I suppose.


Hagakure to Fumikage




Fumikage to Hagakure

Are you part of the LGBT community?


Hagakure to Fumikage


I am actually

Why do you ask?


Fumikage to Hagakure

I was wondering if you could help me find the label to describe myself. Normally I wouldn’t want to do anything like that but lately I’ve found myself no longer being who I thought I was.


Hagakure to Fumikage

You don’t have to put yourself in a box

Labels are just what you choose to put on yourself


Fumikage to Hagakure

I am perfectly aware of that. Before I had no want to put myself into a box covered in labels but recently I’ve been wanting to try and find some words that might define me.


Hagakure to Fumikage

I’m perfectly willing to help you! 

Are you thinking gender or sexuality?


Fumikage to Hagakure

Sexuality. My gender hasn’t quite been questioned lately.


Hagakure to Fumikage


Well, what do you think it is? 

Tell me how you’re attracted to people


Fumikage to Hagakure

I have never really been attracted to someone before, so this is completely new. I have never even felt the need to be attracted to someone before and yet I have found myself falling head over heels for a member of our class.


Hagakure to Fumikage


WHo is it???


Please tell me!


Fumikage to Hagakure

I thought that this was a discussion on my sexuality, not who I’m dating.


Hagakure to Fumikage

Sorry, sorry. 

I just got really excited.

I know it sounds nosey but I kind of do need to know so that I can tell you what your sexuality might be labeled as 


Fumikage to Hagakure

I am not sure that he would want our relationship flaunted everywhere.


Hagakure to Fumikage

I won’t tell anyone,

 I promise. 

I really like to get gossip but I don’t really like to gossip and spread rumors

And the only reason that I like gossip is because people say a lot of things around me that they shouldn’t but they don’t even know I was there because I’m invisible

And that got rambly



Fumikage to Hagakure

It’s alright. We’re friends after all, so I should listen to you since you’re already helping me. The classmate that I’m dating is Mezou. We just barely became ‘official boyfriends’


Hagakure to Fumikage

Aww, that’s sweet. 

Mashi and I just got together too. 

Like, officially. 

We’ve been kind of dating for a while.


Fumikage to Hagakure

I was under the impression that you were dating already and had been for a while.


Hagakure to Fumikage

Apparently a lot of people have been, 

But we’re only now super official!


I think that you may be Demisexual


Fumikage to Hagakure

Would you mind explaining to me what that means? I find looking up certain types of sexualities or terms just confuses me more.


Hagakure to Fumikage

Yeah of course!

Demisexual is when you’re basically asexual (meaning you don’t feel sexually attracted to anyone) until you get to know someone personally and then you get attracted to them


Fumikage to Hagakure

That does sound a bit more accurate to what I am but I still don’t really feel physically attracted to anyone.


Hagakure to Fumikage

So maybe you’re asexual demiromantic?

That means that you’re not sexually attracted to people

But you need to get to know someone before you have romantic feelings for them


Fumikage to Hagakure

Yes, that makes sense. Do you mind if I ask what you identify as on the spectrum?


Hagakure to Fumikage

Not at all!

I’m pansexual, 

Which means that I like people based on their personalities and I don’t really see gender


Fumikage to Hagakure

Interesting. No offense, but I did think that you were strongly heterosexual because of how in love you seem to be with Ojiro.


Hagakure to Fumikage

I could see how you would think that. 

But we just ended up loving each other when we’re both pansexual!


Fumikage to Hagakure

Well, thank you for helping me Hagakure. 


Hagakure to Fumikage

Any time!

Chapter Text

Fumikage stumbled into his home, shutting the door behind him and yawning widely. He blinked harshly, trying to force himself awake despite how heavy his eyes were. He dropped his bag down by the wall, pulling out his phone from his pocket and glancing down at it. The sudden amount of light made him flinch before he got used to it and was able to actually look at it. He had spent a lot of the internship using his Quirk and training it with the night-hero that he had been training with. This meant that he had spent most of his week in the dark and the light scared him a small bit for a moment. 

It was around nine o’clock, which was actually pretty early seeing as he had basically become nocturnal for a week. He trudged through the house, stopping when he got to the dining room table. He picked up the note that had been placed on top of it. He stared at it for a moment, the words not making sense in his exhausted mind. He blinked a couple of times, yawning once again before he focused harder so that he could actually read what the note said.


Fumikage, I am sorry to say that I will not be home for the next couple of days. I have an important conference that I need to attend. I hope your internship went well.


The teenager sighed, his heart plummeting down into his stomach. He crumpled up the paper and threw it away in the hall trash can as he walked to where his bedroom was. He knew that he shouldn’t have expected anything less from his father, seeing as the man was constantly going on business trips and was almost never home when he wasn’t. There had been a good month when Fumikage had been in middle school that his father had just slept in his office and hadn’t come home at all. He claimed it was because his agency had gotten behind on their work and needed to catch up so he had just stayed there to get more work done. 

Fumikage knew better and knew that his father stayed away from their home as much as he could so that he didn’t have to remember his mother since there were items from her and pictures of her littered all over the house. Guilt crept up from his stomach, making his shrink down on himself and look at the ground as he walked into his bedroom. 

He sighed, sitting down on the edge of the bed. He folded his hands and placed them in between his legs, thinking heavily about what he had been taught as well as what his father would think about what his life had recently become. He realized how tired he was once again as he slowly began to sink down in his bed. He stood up, grabbing a change of clothes and getting into the shower. 

When he returned back to his room, he dumped his dirty clothes into the hamper and grabbed his phone off his bed. He smiled softly as he saw the facetime request from his boyfriend. He quickly slid the accept button, despite how exhausted he was.

“I’m surprised that you’re still up. From what you told me you’re pretty exhausted,” Mezou said. He was leaned up against the wall of his tiny apartment, not dressed in anything from the waist up which thankfully included his mask.

“I am exhausted, but I will always have time for you,” he replied easily. He and Mezou had been dating for almost a month now and in that short amount of time he had already gotten the hang of romantically bantering with the other.

“How romantic,” the larger teen replied, smiling the way he always did. His smile never failed to make his boyfriend melt into a puddle of useless goo however normal it may have been.

“You know me. Such a romantic,” he quipped dryly.

“That you are. Now, this may be kind of awkward to ask but I was wondering if I could come over?” His words were hesitant and he avoided looking up at his boyfriend the entire time that he was speaking.

Fumikage opened his mouth to answer, but a noise somewhere deep inside the house distracted, making him drop his phone down onto his bed and whirl around to look around his room. His eyes flitted around for a moment before he grabbed his phone once again and replied. “That would be lovely.”

“Thank you, Birdie. I’ll be there in ten minutes,” he said before the call ended. Fumikage laid down on his bed, his eyes drifting shut for a moment as his phone rested on his stomach.


He hadn’t realized that he had fallen asleep until the sound of the doorbell ringing through the house woke him up. He yawned, sitting up and slowly trudging to the door. He opened it to reveal the towering figure of his boyfriend, now dressed in more clothing much to the teenager’s disappointment. “Hey,” he said dumbly, his brain still moving incredibly slowly.

“You weren’t kidding when you said that you were tired, were you, birdie?” Mezou teased as he walked into the apartment once his boyfriend had moved aside to let him in.

“Turning nocturnal isn’t easy,” he replied. Neither is controlling a demon, he added to himself. 

“I wouldn’t think so,” Mezou replied, removing his mask as he sat down on the couch. Fumikage sat down next to him, tucking his legs underneath him as he fit right next to the other hero-in-training. 

“So why did you want to come over so late at night?” he asked after a moment of silence, yawning once again as he felt the warm arm of his boyfriend wrap around him like the most intimate blanket in the world.

“It sounds kind of stupid now that I think about it but the internship just reminded me of what it was like when the USJ was attacked. I couldn’t get it out of my head that I was going to get attacked and hurt because I live on my own,” he replied, his voice soft and scared as he explained himself.

“I can understand how you feel like that. Especially since you live alone,” he hummed, cuddling with him. Mezou held him a little bit tighter, settling his head down on top of the others and letting out a content sigh. 

“I always thought that I would be fine living by myself, since I had been doing it my entire life but the more time I spend with you and the rest of our friends, the more I realize that I don’t want to be alone anymore,” he said.

“You don’t have to be alone anymore. I know what it’s like to be by yourself seeing as my father is rarely ever home and I only made friend when I went to UA,” he rambled, his exhaustion making him even more open than he normally was with his boyfriend.

“Neither of us are going to have to be alone anymore. We have each other and all of the amazing people that we’ve already met in 1-A,” Mezou replied, nodding against the feathers on top of his lover’s head.

“Speaking of us, I think we should talk about some of the boundaries that we need in our relationship,” Fumikage said around a yawn. He sat up a bit so that he could look into the other’s eyes and felt his heart plummet deep into his stomach as he saw the panic and fear in the dark orbs.

“Have I done something wrong? Or something that made you uncomfortable?” he asked worriedly, retracting his wing-like arm and wringing each of his hands together.

“No, you didn’t,” he replied, shaking his head and grabbed two of the hands that his boyfriend was stressing in front of him. “You have been nothing but amazing the entire time that we’ve been together. I just thought that since we’re both pretty serious about this relationship that we should talk a little bit about what we are and aren’t comfortable with.”

“Oh,” he replied, relaxing a bit. “I wouldn’t want to do anything that would make you uncomfortable. Talking about what our boundaries are sound like something that we should definitely do.”

“I’m glad that we’re both on the same page,” he said, his eyes crinkling and feathers ruffling as his form of smiling without a mouth. 

“So how do we do this?” Mezou asked, turning so that they were both sitting cross-legged on the couch and facing each other. “I’ve never been in a relationship and I’ve never had to do this before.”

“I think we should just talk about the things that we’re not comfortable with doing and set our boundaries there,” he proposed, shifting around awkwardly. He and Mezou had always felt so natural when they were talking with each other that the stale awkwardness that they were sitting in felt more than unnatural.

“I can go first if you want me to,” the taller of the two teens offered after a moment of pregnant silence.

“That would be lovely,” he said, relief flooding through him.

“I’m not really comfortable with kissing…” he said, wringing two of his hands in front of him as he tended to do when he was nervous.

“That’s not going to be much of a problem seeing as I can’t do normal things with a beak,” he replied, his eyes crinkling in a way that allowed his boyfriend to know that he was smirking. “And I’m not comfortable with kissing either.”

“I’m fine with hugging and cuddling, but anything beyond that makes me feel sick to my stomach,” Mezou continued.

“I’m alright with hand-holding, hugging and cuddling and things like that, just like you,” he replied, reaching out and gently grabbing his hand. He threaded their fingers together adoringly, leaning a bit closer to him. Mezou turned sideways a small bit, pulling his bird-headed lover closer enough that he was tucked underneath his wing-like spread of tentacles.

“I talked to Hagakure the other day because I wanted to be able to find out what label of sexuality fit me the best. She said that I was probably asexual demiromantic,” he said, her voice getting smaller the more he spoke as if he was nervous that the other would lash out at him and call him a freak. He was all too used to that from his childhood and middle school experience.

“I think that I may be the same way. Though I prefer asexual homoromantic,” he smiled, something that didn’t fail to make his boyfriend’s heart melt every time. 

“I’m glad that we had this talk. And I’m sure we can continue to figure out what we are and aren’t comfortable with as we discover more things that couples do with each other,” Fumikage nodded.

“I think that sounds wonderful,” he replied, letting out a yawn and sinking down into the couch.

“It looks like you’re just as tired as me,” he chuckled, his eyes crinkling happily. 

He stood up from the couch and walked down the hallway to find the linen closet. He pulled out one of the extra futons that they had and brought it back to where his boyfriend was. “Would you like to sleep out here or would you be okay with sleeping in the same room as me?”

“Your room sounds fine. I don’t want to wake up suddenly and think that I’m all alone again or accidentally punch your dad because the door opening made me think I was being attacked,” Mezou hummed, standing up and grabbing the large cloth from his boyfriend’s much-smaller arms. 

“I don’t think my father will be coming home tonight but I also don’t think that he would appreciate it very much if he was suddenly attacked in his own home,” Fumikage nodded. He showed the other to his room and grabbed a couple more blankets and a pillow for the other before he returned to his room. 

Mezou made a bed quickly and bundled himself up in blankets before he spoke again. “Birdie, does your father know about us?” 

“Not yet. He’s never really cared about anything to do with me. I think it’s because he blames me for my mother’s death,” he said, the second sentence coming out as a mere whisper.

“That’s not right,” he replied, frowning heavily. He reached up, threading his fingers together with his boyfriend, reminding him that he wasn’t alone and that he had someone that loved him.

“I know it’s not. But he does it anyway,” he replied, sighing a small bit. He yawned again, his eyes drooping tiredly as he began to fall asleep.

Mezou brought his boyfriend’s hand closer to him, pressing an adoring kiss to the hand and murmuring, “Goodnight, Birdie.”

Chapter Text

Unknown Number to Chat

Hello everyone! This is Iida Tenya, the class president of class 1-A. Kirishima had informed me that class 1-B had a group chat with every member of the class so that they could get to know one another better. I discussed it with Yaoyorozu and Aizawa-sensei and they both agreed that it would be a great idea! Please introduce yourself first before you say anything else so people can add your info into their systems.


Unknown Person to Chat

That sounds like a great idea, Iida! I’m Midoriya Izuku!


Unknown Person to Chat

Oo! A group chat with the entire class sounds awesome! I’m Uraraka Ochako


Unknown Person to Chat

This is Yaoyorozu Momo.


Unknown Person to Chat

I’m Kaminari Denki! Member of the Bakusquad!


Unknown Person to Chat

Ashido Mina here! President of the Bakusquad


Unknown Person to Chat

The Hell is the Bakusquad? (I’m Jirou Kyouka)


Unknown Person to Chat

You fucking idiots.


Unknown Person to Chat

^^^ That’s Bakubro


Unknown Person to Chat

Please refrain from swearing on the chat, thank you!


Unknown Person to Chat

I’m Aoyama Yuugi~


Unknown Person to Chat



Unknown Person to Chat

That’s Koda. He doesn’t like to talk even over text. I’m Satou Rikkido, by the way.


Unknown Person to Chat

I’m the REDDEST of RIOTS or Kirishima Eijirou


Unknown Person to Chat

This is Izuku Midoriya from Todoroki’s phone. He said that he shouldn’t be commenting a lot.


Unknown Person to Chat

Tokoyami Fumikage


Unknown Person to Chat

Y’know, Iida, if you turned on nicknames we could all just changed our names.


Unknown Person to Chat

I am unaware of how to do that. I only know how to make people Moderators because Tensie told me.


Unknown Person to Chat

Make Yaoyorozu and I mods then!


Unknown Person has made Unknown Person a Moderator


Unknown Person has made Unknown Person a Moderator


Unknown Person has turned on nicknames


Unknown Person has changed their name to Deku


Unknown Person has changed their name to Yaomomo


Unknown Person has changed their name to Shouji Mezou


Unknown Person has changed their name to Tokoyami Fumikage


Unknown Person has changed their name to Electric Blanket


Unknown Person has changed their name to Jirphones


Unknown Person has changed their name to Queen Mina


Unknown Person has changed their name to Washi Tape


Unknown Person has changed their name to Iida Tenya


Unknown Person has changed their name to RED RIOT


RED RIOT has changed Unknown Person’s name to Blasty McSplodes


Blasty McSplodes to Chat


The actual fuck


RED RIOT to Chat

Love you bro <3


Unknown Person to Chat

Gross that’s gay


Unknown Person changed their name to titties and pussies pls


Iida Tenya to Group Chat

You’re username is highly inappropriate, Mineta. If you could please change it that would be highly desired.


titties and pussies pls to Group Chat

That’s not fair. No one else has had to change their usernames


RED RIOT to Group Chat

That’s because everyone else has been safe with their usernames…


Deku has changed titties and pussies pls’s name to Grape Stain


Iida Tenya to Group Chat

Midoriya, that it highly insensitive. 


Deku to Group Chat

His username was highly insensitive. 


Unknown Person to Group Chat

I mean, he’s not wrong…


Unknown Person changed their name to Oh! There goes gravity


Queen Mina to Chat

Is that an eminem reference I spy? *peaks over table*


Jirphones to Chat

We stan eminem here


Oh! There goes gravity to Chat

Why indeed it is! Do you listen to him?


Queen Mina to Chat

Hells fucking yeah! I’m sssssuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper into rap


Jirphones to Chat

Eminem is like one of the only rappers that’s any good nowadays


Oh! There goes gravity to Chat


Like all the new rappers are just talking, not actually rapping


Deku to Chat

I never knew that you liked rap Uraraka!


Oh! There goes gravity to Chat

Yeah, I really love it it’s great to listen to! 


Deku to Chat

Kacchan really liked rap when we were kids but I’m not too sure if he still does


Oh! There goes gravity to Chat

Rap is more popular than I thought XD


Jirphones to Chat

I’ve always been more into punk rock than rap, personally but there are a couple great bands out there that can mix them well


Electric Blanket to Chat


Linkin Park 4 lyfe


RED RIOT to Chat

Denki, you listen to emo music XD


Electric Blanket to Chat

LiNkIn pArK Is nOt eMo


Blasty McSplodes to Chat

It’s so fucking emo. All of their sons are literally about fucking depression


Jirphones to Chat

Just because it’s emo doesn’t mean it’s not good!


Electric Blanket to Chat

Thank you Kyouka!


Iida Tenya to Chat

Personally, I find classical rock- as in transferring rock songs from the 80’s and 90’s into classical instruments. They’re very interesting to listen to while also lacking lyrics so that they make it easier to focus on homework or studying. Rap is always a bit too overstimulating for me.


Oh! There goes gravity to Chat

I never would have staked you as someone who even listened to music, Iida XD


RED RIOT to Chat

Yeah, not to be rude or anything but you seem more like the kind of person who would just listen to books on audible or something…


Iida Tenya to Chat

I do dearly enjoy Audible when I am on my morning runs or working out but listening to something with words is very bad for studying or writing homework assignments. 


Deku to Chat

Audible is so great!


Electric Blanket to Chat

I’ve always prefered actually reading books because if I just listen I don’t process any of the info


Grape Stain to Chat

Like you could read 


Electric Blanket has left Chat


Jirphones to Chat

Ex-fucking-scuse me????


Queen Mina to Chat

That’s so rude!


RED RIOT to Chat


There’s jokes and then there’s just being an asshole


Washi Tape to Chat

This is the second time you’ve done something to offend people  in under ten minutes! The first one was just gross and now this one was just plain rude. You really upset Denki.


Grape Stain to Chat

It was just a joke?

He should learn how to calm down a little bit


Yaomomo to Chat

Mineta, Kirishima is not wrong is saying that there is a difference between teasing and being rude. I would like someone a bit closer to him to add Denki back to the chat once he feels a bit better so that Mineta can formally apologize.


Grape Stain to Chat


Why do I have to apologize?

Deku changed my name to something gross and you didn’t make him apologize.


Yaomomo to Chat

Then change your name to something that you prefer, there was nothing from stopping you doing that beforehand. 


Unknown Person has changed their name to Monkey Do


Unknown Person has changed their name to Monkey Hear


Monkey Hear to Chat

Woah! What’s going on???

Is Kaminari alright?


Washi Tape has added Electric Blanket to Chat


Yamomo to Chat

Mineta, apologize.


Grape Stain has changed their name to tit


tit to Chat


I’m sorry for joking.


Iida Tenya to Chat

Mineta, we are all aware that that was not what Yaoyorozu meant, and that you actually hurt Kaminari’s feelings and should formally apologize.


tit to Chat

I’m not going to apologize until Deku apologizes to me.


Iida Tenya to Chat

@Deku , if you could please.


Deku to Chat

Sorry :D


Yaomomo to Chat

Now apologize to Kaminari, please.


RED RIOT to Chat

If you don’t you’ll have the entire Bakusquad on you


Oh! There goes gravity to Chat

What’s the Bakusquad????


tit to Chat


Sorry Kaminari


Queen Mina to Chat

The Bakusquad is Eiji-chan, Den-Den, Hanta, Bakubro and me!


Monkey Hear to Chat

You guys all go by nicknames and first name and that’s so cute!!!!

Also, I just spent the past five minutes scrolling up and holly crap there is sto much TEA


Oh! There goes gravity to Chat

It still wows me that you guys all hang out with Bakugou and come out with no injuries….


Monkey Do to Chat

Baby,, you have a problem when it comes to tea….


RED RIOT to Chat

Bakubro is actually really nice when you push through and get to know him!!!


Monkey Hear to Chat

I do not. D:


Deku to Chat

Wait @Monkey Do , you’re Ojiro, right?


Monkey Do to Chat



Deku to Chat

@Monkey Hear , who are you?


Monkey Hear to Chat

I’m Hagakure Tooru!


Deku to Chat

Are you two dating?


Oh! There goes gravity to Chat


You can’t just ask people that!!!


Monkey Do to Chat


It took you guys how long to figure this out?


Deku to Chat

Wait, so you are dating?


Monkey Hear to Chat

Yeah! We’ve been dating since just after the sports festival.


Queen Mina to Chat


How did you two get together??? 

Tell me all the deeeeeeeets


Monkey Hear to Chat

Well, after the sport festival Mashi and I had a talk about feelings and it kinda spiraled into us dating :D


RED RIOT to Chat

@Queen Mina we need you in the Bakusquad Chat


Oh! There goes gravity to Chat

@Deku @Iida Tenya We need a cool name for our group too!


Deku to Chat

We should move to our chat then


Jirphones to Chat

Hey @Yaomomo  


Yaomomo to Chat

Yes, Jirou?


Jirphones to Chat

Could we change the name of this chat too?


Yaomomo to Chat

Of course!


Yaomomo has changed the name of Chat to Class 1-A

Chapter Text

“You did really well Tsu!” Ochako chirped as she ran up beside her friend and Fumikage. 

“Thanks Ocha,” the green-haired girl croaked, smiling at the other. Ochako giggled, cocking her head to the side before she ran off to go and speak with Izuku. The girl next to him sighed, her shoulders sagging in defeat. 

“Not getting your affections returned?” Fumikage asked, looking at her with uncertainty. He wasn’t sure if he had guessed right and if he had been wrong then it would be a very awkward conversation ahead of him.

“Nope,” she sighed. “Ochako is so focused on trying to get Izuku to notice her that I don’t think that she’ll ever look my way.”

“I’m sure that’s not true. Perhaps she just isn’t into girls?” he offered. He wasn’t the best at talking to people in a way that would make them feel better, but dating Mezou had taught him to be a little more personable.

“Well that wouldn’t be a problem seeing as I’m not a girl,” Tsu snapped, narrowing her eyes at the other.

“Oh, my apologies, I shouldn’t have assumed,” he said, a bit taken aback by her sudden snappiness.

“No, it’s alright. I shouldn’t have snapped like that. I’m just sick of being constantly misgendered by everyone. My parents don’t understand and I can’t talk to the teachers about it without it getting back to my parents,” she sighed.

“Well, would you like to talk to me about it? I know that it might seem like my group likes to gossip, but Tooru means well,” he chuckled, sitting down on the bench outside of the testing room.

“If you wouldn’t mind. I don’t want to dump all of my problems onto someone else,” she said, gently touching her chin with her finger.

“I wouldn’t have offered if I didn’t want you to tell me,” he replied, chuckling a small bit. Several of their classmates passed them by, giving the duo an odd look before they continued on their way.

Once they were gone, Tsu took a deep breath and began to speak. “I’m agender. That means that I don’t feel like I have a gender or need to have a gender assigned to me. I prefer to go by they/them pronouns,” they began. Fumikage nodded and made affirming noises every now and again to let the other teen know that he was listening and hearing them. “My parents and siblings don’t understand because they don’t think that gender is an idea or perception that you have, they believe that it’s your sex.”

“It’s the way that the older generation was raised to believe. It’s also hard for people to change their view enough to be able to teach their children something that they think is true,” he replied. “I know for a fact that my father would never understand my relationship with Mezo.”

“You and Mezo are dating? Since when?” Tsu asked, slightly flabbergasted.

“We’ve been dating since just after the Sports Festival, I believe,” he replied, eyes crinkling happily at the thought of his lover

“I can’t believe that I didn’t notice it before you told me. You two totally act like you’re dating,” they laughed. “Which makes sense, see you as you are.”

“We’re not really fans of PDA, so it’s easy to miss,” he replied. They were both silent for a moment before he spoke again, “Have you tried to talk to Ochako about your feelings?”

“I don’t want to because I don’t want her to suddenly feel weirded out by me and not want to be my friend anymore,” they replied, nervously running their hands down their thighs, smoothing out the wrinkles in their hero costume.

“Perhaps you should bring the LGBT+ community in a relationship to be able to gauge her reaction so that you can tell if she’d be willing to consider you as a girl- partner? Significant other? What is the gendernutral term, if you don’t mind me asking,” he said, glancing over at her.

“I’ve heard several different ways to refer to someone when you’re dating them and they use they/them pronouns. The most popular one seems to be datemate, but it’s really primal and distasteful in my point of view,” they rambled.

Fumikage nodded, “It certainly sounds like it’s something that you would refer to if we were all werewolves,” he chuckled. Tsu grinned and laughed as well, going silent once again as a couple more of their classmates walked past, including the rival for her crush’s love.

Once they had left, Tsu let out a little huff before they continued talking. “I’ve also heard people use ‘partner’ but personally, it doesn’t sound personal enough.”

“I could see partner more than datemate,” Fumikage said. Something inside of him twinged at the mention of that, but he pushed it off to think about it later.

“To each their own,” they shrugged. “My personal favorite is joyfriend. Boyfriend and girlfriend both sound really sweet and cute, and I think that joyfriend fits in their really well. It also kind of sounds like you’re causing your own joyfriend joy when they called you that.”

“Have you dated other people before?” Fumikage asked.

“I had a girlfriend and a couple of boyfriends in middle school, but none of them lasted more than a month. It’s hard to date someone that’s bigoted when you’re tying to find outself out,” they laughed lightly, though there was a distinct hurt in their eyes that the other teenager could see.

“I can understand that. Mezo is the first person that I have ever dated since I was too focused on doing well in school to make any friends or date anyone. I didn’t even realize my sexuality until after I had begun to date him,” he replied, hoping that the information that he was giving them would be equivalent to the information that they had given him. 

“I’ve always been a bit of an early bloomer. Everything in my life happens really early and really fast. I knew my gender and sexuality by the time that I was twelve,” they hummed. “And I fell for Ochako after about a week of knowing her.”

“I think that I was in some form of love with Mezo the first time I met him, even though it took awhile for me to realize that it was romantic love or for it to develop into romantic love,” Fumikage nodded along with what they were saying.

“Well, thanks for talking with me,” Tsu croaked as they stood up from the bench. They smiled at him, making his crinkle his eyes back at her, incapable of copying her facial expression.

“It was nice talking with you as well, Tsu. I hope that you feel better now that you’re not carrying that by yourself. If you ever need to talk, you can just message me,” Fumikage said, waving at them a small bit as he turned and walked to the boy’s changing room. 

He quickly removed his hero costume and changed back into his school uniform. He grabbed his bag from his locker and then pulled out his phone, reading the text that Mezo had sent him. He then headed to the location that his boyfriend had promised to wait for him at. He felt his heart flutter, squeeze and accelerate when he saw Mezo. Despite spending the majority of his time with the other teen, the sight of him never stopped making Fumikage re-fall in love with him. (Though, he hadn’t yet said those three words to his boyfriend.)

He walked up behind the other, standing there for a moment as he waited for the other to notice that he was standing behind him. When about a minute had passed without any sign that the other boy realized that he was there, Fumikage wrapped his arms around his boyfriend’s waist. 

“Fumi, that better be you,” the other said, warning flooding into his voice as he pulled out of the hug.

“Don’t worry Mezo, it’s me,” Fumikage replied, his eyes crinkling affectionately. 

“Good,” he replied, leaning down and kissing the top of his head through his mask. “I was worried that I’d have to fight a villain right after final exams.”

“You won’t. And now if we get attacked by a villain we’ll be able to fight them off together,” he replied. He threaded their fingers together and began to walk, making the other teen follow after him so that they could catch the train.

“I think that I can do anything as long as I’m with you,” he replied, mask crinkling in such a way that the other knew he was smiling.

“You’re a mush,” he replied, ignoring the fact that his face was bright red underneath his feathers.

“You like it,” Mezo replied, gently knocking their shoulders. Fumikage huffed and nodded slowly, averting his eyes so that he didn’t have to see the other’s teasing expression. 

“So what if I do?” he asked after a moment, letting his embarrassed brain work for a moment so that he could actually come up with the response.

“Then that means I’ll keep doing it,” he replied with a small shrug.

“You’re awful,” Fumikage huffed, leaning into him as one of the winged arms of his boyfriend wrapped around him.

“You love me,” he replied, talking a bit quieter once they arrived in the very public area of the train station.

“Yeah,” he agreed, mumbling as he was nervous to admit out loud that he was in love with the other teen already. He didn’t know if this was a bit early in the relationship to be admitting those kinds of feelings, since he had never been in a relationship before, but somehow it felt right to be in love with him. 

As Fumikage stood on the train with his boyfriend, allowing all the tired mothers and their children to have the seats, he began to muse.

The thought of not being together with Mezo was like the thought of not having to breath to live. It was preposterous and almost hard to fathom, as ridiculous as that sounded. When Fumiakge thought about what his life would be like once he was actually a hero, he couldn’t see himself coming home to an empty house. He saw himself arriving home before or after his boyfriend did, both of them living together. He couldn’t see his future without the other teen and he certainly didn’t see himself with anyone else.

That was a terrifying thought in itself, seeing as they were both so young and had so much ahead of them. Their personalities were still developing and changing as they got older and more mature. And while they were both more mature than a lot of their classmates, that wasn’t saying that they didn’t have room to grow which they certainly did. The idea that they would be able to keep a relationship through the hardships of learning how to be a hero and then actually becoming heros was almost idiotic. 

Fumikage had heard of a lot of pro heroes dying old and alone, with no family, friends or romantic partner because they thought that having ties with other people was far too dangerous for the people themselves. While being a hero was a very dangerous line of work for both the heroes themselves and the people that the heroes loved, the teen couldn’t see himself sheltering himself off from all of his friends and his boyfriend. It certainly helped that all of his friends and boyfriend were training to be heroes as well.

“Fumi, this is your stop,” Mezo said after a while, gently nudging him.

“Would you mind if I came home with you tonight? We could get some studying done,” he replied hopefully.

“I will never tell you that you can’t keep me company,” he replied, eyes crinkling and mask scrunching up as he grinned. Fumikage had the urge to reach up and pull it off, but he resisted and just leaned into the other male instead.

“Won’t your father be worried about you?” Mezo asked. “I thought you said he was actually going to be home tonight.”

“He was. He texted me before my final exam with Ectoplasm saying that he had a case he really needed to finish. I don’t like being alone in that house,” he huffed, brows furrowing together which made his feathers puff up awkwardly.

“I know,” Mezo replied, kissing the top of his head through his mask while two of his hands focused on gently petting the feathers back into place. “Speaking of your final exam, you did really well. I’m proud of you.”

“Thank you, Mezo,” he leaned further into his boyfriend, nuzzling against him. He let out a contented sigh as he felt the other place his chin on top of his head. They had gotten more comfortable with showing affection for each other in public the more they became comfortable with each other and their relationship. Fumikage felt his heart widen and throb with content and adoration for the teen that he was happy to call his boyfriend.