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"Seriously!" Yamada whined as he grabbed Aizawa's arm, "He could be dead and it would be all my fault!"

"Hizashi, can't you go find him on your own?"

"You're the only one who has been actively able to seek him out." Yamada sank into his chair, rubbing his head, "He could be bleeding out in a ditch and we wouldn't even know!"

"Wow what's got your hair in a knot?" Kayama snickered as she sat down on the couch in the teacher's lounge, sinking into it as she laughed at Yamada's distress.

"Uzuki saved my life and now he's bleeding out somewhere!" Yamada wailed, his statement finally getting a reaction out of the rest of the teachers who had thought Yamada's attitude was his regular melodramatics, "Shouta! Please! You're my only hope!"

"Fine. Only if he doesn't make an appearance after a week." Aizawa huffed. No he was not concerned for the vigilante. He just wanted to get his annoying friend off his back, "Didn't he give you a thumb drive or something?"

"I have no idea how he even managed to slip it into my pocket!" Yamada threw his hands in the air, "It's like he's here, then he's not, and suddenly there's a thumb drive in my pocket! How!?"

"Ohh! New scoop! What's in it!" Kayama asked.

"Um... more pictures and coordinates of possible mini hideouts the villains use. A few guesses on the actual locations of the main hideout, and some places to avoid on patrols unless we're in groups." Yamada shrugged, "Nezu said he'll send us the details later."

"We'll look into it later. The entrance exams are in a week and after that we get around two months when we don't have to be in school. We should be able to deal with these villains by then." Aizawa sighed, "And maybe we should patrol in pairs just in case something happens, like what happened with Hizashi. You said they targeted you?"

"Mhm. Said their intel was right and their boss was going to reward them. Yelled at Uzuki for stealing their info." Yamada nodded.

"Maybe Uzuki is working for them?" Snipe asked, "It's just a suggestion, I mean no harm. As much as you hate to admit it, Aizawa, you're fond of the little green kid."

Aizawa hissed into his scarf, and Yamada protested, "No way! He took the hit for me! The scorpion guy also looked like he was having fun maiming him. Wait! Wasn't there some poison thingy written on the scorpion's powers or something? Nemuri can you bring em up?"

"On it." She chirpped, clicking and bring out a digital folder about said villain, "Name's Scorpio. Small time villain who mugs people and paralyses people. It's said here that the larger the wound, the faster the paralysis takes effect."

Kayama didn't get to read more before Yamada burst into an even more crazy frenzy, yelling at almost every single hero that patrolled to keep an eye out for Uzuki before Aizawa groaned and wrapped the voice hero in his capture weapon and stuffing him in a closet.

"You know, I think we should wear trackers." Ectoplasm said, "Our phones are connected to the school system, but since they also broadcast out location to other heroes, they can be hacked if somehow these villains get our phones. If we have trackers, like maybe in our shoes, our clothes, then even if we are caught, there's no way they can get rid of all our trackers."

"That's assuming the villains's don't have something to jam signals. If I were a villain that's the first thing I'll worry about." Aizawa grumbled, "But that's a good idea. I'll talk to Nezu about it."

"Ya know, I realised how dumb your vigilante name is, Izu." Shinsou said as he dumped his bag on the ground.

"I know... heh..." Midoriya gave a small smile, "When the guy asked, I literally didn't have a name in mind. I just thought swap the letters and bam. Uzuki!" The vigilante was wearing his torn green hoodie that he barely managed to patch up, and one of Shinsou's old T-shirts that fit the smaller boy's frame perfectly, the bloody shirt that Midoriya was originally wearing having been trashed long ago.

"Yup. Smartest guy I know, somehow lives somewhere unknown and can take down big bad villains but can't think of a good vigilante name." Shinsou rolled his eyes.

"Say's you! It took you four days to figure that out!" Midoriya grinned.

Midoriya had been staying with Shinsou for four days, and Shinsou absolutely loved coming home to spend him with him. For the first time in his life, Shinsou felt loved, appreciated, even if it was from a vigilante who had absolutely no sense of self preservation. And was a complete nut job and a goofball at times.

Suddenly, there was a loud yell, and Shinsou immediately tensed up. "Shit," he cursed, "They said they'll be gone a week. Izu. You need to go now." Shinsou's tone was filled with urgency and fear that Midoriya had never heard of before in his friend's voice.

"Toshi. I'm not leaving you here with them alone." Midoriya grinned as the door swung open.

"You brat! Why aren't you helping us with the - who the hell are you?" A man with equally purple wild hair growled at him while a woman with long, brown hair looked at the two boys from behind the man.

"Oh! Nice to meet you! I'm Shinsou's friend from school!" Midoriya gave a cute grin to Shinsou's parents, and gestured for him to usher his parents into the living room while he got the luggages.

"It's...nice.. to see.. Shinsou making friends..." The man managed to say, "But are you aware of his quirk? It's villainous and it's not safe - "

Midoriya's entire aura changed. At first, he seemed like a perfectly normal teenager hanging out with a friend. Now, he seemed downright murderous, and his grin seemed even more creepy than cute.

"Now, I'm perfectly aware with Toshi's quirk, and I do not understand why you would say it's villainous. After all, it's up to him to decide how to use it, no?"

The entire house fell silent. Midoriya's grin seemed to get even more scary by the second, before launching into a lengthy lectuee about the usage of quirks and how not to judge other people, especially their own son, by whatever quirk they have, that seemed to rival that of Nezu's.

"Oh dear. Look at the time." Midoriya glanced at the clock on the wall, "I better get going now. But, if you ever, ever say anything bad about Toshi, or even lay a finger on him."

The threat remained unspoken, but his parents got the message.

"Good. Bye Toshi! See ya at school tomorrow! UA entrance exams are in a week!" Midoriya grinned, exitting the house.

"Hey, old hag," Bakugou yelled once he got home, "You think Izuku could still be alive?"

"What? Katsuki. Please. I know you still feel guilty about Izuku's death but it's been seven years. Inko died in the fire, and Hisashi is nowhere to be found." Mitsuki tried to reason.

"Why did he have to die? He did nothing wrong! The only thing people think is wrong with him is that he doesn't have a quirk and that's not even his fault!" Bakugou yelled.

Mitsuki slowly sat beside Bakugou as he continued his tirade. "I asked everyone! Even Aunt Inko! They all said that Deku would amount to nothing because he's quirkless!"

"Katsuki. What happened. It's not like you to explode like this for no reason." Mitsuki was being unusually calm, but she knew that both of them exploding wouldn't help her son and his conflicting feelings.

"A few days ago... Uzuki saved me... and he looked to similar to Deku that I can't help but think that they're the same person." Bakugou replied, clenching his fists.

Both he and Midoriya wanted to be heroes, but ever since Midoriya was declared quirkless, Bakugou could never decide between wanting Midoriya to be a hero to wanting to protect him. Bakugou was more like a brother that Midoriya looked up to, a bond that was even stronger than friendship given that the boys had known each other since birth.

Bakugou had always felt guilty for Midoriya's death. He took it as not being able to protect Midoriya well enough, that he failed in his duty to save someone close to him.

"Aunty Inko was so weird! She yelled at me that Deku was useless and a hopeless case and I should just give up on him!" Bakugou growled, his hands letting out miniature explosions, "Why couldn't she see that Deku was smart?! He could probably think of a thousand ways to get past being quirkless in his little analysis notebooks!"

Tears that he had been holding back for seven years finally broke free of whatever hold he had on them, and they rolled down his cheeks and onto the floor.

"Deku stopped crying so much, you know. He stopped crying all together. He said his mom said that crying is a sign of weakness," He turned to Mitsuki, "Mom, am I weak?"

Uzuki pulled up his mask as the villain he was stalking threw a smoke bomb at him. His wound was throbbing mildly but it was more of an annoyance than a hindrance to him.

He quickly dodged a punch as the villain accelerated, kicking him in the gut and dropkicking him to the ground. Uzuki immediately tied him up and was about yo haul him to a police station when his phone started vibrating. Shinsou knew better than to text him at night so who the heck was texting him?

Eraser: Where are you? Present Mic is being very annoying right now.


Eraser: Can you stop him?


Eraser: He keeps stealing my phone.

Uzuki just blinked at the series of messages he was receiving. Present Mic was worried about him? Oh yeah, he had seen him get slashed across the chest by the dumb scorpion.

He quickly took a picture of the downed villain, with his fingers in a victory sign, and sent it to Eraserhead, along with a message.

Uzuki: I'm fine.

Immediately, his phone started ringing, and Uzuki picked it up.

"YOU'RE ALIVE! ARE YOU HURT? WHERE WERE YOU - Give me back my phone - NO SHOUTA I NEED TO MAKE SURE HE'S OKAY - He literally sent a picture - YOU'RE NOT DEAD RIGHT - He sent a picture Hizashi - Oi what the heck is going on there!"

Uzuki just listened dumbfounded as Eraserhead and Present Mic seemed to be fighting over the phone and a female voice, maybe Midnight? was joining in the conversation.

Present Mic cared? About him? A technically-not-a-vigilante vigilante?

He wished his parents cared about him as much as those heroes did.

He didn't realise he had said that aloud, and that the three, or maybe more heroes, had heard him.

"SORRY GOTTA GO NOW BYE!" He shrieked into the phone and ended the call.

Uzuki found the villain he had just beaten up staring at him in confusion.

"What are you looking at!" He yelled at the villain and knocked him out again, embarrassed at what he had accidentally said over the phone.

Aizawa, Kayama and Yamada stared at the phone in confusion. They had heard Uzuki mumbled out something incoherent, before immediately screeching out an apology and ending the call.

Kan, Snipe, Ishiyama, Ectoplasm and Thirteen stared at the trio in confusion.

Nezu just grinned as he sat on Cementoss' shoulder.

"He's alive!" Yamada cheered, hugging Kayama and Aizawa, the later trying his best to not kick his friend in the gut and tie him up in his capture weapon.

"Senpai... is he okay?" Thirteen asked.

"This idiot over here?" Aizawa grumbled out as he pushed Yamada off him. "Yamada is an idiot and he will never be okay."

"SHOUTA! YOU WOUND ME! I THOUGHT WE WERE BEST FRIENDS!" Yamada wailed, clutching Aizawa's arm. Said person didn't even react, and made no move to even remove the arm that was latching onto him like a leech.

Nezu looked at his phone that he somehow had for no reason, and said, "Present Mic, it seems like Power Loader has finished some stuff for me. Would you mind going over to pick them up?"

"Gotcha!" Yamada yelled, promptly running out of the staff room.

"Can you trace the call?" Ectoplasm asked.

"Nope. Whatever Uzuki did, I can't trace his phone, or the number." Aizawa shook his head. "I tried before. He's either really good at hacking or he knows how to use VPNs or some GPS version of it or something. I don't know the details."

Even though the Development Studio was quite a fair distance away from the teacher's lounge, with Yamada's long legs and the fact that he was running meant that Yamada actually made it back really quickly. He shoved open the door carrying a huge box, and something in his hand.

"Uh... Hizashi, just what are you doing?" Aizawa deadpanned as Yamada stuck something on his nose.

"Trackers! Power Loader made a huge bunch of em!" Yamada yelled, covering his jacket with them.

"Jeez Hizashi! Don't go overboard!" Kayama laughed at her over-enthusiastic friend as she grabbed a few, tossing them to Snipe and Ishiyama.

"Idiot. Don't take all the trackers." Aizawa hissed, snatching the box away from the voice hero before he could resume sticking trackers on himself like a maniac.