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Zero: The Birth of the World's Best Hero Duo

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Katsuki exhaled slowly as he bent over, legs outstretched in a broad v position, and touched his forearms to the exercise mat beneath him.

"Kacchan." Katsuki looked up. Deku's voice was doing the weird and strangled thing, so he must be really excited. "Kacchan, Kacchan, Kacchan!!!"

Stupid Deku wasn't turning around, but still staring at the screen, now pointing at something. Katsuki sighed and stood up. "Shitty nerd, stop hollering my name." He ruffled Deku's hair roughly when he reached the computer. "What lameass thing did you find that's got you so fucking excited?"

When he answered, Deku's voice was soft. Like this was some piece of fucking holy information he'd discovered. "I have a new favorite hero."

Katsuki's eyes widened. "What the actual fuck?!" He glanced at the screen. Some guy he'd never seen before was fighting, using some weird ass scarf to take down a villain. How was this guy better than All Might??

"He hasn't used his quirk once." Katsuki blinked. Oh. That... that made sense. For useless Deku, at least. "I've watched the clip over and over and he's definitely not using his quirk. I found another video where he does, though, so he's not quirkless. Not exactly like me. His name's Eraserhead and he can erase someone's quirk. But it doesn't seem to work on mutants. Like with this fight." He pointed at the Villain's horns and extra arms. "He can't erase a mutation quirk, so he basically fights quirkless against those!" The hero threw his scarf thing suddenly and it wrapped around the villain, trapping him and ending the fight. "And he wins. He wins, Kacchan!! He fights quirkless and he wins!!" Deku's smile was as bright as the fucking sun.

Katsuki groaned. "The guy have any lameass merch?" That was always the next step for Deku. Find a hero. Study the hero. Write about the hero (which a glance at the nerd's notebook next to the computer showed he'd already done). Buy all the hero's shit.

Deku was frowning, now. "No." He kicked his legs in the air, annoyed. "He's an underground hero."


Underground heroes rarely had merch because they relied on secrecy and stealth and didn't want their names in every store. They sacrificed wealth and prestige and shit so that they could do infiltration missions and kick ass. It made sense with the guy's quirk, but Deku.... Katsuki sighed.

Dumbass didn't want to do that. He wanted to inspire people, and that wouldn't happen if he just did espionage shit. Sure, the shitty nerd would be better at researching and spying and shit, and then he could tell Katsuki what to blow up. But his soulmate would never be satisfied with that. They wanted to change history! Quirkless or not, they would need dumbass media attention to accomplish that shit.

Katsuki reached in front of Deku to close the internet and shut down the computer.

"Kaaaachaaan, whyyyyy?" He snorted at the nerd's whine.

"Come on, nerd. We haven't sparred in a while."

"EHH?!?!" Now Deku was staring at him in disbelief. "We sparred yesterday, Kacchan!"

Katsuki smirked, "But not today. We’re a soulmate duo that’s going to make history, right? And you’re going to be the first hero fighting quirkless who doesn't stay in the shadows, right?" He grabbed Deku's hands, "You don't have any damn time to just sit on your damn ass.” He shoved Deku through the doorframe and toward the front door.

“Kacchan, I wanted to analyze—”

“Analyze later. Spar now.”

“But Kacchan! Analysis is important for me! I have to make up for my lack of quirk somehow.”

Katsuki stopped at the doorway to pull on his shoes, then glared at Deku pointedly until he did the same. “So do that shit after dark. We can only spar when there’s daylight.” Shitty nerd had been on the computer all morning, probably replaying the three or so videos of this Eraserhead guy. “You haven’t even done any fucking stretches today.”

Deku sighed, glancing back at the computer with longing eyes. “Ok, Kacchan. I guess I can see if I can do any of Eraserhead’s moves.” He slipped on his shoes, “Race you to the park?”

“Die, you shitty nerd.”