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The morning sun bathed the common room in warm orange light. Weeks ago, nobody would've noticed the beauty of the dancing lights on the walls, on the couch or the kitchen counter. No, the room would've been deserted, especially on a sunday morning, most of the students would've been still shifting in bed or running their 3rd lap around the building. But today, a group of people gathered around a table in a far corner, their backs pressed to the warm windows.


If most of them weren't the most notorious morning haters, the morning persons of class 3-A wouldn't have noticed that something was off. But curiosity ended up being stronger than discipline, so most of them sat down beside crunchy faces and wide yawns instead of starting their morning routine.


“Uhm. Guys? It's… 6 AM?” Midoriya stated, like his classmates had broken watches and had to be reminded of the actual time.

“Oh. We know.” A loud yawn came from the end of the table, announcing Hagakure's presence. The floating T-shirt swayed in the air and with a loud bang, something invisible hit the shiny surface in front of them.

“Mina, I swear, if I’ve rolled outta bed for nothing…”

“You're gonna love me. Wait for it.” the pink haired giggled, her words hitching as a loud yawn rocked through her body.


The whole table yawned in response and the morning persons were as confused as ever.

“You remind me of those children waiting for Santa Claus, like, in those movies?” Todoroki arched an eyebrow at his classmates and Shoji nodded.

“What are you waiting for?” Midoriya's question triggered a giggle from Ashido.

“Todo's been almost right, but it's even better than Santa Claus.”


“Or, we hope so, because, yes, it's 6 AM. We're very aware of that.” Shinsou groaned, his chin resting on crossed arms in front of him.

“Since it's very unusual for you to be up this early, you could start with some exercises! It would help you focus on your studies later!” Came from Iida as he entered the room, a towel around his neck. “And you 3, you're late!”

The 3 morning persons glanced at their class rep and shrugged.


“We still don't know what's going on.” Shoji murmured as Iida turned his back on them and opened the fridge.

“That's right, so, what's-” Todoroki started but Ashido chimed in with an excited whisper, all tiredness gone “GUYS. HE SHOULD ARRIVE ANY MOMENT.”

Midoriya tilted his head and he, Todoroki and Shoji followed her gaze to the door. The rest of the table did the same. Sero and Kaminari, who had been drooling on Shinsou's shoulder, snapped upright and all the other morning haters turned their heads.


Some minutes passed. Nobody spoke.

“Mina, are you sure?” Jirou whispered across the table and Ashido nodded frantically. “He's ALWAYS on time. Now, don't drag ANY attention towards us! I THINK I'VE HEARD A DOOR IN THE HALLWAY.”

All eyes lingered on the doorframe.

“Oh! Good morning Bakugou-kun!” Iida said towards the hallway and in the same moment, a very disgruntled and very shirtless classmate entered the common room.


“Oh Mama.” Hagakure breathed.

“YOU OWE ME.” Ashido whispered, stifling some giggles as they watched him walking to the kitchen counter. With every move, water drops fell from his short ash blonde hair into the towel around his neck but some escaped the fabric and fell right unto bare skin. Most eyes were fixed on the glistening water pearls and their journey over a torso ripped with muscle, all the way down over a sharp V to the rim of some simple black boxer shorts.


Forgive me Mama, I've sinned .” Hagakure whispered and a snort escaped Jirou, “Shouldn't you apologize to Ojiro?”

This is so unfair. We've absolved the same training so WHY.” Sero wailed, poking his biceps with a pained expression on his face.

“You can't blame a married woman for pining after hot guys either, Kyouka, it's not fair. And guys, do you really wanna compare his training with yours?!”

Now, the whole table snorted towards Ashido who just grinned in response and shrugged, “FACTS.”

“Why are you even here Mina?! You're dating the bulkiest guy of U.A.?!” Kaminari groaned as he joined Sero with his biceps poking, both mumbling “ So unfair.”


“First, Kiri's okay with it. Believe it or not, yesterday and the day before yesterday, he was sitting right here by my side, admiring Bakudonis - oh my, watch .”

All heads turned towards the kitchen where a grumpy Bakugou had turned his back against them. He opened a cupboard beside his head and grabbed two plain looking ceramic bowls. They were watching his flexing muscles with every move, their eyes glued to his broad back.

Bakudonis. Indeed .”

“Tooru!” Jirou cackled.

“Don't you dare judge me, Kyouka, just admit that Bakudonis turned you bisexual long ago!”

Jirou hid her face in her hands and the table started laughing.


“Wait. So… all of you… you woke up early for… THIS.” Todoroki shook his head in disbelief as Iida tried to involve Bakugou into some small talk.

“Todo, Bro. It's okay to admit it, we're all a bit gay for him. We don't judge.” Kaminari sighed and all males except Shoji, Todoroki and Midoriya nodded.

“Admiring aesthetics. That's it. That's what we’re doing.” Jirou murmured and laughter erupted all over the table.

Todoroki rolled his eyes and arched an eyebrow at Midoriya who had his eyes fixed on their explosive classmate’s back.


“Earth to Izuku.”

Most of the others snorted because Midoriya wasn't reacting until Todoroki waved a hand in front of his face.

“UH. I-I… W-WHAT…”

“You're acting like you’ve never seen him shirtless in your entire life. It’s not like we need to share a locker room or the showers with him.” Shoji snorted.

“Except, now, we can stare shamelessly because, first, he still hasn't noticed us and second, he's the first to throw a shirt over his head and leave the locker room and third, it's just not fair how damn perfect his body is.” Shinsou yawned as he ruffled Sero and Kaminari's hair, mumbling “What's the mantra?” and both guys murmured “We shouldn't compare ourselves to him, he's just not human.”


“Ohhh guys, the best part's coming. WATCH.” Ashido squealed.

They watched as Bakugou filled both bowls with leftover rice. He grabbed a pan and cracked two eggs into it. Their classmate worked silently until the smell of fried fish filled the room.

“Yummy…” Kaminari commented as he sniffed the air like a hungry dog.

“What’s yummy. The food, him displaying his husband material or the way his muscles flex with every move? Be more specific.” Hagakure purred, triggering a sighed “I should've gone and worked out.” from Todoroki.


“Everything.” Ashido chuckled, her face twisting into a wide and soft smile. “In case you're wondering where his shirt's gone, here it is. Prepare yourself for a rare sugar shock.”

In this moment, a loud yawn came from the door and the table collectively turned to watch a zombie like Uraraka shuffling into the common room. Her half-wet brown bangs were stuck all over her sleepy face. She drowned in masses of black fabric, the oversized shirt covering half of her bare thighs.


“Take a deep breath everyone, now comes the best part.” Ashido grinned.

“Oh! Good morning Uraraka-kun!” Iida's far too motivational outburst stopped the brunette in her tracks for a moment.

She watched the class rep in sleepy bewilderment for some seconds before she continued her journey.

Uraraka stretched her hands forward, pinky raised as the rest of her fingers landed on bare skin.


A collective “Aaaaaahw” hushed over the table.

“Oh her head doesn't even reach his shoulder blades, this so cute oh my god.” Hagakure squealed. “But can I switch places with her hands because - these abs .”

“TOORU.” the other girls laughed.

“This is the sweetest shit I've ever seen, have you ever seen a soft-served Bakubro?! My tooth’s aching.” Kaminari sighed.

“Better see a dentist then.”

All eyes rolled at Todoroki who shrugged. “What?”


They watched in silence as Bakugou dragged a half asleep Uraraka around. She had her cheeks glued to his back and every time he turned slightly, they could see that she had her fingers tugged into the waistband of his boxer shorts.

“I'm still amazed she can do all these things without any consequences but he blasts us to the moon whenever we wanna hug him.” Sero sighed and Shinsou snorted into his coffee mug.

“The difference is, my dear friend, you're not fucking him.”

“... Pictures in my head…” Todoroki muttered.

“Oh I don't mind. At all. Continue.”

“TOORU.” Jirou covered her face with her hands once more.

“C-Can we please… not…” Midoriya's voice died down and his eyes widened in shock.


All heads snapped around and they stared into crimson depths filled with cold fury.

“What the FUCK are you doing here?!” Bakugou growled, shooting daggers at every one in front of him.

“We exist.” Todoroki said bluntly and the whole table erupted into laughter.

“You are all acting very suspiciously, I agree with Bakugou-kun! - Oh, I’m sorry Uraraka-kun!” Iida appeared behind their explosive classmate and bumped into the brunette who was still glued to her boyfriend in a comatose state.


“Oi four-eyes, watch where the fuck you're going!” Bakugou snapped and giggles filled the air.


“Katsu… not so loud.” Uraraka yawned from behind the blond's back.

“Yeah, not so loud Katsu! Listen to your girl!”

Bakugou shot Sero a death glare that could've killed Dracula himself on the spot without a stake but the whole room didn't stop laughing.

“6:15. 6 fuckin’ 15. And I'm already done with this day.”

“I’ve told you. We should've stayed in bed… Why do you always wanna work out at this weird time...” Uraraka yawned again.

“Nah.” Bakugou turned and dragged the brunette against his chest. The bowl of steamy food was right in front of her face. “Eat up Cheeks, we're gonna spar in half an hour.”


With a loud sigh, Uraraka slumped down beside Midoriya. She was rubbing her eyes while Bakugou placed the bowl in front of her and marched back to the kitchen, swearing along his way.

“Mina? All of you? Why...? Usually, we're all alone this early?”

“Oh, I know, it's a weird time for all of us. But don't mind us.” Ashido grinned. “We're just enjoying the view and some sweet dessert.”

Midoriya laughed hysterically and blushed so hard, he jumped to his feet and walked away like a robot, sending most of the others to the floor. Sero, Kaminari and Shinsou were holding their sides as laughter bubbled out.


“We're all in one boat Midoriya, it's ok! Don't feel ashamed!” Kaminari shouted.

“What's going on? Midoriya?!” Iida looked at their green haired classmate who jumped out of Bakugou’s way before the explosive blond could yell “OI NERD - WHAT-”



“The magic of Bakudonis. Everyone's affected.” Hagakure sighed dreamily and Uraraka tilted her head.

“.... Iida.” Todoroki began, “Trust me, you don't want to know.”