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Zero: The Birth of the World's Best Hero Duo

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“This is my All Might silver age figurine!” Zuku held it up high. His grin was huge.

Katsuki smirked. Silver age was the best. That costume looked good. Unlike the others.

Tch. Heroes had no damn fashion.

Well, his mom said they had no damn fashion. Which meant they didn’t, ‘cause that was her shitty job.

“Very good, Midoriya-kun.” The sensei turned to him, “What about you, Bakugou-kun? What did you bring to show us?”

He grinned. Zuku’s All Might was good, but his was better. His could punch. Zuku’s just stood there.

Everyone thought his figurine was awesome.

Because it was.

The sensei smiled at them. “You two sure like All Might, hmm?”

“Yes!” Zuku grinned and nodded a lot.

Katsuki smirked, “I’m gonna be the best! Just like him!”

“Of course.” The teacher just nodded, “I’m sure you’ll both have good, heroic quirks.”

Duh! There was no way they wouldn’t! He and Deku were soulmates! Not that she knew.

The teacher was already smiling at the girl next to Katsuki. “Suzuya-chan? What did you bring?”

Rabbit Teeth pulled out a picture book. Katsuki wrinkled his nose. He knew that book. It was all about---

“Soulmate Secrecy! It’s my favorite book. My mom reads it to me at night.”

“Oh? Do you want to have a soulmate one day?”

“Yes!!! It’s super romantic!”

Tch. Like Rabbit Teeth would ever deserve a soulmate.

“Well you’ll have to work really hard! After all, only very successful people have ever had destined soulmates. Like presidents and CEOs and—

“Heroes!” Zuku was bouncing in his chair again. “Heroes have soulmates!”

The sensei nodded, “Yes, Midoriya-kun, like heroes. But don’t interrupt, ok?”

“Ok.” Zuku fidgeted in his seat, upset. He always got upset when scolded.

Katsuki sighed. 3…2..1… sniffle. He rolled his eyes and shoved Zuku’s shoulder. The boy glared at him. Katsuki stuck out his tongue. Zuku pouted but wasn’t crying now. Katsuki grinned; he hated it when Zuku cried, and the stupid crybaby cried a lot.

“I want someone perfect for me!” Ugh. Rabbit teeth was still talking.

“I’m sure you’ll find someone like that, even if they aren’t your soulmate.”

“But I want one!”

Rabbit Teeth didn’t know shit. Soulmates never looked for their partner! They worked on awesome goals and met each other while doing shit. Changing the world and all that.

Just like him and Zuku were gonna do.