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Neito wasn’t particularly interested in spending his free time—or rather wasting it—fretting about unnecessary things, like whether or not other people in his grade were passing their classes or not. But he did have a little soft spot for Kirishima Eijirou. It might have been the fact that Kirishima so resembled Neito’s own friend, Tetsutetsu, or that the blond felt a sort of kinship with the redhead as a fellow first-year omega at UA. Though Tetsutetsu wasn’t quite a friend per se; he was Neito’s classmate Itsuka’s alpha. He was excitable and didn’t have the best of manners but he meant well. Like a large dog that was a bit too eager to make friends. Annoying but cute.


Regardless of the reason, when the teen cornered him at lunch to beg for help in his studies with those big puppy dog eyes of his, Neito had relented after only a moment’s hesitation. He didn’t exactly know Kirishima all that well, after all, and they weren’t in the same class. But they did share the same course load, so Neito agreed to help him anyway. It was the right thing to do. No point in sitting back and watching the boy fail when Neito had the free time and the academic skill to help him pass.


It hadn’t occurred to him that accepting the role of Kirishima’s tutor would be a weekly commitment. And yet here Neito was, scheduling their third tutoring session of this month. He penned it in his calendar three days before his heat was due to arrive, figuring that would give him plenty of time to air out any residual scent from his fellow omega and give him enough time to set up his nest. It wasn’t that Kirishima smelled bad or anything. In fact, Neito quite enjoyed the other’s scent. It was (to use the redhead’s own favorite terminology) manly ; iron mixed with sandalwood, and bay rum. Often coupled with the tang of sweat, as the other omega loved to workout.


The blond was used to his nest smelling only of himself and his Pet, Shinsou Hitoshi, in the room however. Since the beginning of the era of secondary genders, when humans first evolved to better repopulate the earth in the aftermath of a worldwide plague that swept through both humans and wildlife alike, alphas and omega have gravitated towards each other and Neito and Hitoshi were no exception.


When the secondary genders first appeared, omegas were the first to appear; males and females alike displaying increased levels of fertility during their heat periods and developing alluring scents to attract partners. Betas and alphas senses were improved to better identify and defend omegas during their estrus and pregnancy. Though for reasons still undefinable even in the present-day, alphas developed their own scents and boasted higher fertility rates as well thanks to their knots and increased sperm count, greater strength, and improved stamina in comparison to betas. Due to this, omegas and alphas tended to pair up more often and more frequently, whereas most betas found love and companionship with each other.


As the population stabilized, the need for the widespread and near constant impregnation of omega dwindled and more of them turned to relationships with other omegas and betas. The changes in the human biology couldn’t be changed so easily, however. The physiology of this new strain of people was too different. Scientific developments created specialized contraceptives and blockers for omegas to use to limit pregnancy rates across the world. Unfortunately, alphan biology hadn’t responded to any products and their proclivity for aggressive behavior and the need to mate during their ruts—which occurred monthly, as omegas heats did, unless triggered early—created a plethora of problems. The only feasible way to soothe and control an alpha was to secure them with an omega.


Thus, omegas were given alpha as Pets, to be used as heat aids and assistants in order to curb their more unpleasant behaviors. As time went on, society learned other methods to help alphas settle but the dynamic established between omega masters and alpha Pets continued to be the most viable and popular way to keep alphas in line. And with alpha’s knots being the best way and most enjoyable way to satiate omegas’ heats, the concept of Pets remained. Alphas were fully subservient to omegas and were owned by both unattached omegas and those with other partners.


Neito happened to appreciate monogamy. He loved his Pet and didn’t see the need to look for any other type of companionship. Hitoshi was a handsome alpha, one that looked good in his black leather collar and even better with his face buried in Neito’s ass, his soft leash wound around Neito’s fist to tug him as close and possible. He likes to smother his Pet, drown the boy in his slick until Neito’s cum at least once before he lets the alpha fuck him. It’s difficult for Neito to be truly satiated without a good knot, after all. It was really lucky that he discovered the right pet Pet when he started high school.


He didn’t have to test alpha after alpha to find one that suited him. His parents bought Hitoshi outright as soon as the boy’s eyes met in the local government Pet facility. The long list of profiles for the available alphas at the facility had been tedious to go through. But after Neito had narrowed the selection to just four alphas and Hitoshi had walked in, the last of the bunch, the omega had been overwhelmed with an immediate and intense sensation of desire.


When those indigo eyes met his own and the alpha’s lips twitched upward into a dangerously charming smirk—like he knew something no one else did, or like he could read everyone’s mind just from the look on their face—Neito knew that he needed to own Hitoshi. Needed to bring that boy to his knees and fuck himself on that cock until that smug mouth was drooling and his knot popped into Neito’s ass and pumped him deliciously full of hot, thick cum. His parents purchased Hitoshi and filed the paperwork necessary to own a new Pet within the hour.


Neito had honestly been surprised Hitoshi wasn’t snatched up earlier but discovered that the alpha had presented a little later than most did. Meaning he’d not had as much time as the others to be broken in by the facility. Which Neito preferred; it meant he’d get to train him himself. Neito wasn’t fond of the alphas that rolled over for anyone. He wanted an alpha that was addicted to Neito and Neito alone. Hitoshi did not disappoint. Within the first week, he’d learned to eat the omega out just the way he liked and after another two, Hitoshi was capable of cumming on command. Such a good boy.


Hitoshi was also fun to talk with, his voice having a notably deep and rich timbre that Neito loved. He also had a penchant for storytelling; Neito enjoyed curling up together at night, his hands idly carding through Hitoshi’s soft hair as the alpha’s voice washed over him and lulled him to sleep. Hitoshi was honestly the perfect Pet both in and outside of the bedroom, helping Neito through his heats, never talking too much or too little. It helped that Hitoshi was predominantly asocial as well, not interested in conversing past the bare minimum with people outside of his few friends and his owner.


And in public, Hitoshi always made sure to display his collar, proudly showing the world that he was Neito’s and wouldn’t respond to advances from any other interested omegas. It wasn’t uncommon for unattached alphas to be solicited on the street if they didn’t bear a collar on their neck. Hence why most alphas went the traditional route and signed up for their local Pet center; it essentially guaranteed they’d find an owner within the first year or so after their first rut. The collar of a Pet always born the name of their omega owner for both identification purposes and to satisfy the possessive streak inherent in all omegas.


Hitoshi smelled surprisingly sweet for an alpha, too. Like mocha latte. Rich and delicious. It was pleasant enough day-to-day, but it was absolutely mouth-watering during Neito’s heats when that sweetness took on a muskier, darker note as the alpha’s rut was triggered. And in the throes of passion, when their mixed scent settled around them both like a hot heavy cloud and Neito’s eyes rolled as that thick knot swelled inside and—well, the point was that Hitoshi smelled nice and Neito had found the perfect alpha for himself.


When the day for the tutoring session rolled around, Neito expected things to go roughly the same way they always did. He’d invite Kirishima inside his dorm room, they’d chat a bit about what areas the redhead was struggling with or believed he needed the most help in and then they’d set out to work through it all step-by-step. Hitoshi would likely on the bed next to Neito, soaking up the sun rays through the balcony window like a lazy cat, only making his presence known when he got up to head to the bathroom or fetch the omegas something to drink and snack on while they poured over their notes.


Hitoshi was gradually warming up to Kirishima, though. If he was awake, he’d offer up his own explanations of certain difficult problems when Neito had trouble finding the right words to make it all click in Kirishima’s mind. The alpha was quite intelligent in his own right; Neito wouldn’t have settled for anything less. Alphas like Tetsutetsu who were more brawn than brain weren’t really his type. Conveniently enough though, Neito’s Pet was a nice blend of intellect and physical prowess, keeping himself both sharp and fit for Neito. Another reason Neito felt lucky to have bought the alpha rather than any other.


Someone like Kirishima’s Pet. If you could even call Bakugou that. The blond alpha was loud, uncouth, and nearly every word that came out of his mouth was offensive and bracketed by one vulgar word or another. Bakugou was only kind and appropriately submissive to his master and even then he was always so rough and aggressive about everything. More like the stereotypical alphas of the past. It suited the redhead’s tastes but Neito just thought the shark-toothed omega was too lenient with his alpha. But every omega was entitled to treat their alpha the way they saw fit, so Neito didn’t critique Kirishima’s style of ownership. At least not out loud.


Kirishima never brought Bakugou with him during their tutoring sessions, though. Bakugou normally spent that time fighting other alphas in the courtyard to keep his fighting skills sharp and assert his dominance. And according to Kirishima, it helped curb is general aggression and get him to work off his excess energy. Neito didn’t even want to know what the alpha was like when he hadn’t got a good exercise in if that was the case. It was honestly a surprise the alpha hadn’t destroyed some part of the school property yet.


He was the definition of a savage but again, that brutish behavior was like catnip to his omega. The few times Neito had seen Bakugou coming inside, drenched in sweat and grinning with a bruise forming low on his jaw or his knuckles specked in red from some other Pet, Kirishima’s scent spiked with arousal and he dragged the alpha to his dorm room with a tight grip on the alpha’s leash. Neito didn’t see the appeal of fighting all the time and certainly didn’t want his own alpha rolling in the dirt like a pig. But to each his own.


The point was, Bakugou hadn’t ever attended Kirishima’s tutoring sessions...until today. Neito opened the door and immediately Bakugou shouldered past him to squat on the floor against the bed, pushing Hitoshi’s dangling feet out of his way to do so. His smoky aroma of burning cedarwood and black pepper permeating the room without reservation. It poured out of the alpha’s scent glands like an actual forest fire was making its way through Neito’s room. Kirishima was just behind him, holding a folder with his latest homework assignments and a book of his notes.


Ostensibly irritated by either the way Bakugou barged into the room without so much as an “excuse me” directed at Neito or the forceful disruption of his comfort, Hitoshi’s alpha canines bared in aggravation and he growled low and dangerous at the other alpha. Kirishima was quick to smooth things over when Bakugou started growling as well, rushing forward with an apologetic smile and tossing his things haphazardly on the bed and tugging out a dark red leash from the pocket of his basketball shorts. He secured the leash onto Bakugou’s matching collar.


Then, Kirishima promptly yanked the alpha roughly back as the blond gnashed his teeth. At the same time, Neito crossed to sit beside Hitoshi on the bed and a gentle touch to the alpha’s shoulder had his growls ceasing and fangs retracting. “Katsuki! I’m so sorry about this. There’s a club holding some event in the courtyard so I figured Katsuki could just join us here instead of being left alone in my room. I should have texted you about it beforehand. And this one had been behaving just fine all day but he hates changes in his routine. You know how it is. But that’s no excuse bad behavior. Really, I’m so sorry, dude. My bad.”


“Fucking take this piece of shit collar off, Eijirou! Bitch thinks he can fucking growl at me, I’ll knock his shitty teeth down his fucking throat!” Bakugou snarled.


“Katsuki, enough!” Kirishima said sharply and Bakugou’s lips twitched but he dutifully shifted to sit in the traditional Pet pose next to his master on Kirishima’s dominant side, palms flat on the ground in front him and his arm flush with the redhead’s leg as he awaited orders. Kirishima brought a hand down to the back of the boy’s neck and gripped it lightly, warningly. “Apologize, Katsuki. Neito’s helping me with my studies and I don’t need you interfering with that because of your alpha posturing.”


“I can fucking help you with your studies,” Bakugou grumbled and the hand on his neck moved up to ruffle his hair affectionately. “You could. But I also like spending time with my friend here and you should respect that. I shouldn’t have to order you to behave around people all the time, Katsuki,” the omega reprimanded lightly. Too lightly, if you asked Neito. This is precisely why Bakugou continually acted out; he knew he could get away with little more than a stern talking to.


Neito suspected it was because Bakugou hadn’t been bought at a facility and thus hadn’t been trained. The two had been running partners when Kirishima’s first heat suddenly hit early in the morning and they’d fucked right there in the dirt on a hiking trail. At least that was what the others on campus had said about the couple. Neito never bothered to confirm it by asking Kirishima directly. The lack of any formal training in Bakugou, even the bare minimum, could be easily explained if that was the case.


But surprisingly, Bakugou bowed his head down low and spit out a gruff apology to Neito and Hitoshi. Even more incredible was that it sounded sincere. Perhaps Neito was too quick to judge. Bakugou may not have been the perfect Pet for his own tastes, but clearly, the dynamic he had with Kirishima worked well enough for the couple. Kirishima looked so proud when the rough alpha displayed submission like that, the same kind of pride in his eyes that Neito felt when Hitoshi impressed him with his intuitiveness to fulfill Neito’s needs and desires before he even opened his mouth.


Neito cleared his throat, nodding at the pair, “It’s quite alright. Like you said, no one finds changes to their routine all that enjoyable. Still, I hope we can get through your work without more interruptions.” He glanced at Hitoshi and the boy was up and opening the balcony door slightly to let out some of the intense aroma Bakugou emitted and bring some fresh air into the room. It was a little on the warm side today. Neito smiled at him and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek in thanks when the boy returned to his side.


Kirishima flashed Neito a bright grin. “Yeah, totally! Ready to learn, Monoma! Let’s get this done. Katsuki,” he added, voice taking on that no-nonsense tone again as Bakugou tilted his face up to meet his owner’s eyes and indicate he was listening, “I want you to stay in front of the door. If you hadn’t upset me earlier I might have allowed you at the foot of the bed or even on it next to me, with Neito’s permission, but you lost that right.”


Bakugou nodded. “Yes, omega. What position?” he asked for clarity. Perhaps that was the appeal in having such a feisty, vicious alpha; the submission was all the sweeter. Neito wouldn’t trade Hitoshi for anything in the world (and wasn’t interested in getting another Pet anytime soon, if ever at all) but at least he started to understand where Kirishima was coming from. At least to some extent. “Planks and push-ups. You need to direct your tension into something useful. Two-minute intervals until I stop you, understand?”


Hmm. That was an interesting punishment. Though it did explain the blond’s admittedly impressive abs. Kirishima dropped the leash rather than unhooking it and Bakugou crawled over to spread himself out perpendicular to the door, the leash dragged along the floor with him. He settled himself into the first plank wordlessly with his red eyes focused on the ground and his mouth in a thin line as he concentrated. Maybe Neito should tell Hitoshi to add planking to his training regime. Strengthen up his core a bit more.


Neito grabbed Kirishima’s things and opened up the folder. “Start with math again and go from there?” he asked, directing their attention away from the blond. Kirishima nodded, “Sounds good! There was something like halfway down the page about coefficient of something?” Neito nodded as he pulled out the sheet, “Coefficient of variation. We covered that in Vlad-sensei’s class on...Thursday, I think. Let me find the notes for it. Hmm, sample mean, standard deviation, ah, found it. Ahem, ah, Hitoshi? It’s still warm, could you—mmm.”


He cut himself off as Hitoshi leaned into his space, sharp eyes locked on Neito’s neck. “Forgive my impudence, the way you have with that other alpha, but your scent is sweetening. I think it may be best to reschedule.” There was a clear dislike in his tone of voice when he referenced Katsuki but his words were otherwise deferential as he spoke to his master. And as rich and full as they rolled down Neito’s spine as always. The blond almost lost himself for a moment and had to blink away the sudden haze over his eyes.


He huffed and brushed off the warning, “Nonsense. I’m not due for a heat in another three days, two at the earliest, look at the calendar and don’t be a fool. Now then, we were on Chi-square tests, right? I think that was on page 300-something or other. Where’s my textbook? I just had it.” Neito didn’t need to be distracted, he was helping his friend Kirishima today, not indulging in the fantasies of his misguided Pet.


His throat felt dry when he spoke, though. The warmth of the room must be sucking up all the moisture. He should have Hitoshi fetch a water bottle from the mini-fridge. No sooner had he thought the words than his Pet was pulling out a water bottle and pressing it’s cool side to Neito’s warm face with a soft, “I’ve only got your best interests in mind, omega, I don’t mean to overstep.” Neito cradled the bottle to his face and neck and offered his Pet a wry look. “I assure you, I know what I’m talking about. It’s just a little hot in here, I’m not going into heat .”


Kirishima shifted slightly in place, “Ah, um, maybe he’s right. Pets are sensitive to even small changes in their omega’s; Katsuki always can tell when I’m about to go into heat.”


“And you can be damn sure he’ll trigger yours , Eijirou, if you fucking sit there and he starts slicking,” Bakugou interjected, falling out of his third plank and starting the next round of push-ups without moving his eyes away from the floor. Kirishima nodded, though he frowned at the alpha, “No talking, Katsuki. I don’t want to have to punish you again. Have I made myself clear?” Bakugou nods, a drop of sweat from his forehead dripping to the floor.


“He’s right though, I should get going if you’re gonna slick. No offense, but it would suck if I got my heat and wasn’t in my nest, you know? Not that yours isn’t nice. I’m sure it is. Got a big comfy bed here and you and Shinsou smell good together. Like a coffee shop but one that’s like...bright? Like warm and stuff. But also manly. I dunno. It’s good. But anyway, if you’re free tomorrow maybe, that’d be cool? I’ll probably get 40’s on all this homework, but we’ll just have to wait and see. We can go over what I bombed at before the test next week.” He laughed breezily as he rose to his feet and gathered his things. Unfortunately, he barely made it three steps before he dropped it all on the floor with a soft thud.


Behind Kirishima, Neito had spilled his water bottle as he drank, wetting his shirt but it was nothing compared to the wetness spreading from his ass. “Well, fuck,” Neito said with an almost detached tone. Hitoshi gave him a look that clearly said I told you so but didn’t say anything, which a testament to both his own self-control and Neito’s skills at honing said control. The blond omega was not at all pleased by the turn of events, however. He ordered Hitoshi to grab his own leash and kneel on the bed behind him, pushing his own material off with an irritated sweep of his arm.


Three days! Three days left, but of course, his heat would hit early. Neito glared at the spiky-haired alpha across the room; he was sure it was his fault, the boy exuding enough pheromones to take down a small rhino as soon he walked in. It must have tipped Neito over the edge sooner than he anticipated. Kirishima saw the heavy gaze and had the decency to look sheepish. “Ahh, sorry, dude. I just realized this was probably because of us, huh?”


“I don’t want to dignify that with a response, Kirishima. You aren’t stupid,” Neito said as he removed his damp shirt with a frown. He hated when his plans fell apart; perhaps he had more in common with the crimson-eyed alpha than he thought. Which would have been more upsetting if Neito’s mind wasn’t beginning to narrow down to the simple thoughts of fuck , knot , and breed . “Now you really ought to leave unless you want to start your heat, too. Hitoshi. Naked. Bed. Now.” The purple-haired alpha began to strip.


Kirishima bit his lower lip (Neito was worried those knife-like teeth would tear him but they didn’t even draw blood) and he turned back around to face Neito. “You see I would, normally. Do that. Leave. But uhhhh—” the redhead trailed off.


Neito inhaled, taking in the scent of arousal in the air from not just himself but his fellow omega. Of course. He also noticed the sheen of slick glistening on his legs. If that didn’t tip Neito off on the fact that Kirishima’s heat had been triggered in response to his own, then the obvious bulge in Bakugou’s baggy pants as he moved to lap the slick from his master’s skin surely cemented it. Pets, even brutish alphas like Bakugou, wouldn’t disobey their omega’s direct orders for anything but the omega’s wellbeing. If their omega was in danger or heat, the alpha would act to protect or satisfy them first and foremost.


“Well, fuck,” Neito repeated, “Just...fine stay here. You’re guests, so you can take part of the bed. The lower half.” He wasn’t going to make them fuck on the floor or out in the hallway just because having two strong alphas in close quarters ruined his heat schedule. Neito thought of Kirishima as a friend, after all, and an omega would never turn their backs on another no matter the circumstance. Moreover, he didn’t think he was going to have the sense of mind to extend such an offer to the boy in the future when they were being railed hard by their alphas. Neito removed his pants and briefs in hurried movements before getting on his hands and knees, facing the wall.


As Kirishima stumbled forward as he stripped out of his own clothes, Bakugou right behind him to licking his legs clean with every fresh drip of slick before it could hit and stain the throw rug, Neito wrapped Hitoshi’s leash around his fist and tugged hard. The force of the pull and the unspoken command it delivered brought Hitoshi to his knees just before the bed and the alpha buried his face in Neito’s ass immediately, used to that position. Hands gripping Neito’s cheeks to spread him wide and delving his tongue into his master’s hole with gusto, sucking up slick and humming to add more stimulation to Neito’s sensitive rim.


“That’s it, alpha. Stretch me open nice and wide,” Neito purred, angling his ass up and back into Hitoshi’s face. The alpha brought his hand up to fondle the omega’s smooth balls, rolling them deftly and lightly pinching the space between them until Neito’s precum leaked down onto the bed. Kirishima surprisingly seemed to be getting overwhelmed by his heat faster. He didn’t even make it up onto the bed next to Neito, falling down just beside where Hitoshi knelt instead. His forehead met the side of the mattress and ground against it, a high keen making the blond alpha rumble and pull his master’s shorts and boxers down quickly to shove a finger inside Kirishima’s ass.


Neito was tugging the leash in time with every thrust of Hitoshi’s tongue inside him, moaning at how good his Pet was. He was only slightly distracted by the sound of snarls behind him and he twisted his head to blink through the fog of hormones and pleasure to see what the commotion was about. He was rewarded with the sight of Kirishima’s bare, muscular back as the omega snapped his teeth at his Pet and growled, grinding his naked ass against the alpha’s rock hard cock.


“Don’t touch me without clear permission, Katsuki,” the redhead said darkly even as he smeared his slick on the alpha’s flushed dick, “you’ve been nothing but troublesome for the past hour and it’s pissing me off. Keep your hands to yourself, alpha, or else.” Bakugou’s arms extended far apart, hands curling into claws that dug into the floor on either side of him as he struggled not to touch Kirishima. His teeth were clenched tight and though his dick twitched in the wet cleft of Kirishima’s ass he refrained from thrusting up into the tantalizing pleasure.


Bakugou’s knot was already swelling at the base as he tilted his head to the side to reveal his scent gland and the sensitive skin of his neck in a show of submission and vulnerability. An apology for his actions, a silent promise to do better for his master with the right guidance. It pacified the aggressive omega to some extent and Kirishima leaned down to scrape his teeth along Bakugou’s neck with a pleased little purr. His rough grinding became more focused, the roll of hips on top of Bakugou gentling to make it easier for the redhead to guide the tip of his Pet’s cock inside his waiting hole.


The sight of Kirishima’s ass greedily devouring Bakugou’s cock in one fluid hard thrust down made Neito’s own cocklet and hole throb with want, clenching down as hard as he could around Hitoshi’s tongue as he fumbled a hand back to tug his Pet up by the hair. Hitoshi gave one last harsh suck to drink up a fresh wave of slick before he pulled away with wet lips and a delightfully feral grin. He stood and gripped his shaft, pressing the head of his cock to Neito’s entrance and rubbing insistent little circles into it until Neito tugged on his leash again. Then the alpha was shoving himself in. Feeding Neito that beautiful cock inch by perfect inch until his balls tapped against Neito’s ass.


Hitoshi stilled there, awaiting orders though his pupils were blown wide as he stared at where they were connected and his cock twitched with the need to move. “Ohhhh, fuck,” Neito breathed, eyes fluttering shut at the feel of being filled. He crawled closer to the wall, Hitoshi following him smoothly to rest his knees on the edge of the bed without pulling out. “Fuck me, Hitoshi, now, ” the omega demanded and his Pet gripped Neito’s hips hard and began to thrust. Each push of his pelvis sent Neito forward a bit and Hitoshi used his grip to pull his master back onto his cock.


The alpha fucked him just the way Neito needed during a heat, following the pace set by the way he tugged the leash. Two sharp tugs meant go faster, one for slower (though that was hardly ever used in the first few days of heat.) Hitoshi didn’t speak, only releasing grunts and growling at the mixture of pleasure and pain when his collar tightened with Neito’s insistent pulls and the omega clamped down on him. With each thrust forward, the wet slap of his balls—coated in Neito’s slick—seemed to get louder and louder in unison with the omega’s voice. And Hitoshi’s knot grew and grew, the thick swell of it abusing Neito’s rim more and more as it was tugged out and then rammed back in.


Behind them, Kirishima was fucking himself down hard on Bakugou’s cock as he licked a few drops of blood from his mouth. He certainly put those sharp teeth to use, clear bite marks scattered all over Bakugou’s chest and saliva and fraying around the Pet’s collar that indicated he’d attacked that area too. Bakugou’s alpha canines were bared but not in aggression, only pleasure as he groaned at the dual assault on his senses from the tight heat encasing his dick and the way Kirishima’s palms roughly massaged his broad chest in tight circles as the omega bounced himself up and down.


“Omega, shit, Eijirou!! Fuck, you feel so good on my cock, baby. Nnngh! Wanna fill you up so fucking bad. Wanna breed you. Omega, fuck, let me move. Just let me fucking touch you. Eijirou, come on.” Kirishima shook his head, one hand coming up to muss up his own hair before he wrapped the leash around it and bent down to bite lightly at Bakugou’s bottom lip. He didn’t draw blood that time but he sucked hard on Bakugou’s lip before releasing it with a pop and a devilish smile. “You haven’t, ahh, hnn, haven’t earned it yet, Katsuki.”


“Fucking bullshit, I just want you to feel good.” Bakugou’s thighs shook from the strain of not just fucking up into his omega. Kirishima pulled away and switched from bouncing to grinding, rolling hips in place and seemed content to ignore Bakugou’s loud complaints. Not once did the alpha beg with a word like please, leading Neito to believe that this was some sort of power play that the two had. A test of will. Who would break first. As stubborn and violent as Bakugou came across, there was absolutely no way that the omega would lose that contest. Omegas owned Pets for a reason after all; Bakugou might be prideful, but a Pet would never have control over Omega.


Although as manly as Kirishima always wanted to be, a part of Neito was surprised to see the amiable young man so aggressively dominant during sex. Not that Neito was paying much attention to them, preoccupied as he was by his own alpha. Hitoshi was steadily pushing against his prostate with each thrust now and it was driving Neito insane. He needed more contact, though, needed to feel the strength of his Pet’s movements with his whole body. Neito pressed his chest down flat to the bed and stretched his fists forward to press against the wall.


Ever in tuned to his desires after such thorough training, Hitoshi moved his arms up from his owner’s hips to the boy’s waist, clinging onto him so that his chest was flush with Neito’s back. He brought his left leg up onto the bed to change the angle of his thrusting and hit Neito’s good spot with even more accuracy and intensity. He pounded into him like a dog and whined like one too when Neito rewarded him by tightening up and cumming, crying out his name. Hitoshi didn’t stop fucking him for a second, though he began to beg in a soft whisper. “Let me cum, please. Neito, master, I need to cum. I need it so badly. Let me fill you, please. Omega, I’m begging.”


Neito moaned at the thought of his stomach filling with heat, Hitoshi pouring every last drop of cum inside him. His pet knew better than to cum without his permission and he was so proud of the boy. He tilted his head slightly to look over his shoulder as he panted, rising up on one hand with the other dropping the leash to come up and cradle his Pet’s head as Hitoshi grunted and thrust jerkily inside him. His knot had swollen to the point he could no longer tug it back out but he’d yet to release the steady stream of cum and he’d started grinding his teeth together in impatience.


Bakugou wasn’t in much better shape on the floor, Kirishima clasping his face and cooing at him just a bit too sweetly for his tone to be taken for anything other than condescending. “Say it, Katsuki. Say it and you can cum.” The redhead had already spent himself at least twice just using his alpha’s body to get off, judging by the mess of sticky cum on their torsos. Bakugou growled, “Fuck! Yes, yes! Alright, fucking please , omega, let me fuck you. Eiji, please!”


“Was hard?” Kirishima panted, “Go ahead and touch—ah!!” He barely got the words out before Bakugou was grabbing him and pushing him down, a hand cradling his head so the omega didn’t hit down too hard but he didn’t extend that gentleness to his thrusting. Bakugou fucked into Kirishima rough and fast, snarling above him about how he was gonna breed him so good. Gonna knock him up nice. “Fucking so tight, Eiji! Fuck, take it, take my knot Eiji. Feels fucking amazing inside you, omega. Shit!”


“Such a good boy for me, Toshi,” Neito purred fondly. “Good boys can last longer than this though, hmm? Don’t tell me I put all that effort into training you and it culminated in a weak little Pet?” His breath was punched out of him as Hitoshi growled and lifted him off the bed, only for the alpha to sit back down on the bed, his cock managing to push deeper inside of his omega. Hitoshi’s hot panting right in his ear. “Better, master?” he asked one arm holding Neito tight to him and the other shifting to fondle Neito’s wet cocklet.


“Good boy, good boy!” Neito praised, tightening up and grinding as his eyes rolled back while he came a second time. “That’s right, make me cum, Toshi! Fuck! One more, one more and I’ll let you cum.” Hitoshi’s grunts were trailing off into whines now as he furiously jerked Neito’s cock and tried to keep up a steady pace as his knot throbbed painfully in the tight wet heat of his owner’s ass. “Come on, come on, come onnnn,” he repeated like a mantra, “Spill into my hand. Omega, please. I need to breed you, Neito! Fuck!”


“I know, nnngh, nggh, right there, right there. I’m gonna cum, Toshi. I’m cumming! Cumming! You too, you—ahhh, ahh! Alphaaa!” Neito’s body tipped forward, his Pet’s arm on his torso the only thing keeping him from doubling over completely as he came again. Hitoshi gripped him tight and let out a deep sigh of relief as he was finally given permission to cum. Bakugou came almost at the same time with a growl, Kirishima’s back arching on the floor as he added to the mess on his heaving chest.


The omegas caught their breath for a few moments, Neito shaking slightly in the aftermath of his orgasm. They’d be locked on their Pets’ knots for a while anyway, so it wasn’t like they could get up and move. Hitoshi did his best to clean him up with their limited movement, scooping up some of Neito’s cum and sucking it off his hand. Neito purred at that a little; it wasn’t going to stop him from feeling sticky and filthy later but it was a nice enough gesture, and arousing too. He was going to enjoy the second round after a bit.


Kirishima blinked up at him from the floor, “Guess we’re riding this thing out here together, huh?”


“Mmhmm. I’m sorry about this. Really wasn’t expecting my heat to be jumpstarted. My fridge is pretty stocked though, so we should be fine for the first couple days. Will you be alright getting back to your room after that though?”


The boy gave him a thumbs up and a wide smile, “Yeah. Katsuki might have to carry me, but my heats usually die down a bit on the third day. And hey, none of the senseis can give me a bad grade on my homework now. I might even get an extra day to turn it all in.”


Neito laughed, the vibrations of it making Hitoshi’s cock twitch inside him, “Yeah. Well, no offense but I think you should get help from Bakugou this time. But...if you want to hang out next week, that might be nice?”


“Sounds good, dude!”