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BNHA kinky fics

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Tomura was bored. He had beaten his latest video game, and didn't feel like starting another. Sensei didn't have anything to do for him, and Kurogiri was away on some kind of mission.

Tomura wandered around the hideout, looking for something to do. He walked in the laboratory behind the bar. There usually wasn't much for him to do there, it wasn't like he could make Nomus, after all, and all those sciency babble wasn't for him.

There labs were pretty much how they always were. Sterile, metal and plastic surfaces, machineries Tomura couldn't understand. The heads and exposed brains of the Nomus peeked out from over the walls separating them. Tomura glanced at them as he walked in front of their cubicles.

The Nomus all looked as they always did. Tall, muscular, greyish skin, empty gazes fixed on some spot in front of them. They stood there, unmoving. One would almost think they were dead, if not for the slow raise and fall of their chest as they breathed.

Tomura stopped in front of one. It was a strange one, one that Sensei said he was perfecting for a certain mission. It was black, different. He wondered when would Sensei tell him what mission it was, exactly.

He walked up to the Nomu. It didn't give any sign that it had noticed Tomura approaching. Tomura had to wonder just what would this thing be good for.

"Raise your hand," he said.

The Nomu complied, raising his left hand over its head. Obedient. Not like it could disobey, after all, it didn't think. All it could do was do as what a few select people told it to. Tomura, Sensei, the Doctor, its brain had been programmed to respond to their voices and no one else's.

"Lower your hand." The Nomu did.

Tomura spent a few minutes like that, giving the Nomu random directions. Nothing complex, after all the Nomu couldn't leave its cubicle, not with the various wires still attached to it. Move your hands and arms, open your mouth, things like that.

After a while, he started getting bored of that too. Tomura huffed. These things were dull. Useful, but boring.

He ran one finger over the pitch black skin. It was strange, not quite human like, almost leathery. The muscles underneath felt like steel. He trailed the finger down its abs, following the bumps of its six pack, until it reached the Nomu's pants.

Tomura briefly wondered of who made the Nomus dress and undress. He couldn't quite imagine the Doctor putting the pants on the things. He wondered if the things were smart enough to know how to put their own clothes on if ordered to.

Tomura hooked his finger under the hem of the Nomu's pants, pulling the elastic back and then releasing it to hear it slap against the Nomu's stomach.

What did a Nomu even need pants for. Not like it could feel shame at being naked. The only use would be to hide its penis, but Tomura had seen Nomus who didn't have anything at all down there. He didn't really see why would the Doctor eliminate the genitals of only some Nomus, or rather, why would he leave them on some. A Nomu didn't have the need for them, after all.

Careful not to accidentally destroy anything, Tomura pressed his hand against the front of the Nomu's pants. That was most definitely not nothing. He followed the curve of the Nomu's cock. It was way bigger than what Tomura would consider average.

Not that Tomura had a lot of experience. He had never seen another man naked, had never had the occasion to. Even his experiences with porn had been sparse, he knew Sensei could monitor his internet history. Overall, the only cock Tomura actually had some experience with was his own.

Curiosity piqued, Tomura dragged the Nomu's pants down, freeing its cock. It hung limp between its legs. It had to be ten inches long, maybe, and proportionately thick. And this was just its soft state. Hard, it would be huge. Even Tomura, in his lack of experience, could guess it was far bigger than what virtually any human being had.

He knelt down in front of the Nomu. Tomura's finger traced the bulging veins, following their pattern. He pulled back the foreskin, revealing the red head underneath.

He looked up. The Nomu hadn't moved. It kept staring in front of itself with that parody of a toothed grin on its face.

Tomura bit his lip. He wanted to see the Nomu hard, how much it could grow. But he wasn't sure how to proceed. He'd need both hands to be able to wrap them around that cock, and jerking it off would be complicated given his quirk.

Mindful of always keeping his fingers in check, he dragged his palms along the length. It was dry, the friction uncomfortable, and Tomura ended up taking Father off his face to spit on his hands. That was better, the drag easier.

It wasn't yielding a lot of results, however. It might have been because the Nomu couldn't feel arousal. But Tomura had made up his mind, and he wasn't going to back off just because he had ran across a problem.

Bending down, he licked the length. Oral sex was supposed to feel very good, wasn't it? He dragged his tongue all over it. A strong, musky smell filled Tomura's nose as he did so.

A thought crossed his mind. The Nomu's skin maybe wasn't as sensitive as it would have been for a human. Perhaps he needed to try a different approach.

The red head peeked out from under the foreskin. He pushed his tongue in that space, stimulating the softer, more sensitive head, pressing against the foreskin to make more space. The taste was especially strong there, salty and a little bitter. Tomura's tongue found the slit, teasing it.

Now something was happening. Tomura didn't notice it at first, but soon the Nomu's cock started to fill up. The heavy length started to stand up by itself, without Tomura having to support all of it. And it was growing, as well.

When Tomura pulled away to catch his breath for a second, he found that the Nomu's cock was half hard, and significantly bigger. It had to be one foot long by now.

Tomura's own cock was straining his pants. He wasn't sure when a strange curiosity born from boredom had become genuine arousal, or what exactly had caused the change. Maybe it had been the novelty of it, or maybe the musk of the creature, or knowing that he was doing this to that inhuman thing.

Whatever it was, Tomura couldn't possibly stop then. He dragged the foreskin completely away, and started giving the head fast kitten licks. He licked all over the bulbous shape, under the crown, into the slit. He pulled back, surprised, when a drop of bitter liquid fell on his tongue. He thought for a moment the Nomu had come, but then realized it must have just started leaking pre come.

That spurred him on. He focused his attention on the slit, lapping up every drop. The taste wasn't pleasant, exactly, but it was going to Tomura's head. He found himself panting, almost frantically trying to get as much of the pre come as he could.

Feeling bold, he opened his mouth wide, and wrapped his lips around the head. He barely managed to, it was so wide Tomura's tortured lips felt stretched around it. He tried to fit as much as he could inside his mouth, but he could barely get past the head, and even that had his breath get labored.

He had no idea what to do now. He tried moving his tongue, licking what he could. He had to keep swallowing to prevent his mouth from filling with saliva and pre come, and even then he soon started feeling it dribble down from the corners of his mouth.

He knew, in some part of his brain, that what he was doing was disgusting. That didn't stop him, and even spurred him on. A moan escaped him, getting completely muffled by the cock in his mouth.

He stroked with his hand what his mouth couldn't reach. He wanted to take more of it in, but when he tried he almost choked. He didn't know how to regulate his breath while giving a blowjob, and so he had to settle for just the head.

His fingers brushed against the Nomu's balls. Tomura hadn't really given that particular part any attention so far, but now he had to touch them. They were large, heavy, and Tomura played with them while he sucked.

The Nomu didn't give any signs that it was getting close to orgasm. It couldn't, after all. Had Tomura been more expert maybe he would have thought something about how much pre come was filling his mouth, but he didn't. When the Nomu came, the first spurt ended up directly in Tomura's throat.

Tomura pulled back suddenly, coughing. The rest of the Nomu's come hit his face and hair. Tomura barely even noticed, trying to clear his throat. Only once he passed his hand on his face he realized in how much come he was covered. His face was completely soaked in both come and spit.

It was absolutely disgusting. Yet somehow it only made Tomura's cock throb painfully in his pants. He couldn't even have manage to open his pants and take himself out. His hand pressed down on his clothed cock. It bordered on painful, yet it only took Tomura a couple touches to explode.

He collapsed on the ground after. He stared up at the ceiling, blinking confusedly up at it. That had to be the most intense orgasm he had ever had. Much, much better than all the times he had jerked himself in his room to vague thoughts and images.

He couldn't believe he had just blown a Nomu. That had been fucked up. Now that it was over, the feeling of fluids drying on him went from exciting to gross. He should go wash his face, and his clothes as well.

He suddenly sat up, fast enough it made his head swim. Washing up. There were come stains on the floor and on the Nomu. If someone saw them, he'd be in trouble.

Scrambling up, he went to get the cleaning supplies. He hoped Sensei hadn't put cameras in this room.