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Zero: The Birth of the World's Best Hero Duo

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Izuku mumbled the whole way home, rehearsing the spiel All Might had told them to tell their parents. It wasn’t like they could just hide everything from them. After all, the sludge villain had apparently been on the fucking TV. Katsuki smirked. At least the TV got to see him nail the bastard in the eyes, though the fact that they filmed him collapsing, too, was really shitty.

“Kacchan.” Deku’s voice was all lame and weak. What the heck. He stopped in front of their house, turning to face his soulmate. “We… we can do this, right? Our parents will need to know something, right? I mean, a villain attacked us! Mom’s going to be super protective and they wouldn’t let us out on our own or anything and they’ll want us to be super careful and all that. So we have to tell them something. And what All Might suggested makes sense, but it’s a lie. It’s a big lie. My quirk didn’t manifest in the fight. What if they ask me to use it? I know I’m supposed to say that All Might told me not to. That All Might saw it was an enhancement quirk and was concerned because it’s dangerous and I’m such a late bloomer. And—”

“Breathe, you useless nerd. I know you can’t lie worth shit. I’ll do the talking.”

“Thank you, Kacchan!” Jeez, why was his soulmate’s smile so freaking bright.

“Whatever.” Katsuki turned back toward the door and began walking up the sidewalk, Deku trailing behind him.

Not a second after Katsuki opened the door, he felt arms wrap around him, hugging him.


Deep breaths. This was his mom. His mom, not the villain. Her arms were warm. He could breathe.

Izuku squeaked next to him, no doubt having been attacked by Auntie.

He struggled to get free. Well, struggled as much as he could with his arm banged up. “Let go of me, you old hag! Can’t you see my arm’s hurt!”

“Katsuki, don’t call your mother that.”

Shit. Dad was here, too. All the adults meant a family heart-to-heart. Fucking great.

“You brats did great, but please don’t ever scare us like that again.” Seconds later he was free, but his mom’s hands had moved to his shoulder as her eyes frantically looked over his arm. “And what’s this about your arm? The television clip didn’t show that your arm was hurt this badly! What happened to it? Why didn’t you come straight home, you damn idiot? Or answer your phones?”

“My damn arm’ll be fine, alright?! I just did what I needed to do. I don’t need to go to the fucking hospital.”

“Katsuki, your arm is clearly broken.” His Dad was giving him the disappointed look. Fuck this shit.

He was about to protest the hospital and explain more, but Auntie finally spoke up through her tears, “Izuku, you both had us so worried! We will go to the hospital right away. You aren’t hurt, are you?!” She released Deku, looking all over him for injuries. He gasped for air while shaking his head.

“We don’t need the fucking hospital!” Katsuki groaned, but the adults ignored him.

Deku fidgeted nervously under the adults’ eyes. This was not going as planned. “No, no, I’m fine, Mom. I’m not hurt. And I’m so sorry we didn’t call! We just didn’t think with everything that had happened! And… ummm…. We kinda talked with All Might for a while? And his assistant?”

Katsuki snorted. It was a stupid cover for All Might’s wimpy form, but whatever. It’s what the hero told them to use, so he’d fucking use it.

“What?!” All three parents were staring at them in shock. At least the hospital seemed temporarily forgotten.

Dad was the first to recover. “Well that was…nice of him.” He was still blinking in bewilderment. “Was there any reason he wanted to talk to you two?”

“You didn’t do anything bad, did you, brat?” Mom was glaring at him, though she muttered something about knowing that Deku hadn’t done anything.

He glared back. “I didn’t do a fucking thing, alright! The trauma or whatever made Deku manifest his shitty late-ass quirk.” He smirked at his soulmate. “Took him long enough.” Technically he still hadn’t, but now he would manifest one. All Might wouldn’t lie like that. He wouldn’t. He was All Might. Katsuki’s soulmate would have a quirk, and one worthy of the shitty nerd, too.

Deku shrugged sheepishly, but his smile was still ridiculously happy. Dumbass was obviously over the fucking moon with all this All Might nonsense.

“Oh Izuku!”

Auntie was hugging him again. And crying again. Which meant Deku started to cry. Katsuki groaned. Why did both Midoriyas have to be so fucking emotional. He hated their shitty tears. He turned to his parents for help, for anything to get them to stop crying, but froze. His mom was fucking crying, too.


“Shut up, you little dirt bag.” Katsuki’s mom pushed his head down, rubbing his hair forcefully. He grunted and twisted out of the way, glaring at her. “We’re happy for your soulmate. You should be too.”

“I fucking am!” He crossed his arms, glaring at them all. This whole thing was a mess. “Whatever. All Might was all fucking concerned because Deku couldn’t be normal and got his quirk so fucking late. He said it looked like his quirk might be dangerous to him if he doesn’t use the shitty thing right.”

“What?!” Auntie stopped shaking her son to stare at Katsuki in shock. “Izuku, honey, is this true?”

Deku nodded, scratching his cheek sheepishly.

“Oh my Baby.” Auntie was burying her head in Deku’s hair, now. His own mom was kneeling next to him, a hand on Deku’s shoulder. “What is your quirk, Izuku-kun?”

“Strength enhancement.” Deku kicked at the carpet. “Like a really strong version. But All Might told me not to use it until I’d had training.” He shrugged, then mumbled something about having been lucky today.

Katsuki rolled his eyes. “Shitty nerd almost ripped my arm off.” That part was true, even without the quirk. Deku was already plenty strong and he hadn’t held back. Not that Katsuki wished he had. “Broke my fucking finger, as it is.” Now Deku looked miserable. “Damn it, I don’t mind, Deku. I’d rather have a broken finger than be stuck in that thing.” He shuddered.

Katsuki’s mom whacked him upside the head. “Of course you would! You aren’t going to thank him?”

“Calm down, you old hag! We already talked!” He was not going to thank Deku for endangering himself! Stupid soulmate did enough of that without any encouragement!

“Katsuki, don’t yell at your mother.”

Oh, for fuck’s sake. “I fucking wasn’t!” He was just… frustrated. Really frustrated. They hadn’t even gotten to the shit about tomorrow, yet.

“Katsuki!” He froze. Auntie was frowning at him, her arms still wrapped around Deku. He never could yell at Auntie like he could his own parents. She was too fucking nice.

He glared at the ground.

Apparently Auntie thought he looked contrite or something, because her voice was soft again when she spoke, “I know it’s been a hard day, Katsuki, but you shouldn’t yell at your parents. Or curse at us.”

“Tch.” He kicked the floor, annoyed. Not like he ever could curse at Auntie. “Whatever.”

Auntie sighed, then turned to her son, smiling softly, “We’ll find some way to get you training, Izuku honey, I promise. You’ll be able to use your quirk soon enough.”

“You won’t fu—” Auntie frowned at him, and Katsuki groaned. Auntie’d always had a limit for his cussing, and apparently he’d fucking exceeded it. Fucking hated it when she got like this. “You won’t need to. All Might’s assistant said he’d be happy to help. He’s coming over tomorrow at 7, so he’ll have breakfast and talk with us before school starts. He also said he’d bring Recovery Girl. For my arm.” Well, really his wrist and finger and shoulder, but who fucking cared about the details. “That’s why I don’t need to go to the hospital. He said I needed to rest and restore some energy before she could heal me, or he’d bring her tonight.” Katsuki didn’t really understand it, but whatever. He could deal with the pain for one night.

“Oh my.” Auntie looked about ready to collapse. “All Might’s assistant. And a hero. Here. For breakfast tomorrow.”

Katsuki knew it was sudden, but Deku needed to start training for his new quirk fast. Didn’t they get that? UA’s exam was less than a year away! And everyone else had had most of their lives to work with their quirks!

“I’ll do the brats’ lunches, Inko. You just focus on the breakfast.”

Dad already had his phone out, typing furiously. “I just let my boss know I’ll be in late tomorrow. With everything the boys went through today, I’m sure she’ll understand. You should do the same, Mitsuki. Inko, you don’t have a shift tomorrow, right?”

Auntie still looked like she was in a daze. “Right. Yes. I have the day off.”

Izuku was watching his mother with concern, “Mom, All Might said Recovery Girl would have to leave quickly to get back to UA, so she probably won’t be able to eat breakfast with us. So it’ll just be one more person than usual.”

“It would be better to give her something she could snack on then…” Auntie began to mumble, lost in thought. “Thank you, Izuku dear. She’s taking time out of her schedule to come help Katsuki, so we really should thank her…oh! But you’ll need something to help with the pain tonight, Katsuki. I’ll just…” Inko slowly separated herself from her son, who didn’t seem to mind that he’d been fucking hugged by his mom for like fifteen minutes or some shit like that. She left the room, now muttering to herself about what dose would be best for him.

Katsuki sighed.

Damn Midoriyas and their muttering.

As Auntie helped him get in bed and checked his injuries that night, though, Katsuki couldn’t help but be thankful for both Midoriyas. Deku was running around grabbing things as his mom asked for them, and the way Auntie set up his arm actually felt kind of comfortable. He’d figured he wouldn’t get any sleep tonight, but… this worked.

Auntie turned off the lights, whispering goodnight to him and Deku. Katsuki snorted. Deku was already asleep and snoring, so it wasn’t like the ‘good night’ message mattered.

Katsuki closed his eyes and let the pain meds take over and send him into a deep sleep, regardless of Deku’s annoying snores.