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KL4US created chat: Umbrellas!

KL4US added Dead

KL4US added KnIvEs

KL4US added Old_Man

KL4US added violins

KL4US added AlliAlli

KL4US added MoonBoi


KL4US - HI!!!!!

AlliAlli - Hi…. What is this???


AlliAlli - Did u forget how to turn caps off???

KL4US - nah

AlliAlli - Kk cool

KL4US - Bye!!!! Gtg

AlliAlli - Any1 here???

KnIvEs - Yo.

Old_Man - Hey Allison

AlliAlli - Y’all appeared suddenly.

Old_Man - Hiding from KL4US

KnIvEs - ^

AlliAlli - Ur Diego & 5 right?

KnIvEs - Yep.

Old_Man - Yes

AlliAlli - Did y’all pick ur names,,, or did Klaus???

Old_Man - Guess

AlliAlli - Klaus

violins - he let me pick

AlliAlli - Hi,,,, Van. He let me pick 2

KnIvEs - No way.


Old_Man changed their name to Time_Assasin


Time_Assasin - What name do you want Diego

KnIvEs - BaTmAn.


Time_Assasin changed KnIves to BaTmAn


BaTmAn - I’m not gonna ask how u did that.

Time_Assasin - Good choice

AlliAlli - You scare me Five….

Time_Assasin - Good

violins - he spelt assassin wrong though

Time_Assasin - Shit


Time_Assasin changed their name to Time_Assassin

AlliAlli - Good spot,,, Van

violins - thanks alli

Time_Assassin - Thanks Vanya

violins  - np


AlliAlli - Where’s Diego?????

Dead -  Training I Think

AlliAlli - Ben???

Dead - That Is My Name Yes

violins - love the caps aesthetic dude

Dead - You Too Vanya


KL4US - WTF u changed ur names

violins - five did yeah

KL4US - HOW?!?!

violins - we were too scared to ask

AlliAlli - ^

Dead - ^^


violins - klaus no


KL4US changed Time_Assassin to Small_But_Mean

KL4US changed BaTmAn to NeRd

KL4US changed AlliAlli to CuteWimp

KL4US changed Dead to Dead_Wimp

KL4US changed violins to violins-wimp


KL4US - Perfecto

violins-wimp - you’re a small child

Dead_Wimp - ^

CuteWimp - ^^

NeRd - ^^^

Dead_Wimp - Diego Is Back!

NeRd - Ya.

violins-wimp - hi.

CuteWimp - Thank God,,, for another normal person…

NeRd - Gotta go tho.

Dead_Wimp - Go Diego Go!

NeRd - Ugh. Bye.


MoonBoi - What is this?

CuteWimp - Group,,, chat

MoonBoi - Why is your name “CuteWimp”, Allison?

CuteWimp - Scroll up

MoonBoi - Really, Klaus? He’s ridiculous


CuteWimp - No

MoonBoi - Klaus, why is my name “MoonBoi”?

KL4US - Coz u talk bout the moon all the time

MoonBoi - No I don’t.

KL4US - Yah u do

MoonBoi - I’ve got to go. We’ll discuss this later.

KL4US - *eyeroll*


Small_But_Mean changed NeRd to BaTmAn

Small_But_Mean changed CuteWhimp to AlliAlli

Small_But_Mean changed Dead_Whimp to Ded

Small_But_Mean changed violins-wimp to violins


Small_But_Mean - Now it’s perfect!

violins - why did you keep your name?

Small_But_Mean - It’s true

violins - fair enough

Ded - 1) Thanks For Switching The Names Five.

          2) Do You Two Want To Go To The Bookstore With Me?

violins - yes please ben

Small_But_Mean - Sure. Meet in 5 minutes?

Ded - Ok. See You Guys.