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Different World

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Dick heard Alfred close the door after Bruce took his hand. They were alone now in the chamber that was specifically designed for him. When Bruce sat on the bed facing him with their hands still holding, Dick finally spoke again, his voice came out hoarse.


“Where were you all this time? When I needed you the most.”

“Dick, I'm not the one you need.”

“You don't know that!”

“You're my son…”

“I don't care!”


Dick pulled his hand back from Bruce's grip, burying his face in his raised up knees. His shoulders were shaking as he started sobbing. The movement caused the blanket that wrapped around him to slip, revealing a small part of his bare skin.


“I'm sorry,” Dick choked, “I never want you to see me like this.”


Reluctantly, Bruce scooted closer to Dick and pulled him into his embrace.


“It was your Omega speaking, Dick. It's alright.”

“But I hate it. I hate being in the dark while my deepest desire consumes and takes over me.”

“It will pass.”

“When?” Dick looked up at Bruce, cheeks wet with tears, “It doesn't seem to end. This is not like what I've read in those books. Why am I experiencing it differently, Bruce?”

“I assure you, Dick. It will pass. Sooner or later. You just need to—”


Bruce froze as he witnessed how the pupils in Dick's eyes constricted.


“Dick… Dick, stay with me.”


The young man in question caught him off guard as he started climbing into Bruce's lap, eyes turning darker with lust.


“I want you, Alpha…”


Before Bruce could say anything, Dick had already claimed his lips. Bruce didn't respond to the kiss; his hands went down to Dick's hips to still him after the younger man started grinding against him. Then Dick pulled back, only to shower his neck with kisses.


“Alpha smells so good…”



Bruce yanked the lean body apart from him, panting heavily. Dick looked startled and hurt. He never liked seeing such look on his dearest son.


“Dick, it doesn't have to be like this. We can—”


Bruce struggled to find words but then he looked down at his lap. The fragrance came from Dick's slick was all over the place and it engulfed him in no time. Bruce closed his eyes, concentrating his mind to block the scent. But it was as if a much stronger wave surged inside him, setting his very core ablaze.


Between his attempts, Bruce felt Dick move away from him. When he opened his eyes again, he saw a very naked Dick lying on his back before him. His legs were spread wide, slick gushing out of his hole.


The erotic display broke down the invisible barrier Bruce had created and the next thing he knew, he was already lapping up the nectar-like liquid right off its source. Dick gasped loudly, fingers clutching the bed sheet in a tight grip. His back arched beautifully as Bruce continued to devour him.


Moans filled the soundproof chamber. Dick was a mess. With Bruce between his legs, his body shuddered in pleasure. One of his hands let go of the sheet and reached for Bruce's hair. His breath hitched when Bruce's tongue went deeper into him, the tip brushing a bundle of nerves inside him. Dick groaned.


“So...close, Alpha…”


Bruce didn't stop. If anything, he only moved faster. He was like a greedy man, not letting any drop of Dick's slick go to waste. Then a moment later, Dick screamed. His whole body spasmed as he rode the waves of his orgasm. His scent merged with the air, getting sweeter every second.


Bruce went rigid. His brain felt like there was a thick fog inside his head, preventing him from thinking rationally. When the older man finally sat up, lust had clouded his eyes. Bruce was no longer himself. Spent, Dick lifted both of his arms up toward him, as if welcoming him. Bruce gave in, locking his mouth with Dick's as he embraced him.


“Mine,” Bruce whispered in between kisses, “Mine!”


Then, Bruce bit Dick's neck, right where his scent gland was.




Dick awoke with a loud gasp. He was covered in cold sweats and his breathing was irregular. His eyes were wide as he stared at the ceiling. For a second, he felt disoriented. Then his mind gradually remembered that he was in his old room in Wayne Manor. He was back in Gotham.


Dick untangled himself from the many layers of blanket, but then he sensed the uncomfortable wetness on his lower half. His body was immediately alerted and he sat upright, tossing the last blanket away. He looked down in fear, followed by a sigh of relief when he found that his heat hadn’t come yet.


However, his crotch was uncomfortably soaked from his earlier orgasm. Dick blamed the dream he just had. It felt too real and he knew why. He was dreaming of his first heat years ago. Except...Bruce didn’t bite him that time. Or did he…?


His hand flew to his neck involuntarily. If Bruce had bitten him, he would’ve left a mark; a bond mark. But he and Bruce were never bonded, therefore that part of this dream might as well just be a mere dream.


Dick shook his head to clear his mind. He got off the bed, a few pillows falling to the floor from the movement. He bent to pick them up and that was when his eyes caught sight of something on his desk. He stepped closer to the desk beside his bed and grabbed the small bottle he was looking for last night. He was really sure he couldn’t find it at all; so why was it here now?


Turning around, Dick scanned his room. There was no sign of someone breaking and entering. The glass door was shut, although he didn’t remember closing it last night. Then he spotted his blue and black suit was neatly hung on the wall across from him. Somebody must have entered his room while he slept. Could it be Alfred? The old man could sense when he was in discomfort. His medication now magically placed on his desk must have been Alfred’s doing too. But to be sure, Dick made a mental note to ask him in person later. For now, a cold shower was much needed than anything else.




“You are unusually early today, Master Bruce.”

“Good morning, Alfred.”

“Good morning, indeed.” Alfred replied, serving a cup of coffee in front of Bruce as the other man sat down on his chair.

“Has Tim woken up yet?”

“I believe he’s preparing for school right now.”


Bruce nodded, sipping his coffee. He picked up the newspaper Alfred had prepared for him. He was about to start reading it when he suddenly spoke, “What is it, Alfred? You look like you have something urgent to tell me.”


“I don’t know if this is urgent, but I think this is important, Sir,” replied Alfred.


Bruce lowered the newspaper so he could see his butler’s face.


“Do tell me.”

“I have done what you tasked me the other night, Sir. About Master Dick’s medication.”


The newspaper was now abandoned as Bruce paid Alfred his full attention.


“How is it going?”

“I’ll have you know that I had to steal one pill from his possession yesterday. And I have looked into it with help from Dr. Thompkins. It seems that one way or another, the ingredients have been altered.”

“Was it authorized?”

“I fear not. And if I may ask, is Master Dick consuming these pills in a large dose?”

“According to Tim, yes. Did that affect him somehow?”

“Heat suppressant is not meant to be taken in a large dose, Sir. Master Dick should be aware of that. And judging from the lab result, these pills may cause addiction.”

“What’s the worst that can happen?”

“Unpredictable heat cycle if it’s common medication. You know, the cheaper kind and quite affordable. But we’ve been providing him with top quality one. Established by the pharmaceutical which is funded by Wayne Enterprise for the past years; the Mevius Corp..”


Bruce went silent. He knew about Mevius Corp., of course. There had never been any problem related to it before. So why now?


“... Thank you, Alfred. It’s a valuable information.”

“I can do some research about it later.”

“Not necessary. You’ve been very helpful, but I’ll take it from here.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Oh, Alfred. Don’t tell him yet.”


Alfred nodded. At the same time, Tim appeared at the dining room’s entrance.


“Morning, everyone!”


Both Bruce and Alfred greeted the teen back. Tim quickly sat on the chair closest to Bruce, putting his school bag on the empty chair beside him.


“Where’s Dick?” Tim asked, looking around.


As if summoned by Tim’s question, Dick showed up.


“I’m here. What’s up, Tim?”

“Nothing. I thought you left already.”


Dick proceeded to sit across from Tim, avoiding to look in Bruce’s direction even when he muttered his morning greetings. Alfred moved to pour him coffee. Dick said thanks quietly, but then he suddenly looked up at the man beside him.


“Oh, Alfred. Did you…?”

“Yes, Master Dick?”


Dick had a second thought and then shook his head.


“Never mind. I’ll ask you later. It’s not important.”

“I’ll be here when you need me, Sir.”

“Thank you, Alfred.”


Alfred left. Dick was staring at the old man’s back as he reached blindly for sugar when his fingers nearly knocked over the small container.


“Oops, my bad.”


Dick steadied the container at the same time Bruce did. Bruce’s fingers brushed his and they lingered there. It only last for a split second, though, because Dick had immediately pulled his hand back. He sipped his coffee while looking elsewhere, clearly aware of how Tim had been watching him. Meanwhile, Bruce acted like nothing happened and resumed eating his breakfast.


The next minutes were spent in silence. Until eventually, Dick pushed his chair back.


“I’m done. Thank you for the meal.”


Dick proceeded to leave the dining room but somehow Bruce was already standing close to him.


“Dick, can we talk?”

“Not now. I gotta go.”


Bruce grabbed Dick’s elbow when he saw the younger man turn to leave, “Perhaps later?”


Dick looked down at the hand that had prevented him from leaving, then up to see Bruce’s face. He couldn’t read Bruce’s expression.


“Get a room, you two.” Tim remarked from the table.


Bruce let go of Dick’s elbow then. He didn’t fail to notice how uneasy Dick had looked when he heard Tim. But he gave his answer to Bruce anyway.


“I’ll find you later...for this talk.”



Before he knew it, Dick had left. Bruce then turned to face his youngest ward.


“What was that about, Tim?”

“Oh! I’m going to be late!”


Tim grabbed his school bag and ran past Bruce, but not without giving the man a quick hug first. Bruce could only sigh and shake his head.


“Have a nice day!”

“You too!” Shouted Tim.




The female Omega was bound to a chair. Her face was wet with tears as she kept pleading to be released.


“Please… I won't tell anyone. Please, just let me go.”


Then, a man stepped forward toward her. His smile was plastered so wide on his handsome face. He rounded the bound woman until he stood behind her, and bent down to whisper in her ear.


“You should be grateful. You've been chosen by us.”

“I don't want this. I was just doing my job. I thought you guys called me here for my service!”

“Yes, we did.”

“Then why am I tied like this? Look, I have a co-worker who's into this thing. I can switch with her if you let me go.”


The man laughed.


“And what makes you think we want your invaluable and tainted body?”


The woman sobbed, “Isn't it...isn't it why I'm here? I'm a prostitute, for fuck's sake.”


“You are, indeed. An Omega prostituting herself. All just for the damn sexual satisfaction. Because your kind just can't control your damn hormones. You all walk around freely seducing Alphas. Just how much lower can you go in this world, Omega?”

“Wha-what the fuck are you talking about?” The woman looked afraid.


Instead of giving her an answer, the man retreated and spoke to his subordinate.


“Give her a shot. We'll see if this time we've caught a suitable lab rat. And if she doesn't live up to our expectations, finish her.”

“Yes, Sir.”


The subordinate picked up a syringe that she had been preparing before and brought it to the woman.


“What's that?” Asked the woman in fear, face becoming pale.

“Don't worry. You'll feel good.” The subordinate answered.


Despite her smile, the subordinate didn't look convincing at all. The bound woman struggled on her chair but the rope limited her movement.


“Just let me go! I promise I'll never tell a soul! Please!”

“Well, too late for that.”


Smiling, the subordinate then pressed the needle into the bound woman's scent gland. The captured Omega screamed in pain; and her screaming just got louder and louder as the unknown substance ran through her veins.




Dick checked his watch for the sixth time. The person he had been waiting for should be arriving soon. Leaning back, Dick glanced around the cozy looking café he had chosen for the meeting. He had visited this café a few times with Barbara in the past. Not much had changed and Dick felt somewhat nostalgic.


Someone entered the café and Dick shifted his gaze to the door. Jason was scowling as he walked to his table.


“Must it be here?” Asked Jason, sitting across from Dick.

“It's cozy here. It helps putting me in a calm mood.”

“Not really a place for the stuff we'll be discussing about, though.”


Dick shrugged, “Wanna order something?”



“Fine,” Dick muttered.

“So what's it?”

“I need to be sure that you're willing to help me solve this case first.”


Jason gritted his teeth, “I wouldn't be here if I'm not!”


Dick smiled, but the smile quickly disappeared.


“Thank you. Now, I wanna ask you. Do you have any idea who's behind this?”

“Could be anyone. Everybody loves killing in this city.”

“Yeah, I don't think that's true. But Jason, killing Omegas...that's a first.”

“None of the crime bosses I know would do such thing, if you ask me. Omegas or not, they'll get rid of anyone if they need to.”

“Which means we got a new guy?”


Jason stared at Dick. After a short pause, he replied, “I'll ask around. But don't get your hopes up. These people are not really the type who will spill the beans without some proper bribes.”


“I know I can count on you, Jason.”

“Are we done here?”

“What's the rush?”

“Nothing. Just have some business with some brat.”


Dick snickered, “Tim? What's the thing between you and him actually?”


Jason rolled his eyes, “None. I just…”


Dick waited for his younger brother to finish his sentence, but Jason let his words hung.


“Anyway,” Jason cleared his throat, “I'm...sorry about last night.”


Dick's expression softened. He noticed how Jason's body language had turned stiff and awkward, but he knew the younger man meant his apology.


“It's okay, Jason. It's me who shouldn't have overreacted.”


Jason narrowed his eyes, “What's gotten into you actually? Not that I care, but if what the brat said was correct, your heat shouldn't be arriving soon. So what's with the reduced performance?”


“Trust me, even I'm still trying to figure it out.”

“Is it because you're a guy? Male Omegas experience stuff differently, I heard.”

“Now, let's not discriminate us. Male or female, Omegas are already having it hard.”

“I don't discriminate anyone. Male Omegas are rare and they do have some differences compared to female Omegas. That's a fact.”


Dick sighed, “I know. I guess I just...don't like that people treat you based on your secondary gender. That's stupid, really.”


“So you want an equality? Well, good luck with that. Things like equality has gone extinct ever since the first Alpha was born into this world a millennium ago. Wherever you go, Alphas stay on top of the pyramid. You can't deny how this hierarchy system works.”


Dick scoffed, “How inconvenient.”


Jason stood up, leaning forward to Dick so only his older brother could hear what he said next.


“We live in a different world, man. Accept it.”


Then Jason walked away, leaving Dick alone with his self-pity.