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Chipped Armor

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Sansa awoke entangled in Sandor's limbs, his slow and steady breath causing her head to gently rise up and down on his chest. She smiled as she rolled onto her side and pulled the furs up to her chin, sighing contentedly as he absentmindedly reached for her and wrapped her in his embrace once again. She lifted her head as his arm slid under her neck and nuzzled into his warmth, her body softly shaking in a silent giggle as the soft hairs on his chest tickled the skin on her back. "Someth…" Sandor yawned as he rested his chin on her head. "… amusing you?" he asked, stifling another yawn as his hand splayed across her stomach and pulled her closer.

Sansa smiled as she gently shook her head, a yawn escaping her mouth as her body settled and she began to drift back to sleep. Sandor's fingers brushed lightly across the curve of her waist and her body shivered again, whether it was the tickle or the tingling that began to course through her veins she couldn't say. She felt his body slowly stir as his hand crept up her side and tickled her again where her arm met her shoulder. She could no longer contain her laughter and yelped as her body jerked under his touch and right into his groin.

"Mmmm…" he cooed into her ear as his hand moved to cup her breast. She inhaled sharply as his fingers brushed across her nipple and began to roll it into a stiff peak. She bucked against him again as he gently tugged on it, a soft moan falling from her lips as a shock of pleasure shot through to her core. She felt his manhood twitch against her as his free hand reached down to her other breast and began to toy with it, sending another shock of wanton desire coursing through her. She covered his hand with hers and squeezed harder as he pinched her softly. "This amuses you as well, I see…" he whispered into her ear before gently nibbling on her lobe.

"Why yes, it does," she murmured as she tightened her grip on his hand. He squeezed her breasts again, tugging on her nipples a little harder this time before lightly grazing his palms across the stiff peaks. She moaned softly as she ground into him, feeling his manhood throb and grow between her cheeks, spreading them slightly and sending a fresh wave of arousal to her center. A low laugh reverberated through his chest, and the heat of his breath on her neck sent shivers down her spine.

He continued his ministrations as he gently sucked on her neck, and her thoughts began to jumble as a heady lightness filled her mind. Her skin felt as if it were singing as he teased and toyed with her breasts, and a familiar ache began to grow between her legs as he slowly rocked into her, his low moans vibrating against her neck as his cock slid between her cheeks. She guided his hand down to her patch of soft copper curls, and ran his finger across her folds to feel the dampness his actions had caused to pool there.

She mewled as he pulled on her nipple and rubbed her, coating his long rugged fingers in her juices, and wantonly bucked against him as he pressed tight circles around her nub. Her nails dug into his skin as she slid his fingers towards the now insatiable ache and pressed one inside. He curled his finger, rubbing against the sensitive patch on her inner walls as she pressed his palm against her clit, eliciting a sharp moan. "More," she whispered almost breathlessly as she ground into him. She could feel his lips curl into a smile as he obliged and slid another finger into her. She moaned again as he pumped slowly inside of her, but her ache still wasn't sated. "More," she said a little louder as she pressed his fingers deeper into her, too heady with lust to care about manners or daintiness.

He moved his hand a little faster, her unabashed desire along with the sound of her slickness as he pumped into her causing his cock to throb. He began to thrust himself between her cheeks, his balls gently slapping against his knuckles as she bucked into him. "More," she demanded as she reached between them and took his member in hand, stilling his movements.  She whimpered as he removed his fingers and brought his hand to his lips, tasting her sweet nectar as she positioned his tip against her entrance, making it abundantly clear what she desperately wanted from him.

His lips curled into a smile once more as his hand returned to her waist, sliding down her leg until it reached her knee. He gently grabbed it and lifted her leg, opening her to him. She moaned as he slid his throbbing cock between her slick folds. "Please," she practically begged as his head rubbed against her nub before returning to her entrance.

"As my lady commands," he murmured into her ear as he slowly entered her. They both inhaled as each inch of him slid inside, and sighed in contentment when he bumped against her core, finally filling her. His free hand gently squeezed her breast as he began rocking into her, pleased at the ease at which he could move inside her now that her body was more welcoming to his girth than the night before. His hand trailed down to her stomach, fingers splayed across her soft skin as he leaned over and kissed her cheek while he pumped into her at a slow and tantalizing pace. She covered his hand with hers, fingers entwined, and reached up with her other to cup his cheek as she turned her head and brought their lips together. Their mouths explored each other's with a surprising tenderness as they unhurriedly rose closer to their peaks.

Sansa felt a blush begin to cover her chest and spread to her neck as he steadily brought her higher and higher. A wanton moan fell from her lips, breaking their mouths' embrace, and her hips rolled against his, increasing their pace with each thrust.  The air was soon filled with her desirous mewls, his soft grunts, and the intoxicating sound of their bodies meeting faster and faster as she began to crest.

The muscles in her thighs started to quiver, and Sandor dropped her leg, gently rolling her onto her stomach and plunging deep inside her as her walls closed in around him. He pressed his chest against her back and kissed her neck as she sang for him, clenching deliciously around him over and over again as the waves crashing inside of her slowly subsided.

When her body stilled, he wrapped his arm around her waist and gently guided her to her knees as he rose, his manhood still ensheathed in her warmth. His free hand slid up to her shoulder, gently grasping onto it for leverage as he began to move inside her, and she bit her lips as her entire being began to tingle again. He kept to a slow and steady pace, relishing in the feel of her slickness against his shaft.

I wonder how quickly I can make her sing again before I peak, he challenged himself as he slightly shifted his angle and increased his pace. The muffled sound of her moans brought him closer and closer to his edge, and the hand around her waist moved south and began to toy with her nub. She gasped as he pressed down while he slammed into her core, and her walls began to clamp down around him, squeezing him as a low growl rumbled in his chest. His grip on her shoulder tightened and he plunged himself deeper as he felt the familiar tightness as his base.

The shrill and ragged screech of a dragon sounded in the distance and sent a menacing chill down his spine. Every hair on his body stood erect and his head whipped towards the window as he quickly pulled himself out of her. "What's wrong?" Sansa asked innocently, her head still clouded with pleasure.

"Shh," he whispered as he gently placed his hand over her mouth. They held their breath, ears perked and muscles tensed as they momentarily froze in place. They heard another, more familiar, screech in the distance and Sansa pushed his hand away as she breathed a sigh of relief.

"That sounds like Drogon," she said as her muscles relaxed. "He's probably just hunting closer to Winterfell than he normally does. It's nothing to worry about, you big scaredy-Hound." She giggled as she wiggled her hips beneath him, summoning him back to her. "I believe you were in the middle of something?" she asked, her voice heavy with desire again.

"Aye," he said almost wearily, grasping onto her excuse to avoid the growing pit in his stomach. "But I won't take you like some tavern whore, at least not until..."  He sighed as he leaned in to kiss her, unable to speak the words they both knew finished that sentence. "It'll give me something to look forward to, now that I know you enjoy that angle..." She giggled again as he nibbled at her neck and down her spine, and gasped when his mouth enveloped her mound.

He lapped at her arousal, each drop slowly melting away the dread in his mind and replacing it with desire as his member began to stiffen again. She squealed as he picked her up and slid his body underneath hers in one swift motion. She brought her mouth to his, moaning softly as she tasted her nectar on his tongue as it swirled with his. He gently grabbed her hips, guiding her across his member, coating it in her juices again.  He reached down and took himself in hand, centering his tip at her entrance before returning to her waist. He slowly lowered her onto him, his breath catching in his throat as he entered her.

He lifted her off of him before guiding her back down again. He repeated this process, setting a tantalizing pace as he kissed her deeply. Her hips began to buck into him of their own accord, slightly adjusting their angle with each thrust, and he loosened his grip around her waist to allow her more freedom. She bit down on his lip as he hit just the right spot and ground against him, eager to draw out the sensation.

A low growl rumbled in his chest as she tentatively explored different rhythms and motions, and his hands returned to her shoulders.  "Try this," he said, his voice low and sultry and he gently pushed her torso until she was sitting straight up.

"What- Ohh," she moaned as the new angle caused a fresh wave of pleasure to course through her veins.

"I heard some women prefer this position above all others," he said, smiling as he reached for her hands, entwining her fingers with his as his gaze locked onto hers.

Sansa giggled nervously as she awkwardly bucked against him, her cheeks flushing into a crimson shade under his gaze. Her eyes fell to the furs as she tried again but was too embarrassed to feel any pleasure. She sighed in frustration as she fought the urge to cover her face in shame. "What do I do?" she asked softly, and would have been utterly mortified were it not for the reassuring squeeze of his hands.

Sandor found her maidenly shyness downright intoxicating, and resisted the urge to take control again. This is about HER finding her pleasure, not me, he reminded himself. He gently grabbed her chin and returned her gaze to his, trying his best to exude nothing but patience and acceptance in his eyes and voice. "Try starting out by riding me as if you were on a horse, experiment until you figure out what feels good, and then have your way with me." He smiled and raised an enticing eyebrow as he rested his elbows on the mattress and stiffened the muscles in his forearms for support.

She returned his smile as she took a deep breath and began to gingerly bounce. "Wow," she said as she tightened her grip on his hands. "You feel so- mmmm…" She moaned as she increased her gait, instinctively swirling her hips each time they met his.

"Aye," he murmured as her eyes closed in pleasure and he drank in the sight of her breasts softly bobbing in time with her bucks, his mind now fully cleared and filled with a heady arousal. She tested out a few different movements before settling on a steady rhythm of shallow thrusts, rocking him deep inside of her each time he reached her apex.

"Oh Gods," she moaned as her nails dug into his knuckles and her walls began to tighten around him. Sandor studied her, painting the image of her in his mind as she began to peak. Her eyes were lifted to the ceiling as a blush re-appeared on the porcelain skin of her chest, trailing up to her rosy lips as they formed a silent O. Her movements became erratic and he let go of her hands, moving them to her waist to steady her as her back arched and she began to shudder around him, and soon her joyous song was echoing across the stone walls of her chambers.

She collapsed into his chest, her breath hot against his neck as he continued thrusting into her, bringing her higher than she had ever felt before. Neither of them could deny the treacherous dragon screech that rang out again, closer this time, nor the foreboding chill in their bones that it brought with it.

Their mouths joined again and their gentle dance quickly turned to a feverish one, each pouring their fears and trepidation into their coupling. Their lips mashed together and their bodies melted into one as they hungrily pawed at each other, desperate to lose themselves in the chase of another peak, sensing it could very well be their last. Sandor gripped Sansa's waist, lifted her hips higher into the air and off of his cock, and held her in place. His fingers dug into the flesh of her cheeks as he bucked his entire length fully in and out of her over and over again, neither of them able to contain the grunts or moans that mixed together in their mouths.

Sansa's heat began to tighten around him and she broke their kiss to rest her forehead against his, their sweat mixing together as their eyes met. Each was breathless, right on the edge of release, their gaze steadily locked as he drove into her with an animalistic sense of urgency. A guttural howl roared from his chest as he slammed into her once, twice, and a third time before nestling deep inside her as his seed poured out into her center. Her song joined with his as she exploded around him, their cries of ecstasy mixing together as they reverberated around her chamber, nearly but not quite drowning out the sound of a horn that blew once, twice, and a third time before turning to a deafening silence.

Sandor's hands brought Sansa's hips down to his again before sliding up her back as he wrapped her in his embrace and brought her mouth to his again. He continued pumping into her, his cock still stiff as the last of his seed jutted out, and as she shuddered around him they both cried out again, though in pleasure or fear this time, neither could say.

Sansa clung to him, their mouths still entwined as an iceberg quickly grew in the middle of the sea of pleasure that carried her this far. He held her tighter as they continued rocking into each other, each knowing it was more for comfort than pleasure at this point and desperate to make this moment last as long as they could. She could no longer hold back the sob that was threatening to drown her, and she burrowed into his neck as her tears began to fall. He held her as tight as he could as his own tears began to slowly roll down his cheek and mix with hers as they pooled at the base of his neck.

The horns sounded again, and they both looked to her window to see that the glass had frosted over and was beginning to crack. Winter is here. They looked into each other's fear-filled eyes as her house words morphed and swirled in their heads, sending an icy fire through their veins. Sandor kissed her deeply before gently lifting her off from him and turning to get up from the bed.

Sansa grasped at him desperately as he tried to stand, pawing at his sides as she nuzzled into the scarred flesh between his shoulder blades. "Please, Sandor. Don't leave. I'm frightened. Please, keep me safe. Please," she begged, her voice catching in her throat as her long-lost wings popped out and wrapped around her in a sea of feathers.

Sandor turned and hugged her. "Aye, Little Bird," he said into her hair as he squeezed her tight. "That's exactly what I intend to do." He kissed her crown and his mouth trailed its way down her cheek until it met hers. Time froze for a moment as they kissed each other tenderly, savoring each little spark that danced across their lips, committing it to memory as porcelain slowly began to cover her feathers.

Sansa sighed as she broke their kiss, her porcelain armor turning to ivory as she slowly crawled towards the edge of the bed. Sandor stroked her cheek, staring into the sparkling sapphires that appeared as he wiped away the last of her tears, absorbing them into his soul. "It's time," he said softly.

Sansa nodded as he helped her up from the bed. He watched as her ivory form walked to the wardrobe, studying each curve as it swayed and the fiery locks that bounced with each step. His breath caught in his chest as she turned to him, a comforting smile across her rosy lips. His heart began to swell, and for a moment he felt as though he was in the presence of the Mother and the Maiden embodied in a single majestic being. He sighed as he stood, and a wave of peace began washing over him while they dressed in silence.

When they had finished, Sansa wrapped her arms around his waist and pressed her lips against his. "Winter is here, Sandor Clegane," she said, taking his hands and squeezing them gently as she peered into his eyes. He watched her sapphires turn to a steely blue as a wave of strength coursed through his body, mind, and soul, and he suddenly felt as though he were the Warrior made flesh.

"Aye, Lady Stark," he said as he brushed a stray tendril of copper hair behind her ear. "But spring will soon follow. The birds will sing, the hounds will run free, and the world will blossom with life again after I kill those dead fuckers for good." He kissed her once more before they left her chambers and took their stations, a dream of spring giving them all the strength they needed to face the War for the Dawn.