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Read Between The Lines

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Bennett was tense as he paced their corner of the yard, his bum leg feeling illogically heavy. He only had phantom sensations when he was nervous or agitated, which made him sway a little too much, which made people stare, which made him even more nervous.

"You know what he told me? To keep my mouth shut."

Not wanting to stare, Daya instead looked down at her pregnant belly straining against the pull of the elastic, threatening to spill over the top of her pants and drag her to the ground.

Bennett rambled on, "If you think these people care about anything except saving their own asses, you're kidding yourself Daya. It's a miracle they decided not to lock me up. We've got a chance here, and I think we should take it."

"So that's it. You told Caputo everything?"

"You don't believe me?"

"I don't know what to believe, John."

"Honestly Daya, it's like you want me to go to prison."

"I just don't want you to be a fucking coward."

"I'm not a coward!"

His voice was shrill, the kind of unexpected yell that flushes things out from their hiding place. Bennett and Daya turned at the sound of a stirring.

"What are you doing out of bounds, inmates?"

"Just taking a walk," Poussey beamed as she and Taystee appeared from around the corner.

"We took a wrong turn going to church," Taystee joked, poking Poussey in her side.

Bennett wasn't amused.

"Well get back in bounds. Now."

"But it's okay for Diaz to chill over here?" Poussey eyed Bennett defiantly.

"If I have to say it again, someone's getting a shot."

"We're going right now!" Taystee dragged Poussey away before things could get any uglier.


As Daya and Bennett broke in the other direction, worry clouded Daya's face.

"You think they know what's going on?"

"No," He stroked her cheek as an instant apology. "We're okay."


A few yards away, Taystee looked over her shoulder.

"You think they know what's up?"

"Nah," Poussey gingerly stroked Taystee's cheek. "We're okay."



Poussey sat alone in her bunk, trying to process it all. This was more than she had ever gotten from Taystee before, more than Taystee was ever willing to give.

Still, it wasn't enough.