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Zero: The Birth of the World's Best Hero Duo

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Katsuki lay flat on the ground, exhausted from their sparring session. They’d been practicing new stances the whole damn morning. They had to get them right before they saw shishou again! Zuku had taken fooreeveer, but Katsuki had gotten it really fast! No matter what Zuku said! Speaking of Zuku…

“Oi, Zuku.” Zuku made a vague grunt next to him, exhausted as well. “Why does Auntie write ‘Deku’ on all your clothes and shit?”

“Huh?” Izuku rolled onto his side to face him. “What do you mean, Kacchan?”

Katsuki sighed and sat up, then yanked Izuku’s towel out from under him, sending his soulmate sprawling. “Kacchan!!!”

Katsuki ignored Zuku’s glare. It was a shitty glare, anyway. He looked around the edges of the towel, then spotted it. “There!” He pointed at the two kanji.

“de, it’s the same as on some exit signs. And then I’ve seen the second one as ‘ku’!” Katsuki frowned at the letters. “But why would Auntie write useless on all your shit? I mean, yeah, you are useless, but Auntie doesn’t think that because she’s too damn nice.”

Izuku was staring at him. “What on earth, Kacchan! It’s my name, not deku!”

“Huh?!” He looked back at the letters. Nope. The double mountain thing was definitely a ‘de’ sound. “You’re a shitty liar, Zuku. Just tell me the truth.”

“But Kacchan, that is the truth!”

“Fucking isn’t.”

“Is too!”

“Is not!”

“Is too!”

“Is not!”

“Kacchan!” Zuku groaned, throwing his hands into the air, “Ask my mom. She’ll tell you the same thing and then you’ll know I’m right.”

“Hell no! You’ll just get to her first and tell her to back you up or something. You Midoriyas always stick together.” Suddenly, Katsuki grinned.

Zuku paled. “Kacchan…. What are you thinking? Why are you doing the evil grin?”

“If you say this,” he pointed at the kanji, “Is your name, then fine, Deku.”


“Deku, Deku, Deku!”

“Kacchan, my name isn’t Deku!”

Katsuki stuck his tongue out at his friend. “Is now.”

Deku groaned and lay back on the grass. “Fine, Kacchan. Have it your way.”

Katsuki grinned. That would teach the nerd to fucking lie to him.