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Ma'am, That's My Emotional Support Insomniac

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Shinsou felt time slow to a halt around him as a flash of light filled the area. Two piercing screams rang in his ears. The white that flooded his vision faded away to reveal the familiar blond sparking with electricity, twitching violently on his side. Shinsou’s eyes traced the scorched ground to see the villain with twin buns squirming and whining from the shock Kaminari delivered. Shit.

Shinsou stumbled to his feet and raced over to his classmate, ignoring the stinging of the small cuts and scrapes on his skin. He’s seen him short circuit before, but nothing that left him convulsing on the ground. He thought that when he joined the hero program that he’d be prepared to see injuries, but something about witnessing his classmate – his friend – in this state was heart wrenching. Guilt flooded his gut and twisted with a tense ache.

From what he could see, Kaminari had several injuries. A few cuts on his left arm, chest, and forehead, as well as a nasty gash on his right forearm from when he was trying to block the villains attack. Fuck, he couldn’t touch him, he was still sending off sparks. All he could do was keep him safe until others arrived. He glanced over his shoulder to see the girl’s twitching cease. His muscles relaxed when he realized she wasn’t going to get up anytime soon. With a sigh, Shinsou pressed his earpiece, notifying their homeroom teacher.

“Da- Sensei,” he shook his head. He can’t call him that while they’re on patrol, “Kaminari and I encountered a member of the League of Villains. She appears to be unconscious now, but Kaminari’s been injured.”

“What kind of injuries are we talking about?” Shinsou could sense the twinge of panic in his father’s voice.

“Um.. some minor cuts and a large wound on his arm, but that’s...” Shinsou’s voice trailed of as he glanced back at the blond, noticing a small pool of blood by his side and his once white tee stained red, his remorse surging back all at once, “oh shit-”

“Hitoshi? Hitoshi, speak to me, what do you see?”

“Blood. A-a lot of it,” He sputtered, hesitantly reaching towards his classmate before receiving a shock, “fuck!”

“Hitoshi, I need you to stay calm. I can’t help you unless I know what the issue is,” Aizawa spoke in a slow, tranquil fashion to ease him, but Shinsou could hear his feet pounding on the ground below him. He’s on his way. That’s reassuring. “Now, I need you to take a few deep breaths, then tell me what you see.”

Shinsou’s throat tightened as he looked down at the blond’s side. He tore away his gaze and squeezed his eyes shut, slowly breathing in and out like his father had taught him to do whenever his anxiety spiked. Shinsou took a second before opening his eyes and looking at his friend once more.

The sparks of electricity have died down to mere static at this point, thankfully. Shinsou took the opportunity to move Kaminari’s jacket out of his view and carefully examine the injury. He could feel his stomach knot when he realized what he saw. “He’s been stabbed..”

Aizawa breath hitched at his words, “You need to cover the wound and apply pressure. I’m going to call for an ambulance and send them to your location. Stay put and make sure he doesn’t do anything to worsen the wound.”

“Right, okay,” Shinsou pulled the fabric of Kaminari’s shirt over the bloodied area and pressed down on it, earning a groan from the blond.

“God, fuck…” Kaminari’s eyes lazily opened and rolled over to gaze at Shinsou, a weak smile forming on his lips, “hey Shin-buddy.. whatcha doing?”

“Trying to stop you from bleeding out, so don’t move too much. You might make it worse,” he couldn’t bare to look at his face right now. Seeing his face bloodied and bruised would only make his heart ache more.

Kaminari gave the other a perplexed look, “where’s the crazy chick? Did she get me?”

“On the ground. You let off a powerful shock that knocked both of you back. She passed out from the blow after twitching out a bit.”

“No wonder everything is so fuzzy..” he hummed thoughtfully, attempting to raise his right arm before hissing in pain, “Bitch!”

Shinsou winced at the others cry and sighed shakily, “Aizawa is going to be here to take her to custody and an ambulance will be here soon to take you to the hospital.”

The blond grabbed onto the others sleeve with his left hand, “can you come with me?

Shinsou blinked, slowly turning his head to look at him. His face drained of colour, minus the purpling bruises and the pink, irritated cuts, “why would I go with you? I’m pretty sure Aizawa-sensei wouldn’t-”

“Please..?” Kaminari gently squeezed his bicep, causing Shinsou to blush a bit. Thin tears ran down the sides of the blond’s face, “I don’t wanna be alone..”

He sat there for a moment, staring at the other boy before him. Wouldn’t he rather his family be notified and meet him there? Why would he want him to go? They aren’t super close, like he is with his other friends, either. Shinsou thought they’d be the ones he’d want by his side after this. “You… Okay, but we should call your parents once we get into the ambulance.”

Kaminari nodded, moving his left hand from the others arm to wipe blood from his brow, “Yeah, yeah, that would be a good idea…”

Shinsou sighed shakily, applying a little more pressure to the others side. After a few more minutes of waiting, the ambulance’s sirens could be heard and he felt like a weight’s been lifted off his shoulders. The ambulance pulled up and two paramedics came out of the back. The third one got out of the driver’s seat and helped the others get Kaminari inside. The petite woman that had now taken over applying pressure to Kaminari’s side asked, “Are you a classmate of his?”

Before Shinsou could speak, a gruff voice piped up from behind him, “Yes he is,” Aizawa panted, placing a hand on his son’s shoulder, “you may go with him, if you’re allowed to. I’ll be taking the culprit into custody.”

Shinsou looked to his father, then to the paramedic, who gave a nod, “emotional support is very useful.”

Shinsou turned to Aizawa to say a quick thanks before climbing into the back of the ambulance, and took a seat by Kaminari’s head. The second paramedic offered him a towel for the blood on his hands, then turned his attention to Kaminari. He muttered a thank you and carefully wiped his hands.

Kaminari offered him a smile, to which he only responded with a strained one.

“You look more nervous than I am and I’m the one that got stabbed,” the blond chuckled half-heartedly. How he could smile in almost any situation perplexed Shinsou as much as it intrigued him.

“It’s the adrenaline. Once it wears off, you’ll be able to comprehend what happened and it’ll hit you like a train.”

“And you better be there for me when it does, because I’ll cry more than Midoriya on a Tuesday,” he beamed.

Shinsou let out a snort, “what happened Tuesday?”

“Bakugo accidentally called him by his name instead of Deku.”

“Ah, so literally the bare minimum.”

“Ye-up!” Kaminari grinned as he popped the p at the end of the word, “but he still cried like a bitch, so prepare to receive a shit ton of hugs.”

“If you blow snot on me, I’m gonna have to put an end to our friendship.”

“Gross!” Kaminari laughed so hard he let out an ungodly snort, then quickly covered his nose, “Bet that was attractive.”

Shinsou gave the other a small smirk, gently flicking the blond’s temple, “super hot. Anyone would be lucky to have you.”

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Shinsou sat in the waiting room, tapping his foot against the tile floor. One of the paramedics quickly cleaned his cut on his cheek, as well as the scrapes on his forearms, knees, and hands, then applied gauze to it after they had Kaminari stabilized. He’s been here for what couldn’t have been more than ten minutes when a couple frantically entered the waiting room.

Shinsou turned his head up to see the panicked woman scurry over to the front desk and brush her untamed, frizzy black hair out of her face. She was short, but couldn’t be much smaller than 5’4”. He narrowed his eyes, noticing a white lightning shaped streak in her hair. Must be Kaminari’s mother. He turned his attention to the taller, stocky man, tugging on his spiky blond hair, who would presumably be his father. Shinsou fiddled with his mask that rested in his lap, pondering the idea of introducing himself to them. His stomach knotted once more at the thought of having to explain what happened to their son. What he couldn’t prevent from happening.

“Excuse me?!” The black haired woman shouted, repeatedly banging her hand on the desk. What appeared to be static sparked from her fingertips, but Shinsou couldn’t get a good look before her husband took her hand.

“Akemi, I know you’re worked up but please don’t bang on the desk.”

Shinsou watched as the nurse came out to the desk and address the two. He could practically feel their dread radiate over from a few feet away. The look on their faces twisted from mild worry to absolute horror. He supposed any loving parent would react that way after hearing their child was almost killed by a villain.

“I’ll be sure to let you know when I have an update on him, ma’am. For now, please have a seat in the waiting area. Maybe you could chat with that young fellow over there. He came in the ambulance here with your son,” the nurse gestured over to Shinsou, which he wasn’t the fondest of. He had been watching the couple and now they were staring back at him with wide, frantic eyes. Dear god, strike him down now.

The two walked towards him and he immediately knew they weren’t going to just sit and wait quietly.

“You were with Denki when he got hurt?”

Shinsou looked up to face Kaminari’s father, who was patiently waiting for an answer. He scratched the back of his neck and nodded, “Yeah.. I was,” he slowly extended a hand, “I’m a classmate of his; Shinsou Hitoshi. It’s, uh.. nice to meet you…”

Mr. Kaminari took a firm grip of his hand and gave it one sturdy shake, “Kaminari Nobuyuki. This is my wife, Akemi.”

Mrs. Kaminari nodded before taking a seat with her husband across from Shinsou. He looked between the two and realized their son didn’t strictly look like one or the other. Kaminari’s mother bounced her left leg, much like how he’s seen him do so in class whenever they had a test, then straightened out her round glasses as she spoke, “You’re friends with our boy, yeah? He’s talked about you a bunch over the phone and whenever he visits.”

Shinsou blinked, glancing between the two as he processed what she had said. Kaminari talks about him with his parents? How often is a bunch anyway? “Yeah, we’re friends. Listen, Kami-”

“How bad was it?”

“Akemi, let the boy speak,” Mr. Kaminari rubbed her arm, gently pressing a kiss to her temple, “I’m sure it’s not as bad as you’re picturing.”

Shinsou glanced to the floor to avoid making the two uncomfortable. However, knowing their son, they probably aren’t embarrassed about PDA anyhow, “It wasn’t great..? Not horrible, but he was bleeding a lot. It lessened after having pressure applied. I don’t think he could even feel half the pain of his injuries from the adrenaline.”

“That’s our Denks alright. Poor kid, god..” Mr. Kaminari rubbed his brow, creases forming by the corners of his lips as he frowned.

“How long have you been here, dearie?” Kaminari’s mother reached over to take Shinsou’s hand.

He furrowed his brow slightly as he thought, “no longer than ten minutes. I promised I’d stay here before he was taken away, so I haven’t really moved.”

She nodded, squeezing his hand gently, “Thank you. I’m sure Denki will really appreciate having such a good friend by his side when he wakes up.”

“Good friend?”

“Hell, you should come by the house when we take him home,” Mr. Kaminari piped in.


“Of course! Our baby needs to relax after what happened. We know the school has really improved on safety since last year and that they have a great doctor there, but we can’t just let him go right back to school after today!” She nodded vigorously. Her golden eyes glistening from the tears forming in them, “He’s never been hurt this badly. We both feel like it would be better if he stayed home for a while.”

Shinsou stared at the two. Sure, it made sense for them to want Kaminari to be home, but would that be best? Or does he just not want him to be away? “I.. guess you’re right. I could stop by and help him with the homework assignments he’d miss.”

“You’re real smart, aren'tcha? Denks said something about you being a clever guy. He could really use the help with homework,” Mr. Kaminari nodded thoughtfully as he laid back in his chair.

“Uh.. yeah? I don’t mind helping him out,” Shinsou shrugged, fiddling with his mask. The idea of being in the Kaminari household was almost surreal. Before today, Kaminari seemed to be this smiling entity, something just out of touch of reality. Watching him get hurt, meeting his parents, feeling his blood on his hands.. it all grounded him. Shinsou shuttered at the memory and tried to push it to the back of his mind.

Another twenty minutes or so passed before a nurse came down to fetch the three of them. Technically, she was just coming down to get Kaminari’s parents, but Kaminari’s mother wouldn’t go unless Shinsou could, which he was silently grateful for. They were escorted to a room, where Kaminari was, surprisingly, already awake. He was drowsy for sure, but up.

“Heeeeyyy, Shin-buddy!” The blond waved, a wide, lazy grin plastered on his face. Shinsou let out a sigh of relief he wasn’t aware he was holding in. From what Shinsou could see, he had the cuts on his forehead, left arm, and upper chest dressed, as well as cast on his right forearm. Kaminari turned his attention to his parents with a gasp, “Ma! Dad!”

“Keep your voice down, kiddo,” the older man ruffled his son’s hair, earning a whimper from the boy, “there are other people on the floor trying to rest.”

Mrs. Kaminari practically bounced over to her son’s side and grabbed his cheeks before pressing kisses all over his face.

“Maaaaaaa! Not in front of my friends! We’ve talked about this!” Kaminari whined, trying and failing to pull his head back.

“Shush!” She poked the top of his nose and administered a tiny shock. A smile pulled at Shinsou’s lips as he watched the two. He could definitely see where he got the endless amount of energy from.

The doctor gave a light knock on the open door before entering, followed by Recovery Girl. Mrs. Kaminari swiftly let go of her son’s face and straightened her posture, offering a smile to the two that entered the room.

“You must be the family,” he started off, glancing over at Shinsou across the room, “and friend,” he turned his attention to a clipboard he held, scanning over it with a hum, “Luckily, none of his internal organs were damaged, which means his healing process will be a lot easier.”

“How long will the healing process take?” Mr. Kaminari rose a brow at the man, gently holding onto his son’s shoulder.

“With Recovery Girl, no more than two weeks.”

“Two weeks?!” Kaminari cried, hastily sitting up, only to fall back down with a pained groan.

The doctor nodded, “I’m afraid so, but that’s as fast as it can happen. It was a deep puncture, so you’ll need to come in regularly for check-ins. Not to mention your right arm, which had a small fracture. We believe it may have been caused by how you landed after you let out that electric blast.”

Kaminari only grunted in response, sinking lower into his bed.

His mother gently pet his hair and sighed, “When will we be able to take him home?”

“Tomorrow. I’d like to monitor him for the night, just to be sure. Tomorrow morning, Recovery Girl will heal him to the best of her abilities and I will go over the treatment and follow-up care with you before you leave.”

Recovery Girl waddled her way over to Shinsou, “I think it’s time you leave and give the family some privacy,” she gently swatted his leg with her cane.

“Ow! What was that for?” He hissed, rubbing his calf.

“Your father informed me you haven’t been answering him. Wouldn’t want you to get in too much trouble.”

Shinsou blinked, slowly pulling his earpiece out of his pocket. Fuck, of course his dad would try to contact him. He sighed as he rolled the device between his fingers, “I.. didn’t want to be distracted.”

“Mhm, you were worried about your friend, but now he’s fine. Why don’t you head back to the dorms so your parents will stop worrying about you.”

He bit the inside of his cheek before putting his earpiece back in. Recovery Girl had a point. He isn’t related to Kaminari, so he shouldn’t be here. Considering nothing’s blown up yet or erupted into chaos means that not even Kaminari’s friends were excused from school to come. Shinsou sighed softly, walking over to Kaminari’s bedside, “Text me when you’re discharged. I’ll need your address too, so I can bring you your homework.”

“I still have to do homework? That’s such bullshit! Can’t you get Aizawa to go easy on me? Pleeeeease?” Kaminari put on his best smile and batted his eyelashes. If Shinsou didn’t already know the answer, he’d say yes.

Shinsou rolled his eyes, the corners of his lips turning upward slightly, “We’ll see. Don’t be stupid.”

“Mhm, we’ll see,” he winked, directing a pair of finger guns at him the best he could, with his one arm in a cast as the other walked towards the door.

Shinsou stopped at the doorway and glanced back at him, a faint smile on his lips, “I mean it.”

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The day was warm with a clear sky, but thankfully it wasn’t long before the boys felt the cool, early autumn wind pass by. Kaminari grinned, resting his arms behind his head as he walked alongside Shinsou. The two were paired up for a small training exercise, and he couldn’t be happier. Sure, his purple haired friend wasn’t the greatest conversationalist, but that didn’t mean he was bad company.

Besides, all they had to do was walk around, be nice to citizens, and make sure not to fuck up when a ‘criminal’ showed up. Said criminal, would be a random teacher and their goal was to calmly disarm and capture them, while Aizawa graded them from an unseen watchpoint. Aizawa wasn’t really fond of the idea of doing it in public, but a villain attack from earlier that month left USJ unusable. Again.

Kaminari didn’t mind however. Partially because his partner was practically a second Aizawa and can sense their teacher’s presence, and partially because said partner was also incredibly hot in a ‘I haven’t slept in a week but I could totally make you my bitch’ kind of way.

They could totally hit it off before Aizawa showed up to assess their performance. Kaminari would make sure of it. He managed to get Shinsou to be his friend after the joint training the previous year. How hard could a simple “hey, wanna go out sometime” be?

“You’re a pretty lonely dude, yeah?” Real smooth Denki.

“Uh… I suppose so. Though, you and Midoriya seem to make it your goal in life to change that,” Shinsou gave a weak shrug to the others question, “Don’t think I could get you two to stop no matter how hard I try.”

He pouted, shoving his hands into his pockets, “You make it sound like it bothers you.”

“I didn’t say that.”

“So you do enjoy hanging out with me?” A slight smirk crossed his lips as he gazed up at the other, his golden eyes glinting with interest.

Shinsou felt a light blush rise to his cheeks, then slipped his mask on to cover it, “Maybe. Why’s that such a big deal to you?”

“Because you don’t like hanging out with anyone! It’s a big step for you.”

“I don’t mind spending time with Midoriya,” he shrugged, glancing up at the trees as they entered a neighbourhood park. The rust and bronze coloured leaves shined in the sunlight, rustling gently in the breeze. Kaminari pursed his lips in thought as he watched a scarlet leaf float through the air, landing further along the path.

“But isn’t he usually with Todoroki or someone? You aren’t one for crowds.”

Shinsou stopped in his tracks and turned his body fully to face the smaller boy, “What are you getting at?”

“Nothing, just… stating observations I’ve made,” the blond whistled, picking at the dirt from under his nails, “I’ve been thinking, y’know-”

“Oh god, the world’s gonna end,” Shinsou snorted, rolling his eyes as he turned away to continue walking.

“Hey!” Kaminari puffed out his cheeks with a huff before quickly jogging over to the other, “I’m being serious! It’s something important too!”

Shinsou took a glimpse over his shoulder and stopped once more, giving the other a moment to catch up to him. He pulled down his mask once more and rose a brow at the blond, “What is it?”

“I was wondering if-”

A blade grazing the cheek of the taller boy left both of them frozen in place, staring at each other with wide, panicked eyes. Shinsou hesitantly lifted a hand to touch the cut on his cheek when Kaminari spotted a familiar villain coming out of the bushes, “Shinsou, look out!!”



He whipped his head around to see the other boy racing towards them, launching his capturing scarf towards the girl. Then it hit him.

A sharp, agonizing pain in his side.

His eyes stung from tears as electricity ran through every nerve in his body.

“Shi-!” His works quickly cut off by a bloodcurdling scream.

Kaminari jolted upright in his bed, clutching onto the front of his hospital gown as he heaved, desperately seeking to get air into his lungs. Thick tears blurred his vision and he hiccuped, causing them to stream down his cheeks. The burn in his chest spread to his throat as he sobbed, holding himself tighter.


Kaminari turned his head to find his mother in the doorway, holding a cup of coffee. He whimpered softly as he wiped his tears, “I-I…”

She hushed him, carefully setting her drink down on a small, round table, “It’s okay, baby, I know.”

He didn’t speak. He only grabbed his pillow, hugging it tight to his chest. His mother sat down on the bed next to him, gently pulled him into an embrace, and pressed a kiss to his forehead, “I’m right here. It was just a nightmare,” she stroked his hair, “now, just lay back down. I’ll be here if you need me. Your dad’s going to come by in the morning when it’s time to take you home, okay?”

Kaminari nodded, taking a deep breath, then laid back down. His mother kissed the top of his head before getting off the bed. He watched as she grabbed her coffee and walked to the corner of the room, taking a seat in what looked to be a pretty uncomfortable chair. He sighed, turning over onto his right side, being mindful of his arm.

He didn’t want to go back to sleep. Not if he’d see it happen all over again. Just the thought of replaying the memories in his head sent a shiver up his spine.

As much as he loved his parents, they didn’t understand. Couldn’t. The only one who did wasn’t here. Kaminari bit the corner of his bottom lip in thought. He’d be discharged on Friday. Would it be too weird if he invited Shinsou over to spend the night? The paramedic from the ambulance said emotional support was good and no one would be better emotional support than the guy that saved your life.

Kaminari hugged his pillow tighter, burying his face against it. Would Shinsou mind if he asked to be held? Would he hold him close when he had trouble sleeping on nights like these?

Could he..?

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“Alright, looks like everything is healing properly. No infections, which is good,” the doctor hummed, applying new bandages to Kaminari’s side, “remember to change these and clean your wounds regularly. Shower as you normally would, but avoid hitting your left side with the stream directly. If there’s any white, yellow, or brown residue visible on the gauze, make sure to come in right away.”

Kaminari cringed at the doctor’s words and faked a gag, which only got him a light smack on his shoulder from his mother, “You stop that.”

He huffed, looking over to his dad, who was pretending to gag and vomit. He snorted loudly at the other, grinning as he watched his mother smack his dad’s arm a little harder than she did to his own.

“Nobu, don’t encourage him.”

“Yes, dear,” he chuckled, rubbing his arm gently.

Recovery Girl waddled over and kissed Kaminari’s right arm and his side, much to his dismay. Midoriya might be used to getting kissed by an old lady, but Kaminari certainly wasn’t looking forward to getting more in the future. She then pulled a prescription out of her breast pocket and handed it to his mother, “He should take two of these a day. One in the morning, one in the evening, and always with food. It’ll help with the pain.”

“Thank you, we’ll make sure he does,” she smiled in return.

Once everyone left the room, Kaminari slipped on the clothes his dad brought him that morning. Thankfully, he brought him plain sneakers, grey sweatpants, and a large purple graphic tee, all of which were easy to slip on.

After getting signed out of the front desk, he was led to a familiar, dingy ol’ truck. Kaminari smiled as he climbed into the back. He was glad his father never got around to selling the thing. Their family has had it since before he was even born. They’ve made a lot of memories with it. The various camping trips, dropping his sister off at prom, endless weeks of helping his dad fix it up in the garage, nearly his own birth, according to his mother. It wouldn’t feel right if they got rid of it. Besides, his dad promised to teach him to drive it and he wasn’t going to let go of that promise.

“We’re going to U.A. to get my stuff, right? I took pretty much everything when I moved into the dorms,” he leaned against his mother’s seat, “Plus, I need to tell my friends I’m okay. They’re probably worried sick!”

“Denks, we already talked to your principal about that. He said we were allowed to help you pack your stuff.”

“Really?!” He beamed.

His mother giggled, tucking a few stray hairs behind her ear, “Yes baby, now buckle up. We don’t want you hurting yourself even more.”

Kaminari quickly buckled himself, a wide grin still plastered on his face. Lucky for him, U.A. wasn’t too far from the hospital. With all the training and actual battles the students face, it was pretty useful to have close by. Kaminari could barely keep his energy contained. His fingertips began to spark and the ends of his hair slowly lifted.

“You know the rule, Denks! No quirks in the car!” He father shouted back at him, taking a quick glance in the mirror before looking back to the road.

“Sorry dad!” He brushed his hair down, offering a smile as an apology.

It was only a couple minutes past seven thirty when the truck pulled up to the school. Kaminari swung the door open with a grin and hopped out, but quickly ran face first into his dad.

“Slow down there, champ. Don’t wan’ya to pop a seam.”

He groaned, thudding his head against his dad’s chest, “I wanna get there before class starts…”

“And you can do that by walkin’ at a reasonable pace,” he patted his boy’s back, “Why don’t you get a head start while your mom and I get the boxes for your stuff?”

Kaminari nodded, “Kay,” he started walking, approaching the 2-A dorm. He checked over his shoulder, seeing his parents were chatting while strolling his way. A small smirk crossed his lips and he jogged the rest of way, straight up to the door.

“We see you mister!” His mom called out, putting on the kindest, yet stern voice she could muster.

Kaminari rolled his eyes, his smile wide as he opened the door and yelled, “I’m hooooooome!!”

A collection of gasps and chatter could be heard from the common room, followed swiftly by a giddy pink puffball peeking out from behind the wall, “Kami!!”

Ashido practically pounced on the blonde, pulling him into a tight embrace. The two burst into laughter and were soon surrounded by a few more classmates, who were all welcoming him back. It wasn’t long before Kirishima and Sero pushed their way to the front of the crowd and joined in on the hug.

“Welcome back, bro!” Kirishima beamed, tightening his grip.

“Oi, Shitty Hair!” Bakugo piped up from behind their classmates, “He was stabbed the other day. Give the dipshit some space.”

“Awe, did you miss him too, Bakugo~?” Sero teased, pointing his finger at the spiky blond’s face.

“Get any closer and I’ll snap it like a twig, Tape Face,” Bakugo’s comment hardly affected Sero, his cheeky grin ever present, but he did stop pointing.

The other two released their grip on Kaminari and the blond let out a soft sigh, “I’m gonna miss this.”

“What do you mean? Are your parents pulling you out of school?!” Ashido grabbed onto his shoulders, panic flooding her eyes, “You aren’t leaving, are you?”

Kaminari’s mother hummed as she walked over to the doorstep, “it’s not going to be forever, dearie. With Recovery Girl’s help, the doctor said the healing process won’t even take two weeks. We’re just here to help him gather some things to take back home.”

“Besides, you kids can visit at any point. Just try to refrain from putting him at the bottom of your hug pile,” Mr. Kaminari chuckled.

Bakugo muttered something under his breath before heading to the kitchen, who was then followed by the red headed boy.

Sero turned to Mrs. Kaminari with a simper, “you need any help with packing?”

“That would be lovely! You’re such a sweet boy,” she smiled, pinching his cheek, “Where’s your room, baby?”

Kaminari glared over at his friend, who was rubbing his cheek and smugly wiggled his brows, then turned to his mom, “Second room on the third floor. Mina, could you take them up there? I wanna do something real quick.”

“Sure thing! Follow me,” she smiled, leading Kaminari’s parents towards the elevator with Sero.

Kaminari dashed over to the spare staircase and rushed upstairs. By the time he reached the fourth floor, he was completely winded, but he pushed himself down to the end of the hall. He knocked on the last door profusely, still panting from his journey up. God, guess his stamina hasn’t recovered as fast as he thought it would’ve.

The door opened, revealing the tired student that resides behind it, “Kaminari?”

“Hi, wanna have a sleepover?”

“... a what now?”

“A sleepover!” The blond paused to catch his breath, straightening his posture, “shit.. no wonder you only see hospital patients run around in movies…”

Shinsou rose a brow, eyeing the blond’s side cautiously, “Are you okay? Did you rip your stitches or something?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. But do you think you could spend the night at my place?”

“I, uh..” he opened the door all the way and leaned against the doorway, fiddling with the buttons of his shirt, “why?”

Kaminari glanced down at the others hands, trailing his eyes up his partially exposed chest, then finally up to meet a pair of violet eyes staring back at him, “Because I need you.”

That wasn’t the answer Shinsou expected and it was made very clear by his once lidded eyes blown wide and both brows raised, “You need me?”

“I- well,” his eyes scanned the hallway as he thought before meeting the other boy’s face once more, “the paramedic said emotional support was really useful and I’ve decided that you’re the best option!”

“Why me? Wouldn’t you rather Kirishima or Sero?”

“Kirishima is already Bakugo’s emotional support and Sero would only flirt with my mom and sister while he’s over,” he whined, “I don’t really wanna see that when I’m the one that needs attention.”

Shinsou snorted, buttoning up the rest of his shirt, “You already get plenty of it.”

“Duuuude!” He groaned, “come on, I just- I could really use having someone there tonight,” he sighed, shoving his hands in his pockets.

He blinked, skimming over the other before grabbing his tie, “I’ll ask my parents after class.”

Kaminari’s eyes lit up, his mouth stretching into a gleeful smile, “you will? Can you make them say yes?”

“I’m not going to mind control my parents.”

“C’mon! I need my emotional support buddy!”

Shinsou stopped midway through tying his tie to look at Kaminari, “Don’t ever call me that again.”

“Hey, whose plan was it that got me hurt?” He huffed, crossing his arms over his chest.

Shinsou twinged at the thought and sucked on his teeth, his gaze pointed towards the floor, “you’re the one who blocked her attack with your arm.”

“She was going to stab you! I’m bad under pressure!” Kaminari shot back, instantly regretting it when he saw guilt in the other’s eyes.

Both boys fell silent. Kaminari never thought about how Shinsou must’ve perceived the incident as largely his fault. The blond bit the inside of his cheek with a barely audible whimper.

Shinsou clicked his tongue as his finished up his tie, still avoiding eye contact, “..fair point. Thank you, by the way… I’ll come by before five.”

Kaminari’s smile returned at the other’s words, “so it’s a definite yes?”

“I’ll ask my papa first. He’ll agree to it in a heartbeat,” he hummed, pursing his lips slightly, “Shouldn’t you be at home anyway?”

“My folks and I are getting my stuff. I barely got anything left at home after moving in this year.”

“So, you abandoned your parents.”

“I-” Kaminari froze, “I did, didn’t I?”

“Afraid so,” Shinsou patted the other’s arm, then slung his school bag over his shoulder, and shut the door behind him, “I gotta head to class now. Aizawa said we’d be getting our grades back on the exercise the other day, so can’t wait for us to fail.”

“He’s your dad! He’s not gonna fail us!”

“Don’t worry about it, go pack,” he waved him off as he made his way to the staircase, “and take the elevator, you’re crippled.”

“Shut the fuck up, I am not!” Kaminari laughed, watching a smirk cross the other boy’s lips before he disappeared into the stairwell.

He took the elevator down a floor and walked down the hall to his room, raising a brow at the abnormally loud voices coming from it. Kaminari peered his head in and blinked, spotting the four of his friends packing the boxes his parents brought, “Uh… class is gonna start soon. Why are you still here?”

“Because knowing you, you’ll rip all your stitches and blow a fuse while working,” Bakugo grunted in response as he finished folding his clothes and put them in the box, which Sero quickly taped up.

Kirishima shrugged, stacking the three boxes on top of each other, “besides, you should be resting. Too much strain on the body won’t help the healing process.”

“Aizawa’s been feeling lenient ever since the whole stabbing happened,” Ashido whispered. Unfortunately for her, said comment only got her Bakugo’s elbow in her side. “Hey!”

“Cram it, Pinky.”

Kaminari looked over to his mother, who was sitting on his bed, chuckling to herself as she watched the teens converse. He furrowed his brow slightly, glancing around the room, “Where’s dad?”

“He went to bring the truck closer,” she hummed, hopping off the mattress, “Kirishima offered to carry the boxes for us and we couldn’t say no to that face.”

Kirishima smiled proudly as he took the boxes out of the room, proceeded by the rest of the gang.

Kaminari chatted with the four of them as they walked to the truck. Most of the conversation was carried out by Kaminari, Ashido, Kirishima, and Sero, but Bakugo would throw in an insult every now and then.

“And don’t just half-ass cleaning your wounds. If you do, they’ll get infected and it’ll take even longer for you to come back to school. It’ll sting, but just take your time with it,” Bakugo shouted at the other blond as he climbed in the back of the truck.

Kirishima put the last box in the trunk and shut the hatch with a sigh, “Relax, bro, I’m sure the doctor told him that stuff earlier.”

He rolled his eyes, scowling at the redhead, “Yeah, but I’m just making sure it gets through his thick skull. Oh,” he turned his attention back to Kaminari, “If I come by and find even one energy drink can in your room, I’m gonna send you back to the hospital myself.”

“Awe, I love you too Bakugo,” Kaminari scrunched up his nose and grinned, shutting the door with his good arm.

“Drink water for once in your fucking life.”

“I get it!” He smiled, sticking his head out the window, “Promise you guys will visit soon?”

“We promise!” Ashido beamed as the boys nodded, “but if you hurt yourself again, we better be able to visit you in the hospital.”

“Awe, guys, have some faith in me!”

Kaminari’s dad whistled at him, “ey, Denks, get your head inside. We gotta be home before your sister drops by.”

“Sorry,” he sat back, “See ya!”

The four said their goodbyes and waved to him. Once the truck was a few metres away, the gang booked it to the school building. Kaminari smiled to himself as he watched Bakugo and Kirishima race to get inside first, and imagined what Aizawa’s reaction be to the four of them showing up late would be. He sighed and leaned his cheek against the seat, silently wishing he could be getting in trouble with the rest of them.

Chapter Text

“You’re his what?

“Emotional support. He told me this morning when he came to pick up his things,” Shinsou shrugged, taking off his bag before getting into the back seat of his papa’s car. Every weekend, he’d go back home instead of staying at the dorms. His dads valued family bonding time and his sister, Eri, was always happy to see him when he stayed over.

“Awwwwwwe, isn’t that sweet, Shouta?” Mic cooed. Shinsou knew he’d be able to win his papa over easily. Hopefully, he’d help him convince his dad.

“You’re not sleeping over at his house,” Aizawa took his spot in the passenger seat, arms already crossed over his chest, “You spend every weekend with us.”

“I also spend every holiday and summer vacation with you. Dad, I promise I’m not going to do whatever drugs you think the Kaminaris do-”

“Know. I know his father smokes marijuana and I don’t doubt he lets his son do it.”

“Shouta,” Mic took Aizawa’s hand, “Hitoshi isn’t going to do anything wrong. He’s going over to help a friend.”

“His friend needs to rest, not to stay up all night eating shitty snack foods,” Aizawa groaned, but didn’t move his hand from the other’s, “He’ll be fine without him.”

Shinsou sighed, running his fingers through his hair as he leaned against the car door, “Dad, please. When we were talking earlier, it sounded like he had a bad night the other day. I think he might actually need help tonight. I’ll just stay the one night and I’ll text you every hour before we go to bed.”

No response.

“And I may or may not have told him I was already coming…”

Aizawa rubbed his brow with a grunt, “you didn’t.”

Shinsou lowered his head, choosing to stare at his lap rather than the disgruntled look on his father’s face.

It was Mic who first broke the tension. He looked between the two and gave Aizawa’s hand a squeeze, “Shouta, the boy’s never been to a sleepover. He deserves to have a little fun, especially after what happened.”


“Perhaps we could get Togata to babysit Eri tonight while we have ourselves a date night~” Mic sang the last two words, leaning against the other, “What do you say, hm, Shouta? We haven’t had one of those in a while.”

Aizawa turned his head to meet his husband’s gaze, the slightest of smiles present on his lips, “Fine. Hitoshi can go.”

Shinsou perked his head up, staring at his parents with newfound glee, “you mean it?”

“I want texts every hour, on the hour. Plus, you have to say ‘I love you’ loud enough for every Kaminari to hear it,” Aizawa’s smile quickly morphed into his menacing grin and Shinsou felt a piece of him die inside.

“You can’t be serious.”

“Oh I’m serious. If you want to step foot in that apartment, you’re saying it,” he let out a low chuckle.

Just fucking end him now.


Shinsou regretted agreeing the moment the car pulled up at the Kaminari residence. Knowing he’d be alone in a house with the blond and his family made his head ache. When they stopped on the street, Shinsou glanced out his window to face an old two story building. It was shabby, but in an oddly charming way. Shinsou never asked what Kaminari’s parents did, but guessing from the large garage door and a sign over it reading ‘Sparks n’ Parts Auto Shop’, at least one of them was a car mechanic.

“This is their house, right? Not just their run-down repair shop, right?”

“They live in the apartment above it,” Aizawa pointed to the top floor, “take the fire escape up to the door.”

Shinsou sighed, grabbing his bag as he left the car. He shut the door behind him, being careful not to slam it. As he approached the building, he examined the stairs of the fire escape. There had to be a better way in, but Shinsou wasn’t about to walk in the shop and hope someone would show him in. He slowly but surely made his way up the stairs, dreading every second before his embarrassing fate. Once at the door, he gently knocked and prayed that Kaminari’s mother would be the one to answer the door. At least she wouldn’t poke fun at him for yelling “I love you” to his dads.

Shinsou could hear two voices bickering back and forth before, to his dismay, Kaminari answered the door with a glowing smile, “Hey! You’re earlier than you said you’d be!”

“Yeah, my dads are going out, so they wanted to get rid of me as fast as they could,” Shinsou gestured a thumb to the car still parked in front of the building.

The blond snorted at his remark and peered his head out of the doorway to see Aizawa and Mic patiently waiting with grins plastered on their faces, “Yo, Shin-buddy, what’s up with their faces?”

Shinsou sighed, only putting a finger up to the shorter boy’s face. He turned to face the car and cupped his hands at either side of his mouth before yelling, “I love you!!”

Aizawa dug around by his feet, grabbing a megaphone. Even with the device, his voice couldn’t overpower Mic’s, but it was the thought that counts. They shouted back at their son, the two boys up on the balcony wincing slightly at the sheer volume. Shinsou scrunched up his nose with a slight smile, then turned his head to look at Kaminari, who was covering his ears and laughing.

When Aizawa and Mic we’re both satisfied thoroughly embarrassing their son, they offered one last wave and drove off.

“That was so cute!” Kaminari giggled, still covering his ears.

Shinsou grabbed the blond’s wrist and pulled his hands from the sides of his head, “You don’t need to shout, they’re gone.”

“Right, sorryyyyy.”

He shrugged, “it’s fine. My dad and I had to make a deal for him to let me come. That was only part of it. I still have to text him every hour, letting him know what we’re doing.”

“That’ll be weird when we’re cuddling.”


“What? Emotional support, remember?” Kaminari looked up at him with one brow arched and placed his hands on his hips.

Shinsou found his eyes slowly tracing down the blond to examine his posture. Surprisingly, he couldn’t find a hint of insincerity, “Never mind. Can I come in?”

“Oh, yeah!” He nodded, moving out of the doorway, “Uh, hope you don’t mind that the living room’s kind of a disaster. My parents and I were focused on getting my room set up, so we don’t have to sleep on a plain mattress.”

“We’re sleeping.. in the same bed?” Shinsou’s brows scrunched together as he took in his surroundings. Kaminari certainly was right about one thing, the place was a mess. Not totally intolerable, but definitely noticeable. Dishes were left on pretty much every surface he could see, the coffee table and couch both had scorch marks of various sizes, shoes were haphazardly left by the door… it was certainly different than what he was used to. No wonder Aizawa isn’t a fan of this place.

“Kinda,” the blond hummed, walking through the living room, down to the hallway, “My sister is coming down for the weekend, so you can’t have her bed and my mom said she didn’t want you sleeping on the couch. If it comes to it, we can make you a makeshift bed on the floor.”

Shinsou nodded along to the others statement and took a glimpse at the wall, looking over the several pictures hung up. There were quite a few that included the whole family. Much to his surprise, they appeared to be taken at a campsite. He never pictured Kaminari to be the kind of guy to enjoy it, but he seemed pretty happy in all of the pictures. His gaze fell upon one photo in particular and he stopped walking after the blonde.

The photo was of Kaminari and, presumably, his older sister. Her hair was a dark brown that slowly faded into a familiar warm blonde, long, and drawn into a low ponytail. Her face was slimmer than Kaminari’s, but she definitely had their mother’s eyes, just like he did. Kaminari couldn’t be more than thirteen in this picture. The two were standing in front of a lake, where he assumed they were camping, and both pulling at their faces in ridiculous ways for the picture. Shinsou smiled, a light chuckle making its way past his lips. He didn’t even realize he laughed aloud before the blond piped up.

“What are you laughing at?”

Shinsou shrugged, continuing to examine the picture when a smirk crossed his lips, “I didn’t know you had braces. Do you have to wear a retainer when you sleep?”

“Hey! I only had them until I was thirteen,” he gently elbowed the taller boy in his side, which made Shinsou’s smirk grow wider.

“You were a tiny thirteen year old.”

Kaminari huffed, nudging the other out of the way to see which picture he was looking at. Shinsou barely budged, but kindly moved to the side. The blond rolled his eyes and glanced back at him, “I’m eleven in this one.”

“Still small,” he shrugged.

“I can’t believe I welcome you into my home and you insult me by calling me short,” Kaminari broke into laughter, unable to stay serious during his own sentence, “this is unacceptable!”

“See? Shouldn’t have invited me over. I think you made a mistake designating me as your emotional support,” Shinsou leaned against the opposite wall to continue scanning over family photos, “I’m just going to tease you the entire time.”

“You better respect your elders, boy,” the blond gently whacked Shinsou’s bicep with his good arm.

He scoffed, slowly lolling his head to face the other, “You’re two days older than me.”

“According to the government.”

“What the fuck is that supposed to mean?” He narrowed his eyes.

Kaminari shrugged, swiftly turning on his heel, “You’ll never know. Now c’mon, let’s get your stuff to my room.”

Shinsou lazily pushed himself off the wall and followed the other to a room at the end of the hall, “Is it going to be as atrocious as your dorm room?”

“Hey! My dorm’s rad, you just don’t know how to appreciate it!”

“You keep telling yourself that.”

Kaminari opened the door to what Shinsou could only describe as ‘the cleanest version of his room, ever’. There wasn’t nearly as many tacky decorations hanging on his walls, all of his clothes were put away in either his closet or dresser, and his bed was neatly made. Unfortunately, he still had the horrendous cheetah print blanket, but beggars can’t be choosers.

“Huh,” Shinsou carefully set his bag on the floor, by the bed, “never thought I’d see the day when your room was clean.”

“Don’t sound so surprised. My room was just fine at the dorm.”

“You had plates from the common area kitchen stacked in a corner, next to your bed.”

“I always take them down before the end of the week! Besides, I didn’t want crumbs in my bed,” he huffed, crossing his arms over his chest in defence. Shinsou had to admit, he was pretty cute when he got defensive. However, his train of thought as ruined when he heard a door open, followed by the chatter of two women.

“Sweetie, don’t tease your mother,” Mrs. Kaminari whined, gently shaking the taller woman by her shoulders, “I care about my babies, I want to know that they’re happy.”

The brunette chuckled, swatting away her mother’s hand, “ma, I promise you, I’ll tell you everything later. Don’t worry about me. Denki’s the one that got in trouble.”

Shinsou rose a brow, his interest peaked. He glanced back at the blond, who was grumbling under his breath. Kaminari slipped by the taller boy and strode down the hallway, “You’re here already? Thought we’d at least get another hour to ourselves.”

Shinsou quietly followed the blond and glanced between the siblings. She was taller than him, but a little shorter than their dad. Her hair was much shorter now than it was in the pictures on the wall. The hair on top of her head was longer, falling to one side of her face, just above her jaw, while the sides of her head were shaved.

Kaminari’s sister rose a brow at the two, a cocky smile forming on her lips, “Oh? I wasn’t aware that you had a boyfriend,” she quickly eyed Shinsou up and down. His whole body felt tense. Something about her eyes were so intimidating. So.. knowledgeable, oddly enough. Her gaze shot back up to meet Shinsou’s, “Be careful with him, he’s delicate.”

Shut the fuck up!” Shinsou’s eyes darted over to Kaminari. His face burned brightly as he dragged his hands over his face, clearly frustrated over his sister’s comment.

Shinsou cleared his throat, scratching the back of his neck, “I’m not his boyfriend…” he stretched out his hand to her, “Shinsou Hitoshi. Uh.. friend…”

She snorted softly and shook his hand with a firm grip, much like her father’s, “Akiko. Sister. What’s up with your hair?”

“It’s.. just like this,” he recoiled his hand, taking a few steps back to stand by Kaminari.

“Weird, do you have an electricity based quirk, too? Ma and Denki’s hair always stands up when they use a lot of power,” she tapped her chin, taking a seat on the arm of the couch.

“No, I don’t.. I’d actually prefer if we don’t talk about that right now…”

“Why’s that sweetie?” Mrs. Kaminari asked as she let her hair down out of her ponytail, “Denki said you have quite an impressive quirk.”

He narrowed his eyes, slowly turning to face the blond, “can we talk for a second?”

Kaminari seemed to sense the others discomfort with the conversation topic and gave a quick nod, “Sure thing. We’ll be back in a sec,” he smiled at the two women before briskly walking back to his room.

Shinsou shut the door behind him and let out a long, exhausted sigh, “you told them I have an impressive quirk? Considering you’ve most likely brought your friends over here before, they probably think I have telekinesis or some shit.”

“It’s kind of like telekinesis..?”

“I-” he blinked, “don’t do this to me. What the hell am I supposed to say to your family? They’re going to think I’m manipulating you.”

“Manipulating me to what?”

“I don’t know! I’m sure they’ll find something!” He groaned, taking a seat on the bed, his head rested in his hands.

Kaminari sat down next to him, the mattress barely sinking in under his weight. He laid his head on the others shoulder with a soft sigh, “I know you still have hang ups about your quirk. How people at your middle school were absolute dicks to you… but it’s different now. I know you’re a great guy and if my family can’t see that, then fuck ‘em!”

Shinsou bit the inside of his cheek as an attempt to keep his mouth from turning upwards into a smile, “you’ve got a way with words, that’s for sure,” he turned his head to look at him, finding himself only a few centimetres from the others face.

Shinsou felt his chest tighten, a hot flush traveling up to his cheeks. He only prayed it wasn’t too noticeable. Why did Kaminari have to be so open with physical contact?

“So…” the blond could barely make out the simple word, his eyes locked on the violet pair only inches away.

Shinsou let his eyes take in the sight before him. The vibrant yellow flecks in his eyes shining in the sunlight that crept in from the others window. A newfound blush on his face reaching the tips of his ears. His freckles high on his cheeks, still dark and prominent from the summer that just passed. Ignoring the scrapes and bandages on Kaminari’s forehead, he was beautiful. Shinsou has known this for almost a year, after the joint training back in his first year at U.A. He’s always known, deep down, that the other would be his downfall someday. His father warned him about guys like Kaminari. How he felt the same way about his dad, back when he was in school. Both his parents ended up successful and happy, despite their emotional trainwreck of a relationship in high school. Maybe it wouldn’t be too bad if he just tried it himself. Even if it doesn’t work out, it would be worth a shot, right?

“So,” he replied, his voice soft and low as he brushed the blond’s bangs out of his face.

“Knock, knock, lovebirds!” Akiko’s voice snapped them out of whatever trance they had put each other in.

Kaminari jolted back, his face scrunched up in annoyance, “You’re such a dick!” He pushed himself off the bed and stormed over to the door, pulling it open to reveal Akiko’s smug grin, “What do you want, now?”

“Dad put me on cock block duty. Plus, ma’s making dinner soon, so save dessert for later.”

“Oh cram it,” He huffed, “Why don’t you go be a scalie somewhere else and stop bothering us?”

A loud snort escaped Shinsou before could stop it. The look on Akiko’s face was enough to nearly send him into a laughing fit, “Just because my girlfriend has wings, a tail, and scales doesn’t make me a scalie.

“Moooooom!!” A wicked grin crossed Kaminari’s face as he raced passed his sister, “ ‘Ko just told me she has a secret giiiiiirlfrieeeeeend!”

“Oh you little brat!” She bolted after him down the hallway, followed by a fit of laughter and the voice of a very distressed mother.

Shinsou grinned, watching the two like he was studying a new species. He had only recently gotten a sibling and she was far too young for them to have those kinds of squabbles. He could only imagine what kind of bullshit those two would argue about when they were younger. It was actually pretty entertaining. At least for now.


Dinner at the Kaminari’s wasn’t exactly what he expected. Shinsou found himself sitting at the table with Kaminari and his mother, while his father and sister were both sitting on the couch, but they were all engaging in an enthusiastic conversation about Akiko’s time at college and her supposedly new girlfriend. If he ever tried to step foot by the couch during dinner, Mic would make a loud ‘tsk’ noise and would glare at him until he sat down at the table. Shinsou was grateful they found a non-quirk based topic to obsess over and quietly ate, nodding along to the conversation.

“You know, I would love to go on and on about how we met and all that shit, but maybe I could do that another time? Another time when Denki doesn’t have his boy toy over.”

Shinsou’s brow twitched as he looked up from his meal to see three pairs of eyes staring back at him, “Uh…” he glanced over at the blond next to him, who currently was banging his head gently on the table, “I’m not a boy toy and are you okay?”

Kaminari lifted his hand, giving him a thumbs up.

“Ooookay,” he nodded slowly and went back to eating.

“God, you’re dramatic. Denks, you’re going to give yourself brain damage,” she rolled her eyes before turning her attention back to Shinsou, “You never told us what your quirk is,” Akiko set her plate on the coffee table in front of her, “Can you tell us?”

“Oh! What if ya show us?” Mr. Kaminari grinned. Shinsou only noticing his gap toothed smile now due to it being direct straight at him.

“If it’s anything like Bakugo’s or Ashido’s, he should do it outside, after dinner. Don’t want to get a new door again!” Kaminari’s mother chimed in.

Shinsou’s gut twisted as he watched the three go back and forth. His hand found its way to the back of his neck, threading through his hair, “I would rather not show it off…”

Kaminari’s head shot up from the table, a small grin crossing his lips as gears clicked in his head, “you could use it on me.”

What?” He stared at the other in disbelief, “why would you want me to do that?”

Kaminari leaned over, cupping a hand by Shinsou’s ear as he whispered, “If they know what it looks like, then they won’t think you’re making me do anything against my will.”

Shinsou sat in silence for a moment, replaying the other’s words in his head. His quirk was vaguely visible, if people were to pay attention. Maybe Kaminari’s idea wasn’t totally ridiculous, “Okay. What’s your favourite colour?”

“Yellow, duh–” Kaminari’s eyes glazed over as his body relaxed. Shinsou took a quick glimpse at his family members, who, to his surprise, were all watching intently. He swore he even saw the corner of his father’s lips twitch upward.

“Tell your sister you love her.”

A mischievous smirk crossed his lips as he watched Kaminari stand up and turn to face his sister, speaking in a monotone voice, “Akiko, I love you.”

The next thing he knew, the entire family, minus Kaminari, bursted into a laughing fit.

“Oh my god! He sounded so serious!!” Akiko cackled, holding onto her stomach.

Kaminari came to with a shiver, quickly followed by a fake gag, “I can’t believe those words left my mouth! Bleh!”

His comment only worsened everyone’s laughter, it even managed to make Shinsou chuckle. He looked up at the other, his gaze meeting Kaminari’s. The blond smiled down at him and Shinsou’s mind flashed back to their moment in his bedroom. His eyes were so tender. God, they made his heart race every time he saw them. He mouthed a ‘thank you’ to him, getting a warm grin in return.

“Can ya make him do his homework with that quirk a’ yours? The kid’s been struggling with it for years now, he barely gets anything done,” Mr. Kaminari’s gravelly voice interrupted Shinsou’s train of thought, pulling his gaze away from Kaminari.

“I can’t really get him to do that. I mean, physically, yes, but I’d have to tell him to write down specific answers. He wouldn’t be able to write down his own thoughts,” he shrugged, “I’m pretty sure my dads would be able to tell that I’m giving him answers, if I did that.”

“Damn,” Kaminari’s father slumped back in his seat, “What about makin’em take his meds?”

Nobu–” his wife hissed through her teeth.

“What? It’s a valid question.”

Shinsou watched as Kaminari’s mother shot up from her chair and briskly walked over to her husband. Her face was twisted in a way that made his stomach feel queasy. He turned his head to look at Kaminari, which only made him feel worse. Kaminari’s previous cheerful grin was replaced by a shameful, tight line. His eyes were dull, void of any joy, and his face was completely drained of colour.

What was so bad about taking pain medication? Shinsou pondered to himself. He’s taken pain medication before, it wasn’t a big deal. Yeah, asking him to make Kaminari take them was a little much, but he couldn’t really understand what could cause such a reaction.

Kaminari’s mother grabbed her husband’s arm, whispering to him as she led him outside of the apartment. Shinsou couldn’t quite make out exactly what she was saying, but she was clearly upset with him.

Shinsou was too busy watching his friend’s parents to notice Akiko rise from her seat. His eyes finally left the door when he saw her out of the corner of his eyes, silently making her way over to Kaminari.

She didn’t say anything to him. Her eyes were soft, almost apologetic as she took a hold of his shoulders. Kaminari got up and turned away without giving Shinsou so much as a glance. When Shinsou tried to follow him, Akiko stepped in his way, her hand in front of his chest. He slowly sat back down and watched her turn to take Kaminari to her room, rather than his own.

He sat at the table, watching Akiko’s bedroom door for a few minutes, waiting for either of them to come out, but the door never budged. Something inside of him yearned to know, even though he knew he shouldn’t step it. It wasn’t his place. However, that didn’t stop his feet from leading him to the bedroom door.

Chapter Text

“He probably thinks I’m a freak!” Kaminari sobbed against his sister’s pillow, “I can’t believe dad just blurted that out in front of him!”

Akiko sighed, stroking his hair, “Dad didn’t mean to embarrass you. You know he can be a bit…”

“Stupid,” he huffed, glaring up at her from the pillow. If his eyes weren’t so red and puffy, he might have actually been a little intimidating, but Akiko couldn’t see him as anything more than a pitiful child.

“Absent-minded,” Akiko gently flicked his forehead, earning a small groan from her brother, “neither you, nor dad are stupid. Yes, school work is harder for you than some kids, but that doesn’t mean you’re dumb.”

Kaminari pushed himself off his stomach to sit up on her bed, “say that to my grades.”

“Stop that.”

He sighed, pulling his knees up to his chest, and wiped his eyes, “My other classmates don’t have to take pills to fix themselves…”

“Don’t say it like that,” she shook her head gently and wrapped her arms around him, tugging him close, “there’s nothing wrong with you. I know you don’t think that sometimes, but it’s true. Your brain is wired differently than what’s considered the norm, but that doesn’t mean you’re in need of fixing.”

“Then why do I have to take medication to be able to do basic shit?”

“I’m a major in engineering, not psychology.”

Kaminari snorted, nuzzling against her shoulder, causing her to smile in return, “shut up.”

Akiko hummed softly to herself as she rubbed circles along his back, “Denki, I know how it feels to want to fix a part of you. But over time, you learn to accept and love yourself for those differences, because without them, you wouldn’t be you.”

“That’s the cheesiest thing I’ve ever heard.”


“But!” He pulled back from her embrace, the golden glint returning to his eyes , “thank you. I needed that.”

“You’re welcome,” she ruffled his hair, followed by both of their laughter, “now get out before I have to decontaminate my entire room.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” He crossed his arms over his chest and rose a brow, giving her an inquisitive look.

“Your boyfriend is going to feel like he’s sleeping in a hospital bed tonight.”

Kaminari narrowed his eyes and pointed at her, “First of all, stop saying that. Second of all, if I shower, I’m making you dress my wounds.”

She scrunched up her nose, “I’m not touching your oozing stab wound.”

“Then don’t complain about my hospital stench,” he nudged her and hopped off the bed with an ‘oof’. Kaminari had just grasped the doorknob when he paused and turned to face his sister once more, “Can you.. do the thing?”

Akiko lifted both of her hands, holding up just her index fingers when they started vibrating, sparks coming from her fingertips. She offered a tender smile as she formed a heart shape with her fingers.

Kaminari beamed, his hair sticking up on its ends from the static he emitted. While Akiko’s quirk wasn’t that powerful, it’s always been beautiful. Whenever he’d get scared or upset as a kid, she’d be there to cheer him up with her sparkler quirk.

He left her room, shutting the door behind him with a soft sigh. Now he has to apologize to Shinsou for what happened at dinner. God, please still be here, he thought. As he mentally prepared himself for the upcoming awkward tension, he flattened his hair a bit and walked out to the living room, only to find his mother speaking with Shinsou, “Uh, hey. What’s going on?”

His mother turned her head to him and gave him a pitied smile. Oh no. Oh Christ, stop smiling like that.

“Come sit down, dear,” she patted the space in between the two. Fuck.

Kaminari dropped his head back to stare at the ceiling for a brief moment, before looking back at the two on the couch. Shinsou looked about as awkward as he felt, but whenever his mother told him to ‘come sit down’ he knew he was going to instantly regret it. Kaminari trudged over to the couch and plopped down, glancing up at his mother rather than his friend.

“So,” she started, “Your father is outside, working on the truck. He would like you to go down when you’re ready, so he can apologize to you properly–”

“Okay, I’ll go now then,” he shrugged.

His mother put a hand on his shoulder and smacked her lips, “I’m not finished. Shinsou told me he heard you and Akiko talking. He’s very concerned about you.”

He blinked, taking a quick glimpse at Shinsou. Despite normally looking sleep deprived, he somehow managed to look even worse within the hour. His shoulders stiff, even for his slumped posture, as he bounced his right leg. Kaminari couldn’t recall a single time he looked this anxious. Well, aside from the stabbing incident. But this wasn’t nearly at that level of severity.

“Oh,” he sucked in a breath of air before adjusting his posture. How much did he hear, exactly? Kaminari glanced back at his mom before staring at his knees, “could we have a minute?”

She gave a nod and patted her son’s shoulder, then made her way to the kitchen. Once out of sight, Kaminari turned his body fully to face Shinsou, “What did you hear?”

Shinsou only shrugged, seeming to be replaying the event in his head, “um… you saying you thought I’d think you’re a freak?”

“Do you?”

“No,” he stated, almost defensively, “Do you honestly think that I’d judge you for something I don’t understand?”

“In the moment, absolutely,” Shinsou looked taken aback at the others words, narrowing his eyes in suspicion.

“Kaminari, I’d never do that.”

“I know, but when your dad blabs about something you’ve only told very few people about, it kinda freaks you out a bit,” he cocked his head to the side as he leaned against the back of the couch, “like, if one of your dads outed you as being gay before you were ready to come out to your friends.”

“Right,” Shinsou nodded, “I don’t think me being gay is the same as you having to take medication, but valid point.”

“You get what I mean, so it doesn’t matter if it’s not the same. We’re both different from the norm,” he gently swatted Shinsou’s bicep with his good arm, a slight smile forming on his face before quickly disappearing, “Do you… ever hate it?”

“Hate being gay?” he cocked a brow.

Kaminari shook his head, putting up his hands, “no, no, like… hate knowing you’re not like other people? Okay, maybe being gay isn’t the best comparison,” he sighed, “Have you ever tried to act like everyone else?”

“Of course I have. Hasn’t everyone?”

“Bakugo,” he responded, flatly.

Shinsou covered his nose as he snorted, “Valid. Do all of you guys make fun of him when he’s not around?”

“Oh, no, we make fun of him when he’s around too.”

“Good, he needs to be humbled,” he smirked, the left corner of his lips higher than the right.

“Hey, he’s better than he was last year!”

“He still has a hell of an ego.”

Kaminari rolled his eyes, grinning, “shut up. Not the point. My point is, I play into the idiot shtick because it was easier to explain that I was stupid than it was to explain how much I’d struggle and how shitty it would make me feel. Ever since elementary school, I’ve always been the class clown, the dumb kid, and I’d go along with it because it made people feel better about themselves and in turn, people would hang out with me,” he paused. He rested his cheek in the palm of his hand and sighed, “They would always make fun of the special ed kids… for years, I would always lie to my ‘friends’ about where I’d be after school, so they wouldn’t know I’d be working with a faculty member, trying to catch up to them.”

Shinsou nodded solemnly as he listened. Kaminari noticed the others silence and furrowed his brows, “You’re not gonna say anything? No witty remark about always knowing I’ve had something wrong with me?”

“There’s nothing wrong with you. Kids are dicks, I know from personal experience. You feel comfortable enough with me to tell me this stuff, I’m not going to tear you down. I’d be shitty emotional support if I did that.”

“Oh, so now you’ve accepted the job?” He inched closer with a grin.

Shinsou shut his eyes, just barely shaking his head, “Weren’t you talking about something serious?”

“Right, yeah,” he nodded and scratched the back of his neck, “My medication is for ADHD. I’m really bad at keeping a schedule with them. I think it might be because I’ve lived most of my life without them? Anyway, you know those days where I just kinda.. float around? When I’m really quiet and seem disinterested in socializing?”

Shinsou pursed his lips and tapped his chin as he thought for a moment, “Yeah, I remember you acting like that during the beginning of the school year. Then you started acting normal again, but every now and then, you’d slip back into that state.”

“That’s because of my meds. They’re supposed to improve my concentration. When you first start taking them, your mind and body feel off. Kinda like you’re on autopilot mode. All you want to do is work, make progress on stuff. Your body eventually gets used to the medication and you no longer feel weird, but sometimes it’s hard for me to remember to take them in the morning.. and the whole cycle starts again…”

“So, whenever you act like that, that’s because–”

“Because I try to get back on track, yeah,” Kaminari interrupted, “The gang knows. Bakugo’s eased up on the idiot remarks, unless I do something genuinely stupid, and has been tutoring me separately from the others, y’know, taking things slower, going more in-depth so I can comprehend the material.”

“He doesn’t get mad when tutoring you? I’m pretty sure I’ve seen him give the others hell for failing to understand basic shit, before.”

“No, he gets frustrated sometimes, we both do, but he doesn’t shout at me. Not anymore at least,” he chuckled, giving a shrug, “he lets me take breaks whenever I get worked up over question or whatever. We just sit and talk or play a little minecraft when that happens, then once I’m feeling better, we go back to studying. Like I said, he’s gotten better, but don’t let him know I told you.”

Shinsou rose a brow, “don’t let him know you told me he’s a decent human being to you?”

“What did I say about respecting your elders? Besides, I promised not to tell anyone about his soft side,” he planted his hands on his hips with a huff.

“And you told me anyways.”


“You know what, now that you bring up the ‘elder’ thing again,” Shinsou hummed as he rolled his head gently, small pop sounds coming from his neck. He then readjusted his posture to look directly at the blond, “What did you mean by the whole ‘according to the government’ comment you made when I said you were only two days older than me?”

Kaminari pursed his lips, quickly averting eye contact, “lowkey feel like it would piss you off.”

Shinsou kept his gaze steady, ever patient as he waited for an answer. His patience was something Kaminari couldn’t help but admire. As someone who could barely keep still for less than five minutes and who craved any form of stimulation, Shinsou’s ability to keep his composure in most circumstance was incredible. Unfortunately, it can be a bit of a liability in surprise events, leaving him stuck as he tries to figure out what to do.

“I was born almost a month before I was due.”

“You–” he clicked his tongue, “so I was conceived a whole month before you, but because you were premature, you’re considered older?”

“Must be hard knowing that someone this cute was only made in eight months, huh?” Kaminari grinned, the tip of his tongue peaking out from in between his teeth.

“If you weren’t injured, I’d kick your ass right now.”

“Liar!” Kaminari shouted, a wide grin plastered on his face, “You really think you’d be able to seriously hurt me? I might’ve blacked out for a bit, but I remember the look on your face when you were trying to keep me from bleeding out. You care too much about me to ever seriously hurt me.”

Shinsou reached up to scratch the back of his neck and sighed, glancing over at the other with dull eyes, “You’re oddly cheerful about the whole ordeal.”

“I can’t let it get me down, dude. If I dwell on it, I’m not gonna get any better,” he shrugged, forcing the smile on his face to stay. Was he still freaked out over what happened? Yes. Was he ready to pour his heart out and ball like a baby in front of Shinsou? Fuck no. Was he aware of how stupid that was? Absolutely. He needed to give Shinsou some time to relax after what happened at dinner. Well, maybe he needed it, but telling himself it was for Shinsou’s sake made him feel a little better.

“Anyway, I should probably head down to the garage and talk to my dad. He’s probably worrying over what happened,” Kaminari got up from the couch and stretched, raising his arms above his head.

“Denki, wait–” a cool hand reached out and grabbed his wrist. Shinsou lowered the blond’s arm, then crouched down and lifted his shirt. Kaminari could feel his face burn up, whether from embarrassment or from Shinsou being the one to lift his shirt, he didn’t know.

“Denki? Why’d yo– what are you doing?” His voice quivered more than he’d like to admit, but Shinsou didn’t seem to notice.

“Making sure you didn’t rip your stitches.”

“I think I would’ve felt that. Shinsou, dude, you don’t have– stop touching my bandages!” He jolted back, his blush rising to the tips of his ears.

Abruptly, bright yellow bolts discharged from his palms, sending a seething pain up his right arm and to his side. His teeth clenched as his whole body tensed, the pulsating ache in his forearm was harsh enough to bring to the brink of tears. Why did his quirk activate? Why was it so painful? And why couldn’t he stop it?

Shinsou had seemed to notice Kaminari struggle to cease using his own quirk and backed away to a safe distance, his eyes hesitant as he did so, “Kaminari, what’s wrong? Can you speak?”

He opened his mouth to speak, but all he could conjure was a choked sob, hot tears streaming down his face. His throat had tightened so much he felt like his couldn’t breathe. His chest burned as he struggled to get air. Glancing over in Shinsou’s direction was a mistake. His vision worsened as it flooded with tears, his friend merely a terrified blur at this point. Kaminari dropped to his knees with a thud, his body and charge weakening.

Why couldn’t he control it..?

Kaminari didn’t realize his quirk deactivated until he felt a pair of arms pull him into an embrace. During his moment is distraught, Shinsou had gone and grabbed his mother. Kaminari found himself slumping against his mother’s shoulder, beads of sweat dripped down his face while he panted, still unable to take a deep breath. She spoke to him, but his brain refused to process her words, leaving him dizzy as his eyes fluttered shut.


Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. That’s all Shinsou could hear as he sat in the hospital’s waiting room for the second time this week. The persistent ticking of the clock that resides high up on the wall across from him. He and Kaminari’s family all sat, their anxieties pooling around them. He felt like he was suffocating.

“Where’s the family of Denki Kaminari?” A high pitched voice of a nurse chimed in, slicing through the dread that surrounded the four of them. His parents swiftly got to their feet, followed by Akiko, who hesitantly stood from her seat. Shinsou, however, found his own body frozen in place.

“Is he okay?” Mrs. Kaminari asked, her voice meek and coated in worry.

“He’s stable, yes. The doctor and Recovery Girl are in his room right now. They’ll tell you everything you need to know. Follow me,” the nurse held a clipboard close to her chest as she waited for the four of them to leave the waiting area. She took them down the hall and turned to the left, leading them to the room at the corner.

Shinsou chewed on the inside of his cheek, moving out of the way so Kaminari’s parents could go inside first. When he entered, he noticed Kaminari was awake, but unlike the previous time he’d seen him in a hospital bed, he wasn’t loopy. Instead, he looked quite drained, his eyes red and a lack of colour on his face. Oddly, Kaminari didn’t turn to face his family either. He merely sat, staring ahead him as his mother hugged him tightly.

“What’s wrong with him?” Akiko stepped towards the bed, hugging herself gently as she scanned over her brother with concern.

The doctor exchanged a glance with Recovery Girl and sighed, “well, it seems that due to the circumstances of how he got his major injuries, his quirk has been mildly affected.”

“Because of the intense stress he was under and due to the large shock he gave off at the time he received these injuries, his brain seems to correlate the two,” Recovery Girl added, inching closer to the hospital bed, “when under stress or dealing with high anxiety levels, his quirk involuntarily activates. Thankfully, it shouldn’t be permanent.”

“Shouldn’t be?” Shinsou hissed through clenched teeth, “you mean you don’t know if it will or not?”

“I’m not saying he won’t be able to use his quirk unless I’m those conditions. However, as he’s healing, he should avoid purposefully using it,” she lifted her chin as she stared Shinsou down, unwavering under his intense glare, “It’s a little early to tell if his quirk will continue to involuntarily activate after he’s healed, but if it remains, we will do our best to help him control it.”

Recovery Girl turned her attention to Kaminari and put a few pieces of pez in his hand, “you’ll be alright, dearie. Just take it easy while you’re recovering.”

Kaminari glanced down at his palm and only gave a small nod in response.

“We’d like to keep him for the night, just to monitor him. If any of you want to stay the night, the chairs aren’t that bad,” the doctor gestured to the seats in the opposite corner of the room, then looked to Kaminari’s parents, “if you’d like to go home and pack, feel free to do so, but it might be best for someone to stay with him. Dealing with this news alone might be troubling.”

Kaminari’s father thanked the doctor and Recovery Girl before they left the room. With a sigh, he glanced over at his wife and shrugged, “I can stay. I’ll just have to open the shop later than usual tomorrow.”

“Nobu, dear, you can’t do that. We need the business,” Mrs. Kaminari retorted, leaving her son’s side to talk with her husband. At some point, Shinsou stopped listening to them. He couldn’t really focus on what they were saying when his friend was in this state.

You should’ve been more prepared.

You should’ve prevented this from happening.

Why did you let him get hurt?

Why wasn’t it you?

A firm hand on his shoulder pulled him from his thoughts and he glanced over to see Akiko staring back, “You’re here to help him, right? You should stay. I’ll convince my dad to let me grab your stuff.”

“I.. thanks,” he nodded, watching as Akiko got up to talk to her parents at the other side of the room, giving him and Kaminari a little privacy. Shinsou took a deep breath and exhaled, running his fingers through his hair, “I’m sorry.”

Kaminari, whom was fiddling with the pez between his fingers, looked up at him perplexingly, “huh?”

“I’m the reason you’re in this condition. I-I’m the one that made you stressed out and that’s why you accidentally hurt yourself,” Shinsou chewed at the skin of his lip, feeling a sharp sting as it began to bleed. He didn’t care. Why should he care about something as minuscule as that when his friend is in a hospital bed? “I couldn’t help you, even in the safety of your own home. I don’t– I can’t be a hero if this is what happens when I try to help people. I’m just not–”

Kaminari grabbed Shinsou’s hand, giving it a tight squeeze, “I could’ve bled out if you weren’t there. She caught us off guard. We weren’t ready for an actual villain to attack us, but that’s okay. We’re still learning. You are a hero, Shinsou. Even if you think you aren’t, I do.”

Shinsou studied his face. Kaminari wasn’t normally the serious type, but in this moment, his eyes showed nothing but sincerity. His gaze locked onto Shinsou’s. His classmates were always supportive, but since their joint training back in their first year at U.A., Shinsou found himself replaying the blond’s words over and over in his head whenever he felt self-conscious.

“You’re a proper hero-hopeful, just like the rest of us.”

Just like the rest of them.

A proper hero.

Why did these words resonate with him? Why did he get this fluttery feeling in his stomach when he thought of them?

Shinsou squeezed the others hand in response to his words and gave a solemn nod, “right.. I shouldn’t keep beating myself up about it. We did what we could, we were just thrown off guard.”

“Exactly,” Kaminari smiled warmly at him, sending a light flush to his cheeks, “so what if I need a longer recovery period? I mean, Bakugo’s gonna be a bitch to deal with…”

“I thought he was nice to you,” he narrowed his eyes.

“In the older sibling kind of way, yeah. He still gets mad at me, dude. He doesn’t treat me like a baby. He’s gonna be a time, just you wait.”

Shinsou cocked a brow at the other, “You want me to be here when you tell him why you’re in the hospital again?”

“Why not? Do you not wanna see him?”

Shinsou mentally facepalmed. Kaminari couldn’t seem to grasp what he was insinuating, which he shouldn’t be too surprised about, the blond could be a bit oblivious at times, but one would think that someone with such an explosive friend would know what would set them off. Shinsou could already tell Bakugo wasn’t going to act too fondly towards him once he hears about how Kaminari ended up back in the hospital.

“I– forget it. He’s your friend, I shouldn’t prevent you from seeing him.”

“It won’t just be him. I’ll ask Kirishima, Ashido, and Sero to come too,” Kaminari shrugged, “Kirishima will make sure he doesn’t do anything to get him thrown out of here.”

Shinsou sighed, rubbing his temple at the thought of the rest of Kaminari’s friends in the same room again. The energy, the volume, the sheer chaos that seemed to radiate around them whenever they were together. This isn’t exactly what he expected to experience when he agreed to spend the night at Kaminari’s place.

“Denki, dear,” Mrs. Kaminari said in a modulated tone as she approached the hospital bed, “we’re going to go home to grab some of your things, as well as Shinsou’s bag. Will you be alright until we get back?”

“Yeah, I’ll be okay. Can you get my phone while you’re there? I wanna text my friends and ask them to come visit tomorrow.”

“Of course, sweetie,” she cupped his cheeks and pressed a kiss to his forehead, “we’ll be back soon. Don’t do anything to hurt yourself again. Love you.”

He rolled his eyes and smiled, “I won’t. Love you too.”

Kaminari’s mother waved to her son as she and the other two left the room. With a sigh, Kaminari readjusted his position in the bed and sat up, their hands finally parting. Had they really been holding hands all that time? Shinsou didn’t even realize that until he felt the cool hospital air hit his palm.

“Wanna sit?”

“Huh?” He glanced over at the blond, who was gently patting the space beside him with a smile, “oh, uh, sure. I mean, I could just take one of the chairs and pull it over.”

“Those chairs are shitty, come on. I already made room for you,” he puffed his cheeks, “and maybe I wanna watch YouTube on your phone…”

Shinsou snorted and removed his shoes, “that bored already?”

“Listen, don’t judge me. Staying at a hospital overnight is boring, they don’t let you do anything.”

“They probably didn’t let you do anything because you were a seventeen year old, high on adrenaline, and they didn’t want you ripping your stitches,” he hummed, climbing onto the bed to sit next to Kaminari, “oh, and your quirk could blow out the power in the entire building.”

“Just because I blew out the power in our dorms once, doesn’t mean I’d do it here,” Kaminari huffed, slumping against the other.

“You don’t know that. For all you know–” Shinsou blinked at the feeling of his phone vibrate in his back pocket. He rose a brow and pulled it out, immediately regretting doing so when he saw the text.

Dad: What’s this I hear about Kaminari being in the hospital again?


Chapter Text

Shinsou paced around the hospital room, listening to his father scold him. His voice was off, more on edge than usual. Apparently, Recovery Girl had contacted his parents while they were trying to have dinner. At Aizawa’s favourite restaurant, no less. Mic really wanted to treat him tonight and Shinsou ruined their night. Great. Now he can feel guilty about another thing.

He glanced over at Kaminari from the corner of his eye as he only vaguely listened to Aizawa. The blond was sitting up in bed, waiting patiently for the phone call to end. His golden eyes locked onto his gaze. Shinsou did notice him fiddling with the pez Recovery Girl gave him earlier, however. If this had been any other situation, being stared at so intensely would make his skin crawl, but Kaminari was the least of his problems right now.

“Dad, everything will be okay. Kaminari doesn’t have any new injuries. What? No. Da– no,” Shinsou groaned and turned, pinching the bridge of his nose, “The doctors just want to keep him here for the night to monitor him. Yes, I’m going to stay.”

The rustling of sheets pulled at his attention and he turned to see Kaminari carefully climbing out of bed, “What do you think you’re doing?”

Kaminari froze, holding onto his IV stand as he eyed the other, “Uh… getting up?”

“You’re not allowed to.”

“You don’t know that. The doctor talked to me before he did to any of you,” he slank from beside his bed to the wall, towards the door, “You can stay here and talk to Aizawa while I–” his hand inched towards the doorknob, “–go get some food.”

“Kaminari,” Shinsou glare narrowed as he watched the blond, “get back into bed.”

Kaminari pursed his lips, almost as if he was thinking it over, then shook his head and swiftly left the room. The sound of bare feet slamming on the tile floor.

“Hey! Come back! You’re not supposed to be straining your body!” Shinsou charged out of the door, his phone held tightly in his hand. Oh god, Aizawa is going to kill him.

He put the phone up to his ear long enough to hear his father hiss, “Hito–”

“Sorry, can’t talk, have to deal with something! I’ll talk to you later, okay?” With that he ended the call and shoved his phone into his back pocket.

Shinsou stopped at the end of a splitting hallway, taking a moment to look down each corridor, when he saw the grinning blond jogging to the end of the left hall. At the very least, he was pacing himself. Shinsou scowled and gave a half-hearted jog towards the other, to avoid bumping into any other patients or nurses that walked by, “Kaminari, what do you think you’re doing?”

Kaminari simply smiled at him and shrugged before rushing down the hall. So much for pacing himself. He’s going to rip something if he keeps this up.

Shinsou’s jog picked up to a sprint. Running in a hospital isn’t something he wanted to do, but in this case, he really needed to catch up to the other before anything happened.

Kaminari seemed to have heard his pace quicken and glanced back over his shoulder at the other, laughing to himself as he turned down another hall. God, what the fuck was he doing?

Shinsou maneuvered around a passing nurse, turning around to give an apology, then returned to following the blond. Just as he turned down the hall, Kaminari jumped out in front of him, a large smile plastered on his face. The sudden sight of the other forced him to stop his feet, just barely avoiding him.

Kaminari cackled, wrapping his arms around his torso as he fell back against the wall, slumping to the floor, “Holy shit, your face!”

Shinsou panted, his brows furrowing as he stared back at the other, “You.. what the fuck was that?!”

“I just–” he interrupted himself with his own laughter, “oh my god!”

“This isn’t funny! What if you ripped something?” Shinsou took a step back, running his fingers through his hair, “I can’t… What were you thinking?”

He watched as Kaminari took a few deep breaths, to collect himself, and brush his bangs out of his face, “I don’t know, I got hungry, then had an impulse to run, and thought it would be fun.”

“In the hospital?!”

“Yes,” his eyes gleamed, “have you ever watched a movie where someone yanks out their IVs and bolts it out of a hospital?”

“Kaminari..” Shinsou sighed and rubbed his temple, taking a few steps towards the other, “this isn’t a movie. You’re actually hurt and should be resting. I was worried you’d tear your stitches.”

“But I didn’t.”

“Yes, and I’m grateful that didn’t happen. But what if it did? You could’ve made your injury worse.”

“Oh..” Kaminari chewed on the inside of his cheek, slowly getting to his feet, “I’m sorry…”

Shinsou swallowed, scanning over the other. Kaminari lowered his head to avoid his gaze, his once cheerful grin was now in a tight line. Watching the blond sulk on his way back to his room left a twinge of pain in his chest.

The taller boy gently placed a hand on his back and offered a small, reassuring smile, “it was.. kind of fun.”

“Yeah?” Kaminari smiled as he looked back up at him.

“Yeah. It was stupid and if you try to do it again, I am going to pick you up and strap you to your bed.”

Kaminari smirked.

“Don’t you fucking say it,” he narrowed his eyes at the other.

“I don’t need to say nothing.”

“I hate you.”

“Liar,” Kaminari poked Shinsou’s side with a grin, “you just said how much you worried about me. Don’t think I forgot that.”

Shinsou let out a loud sigh and grabbed under the others arms, almost like how one would hold a disobedient cat, and held him a few inches above the ground.

Kaminari gasped, trying to get his toes to touch the floor, “dude, what the fuck?!”

“This is your punishment. Hold onto your IV stand, I don’t want it to come loose or for you to bleed into the IV drip.”

“But I didn’t run away again!”

“Yeah, but I’m pretty sure I gave my dad a heart attack when I had to hang up and chase you down. Plus, you were being cocky,” he shrugged.

Kaminari huffed and reluctantly grabbed his IV stand, holding it just in front of him. Shinsou snorted softly when he imagined the look on the others face. Probably pouting like a child after being told no. As he walked back towards the others hospital room, there was the faint sound of chatter. He brushed it off until a loud, raspy voice intruded his mind.

“What the fuck are you doing?!”

“Hey!” Kaminari beamed, waving at the four students, “How’d you guys know I was here?”

Shinsou gently set the other down, watching the explosive blond carefully as he did so, then took a step to the side. Thankfully, he seemed to have his hands occupied by both Kaminari’s bag and Kirishima’s own hand.

“Your parents came by the school and offered to drive us here!” Kirishima gave a content smile, placing his free hand on his hip, “they’re just at the coffee place down the street and asked us to drop your stuff off.”

Sero tilted his head, scanning over the blond, “What did you do to get back in here?”

Kaminari glanced back at Shinsou, then turned back to his friends, “When trying to change my bandages, my quirk went off. Doctors say that it may be because I was using my quirk when I got hurt, and they want to monitor me for the night.”

Shinsou’s brow furrowed a bit at the others retelling of the event. Although, the other four seemed to buy into it. At least, that’s what he hoped. Bakugo hasn’t stopped glaring at him for the past few minutes. Come to think of it, neither has Ashido, but her stare was much softer than his. More so innocent curiosity, rather than judgement.

“What were you two doing before we got here, huh?” She hummed, a mischievous smirk crossing plump, glossy lips. Scratch the innocence. She was nothing of the sort.

Kaminari simply shrugged, “got hungry.”

“He ran,” Shinsou retorted, keeping his stare steady on the pink girl in front of him. Shinsou only realized his mistake when Bakugo’s hands began to sizzle, his face contorting, his sharp eyes locked now onto a very wide-eyed Kaminari.

“You ran?! You should barely be stretching!” He snapped, practically throwing Kaminari’s bag at Kirishima, who thankfully caught it, “Who do you think you are? That piece of shit, Deku?! You need to rest or you won’t be able to come back for a fucking month!”

Kirishima gently set Kaminari’s bag on the floor and put a hand on the explosive blond’s shoulder, “Babe, relax. We’re in a hospital, you gotta keep your voice down.”

“Do you remember what happened to him?! That vampire bitch stabbed him! He needs to be resting!”

“Hey, ‘Suki–” the other five in the hall turned their attention back to Kaminari. He blinked, glancing between them all before looking back at a red-faced and scowling Bakugo, “Sorry, force of habit. Bakugo, I’m fine. If I tore anything, I would’ve felt it. Besides, Shinsou caught me before I did any damage.”

Kaminari patted Shinsou’s arm with a content grin. Shinsou wasn’t sure if it was to reassure Bakugo or himself, but he let him do it, “I haven’t hurt myself yet. I’ll be okay.”


“Cram it, Pinky,” Bakugo interrupted. He swatted away Kirishima’s hand and stalked over, his hands in the pockets of his sweatpants. He stopped just in front of Kaminari and tilted his head towards his room, “Get in. I need to talk to you.”

Shinsou noted the lack of aggression in the others mannerism and rose a brow, watching as both blonds went into the room, followed promptly by the door shutting. Shinsou chewed on the inside of his cheek and approached the door, only to find a firm hand on his chest.

“Now is not the time, bro,” Kirishima shook his head, his usually spiked hair flowing just above his shoulders with each movement of his head.

“How about we head to the cafeteria? Kaminari said he was hungry, let’s find him something so Bakugo doesn’t have another fit about him moving too much,” Sero hummed, resting both hands behind his head, “He doesn’t like being eavesdropped on.”

Before Shinsou could answer, Ashido grabbed his wrist and began pulling him away from the room, “We promise to keep the chaos to a minimum.”

“Like that’s even a possibility for you guys,” Shinsou rolled his eyes, allowing the three to lead him to the cafeteria.

“Tell me what actually happened,” Bakugo stated calmly, resting against the door with both arms crossed, “why are you here?”

Kaminari sighed, taking a seat on the bed, “Do you promise not to freak out?”

Bakugo responded with a slight shrug, which Kaminari translated to “no promises”. He just had to make sure he doesn’t set the other off.

“I told Shinsou about my ADHD and before you say anything, he was really nice and understanding about the whole thing. Then, I stood up and stretched. He was worried I’d tear my seams so he stopped me and lifted my shirt–”


“To check my stitches!” Kaminari exclaimed, shooting his hands up defensively, “he did it to check my stitches!”

Bakugo huffed out his nose. If under different circumstances, Kaminari would’ve made a joke about smoke coming out of his nostrils, like a dragon.

Kaminari gently bit his tongue, taking a moment to work out what he was going to say. He slumped a bit, plopping his cheek into the palm of his hand, “when he was checking on me, I might’ve gotten a little flustered. I didn’t expect him to do that and it freaked me out. Then my quirk acted up… I couldn’t stop it and it really hurt..”

His eyes reverted to looking at the ground. He could feel a slight tingle in his nose and he knew watery eyes weren’t far behind.

Soft footsteps approached the bed, followed by a careful hand rubbing his back. He didn’t look up. He couldn’t, even if he wanted to. Thankfully, Bakugo didn’t let the silence drag on much longer.

“Does he know?”

“That the stress caused my quirk to act up? Yeah, the doctor–”

“Not that, you idiot,” despite the insult, there was no bite in his tone. Bakugo hunched over just enough for his face to be visible out of the corner of Kaminari’s eyes, “does he know why you were freaked out?”

He sighed, “you’re talking about my crush on him, aren’t you?”

Kaminari didn’t need to wait for a response, Bakugo’s silence was enough. He lifted his head, to look up at his friend, and gave it a light shake, “No. I was gonna ask him out during our patrolling exercise but, uh.. then it happened.”

“You’re hopeless, you know that?” Kaminari snorted at Bakugo’s comment.

He couldn’t deny that he was right. He’s never had any luck when it comes to dating. Between Uraraka completely ignoring him when he asked her out, Jirou laughing at the idea of dating him, and him not even being able to flirt successfully with Shinsou, he really was hopeless.

“Thanks, that’s exactly what I wanted to hear.”

A slight smirk crossed Bakugo’s lips as he flicked the others head, “he’s even worse than you. I can’t even begin to explain how many times I’ve seen him ogle at you and just how much it makes me want to vomit.”

Kaminari blinked, his cheeks dusted a light pink at the others words, “Really?”

“You’re both morons, I swear to god,” he rolled his eyes, “Yes, really, and if neither of you figure this shit out before you come back to school, I’m going to tear my hair out because seeing you acting like a lovesick dumbass is driving me insane. It’s fucking disgusting.”

“Says the guy in a relationship.”

“At least I know how to save the sappy shit for when we’re alone,” he gave the other a rough shove, knocking him onto his side. Despite the power in his action, Kaminari couldn’t help but laugh, “What is it now?”

“I can’t believe you actually approve of this,” he smiled, looking up at him.

“Like you give a shit about what I approve of,” Bakugo shoved his hands into his pockets with a sigh, “But, if it’ll mean you’ll stop being such a hopeless dipshit and I won’t have to deal with him silently lurking around us like a fucking creep, then yes. I approve.”

Kaminari beamed, hopping off the bed to pull the taller blond into a tight embrace, followed by a grunt from the other, “Thanks dude! I knew you’d see it my way eventually! Oh, and uh..”

“What now?”

“Can we put a rain check on our study session tomorrow? Pretty pleeeease?” Kaminari tugged on Bakugo’s sleeve, with a pleading grin, “it’s important.”

Bakugo sucked on his teeth as he took in a deep breath, his shoulders squaring a bit, “Fine, but we’re moving the session to Sunday. I’ll be over at three. He better be gone by then.”

“Whyyyyyy?” He whined, “He’s smart, he could help.”

“He’s either gone by Sunday or I’m personally throwing him out of your shitty apartment.”

“Oh yeah, sorry I don’t come from a family of neat-freaks,” he huffed and took a seat on the bed, pulling his knees up to his chest, to which Bakugo almost immediately smacked down, “Hey!”

“You’re in a fucking hospital gown. I don’t want to see your Pokémon underwear.”

Kaminari groaned and laid back on the bed, muttering to himself, “they’re not Pokémon themed today.”

Bakugo pushed himself away from the bed with a sigh, “If Sero’s buying you jello or some other sugar filled crap, I’m going to kick his ass,” he looked back at Kaminari and narrowed his eyes, “don’t move.”

Before Kaminari could argue, Bakugo slammed the door shut as he left, leaving Kaminari alone with his thoughts. They didn’t even give him his bag before leaving. Damn it.

“I need to see it or I’ll die, Sero! I just gotta!” Ashido whined, shaking the taller, oddly unphased boy.

“Just ask Kaminari when he’s better. He’d probably want to go,” Sero spooned obnoxiously green jello into his mouth and shrugged, “he’s into that kind of stuff anyway.”

Shinsou rose a brow, adjusting the strap of the bag Kirishima had passed to him when he went up to buy a sandwich for Kaminari, “He’s into musicals?”

“Him, Jirou, and Ashido all are,” Sero nodded.

Ashido nodded vigorously with a wide grin, “Jirou and Kaminari are both big music nerds. She only listens to the soundtracks, but Kami and I love watching the performances. There’s a new one based on Beetlejuice and I’d kill to see it in person.”

Sero leaned over to whisper in Shinsou’s ear, “None of us get it, so we just play along. Don’t be surprised if you catch any of them lip syncing dramatically or dancing to any of the songs.”

“Just because you two are like five-ten, doesn’t mean I can’t hear you,” Ashido swatted at Sero’s chest, earning a snort from the other.

“Thank you for noticing my quarter inch growth spurt,” he laughed, playfully shoving her aside, “but Shinsou’s like six feet now.”

“Six feet?! Are you kidding me?”

Shinsou grumbled and rubbed his temple, “I’m five-eleven. My hair just makes me look taller.”

“God, I hate you both,” she groaned, tugging on her fluffy pink hair, “it’s not fair! I stopped growing in junior high!”

“Isn’t your mom like five-two? Blame her, not us for having tall parents,” Sero hummed, having another spoonful of jello, then turned his attention back to Shinsou, “you think you’ll end up taller than Aizawa?”

“If I do, he won’t talk to me for a month. I don’t think I will though. My birth parents were six feet and five-eight, respectively, and I don’t think I’ll grow anymore before I turn eighteen next summer.”

Ashido huffed, “If you do grow to be six feet tall, I’m going to kick you in the shin.”


Shinsou glared at Sero, then rolled his eyes, “I can’t believe I’m sort of friends with you guys.”

“Sort of?” Kirishima strolled over with a questioning smirk on his face, “you can’t be ‘sort of’ friends with someone. You’re practically another member of the squad.”

“Or a part-time member, like Jirou,” Sero added.

“More like a member we share joint custody with the Dekusquad!” Ashido grinned, once again stepping too close for Shinsou’s comfort.

“Please don’t ever make an analogy where you insinuate Bakugo and Midoriya are divorced and I’m their child ever again.”

“Does that make me your step-dad?” Kirishima slung an arm around Shinsou’s shoulder and laughed.

“The fuck you dipshits talking about now?” Bakugo grunted, startling the four of them for a moment. They all turned to see the explosive blond standing at the cafeteria door, “Stop loitering and get your sorry asses upstairs before I drag you there.”

“Hey babe! Sorry about the wait, we got a bit sidetracked,” Kirishima offered a smile, rubbing the back of his head. He strolled over and took one of Bakugo’s hands in his own.

Shinsou watched as Kirishima pressed a kiss to the disgruntled blond’s cheek, blush rising on Bakugo’s face, followed by a slight smile. He sighed, his chest aching as the two left. He’d gladly ignore the feeling if Sero and Ashido weren’t smirking at him.

He furrowed his brow with a groan, refusing to look at either of them, “What now?”


Shinsou clicked his tongue at Ashido’s question, “what would I be jealous of, exactly?”

“Their relationship,” Sero’s toothy grin earned a snarl from Shinsou.

“Their loving, perfect–”

“Shut up,” Shinsou hissed, promptly cutting Ashido off, “I don’t want to hear it. Especially not from you two.”

“Hey! I have dating experience! It might be very useful for you,” she huffed, placing her hands on her hips.

Sero shrugged as he finished up his jello and threw the container into the trash bin, “plus, we’re friends with Kaminari, so we can give you some crucial information.”

“I–” Shinsou froze, his cheeks hot from embarrassment as he turned to stare at Sero, “What?”

“Don’t ‘what’ me. You’re about as obvious as Uraraka was when she had a thing for Midoriya,” he waved him off, “everyone knows but him, for some reason. His brain probably can’t process it right.”

Ashido reached her arm in front of Shinsou’s chest to swat at Sero with a scowl, “Don’t say that!”

“Oh, what? He make those jokes all the time. He’d probably laugh if he were here.”

“How about no one makes those jokes?” Shinsou rubbed the back of his neck with a sigh, “they don’t do anything but normalize a toxic way of thinking. That’s what my dad told me when he heard me make jokes about my depression.”

“Aizawa really said that to you?” Ashido asked.

“No, Hizashi did. Apparently, he dealt with that kind of stuff as a teen too.”

“Really?” She hummed, tapping her chin, “I always thought that Aizawa would’ve gone through that.”

“Maybe he’s just goth.”

Shinsou rubbed the bridge of his nose and sighed, shutting his eyes tightly, “You two are actually going to drive me insane and we’ve been alone for less that five minutes. I need to get back upstairs.”

“You need to get upstairs?” A smirk crossed Ashido’s lips once again, “Is there something going on between you guys already, that we aren’t aware of?”

“Goodbye, Ashido,” he shimmied out of her hold and left the cafeteria.

Despite being free from the two, he felt like he was suffocating. His thoughts jumbled and disorganized. Had his face always been so hot? They were just teasing, he told himself, they don’t know anything. They just want to get under your skin. That’s what they do.

Shinsou could hear the three from the other side of the door, as he approached the hospital room. He debated even opening it, but Kirishima and Kaminari are inside. If he’s lucky, Bakugo won’t try to chew him out. He took a deep breath and exhaled slowly, pulling open the door.
“Perv’s here,” Shinsou dropped his head back, a small groan forming in his throat at Bakugo’s comment.

“Kaminari’s on the bed next to you. Don’t know why you’re calling me a pervert,” he sighed, shutting the door behind him, “How long are you guys going to stay here? Don’t you guys have to go back to the dorms or something?”

“It’s Friday, smartass,” Bakugo barked back at him, although visibly trying to restrain himself, “We don’t have the same curfew time on the weekend. Don’t like our company?”

“I can only take so much chaos at once.”

Kaminari snorted. He swiftly covered his mouth after receiving a glare from Bakugo, but Shinsou could tell he was smiling under his hand, just by his eyes.

Kirishima scratched the back of his head and grinned, wrapping an arm around Bakugo’s shoulders, “Hey, it’s no problem. We get it, you need time to detox. Not everyones as social as us and that’s fine, bro. Katsuki and I have a movie to catch in ten. We’ll take Mina and Sero with us, don’t worry about them.”

“We are not taking them with us,” Bakugo snarled.

The redhead sighed, tugging his boyfriend close, “I mean we’ll make them leave the hospital. Not take them on our date. Anyway,” he beamed, “Your bag’s on the chair in the corner. If we don’t see you again this weekend, see ya at school.”

“Thanks,” Shinsou nodded in Kirishima’s direction. The redhead waved to both him and Kaminari, then took off with Bakugo in tow. Shinsou waited for the door to shut before turning to the blond, “What did you tell Bakugo and why did he call me a pervert?”

Kaminari forced a laugh, glancing between his friend and the door, “I don’t know what you mean.”

“If you look at that door one more time, I’m going to block it off.”

“I think that’s illegal.”

He snorted, a small smirk forming on his lips, “I hate you.”

Kaminari simpered, his golden eyes gleaming, “Bet.”

Chapter Text

Recovery Girl came by in the evening to check up on Kaminari before heading home for the night, leaving the two boys alone again. The lights were obnoxiously bright in the room, to the point where both of them were getting headaches, so Shinsou got up to shut them off. All was going well until Kaminari asked something that took Shinsou off guard.

“Have you had your first kiss yet?”

Shinsou’s throat tightened, his chest felt as if it was caving in. He ran a hand through his hair while running his tongue over his teeth, averting his gaze, “No. Why does it matter to you?”

The question came off more bitter than he would’ve liked, but thankfully Kaminari didn’t seem too taken aback, “Because I know all my friends embarrassing first kiss stories and I was hoping you’d have a story to tell me.”

“Have you had your first kiss?” He crossed his arms, tilting his head with a curious grin.

“I almost did,” he shrugged. Shinsou didn’t respond. He simply moved to sit next to the other on the bed, his grin widening. Kaminari hissed through his teeth and dropped his head, “You’re gonna laugh at me.”

“Probably,” he nodded, “What did you do?”

“Don’t sound so accusatory,” the blond swatted the other’s arm, “Okay, so I went to a summer camp when I was twelve-”

“This is going to be painful.”

He snorted, smacking a hand against his own cheek, “Shut up, dude! We were, like, one week in and the older kids of the camp decided to play spin the bottle. I lied and said I was fourteen, so I could join ‘em. We all got in a circle and eventually, this hot chick was up to spin.”

Shinsou cocked a brow at the other, “Are you sure this wasn’t a dream?”

“Hold on. The bottle landed on me and I was super amped up for it. She starts to lean in and then I see she had braces, which freaked me out because of all the stories of people’s braces getting stuck together when they kiss, and I didn’t wanna get stuck, y’know? So, I scrambled out of the cabin, went to the counsellor’s cabin, woke up my sister, and nearly cried to her because I thought I wouldn’t be able to kiss anybody for like three years.”

Shinsou sat with his mouth agape, staring up at the ceiling as he processed the story, “I…” he licked his lips, hunched over and started cackling, “You dumbass! You cried to your sister about it?”

Kaminari wheezed, nodding, “She was so fucking pissed and I still haven’t been kissed!”

“God, I can’t believe you,” he laughed, “You passed up on the opportunity. You didn’t deserve to get kissed anyway.”

“Hey, anyone would be lucky to kiss me!”

Shinsou’s laughter died down. He sighed deeply and rubbed the back of his neck, looking back at the wall. Why couldn’t he be able to have a conversation without immediately being reminded by his feelings? Did his mind have nothing better to do than make him feel like a fool? His thoughts spiraled around his head, until his brain thought back to his conversation with Ashido and Sero. They wouldn’t have brought up his crush unless they knew something. Crush. What a stupid word. A stupid word for a stupid feeling. But what if he’s not the only one that’s stuck with that feeling?

“Listen, we should get to bed before you wake up everyone on the floor,” he slid off the bed and walked over to the chair holding his bag, “I’ll be back. I’m going to change in the bathroom.”

“We’ve changed in the locker room together tons of times. Why are you going to the bathroom to change?”

Shinsou paused, turning his head to face the other, “Changing in a room with a bunch of other people who are all doing the same thing versus changing in front of one person who’s just staring at you, are very different circumstances.”

Kaminari clicked his tongue, “Why do you think I’d stare?”

“I’ll be back,” Without hesitation, he scooped up his pyjamas and swiftly headed to the bathroom, locking the door behind him. That was dumb. Why did he insinuate that Kaminari would stare at him? Would he even want to? Is he not the kind of person people liked to look at? Why is that suddenly his biggest concern?

He’s doing it again.

He can’t keep psyching himself out like this.

Being aware of his feelings has definitely made things worse.

Shinsou stripped down to change, slipping on a black tee and dark blue plaid pants. He stared at himself in the mirror, taking a moment to calm his nerves. Nothing to get anxious about. Sleeping in the same bed with someone you’re close to isn’t that weird, right?

He left the bathroom to see Kaminari typing on his phone. He really can’t sit and wait, can he? Shinsou got into bed and rubbed his eyes, “Get off your phone. The light makes it harder for you to sleep.”

“Yeah, just a sec,” Kaminari shrugged. His voice was off, kind of slurred and softer compared to his usual tone.

Shinsou narrowed his eyes, pressing his tongue to his cheek, “Could you repeat that?”

“Yeah, just a sec?” he tilted his head as he looked up at the other.

Shinsou glanced down at the blond’s mouth, a slight smirk tugging at the corner of his lips, “Are you wearing a retainer?”

Kaminari licked over his teeth, then forced a broad smile, putting his retainer on full display, “I sure am. Had it since junior high,” he sucked back his saliva, earning a snort from the other.

“Oh my god, I can’t tell if this is the worst or the best day of my life anymore.”

“I’m about to kick you out of this bed.”

Shinsou put his hands up in defence, a wide grin plastered on his face, “Okay, okay, backing down. No need to get your feet involved.”

The blond rolled his eyes and turned onto his left, “if you snore, tell me now. I wanna be able to actually sleep tonight.”

“Not that I’m aware of,” he shrugged, taking both his and Kaminari’s phones, then placed them on the nearby end table, “now close your eyes and shut your mouth.”

“Dream a dream and get us out~” he grinned, his tongue poking out slightly between his teeth.

Shinsou blinked and stared back at the other, “Are we really doing this? Are we those people who quote SharkBoy and LavaGirl?”

“Shhhh,” he lifted a finger and pressed it to Shinsou’s lips, “Dream, dream, dream, dream, dream, dreeaaaam~

He made a displeased noise in response, letting his shoulders slump, “you know what? I think I’m going to sleep on the floor.”

“Okay, okay, I’ll shut up,” Kaminari chuckled, “And I wouldn’t do that, if I were you. The floor’s cold as hell. Plus, it would do nothing for your back.”

“Like hospital beds do anything for your back,” he rolled his eyes back and turned his face away from the other, “go to bed.”

The next thing Shinsou heard was the rustling of bed sheets. Oddly stiff, heavy sheets. Would it kill them to at least get a nice comforter for their patients? He huffed through his nose and nuzzled his face against the pillow, trying to block out the noise the other created. Eventually, Kaminari found himself in a comfortable position and the rustling subsided, then a soft goodnight from the other followed by silence.

Whimpers were next. Shinsou’s eyes slowly pried themselves open at the sound. He forced his arms to push himself up so he could check the window. Still dark. Not even a hint of dawn could be seen. More whimpers. Tired eyes drifted from the window to the body next to his.

When Kaminari invited him to sleep over, Shinsou imagined himself waking up to him sleeping soundly, perhaps even nestled against him, as the rays of light cascaded over his tanned skin. This was far from that little fantasy.

Beside him, the blond had curled up on himself, clutching onto the mattress beneath him. Beads of sweat formed on his forehead, as well as creases from him squeezing his eyes shut. A choked sob forced its way from the boy’s throat, causing Shinsou’s chest to ache.

“Kaminari..? Hey..” he put a hand on the others shoulder. The blond tensed at his touch. His knees jerked up to his chest and Shinsou swiftly moved his free hand to stop them. He let out a heavy sigh and slowly pushed the others knees back down. The last thing either of them needed was for Kaminari’s stitches to be ripped by sudden movements. His muffled crying is better than sharp screams, although Shinsou wasn’t fond of either option.

What was he supposed to do?

He could wake him up, for one. He wasn’t sure how Kaminari would feel about being forced awake, even if it was from a nightmare. Would he feel ashamed for interrupting his sleep with his crying? Probably. Would he try to brush off the whole thing and pretend he was fine? Most likely. After debating the options and playing out multiple scenarios in his head, Shinsou came to a decision.

Hesitantly, Shinsou laid back down next to him. He snaked an arm under the others right side, then draped his left arm over his torso. This felt stupid. So incredibly stupid because Kaminari wouldn’t stop shaking.

His eyes closed as he nestled his face in the space between Kaminari’s neck and shoulder, where he awaited for his sobbing to grow louder, maybe even wake him from whatever nightmare he’s having. Maybe then he’d realize Shinsou was a horrible choice. Realize he’s as useless as he was the day he got injured. But it didn’t happen.

Shinsou only heard a few sniffles and murmurs, preceded by a small whine. Kaminari seemed to have calmed down a bit. Shinsou wasn’t exactly sure if it was his doing or if it happened naturally. However, he took it as a sign that he was helping, even if only a little.

Using a feather-light touch, he brushed golden hair behind his ear, “You’re okay… everything is alright now. You’re safe here,” he whispered to the sleeping boy. He knew it would do next to nothing to help, yet a small part of him thought it was necessary.

He watched over the other, silently stroking his hair until his sniffling subsided. It felt like hours before Kaminari stopped. It was only fifteen minutes.

Shinsou propped himself on his elbow to gaze down at the blond’s face. Despite sleeping soundly, his tear stained cheeks made him look tragic.

Without much thought, Shinsou found himself caressing Kaminari’s face, gently rubbing away the streaks his tears left. His heartbeat quickened as he felt the other nuzzle against his palm, bringing a smile to his face. He leaned down to plant a soft kiss on his temple and pulled the other into his embrace, “you’re safe with me, Denki…”


Late morning sunlight peeked through the hospital room, draping over the violet haired boy’s face. He raised a heavy hand to shield his eyes from the bright light and slowly sat up. With a groan, he opened his eyes. His gaze immediately locked on the brunette in the corner, watching him.

“Not boyfriends, my ass,” her surprisingly flat tone knocked all the sleep from his body and left him suddenly aware of the position he was in.

“I– he just had a nightmare last night,” Shinsou shook his head and swung his legs over the side of the bed, to face the girl staring at him. Her golden eyes dim and empty, as if all the joy had been sucked out of them. He furrowed his brow as he scanned over her exhausted body slumped in a chair, “Are you okay?”

Akiko gave a weak shrug and massaged the space between her brows, “No point in putting on a façade when Denki’s asleep.”

“Where’s your parents? Did they come too?”

“No. Mom forgot she had a board meeting today. She was running late, so dad had to give her a ride,” she took a deep breath and sighed, “it’s weird though.”

Shinsou blinked, waiting for Akiko to continue on her own, but she didn’t, “What’s weird about that? My dads get pulled into meetings all the time.”

“For starters, she’s a junior high science teacher, not a teacher at a hero school that seems to get attacked every few months,” she adjusted her position in her seat to face him and locked her unblinking gaze on Shinsou, “Secondly, she always writes down board meeting dates on the calendar, in the kitchen. I checked it before I came here. Nothing.”

“That’s probably why she forgot then. It’s not a big deal, is it?” He asked, hunching slightly to rest his elbows on his knees. He found his body still heavy from sleep and in need of leaning on something to avoid falling back onto the mattress.

“Maybe. Just didn’t believe her when she said it,” Akiko glanced over to the phones resting on the table by the bed, “Both your dads are heroes, right? Did either of them text you at all?”

“Last night? Not that I remember,” he reached over and took his phone to see no new messages, “nothing.”

“Huh,” she pushed herself out of the chair. By the popping of a few joints, Shinsou guessed she must’ve been sitting for a while, “Well, I’m going to the cafeteria. Can you try to wake Denki up before I come back?”

He looked back at the blond. He seemed so peaceful, it almost He a shame to wake him, but he agreed anyway, “Sure, I can do that.”

“Want anything? You one of those kids that drink coffee in the morning?”

“Coffee would be great. Thanks,” he gave a nod and received a weak smile from the others sister before she left.

It didn’t take much to wake Kaminari. Words were meaningless, but a few pokes to his gut startled him awake. Shinsou debated telling him about how cryptic his sister was earlier, but decided against it. It’s been less than two days, since he’s met her. He didn’t want to come off as if he were insulting her. Kaminari would be able to tell if something was out of the norm much easier than him.

When Akiko returned from her visit to the cafeteria, she and Kaminari quickly began a conversation. Shinsou remained quiet, in case she wanted to talk to Kaminari about what the two of them discussed earlier, but she never did. She mentioned their mother had a board meeting, when Kaminari asked about their parents, but that was the end of it. However, this time when she talked, her voice has her usual teasing and cheerful tone. Her eyes still looked empty to him, but she tried her best to convince her brother everything was fine.

Kaminari had suggested they put on the tv, that was mounted to the wall, but none of them really paid attention. Instead, he and Akiko would talk over the show, while Shinsou sipped on his coffee, switching between watching the screen and watching the siblings go back and forth. Their current topic of conversation was Akiko’s life in college. Shinsou ultimately decided to turn his full attention to the tv screen when Kaminari started asking about her girlfriend.

It couldn’t have been more than forty-five minutes when Kaminari’s doctor and Recovery Girl showed up. While Akiko left to wait in the hallway, Shinsou went to the bathroom to change and brush his teeth.

After he was done, he exited the room to see the whole Kaminari family in the room. Both of the blond’s parents were talking to him, while his sister was leaning against a wall. On his way to the door, Akiko stopped him with a hand to his chest. Before he could even ask, she answered.

“Your dads are here with the police, in the waiting room. They talked to our parents this morning,” she whispered, occasionally glancing over to her parents.

Shinsou hadn’t noticed before, but they both had that look Akiko did when Kaminari first woke up. Happy smiles, cheerful voices, but their eyes void of that same joy. Their mother’s eyes betrayed her the most. While her husband and Akiko’s eyes felt dull and empty, hers were vibrant and wet from tears she was holding back. Thankfully, Kaminari was currently engaged in a conversation with his father, so he hadn’t noticed.

“The police? Did something happen?” He asked in a hushed tone, not wanting to catch the blond boy’s attention.

“No idea. My dad said he’d tell me once we got home. You know more about this stuff than I do. What do you think it is?”

What did he think? Whatever it was, it couldn’t be good. One protruding thought was enough to send his anxiety sky high. No, he couldn’t listen to it. He’s over thinking this. No matter the situation, he couldn’t let his poisonous thoughts infect others.

Shinsou shrugged, “I’m sure the police just want to question us about the initial accident. I’m sure your parents are just nervous about it bringing up troubling memories for Denki.”

“You think so?”

He gave a nod, glancing back to the blond one last time before grabbing the doorknob, “I’ll talk to my dads. If there’s anything you need to know, I’ll tell you.”

Akiko smiled a bit and patted his back, “Thank you.”

Shinsou returned the smile, then left to go to the waiting room. It was relatively empty, except for his family and two police officers. Mic was dressed rather casually in a pair of sweatpants, a long sleeve top, and sandals, his long hair only half up. He sat in a chair next to a sleeping Eri, who was still in her pyjamas and hugging a stuffed rabbit as she leaned against him. Seemed they couldn’t wait for Togata to come over and watch her while they attended to whatever business this was, he thought. He glanced around the hall to see Aizawa, in his sleep attire, speaking to an officer. It didn’t surprise him that Mic was the only one who cared about getting dressed.

He found himself a seat on the opposite side of Eri and let out a sigh. He couldn’t talk to Aizawa at the moment. Hopefully Mic had a grasp on what was going on.

“Why are the police here?”

Mic’s head perked up at his son’s voice, his hand ceasing from aimlessly fiddling with his hair, “oh, hey, ‘Toshi. How’d you sleep? Probably not too comfortable in one of these chairs, huh?”

His eyes slitted at his father’s avoidance, “I slept fine. Little stiff, but I’ll live. Why are the police here?”

“Listen, I don’t really want to get into that right now,” Mic sighed as he massaged his temple, “We can talk about work later, when we don’t have Eri present.”


Shinsou looked to Aizawa and the now silent officers. Despite not doing anything wrong, he felt guilty under their gaze. He walked to his father’s side and scratched the back of his head, “Are you going to tell me what’s going on? Kaminari’s sister was wondering and I said I’d let her know if it was anything important.”

Aizawa took a deep breath, arms raising to cross over his chest, and sighed heavily. The next words that came out of his mouth echoed Shinsou’s thoughts from earlier. That vile idea, the one he saw as simply the most outlandish thought his anxiety could conjure, came true.

He was speaking again. Shinsou could see his lips move, but his brain had long tuned out everything around him to fixate on his father’s previous words.

“She escaped.”

Two words were enough to send his mind into a never ending spiral of toxic thoughts and horror inducing scenarios. His brain would stop at nothing to send him into a state of paranoia.

A firm hand grasped his shoulder, forcefully tugging him back to reality, followed by the gruff voice of his father, “Hitoshi, listen to me.”

Shinsou blinked, his eyes focusing on Aizawa in front of him.

“We don’t think she’ll target either of you, but we had to inform his parents. We’ve given them the choice of letting Kaminari come back to U.A. and be monitored closely by Recovery Girl there or to keep him home and let him heal on his own, without her speeding the recovery period. We can’t risk not having a school nurse right now. We don’t know if the League will be planning anything, but we want to be prepared.”

“But… but if he stays home–”

“They don’t know where he lives, Hitoshi,” Aizawa shook his head, “there’s pros and cons to both options, but if his parents want him to stay home for the time being, then he will.”

“His parents can’t fend of villains! He can hardly use his quirk without hurting himself right now!” He snapped back. Shinsou’s face grew hot with shame at the sight of the surprised look on his father’s face. He didn’t even want to imagine the look on Mic’s face after his little outburst. He let out a shaky sigh as he balled the end of his shirt into his hands, “I know that the school will most likely be the target, if the League is planning something, but being around heroes is better than nothing.”

Aizawa ran his fingers through his hair, brushing back his bangs, with a low grunt, “Hitoshi, I know you’re worried, but this isn’t up to me. All I can do is wait for his parents to make a decision.”

Shinsou knew what they’d chose. Nobuyuki and Akemi were nothing but sweet, doting parents who wanted their son to be safe. They didn’t hesitate to bring Kaminari home after the initial incident. If they thought he’d be at risk, without the ability to defend himself, then the outcome is undeniable.

Kaminari isn’t coming back to school.

Chapter Text

Kaminari twiddled his pencil between his fingers, his eyes glued to the ceiling. Nothing felt real. Not his bed, not his hands, not even the pasty, popcorn like ceiling he’s been staring at for what felt like hours. This feeling wasn’t out of the ordinary for him, but it certainly wasn’t welcome. A sort of numbness that cloaked his body and restricted him to zombie-like movements. He wondered how long he’d be in this state.

“Denki,” an annoyed, raspy voice rang through his ears. After a second of delay, Kaminari pushed himself up into a seated position, the action slow and lazy.

Bakugo stared at him, his legs crossed at the ankle as his feet rested on Kaminari’s desk, “you’ve been zoning in an out all day.”

“Have I? Hah,” he gave a weak laugh and pressed the eraser of his pencil to his cheek, “sorry, I guess I’m just not in the right mindset for studying.”

“You know Aizawa isn’t going to let you get away with not doing your work. Just because you’re hurt doesn’t mean he’s going to go easy on you. If that were true, then Deku would be getting easy A’s every two days,” he huffed as he crossed his arms over his chest.

“Heh, easy A,” he snorted, his faint smile quickly fading as the image of Midoriya in a skimpy black dress flashed across his mind. Kaminari smacked his palm against his forehead with a soft whine, “Emma Stone’s been ruined for me..”

“Serves you right. Your mom says you’ve been in a rut ever since Aizawa took Shinsou home, yesterday morning,” Bakugo closed his notebook and sighed, lowering his legs, “Is this seriously because of him?”

“It’s not all because of him. Maybe a good chunk, but sometimes my brain just won’t focus either. You know that.”

“I know you won’t take your meds because you’re scared they’re going to get all screwy due to the pills the doctor gave ya for your infection,” Bakugo grunted, visibly unimpressed by the other, “that’s why it can’t focus. It’s got no support. You being all mopey over some guy isn’t helping either.”

“Hey, you don’t know if it’ll be like the bong incident!” Kaminari whined, “And I’m not mopey!”

“There’s no weed in your fucking prescription! You’ll be fine!” Bakugo spat back at him. He took a deep breath, running his fingers through ash blond hair as he exhaled, “Listen, maybe bringing up your medication was kinda shitty of me. You’ve got a decent reason to be worried.”

Kaminari pouted a bit and sighed softly, “I accept your sort-of-apology.”

“Cram it,” Bakugo glared at the other, “I’m not done. You’ve at least got some brains, you know you’re not acting this entirely because of your ADHD. Part of it’s still about Shinsou.”

Kaminari opened his mouth to argue, but only let out a defeated groan, “I’m not in the mood to hear you complain about how dumb I am for thinking about him right now.”

“That’s not why you’re an idiot this time. You keep waiting for him to make the first move, like some hopeless thirteen year old,” he remarked as he focused on a pencil he began to fiddle with, “He’s not the type to make the first move. Find yourself a pair of balls and ask him out.”

“But what if he says no?”

“Oh, are you fucking kidding me?” He grumbled, his voice growing more agitated, “He’s not going to say no! He likes you, dipshit! He isn’t going to say no!” Bakugo set down the pencil and pushed himself out of the chair, towards Kaminari, in one swift motion. Before Kaminari could protest, he snatched his phone from his side to skim through his contacts.

“Hey, would you quit it?!” Kaminari reached up for his phone, only to be met with Bakugo’s palm against his face. He grumbled and dropped his arms, “I hate you.”

“You’ll thank me in a second,” he pursed his lips with a hum. After a few clicks, he handed Kaminari back his phone, “Make up your mind quick, I called him.”

“Wha–? Oh, you ass!” He shoved his friend’s side, failing to make the other budge in the slightest. With slight hesitation, Kaminari held his phone up to his ear and anxiously listened to each ring. One ring. Two. Three. Finally, the call was answered on the fourth ring and Kaminari felt his heart leap out of his chest.

“Hello?” Shinsou’s voice echoed through Kaminari’s mind, bringing a smile to his face.

“Hey,” the blond chuckled softly, his grin widening, “I know you were, like, just here and you’re probably busy, but I wanted to ask you something.”

“Uhh… okay. What is it?”

Kaminari glanced over at Bakugo and watched him give a slight nod, encouraging him to continue. Kaminari rubbed the back of his neck as he turned his gaze away from his friend, “I just wanted to ask if you’d want to go on a date with me?”