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make u mine

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make u mine

Ibara waited outside of the movie theatre patiently, every now and then checking her phone. Sero was late and she was getting worried.

“Ibara!” Ibara’s head turned hastily at the mention of her name. Sero was running towards her with a big smile on his face. He stopped in front of her, leaning over and panting heavily.

“SO sorry I’m late. Denki and Shinsou got into an argument about how fruit loops are just rip off cheerios and I lost track of time!” He said between pants.

Ibara reached into her pocket and grabbed out a napkin. She wipes Sero’s brow carefully. Sero just stayed still.

“Your eyes look really pretty when you concentrate. And your mouth goes into a cute pout when you do as well.” Ibara was slightly taken back.

Sero didn’t realize why she looked so shocked until he realized what he just said. “Did I say that out loud? Oh, my goood.” Ibara laughed quietly.

She kissed Sero’s forehead before taking his hand and walking to the movie theatre entrance. Sero blushes as his mind went wild.

“Two tickets please.” Ibara was given two tickets to the new Jurassic Park movie. “Oh woah, I love these movies!” Hanta exclaimed happily.

Ibara smiles.

“Good. Your friend Kaminari said that you cry like a baby during these movies and told me that I should take you to see this one.” She said cheekily. Hanta deadpanned. Denki was so gonna get it later. “Of course he did. The bastard.”

“Do you not like the movie?” Ibara asked a tint of sadness in her voice that made Sero want to jump off a bridge.

“No no no!! I like the movie it’s just that I’m gonna be a mess during the whole thing. Cause normally it’s the girls who get scared and cling onto the guy, not the other way around.” Sero explained.

“Well no one has ever taken me on a date before so this is a one-time thing for me.”

“Really? So this is your first date?” Ibara nodded. Sero started sweating more than he did when he was running here. “Well, I hope it’s everything you expect, don’t want to disappoint you or anything!”

“I’m honestly more worried about your friends killing me if I hurt you.”

“They really said that?” Hanta asked humbly. Ibara got out her phone and clicked onto her messages with Kirishima. Sero took a sip of his water as he waited. “This is what Kirishima sent.”

Hard boi: if you hurt sero ill get hard

Hard boi: WAIT NO

And that was how Sero laughed so hard that his water came out his nose.

The movie date went well after that. No one even noticed when Sero was the one crying and clinging onto his date. Ibara didn’t care much for the movie, just happy that she was enjoying Sero’s company. She hadn’t noticed Sero much before in their years at the same school until now. She honestly owed it all to Kendou, who added her to the group chat from hell. It wasn’t that bad until Shinsou got mad at Sero for joking around with Denki and told him to ‘get a partner and stop trying to steal mine’. So Sero being the very very smart boy he is, asked the girl he knew the least out of the chat out on a date.

The two sounded a bit weird at first couple-wise but after this date, the classes will just have to get used to it.