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Beach Party

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“Ready, Kacchan?” Pro-Hero Deku asks loudly, tucking sun-screen and towels into his bag, “We should head out while the sun is up.”

“C—coming. Just… just gimme a fuckin’ second.” There was a crack in his voice Izuku doesn’t miss.

“Everything okay?” The hero grins, swinging his bag over his shoulder as he approaches their shared room, “What’s the hold-up?”

“N—nothing!” Young Katsuki snaps. There was a pause and Izuku steps inside the room, double bed disheveled and clothes littered about. Katsuki was standing in front of the mirror, seemingly embarrassed, “It’s just… this stupid thing you got me is too tight.”

Izuku breathes deeply and licks his lips as Katsuki turns around out a little coyly, arms crossed over his skimpy swimwear as he looks away, a visible blush decorating his cheeks.

“No, turn around again. Let me see.”

“You already did, pervert.” But the boy still obeys.

It was a flashy bikini that Izuku picked out for him the moment he set eyes on it. Subtly Hero Deku themed with light-green and an almost-pink red colors. It was quite expensive, but nothing the number one hero couldn’t afford: tight trunks with a lateral clip and a breach shaped like a heart on the rear, exposing his tight ass and the tempting tip of it. The upper half of his body was decked with a crop-top, breached around his chest in the form of another heart to keep his pectorals tight.

“You look really nice, Katsuki.”

Katsuki clucks but the red on his cheeks deepens, “Shut up. Don’t you get tired of saying it?”

“No,” Izuku replies in a heartbeat. He steps forward to loom over his young lover and pinch his cheeks, “But you don’t get tired of hearing it either, do you?”

Deku’s breath on his skin causes the boy to shiver. His legs shift awkwardly. Then Izuku notices the strain in his bikini and grins, “I thought you hated it.”

“I fuckin’ do.

“But look,” Deku chuckles, reaching down to cup the bulge with his palm. He teases it with light touches and Katsuki’s breath hitches, “You’re hard.”

“Th—that’s why I hate it, dumbass,” Katsuki grumbles as he shrinks, shoulder picking up, “I get hard and I dunno why. It’s your damn fault.”

“I’ll show you,” He tilts Katsuki’s head up with a finger under his chin and points at the mirror, “Look here.”

Katsuki hesitates before slowly craning his neck, the blush spreading with every passing second until he sees himself and Deku behind him, chin burrowed on the crook of shoulder. He sees and feels his big calloused hands running the length of his slender legs and he shivers again.

“Look at yourself,” He whispers as his hands roam higher, fingers locking around each pec and squeezing, “You look so good, Kacchan. And you know it. You know I like it and that everyone will like it when we get there and it turns you on, doesn’t it?”

Katsuki swallows and stammers, but the stress in his pants answers for him with a little twitch.

“See?” Izuku chuckles again and ruffles Katsuki’s hair as he stands up, “Now let’s go. I can’t wait to get there.”

The beach was jam-packed when they arrived; beachgoers sunbathing, snorkeling and swimming. There was music, food, drinks and lifeguards in thongs, whistling at whoever went too far or forgot to take out the trash. They stopped their activities, however, to gawk at the boy who just arrived with a hunk man in glasses and a cap.

Katsuki feels the familiar thrill he’s addicted to under their stares and blushes profusely when they catcall and beckon at him with obscene hand gestures.

“Wow, Kacchan. They think you’re a floozy,” Izuku alleges with a snicker, seemingly nonchalant about the idea, but Katsuki feels his hand on his back and he knows what it means, “What do you think? Would you let them touch you as I do?”

Katsuki considers, imagining himself being groped and penetrated by more than one person in public, and he twitches as another shivers travels the slope of his spine. The phantom sensations make his body curve a little, but he shakes his head briskly as a response and takes Izuku’s hand as they walk.

He doesn’t think he’s ready to discover that of himself yet and Deku’s lack of response makes him nervous.

They find a local spot available for Izuku to dig and bury the base of their umbrella and then place their chair under it. The hero takes the seat and leans back, arms crossed behind his head. Izuku was wearing nothing but tight trunks and the sight of his straining muscles as he settles makes Katsuki gulp.

“Go on. Have fun. Make friends.” Izuku suggests with a wave of his hand.

“Hah? But I thought we…,” Katsuki tries not to visually express his dejection, “I thought we were gonna swim together.”

“I can’t risk being seen, Kacchan. You know this.”

The boy bristles, fists tightening at his side, “Fuck you!” He hollers and kicks the sand in Izuku’s face, “Fuck you and your stupid identity crap! Is that how you see me, huh? A kid you have to fuckin’ babysit while you sweat off your fuckin’ balls?!”

Katsuki knows he’s being petty.

But he was really looking forward to spending time with Izuku.

“Katsuki, I never insinuated that…”

The boy storms off, catcalled and pointed at as he demolishes sand castles in the way until he reaches the seashore and nose-dives right in to cool his head. He floats ashore, running a hand through his sodden hair and catches sight of Izuku watching him. He looks away, clicking his tongue angrily.


There was a number of kids his age playing catch near the shore. He decides to join, walking out of the water awkwardly, slightly itchy and with the bikini skin-tight and sweltering. It feels uncomfortable, nearly suffocating from all the sand and sweat but so weirdly satisfying, and the more people turn to ogle him, the tighter and sultrier it gets. As if it was trying to suck him in.

On his way to the group, he feels something brushing his rear end and he stops to look back, spotting one man grinning from ear to ear, winking and licking his lips at him. Katsuki bites his lips and muses, childishly thinking that since Izuku didn’t want to have fun with him he might as well have fun with someone else. He was so tempted, but instead he shakes his head and resumes his walking.

The other kids mock him for his get-up, calling him sissy and floozy, and Katsuki spends more time getting into fistfights—in which he had his bikini tugged down and his ass spanked more than once—than playing catch. He got tripped over by sneaky legs, got pushed around by hands flat on his touchy chest and was pinched in intimate corners that stir him up and make his lower half get even stuffier.

“Look at him!” The kids point at his crotch, “He’s hard! He likes gettin’ groped by strangers! Floozy, floozy, flo—!”

Katsuki roars and swoops on the boy, fists aiming for his face until the clever sneak reaches up to pinch one of his nipples and Katsuki freezes, moan stuck in his throat. It was a moment of weakness that allows the other boys to shove him on the sand and get their hands on him until a familiar whistle grates their ears.

“That’s enough, kids! Go back to your parents!” The lifeguard picks Katsuki up by the arm but his hand lingers, softening a little to stroke his skin, “And you, sugar baby, you better find your sugar daddy and go home before someone else does.”

S—sugar baby?

Is that what I am to Deku?

Katsuki gulps and nods, returning to Izuku with a long face. The man watches him closely with a smile as he molds his clothed erection; Katsuki’s bikini was wrinkled from so much activity, his legs and torso were sunburned, then his shoulders and from one cheek, over the bridge of his nose to the other cheek, sand particles were glued to his sweaty skin, his messy spikes were scruffier, and the meat around his nipples was tenderly red and inviting.

Katsuki looks so unbelievably cute that the idea of sharing him with others, regardless of the boy’s dormant desires, doesn’t taste well.

“Let’s go.” Katsuki grouses, picking their bags.

“What? But the day is just getting started.”

“I don’t care. I wanna go home.”

“Kacchan,” Izuku grabs his arm, just where the lifeguard touched him, and pulls him into his arms and lap, “You’re upset. Everyone’s been molesting you. Stay here with me and relax, okay?”

“I thought you didn’t want me.”

“That’s not what I said.”

Katsuki ignores him, “And you didn’t…,” He clears his throat, “You didn’t want to play with me either.”

“Ah, but we can play here,” Izuku whispers, rolling his hips. Katsuki feels the familiar bulge rubbing on his breached bikini and his heart jumps, “Watching you out there all day got me a little excited.”

Katsuki scoffs, “Pervert, you’re always hard.”

“And you’re not?” Izuku wriggles a bit and lifts his knee between Katsuki’s leg to press his thigh on the small tent there, “You’ve been hard since we got here.”

The boy doesn’t bother denying it anymore. Neither does he hesitates in giving his own body what it wants, uncaring of where he is, so he clenches his legs around the waist he’s sitting on and starts humping Izuku’s leg.

“Look at you go already,” Izuku hums as he watches. Fingers glide over scalded, sun burned skin and Katsuki arcs to the touch as he humps before they slip underneath the crop-top, skin smoother and cooler there, “You’ve grown a lot, Katsuki. I’m so proud.”

Katsuki mewls, hips moving faster. Izuku’s praises spur him so keenly that with a bonus of those large hands kneading his ass, thumbs lodging between his cheeks to keep them spread, Katsuki releases and stains his new swimwear with a noisy moan. He doesn’t hold back on those anymore either, the thrill of being heard and seen influencing his noises.

“Mmm, Kacchan,” Izuku sits up, hugging the boy from behind to grope his body and kiss his neck enthusiastically, “You make me lose control so easy.”

His palm fondles without boundaries. Katsuki hisses whenever he strokes for too long on ruddy areas and a ringing yelp leaks from his lips when fingers peck and tug on rosy nipples. Izuku teases while his tongue allots to the surface of Katsuki’s shoulder, feeling the sizzling heat and tasting the salt of the sea. Then he starts humping too, Katsuki’s hindquarters as leverage.

In turn, Katsuki doesn’t know where to put his hands. He settles on Deku’s knees and it was an ideal locus for him to grind down on Izuku’s wood in a delightful tempo that has them both panting, the hero’s breath hotter on his neck. Katsuki’s circumference starts to clench in wanton plea and he whines every time Izuku’s lump slides over his crack.

He was also starting to gain the attention and thrill that he’s irreversibly hooked on.

“You’re so amazing, Kacchan,” The hero praises between puffs, causing Katsuki’s heart to accelerate, “You’re so good at this. Your body is incredible, your ass is so perfect and—”

A groan warps his words, orgasm causing his muscles to tauten, arms squeezing around the boy and pressing him against himself. He’s still coming down from the rush when Katsuki lifts and spins around to sit on his lap again, this time facing him to kiss his mouth depravedly while swaying his hips.

“Wanna ride you,” He pants against Izuku’s mouth as his arms bound to his neck, “I wanna… I need to feel you in me.”

Izuku coos and leaves a wet trail of kisses down his neck, “But you did this morning, remember?” How could he forget being fucked into the bed? He never does. Katsuki remembers every moment they fornicated in detail. And it was a lot, “And you want more? My, Kacchan.”

“Fuckin’ shut up—” He yaps again when Izuku yanks on his bottom swimwear and lets go, letting it slap back to his skin, “Asshole, that stings!”

Izuku giggles, “But your pretty butt jiggles!”

“You’re fuckin’ embarrassing.”

“And you like it, don’t you?” Big hands squeeze his butt again, two fingers crossing the heart-shaped breach, wedging between cheeks to touch the muscle ring that delves, “You like being touched and treated like this and you like when I talk dirty to you.”

Katsuki does and he doesn’t deny it, sweat running down his temples as his legs clench when he feels thick digits prodding his backdoor.

“Do you need lube?” Izuku grins, nipping Katsuki’s lips as he stills his fingers, “Or are you too needy?”

Katsuki gulps and drops his face on his lover’s chest, “Can’t wait,” And Izuku knows, “Jerk.”

The hero shifts a little, drags Katsuki a little higher to pull out his cock. He gives himself a few pumps to reanimate his cock to full-mast and once properly settled, head right under the breach, he drops the boy, letting him plummet straight on his erection. Katsuki cries out vehemently as his body curves beautifully, chest flush to Izuku’s, and the spectators gasp. The hero steals a glimpse, spying at them walking away, others staying to take pictures and videos, while a few indulge themselves.

The slide inside was easy while the man grabs his hips and keeps him steady all the way down until he touches base. Izuku kisses him while they wait, but Katsuki was bouncing on his cock too soon, clenching his asshole across the whole shaft to get his daddy off. Then he stills briefly when he reaches the crest, clenching and unclenching, rolling and twisting his hips for greater friction before slumping back down. Rinse and repeat, and in no time, Izuku was coming. Once. Twice. Katsuki follows suit, having found the correct angle to stimulate his prostrate.

Katsuki sags over his lover, panting and wheezing, but Izuku doesn’t give him much time before he picks him up and pins him to the sand. He flicks the clasp of his bikini, letting it fall loose to bare his whole ass before re-claiming it again passionately. He grabs both hands and pins them to his back while the other keeps his hip firm.

“Haa—! Ah, FUCK, De—Zuku!” That was the name they both agreed on whenever they had sex in public, “Fuck, fuck, fuck, more! Please!

Izuku obliges, picking his hips up to pound his prostrate mercilessly, triggering orgasm after orgasm until there was a puddle of white on the sand and with each, he snatches Katsuki’s hair and pulls his head up to show everyone his face: eyes rolled back, tongue flopped and drooling as he moans whorishly. Albeit hazily, Katsuki can still see the crowd watching him. Can hear their whistling over the beats of his heart in his ear. The thrill that washes him, leaving a tremor in its wake, makes him ejaculate for the umpteenth time, puddle spreading farther.

“You’re too good,” Izuku huffs against his neck, hips snapping with more vigor, “I can’t let anyone else have you. I have to show them you’re mine.”

Izuku lets go of Katsuki’s head to reach up and take off his cap and sunglasses, finally revealing himself to the public. The gasps and squeals that issue were loud, but Izuku ignores him in favor of fucking his young lover until he unloads, seed overflowing and oozing out. Katsuki faints after breathing out Izuku’s name, who slips out and tucks himself back in before picking the boy up, kissing his head as he turns to the public.

“Stay out of trouble, folks!” One for All sparks and he jumps to the air, leaving everyone behind.

Now everyone knows Katsuki Bakugou belongs to Pro-Hero “Deku”, Izuku Midoriya, and nobody will dare to lay a finger on him.